The One Secret We All Should Know About How You Can Make This World A Better Place

The One Secret We All Should Know About How You Can Make This World A Better Place

Even the hardest of hearts can find the world we live in full of heartache and suffering.  For people who are following a spiritual pathway or are particularly sensitive, it can be particularly painful to witness and experience such hardship.  No matter what level of understanding about the ways of the world we have.

It’s particularly difficult when you feel helpless in your ability to do anything about such grave problems.  

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  

Our Creativity Is Unlimited

You see, we are creative beings, and our ability to turn our unbridled thoughts into reality can be witnessed everywhere in the crazy world that we’ve created. So if we can create without concentrating on what we are creating, and without focusing on desirable outcomes and there’s still good in the world then imagine what we could create if we focused our intentions to create paradise!

This example goes to show that not only are we extremely powerful in our ability to create but also that there is still an incredible amount of love and kindness in the world too!  

But even more inspiring is the notion that if we can create,  we are also able to un-create the hardship and darkness we have accidentally created and change our world. 

So how do we do it?

We Need To Be Focused In Our Creations

First, we must think about what it is that we want to resolve.  Then all we need to do is to focus our thoughts, beliefs and even our physiology on bringing about that outcome. And we need to do so without stopping to question how or why we will accomplish our goals.   Finally,  we hold that desire until it manifests.  

We know this sounds too easy to be true.  But in all honesty when you figure it out and you get a small result it’s easy to see how simple the process is.  We have just developed habits of creating chaos because we are undisciplined and uneducated about our ability to create.

Here’s a more detailed step by step guide for creating:

Step 1: Meditate, pray or ask the universe for help in creating the outcome you desire and to solve the problems that you are concerned with.  

Step 2: Keep this process active.  By focusing on the intended outcome you desire until you bring it about.  And if you don’t know how to solve a problem you could easily ask and intend for other people to figure out what is needed and implement the solution without any problems or distractions.  

Step 3: Match your physiology with your desires.  So all of you is invested into the outcome you desire (you can do this while going about your day).  It just might take a little practice.

Step 4:  Have Faith. Here’s the thing, you have to have faith and conviction that you can bring about such changes.  Or at least influence and inspire others to focus on bringing about the changes you desire.  

Faith Can Move Mountains

Too often we use our minds and physical bodies to try to work on creating the future we desire. We don’t harness our full potential for creation though which causes problems.  Because we often limit the outcomes because we can’t believe beyond our limitations.

We might not hold as much conviction in the desired outcome of our intentions.  We also often forget to remain focused. Or we even forget that just because we don’t know something that it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.  We don’t manage our thoughts and we don’t send out our intentions with every fibre of our being (we are essentially sloppy with how we create).

However when we are focused on a movie or video game you can be sure that you are in full creative mode at that moment!   

If we were to focus on an outcome and send our intentions for solving a problem regardless of the helplessness, we might feel right now. And if we we were able to do this intently then we can move mountains.  

You can also do this to create a better life for yourself, to attract love for example, or to create a positive outlook, even to heal yourself.  

If you are unsure about what to prioritise first in your life, why not contact a psychic advisor or a tarot reader? They will help you identify your primary challenges and most beneficial priorities.  And they can even help you to understand any blockages you might be experiencing preventing you from attaining your dreams and goals.

Do you have an experience of how you have manifested something into reality?  Let us know in the comments below.

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