The Law of Attraction – Does it Really Work?

The Law of Attraction – Does it Really Work?

law of attractionBy Marlie Parsons

The average individual is not aware of how powerful thoughts can be, but, as Napoleon Hill wrote in his life-changing book “Think and Grow Rich,” thoughts are things, and we become what we think about. Although he wrote that famous best-seller nearly 80 years ago, even today many people believe the concept of manifestation is not profound but nonsense. Truth be told, for anyone who is conscious of success, this statement is not only powerful, but — many believe — it is the most precious secret of life itself.

Everything begins with an idea. The Book of Genesis in the Holy Bible states that in the beginning was the word. Thoughts can become reality. An excellent example is the Wright brothers who thought man could actually fly, and so they made it happen. Bill Gates thought that a computer could be make simple enough for anyone to operate. He manifested that idea into the incredibly lucrative Microsoft Corporation because he was one of many successful men and women who understand the workings of that most fundamental law, the Law of Attraction.

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Basically stated, the law says that like attracts like. Similar things attract each other. Birds of a feather flock together. Given, then, that everything starts with thoughts, and that the Law of Attraction is important for the manifestation of those thoughts, than the principle can be summarized as follows:

A thought attracts other similar thoughts, which attract people with similar thoughts, which attract circumstances in harmony with those thoughts, which leads to the thing that had been desired in those thoughts being expressed in physical form.

Just as electricity is real even though we cannot see it, so thoughts are real in the form of random energy waiting to be formed into tangible things. Of course thoughts can become real, because all of the myriad creations and inventions that now surround us were once only ideas in someone’s mind. And what enables a thing to be manifested into the physical world from the invisible plane? The persistence of thoughts.

Science teaches that the entire universe is comprised of energy of various frequencies. Thoughts are a primitive state of energy, and thought energy radiates in frequencies just as do different radio stations. It is the frequency level of those thoughts that determines how or even if they will be manifested into physical circumstances. Low frequencies of thought yield low physical expressions, and high frequencies of thought yield high level circumstances, people or objects.

It is important to remember that thoughts are just as real as any tangible objects. In order for the Law of Attraction to perform as you desire, you need to be as certain that thoughts are real as you are certain the earth is round. If you maintain your thoughts sufficiently long, you will, in time, see them manifested into reality.

Do you want to manifest a higher income, a fancy automobile, a waterfront house, a loving relationship or freedom from worries? Then start by creating them with your thoughts. You are only limited by what you can hold in your mind. Think and grow rich.

Law of Attraction Money

Would you like to manifest money quickly and easily? There are three steps that have been found to assist in manifesting money, as difficult as that may be to believe. Indeed it is that scepticism that may interfere with the process. But to most of us, who were taught from an early age that hard work was a requirement for the acquisition of money, a change of mindset may be required. For in truth, the hard work that is necessary is not the sort of pick and shovel activity most folks imagine.

Whatever it may be that you desire to manifest, the primary requirement is a deep understanding of both how you relate to your physical reality and the way you relate to yourself and your alignment with that which you desire. How do you know when you are in such an alignment? There will be a feeling of joy when you focus on it and are open to the flow of the creative force pouring its dynamic magnetism into you.

This is how it is when you want to apply the law of attraction to money. I am sure you have heard it many times, for it is almost like a mantra chanted by those successful individuals who have been able to manifest great wealth. “Money will come when you are doing what you love.” When you are loving what you do, you are moving into the flow of the divine will that gives power to your intention. Although this is the first method, it is not the only one.

The second technique for quickly manifesting money is take fear out of the process of attracting your desire and moving boldly forward. Not being sure of what you want will spoil the formula. Having a crystal clear mental image of your goal makes the manifestation process easier.

Method number three is being able to raise the power of your desire to the degree that it will come to you. That is the genuine essence of the manifestation process. The more you can increase your magnetism, the greater will be the charge that moves the object of your desire towards your grasp.

