These People Said The Psychic Was Wrong – But Was She?

These People Said The Psychic Was Wrong – But Was She?

Let’s be honest about things here. Some people admittedly book a psychic reading only to feel disappointed in the experience.  

They might have picked up the phone and asked a question such as ‘when will I meet the love of my life?’, or “how can I get my ex back?’, ‘how can I keep my job?’, ‘will my court case turn out well?’.  Or in some situations, they’ll just ask for a general reading even though they have a topic in mind about what they want to discuss.

So when this person is told that they need to let go of the job and look for alternative positions, or even that they need to change their attitude to retain the job.  If they are advised that they need to work on themselves for a year so that they have the best chance of attracting that Mr or Mrs right. Or that there is a different approach they need to take for their court case and it isn’t aligned with the caller’s intentions or plans.  

Don’t Shoot The Messenger

Then it’s likely that the messenger gets shot because it’s so hard for the caller to integrate and accept what they have been told.  

The funny thing is, in most cases, unless a psychic has had consistently poor feedback about their reading style, it’s usually the best psychics who can often be at the receiving end of a disappointed client.  

Typical examples of real-time feedback from clients who probably said that their psychic was wrong are right here:

  • “Reached for answers switched the story around part of the way through” – Anon
  • “Didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear” – Anon
  • “The interpretation of the cards was a bit over the top” Anon
  • “She was OK she started out good and then she went off” Anon
  • “Could have been more gentle with the message.” Anon 

What Goes Wrong?  

Good psychics and tarot readers give advice that is geared toward your highest good.  So if you want something, but it’s not right for you, they’ll usually tell you so.  And if you need to adapt yourself to align yourself with the right energy to attract goals that you should be heading for, a good psychic will tell you.  

If you want something to happen right now, they can’t make it happen for you. They can only tell you what you need to hear.  

The problem is we often approach a psychic reading in a state of desperation, for many it’s the last resort and at a time when our emotions are heightened.  We don’t really understand the in’s and out’s of what a psychic can and cannot do and then to make matters worse we form our beliefs based on unrealistic expectations not just on the psychic but on ourselves and how we experience life.  

Plan Ahead To Get The Best Readings

So when it comes to crunch time, and you call a psychic for some respite. But you only hear that you must let the issue go to be happy. Or that you won’t achieve the desired outcome, it’s your ego that starts to kick up a fuss and won’t like what it hears, and then you become disappointed and blame the psychic.  

The best way to enjoy a psychic reading is to approach it in much the same way that you’d approach somebody who gives you real-life advice such as a therapist or good and candid friend.  Understanding that sometimes the truth might hurt in the short-term but in the long term, it will serve you well. Then when you are advised and hear things you don’t like you’ll be able to handle it, and understand that this is what you need.  

It also doesn’t hurt to have regular psychic readings such as one every quarter with a trusted psychic to help guide you through life in general so that you don’t reach times of desperation and overwhelm.  

Also taking time to learn how to prepare for a psychic reading, and what to expect from a good psychic reading will help you manage your expectations so that you can feel more in control of your life and not need to call a psychic when you are right in the midst of your swan song.  

Have you ever felt frustrated with a psychic but then realised that they were helping you later?  We’d love to hear your stories. Please leave them in the comments below.


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