What To Do If Your Friends Don’t Like Your Partner

What To Do If Your Friends Don’t Like Your Partner

Oh, this is a tough situation and a question that many psychics online or otherwise will have had to help their clients with over the years.  It never ceases to crop up.

It’s no fun when your friends don’t like your partner. You can’t enjoy good times altogether in one group, sometimes have to listen to your friends complaining about your partner, or accept that they are just humouring if they smile and nod nicely when you talk about them.  And chances, if your friends don’t like your partner, you can’t go them for unbiased advice if you need advice on your relationship because they are just going to blame him or her for every problem.

And so you become isolated in your relationship, perhaps you might even question who is right, you or your friends?

So you might call a psychic or get a tarot reading to find out what to do about the whole mess, and that will help you for sure. But there are some things that you can find out before you do hit up an online psychic so that you can make the most out of your reading.

Here they are;

1.Friends Or Aquaintances?

Think about how important your friends are, are they best friends and family members who do have your best interests at heart?  Or is it acquaintances, work colleagues or other types of friends who have the problem?

If it’s not those who have your best interests at heart always who have a problem, then it’ might be worth asking your psychic to help you determine which of those friends really deserve your attention.  

2.Get To The Point

Ask your friends why they don’t like your partner.  They might tell you why and then you can work through that with your friend and partner.  

The focus of your call to a psychic in this situation would be to find out how valid your friends perspective is – is there any truth in it? Or whether they are just looking at things from a biased perspective based on their values and beliefs that you don’t follow anyway?

If they are just biased, you probably want to be asking your psychic how to help build a bridge between your partner and your friends so that your friend understands that you don’t have the same values as him or her.

3.The Issue With The One!

Sometimes your family and friends know before you do that somebody isn’t right for you.  

It’s probably safe to assume that we’ve all had that experience where we know that the person our friends or family member is besotted with is not going to be ‘the one’, and we are not surprised when things cool off between them, even if it takes years.  

Maybe your friend sees this and is trying to guide you.  They’d be a good friend if they were, but it doesn’t mean you have to dump your partner if you don’t want to.

In this situation, ask your psychic how you can make the most of the relationship you have while it lasts, or how to attract the right person for you.  Then have a discussion with your friend. Tell them you get that you know your partner might not Mr or Mrs Right but they are certainly Mr or Mrs Right For Now, and you might find that the energy shifts slightly and your friend becomes more tolerant and supportive.

If they were wrong and you do turn out to be the couple of the century, they’ll probably realise that soon enough and be the first to cheer and weep with joy at your wedding.  

So there you have it when you have a psychic reading, tarot reading, or any kind of metaphysical reading, you are as much responsible for the message and the outcome as the reader, after all, they are reading your energy and answering your questions.  

Getting savvy about how you put questions to your psychic (and your friends for that matter) puts you in greater control of a situation and helps you get closer to the real facts of the matter and more specific guidance or ideas on what you can do about the situation.

Have you had an experience where your friends don’t like your partner? Share your story below in the comments and help others at the same time!


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