Integrity Encourages Abundance

The Law of Attraction responds to pure, positive vibrations. If you are focused on negativity, or even if your vibrations are mixed, you are out of the integrity required to enable the manifestation process. The negative emotions that prevent us from obtaining what we desire happen whenever our actions are not aligned with our core values. The solution, obviously, is to be true to yourself. Be honest and compassionate. Steer clear of the selfish path. Avoid all actions and thoughts that constrict the flow of positive energy towards you. Doing so will open up the funnel that will direct the bounty of the universe towards you.

Gratitude Drives the Law of Attraction

You will not be able to manifest what you desire if you do not appreciate what you already have, so be thankful for all the blessings you have received. Even though you may wish you had a better job, be grateful that you have one at all. There are literally millions of people across the planet who have no access to clean water, enough food to sustain themselves and their family, nor a roof over their head. If you wake up every morning feeling thankful, you will be on your way to feeling good. Make that positive energy last throughout the day.

Magnify the power of your gratitude by using pen and paper for greater focus. Write down sentences that literally spell out that you are grateful and happy, and what it is that is the object of your desire to be manifested. For example, if you are working in the produce department of a supermarket, you could write: “I am grateful and proud that I was promoted to assistant produce manager.” If you are seeking a romantic relationship, write: “I am happy and appreciative to have a wife who loves me deeply.”

Visualize your desires and express your gratitude in the present tense as if they were already yours and your belief that these manifestations are happening will be strengthened. The more specific you can be, the stronger will be the attraction.

When I was trying to quit smoking, I chanted the mantra: “I don’t smoke. I am a non-smoker.” Visualizing the positive is the key. Never say I wish I was not so poor, or I resent having such a bad old car. Instead, say that you are grateful to have a million dollars in the bank and to be the proud owner of a finely-crafted automobile. This will train your mind to obey the Law of Attraction and bring you that which you would manifest.

Fear Repels Success

Darkness is not a substance that can be swept away like dust on a dirty floor. Rather, darkness is the absence of light. Therefore, the way to eliminate the dark is to pull away the curtains, raise up the blinds and allow the golden light to shine inside.

Fear is like a darkness of the mind. It hinders success when you feel that everything you do is futile. When your mind says you can’t do something, you are setting yourself up for failure. On the other hand, when your mind says that you can and you will do something, you are paving the road to success. Fear is the weed that kills the fruits in your garden. It is the fly in your soup of dreams.

The best way to drive fear out of your thoughts is by visualizing the opposite, and by forcing your thoughts to focus on what it is that you desire to manifest.

Fear is the opposite of desire. Just as a strong desire will attract what it is you want to manifest, fear will also attract what you do not want. There are subtle variations of this principle. Do you stumble and call yourself clumsy? Do you make a mistake and call yourself stupid? Do forget something and call yourself senile? All of these negative vibrations are working against yourself. Instead, focus on positive reinforcements. Make a habit of reminding yourself (and thus reminding the universe) that you are strong, you are wise, you are capable, you are wealthy, you are desirable, and the Law of Attraction will deliver those creative visualizations into fruition.

Making Full Use of The Secret

Did you watch the movie “The Secret?” Many people who did came out of the theatre wanting to know more about how to use it and apply it to their lives with success.

The first step to doing so is through education. The more you learn about The Law of Attraction and how it can be applied to your life, the better equipped you will be to utilize it to your benefit. Your very thoughts are the core of The Secret, and by that we mean something even deeper than the benefits of positive thoughts versus negative ones. The difference between those who think they understand The Law of Attraction and those who actually posses a powerful and deep understanding of The Law is the depth of the understanding of their own thoughts.

An excellent way to gain that deeper understanding is by keeping a journal. Writing down your thoughts is a brilliant way to show yourself what you are feeling in the depth of your being. Get a journal and develop the habit of writing in it daily. When you crystallize and clarify your feelings on paper, you can then see them away from the mental clutter.

Empowered by your new journal, you can start taking true, inspired steps towards manifesting your goals with the Law of Attraction. You have probably heard the saying “If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got.” Recording your movements in a journal will show you what you have done on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. You can see whether you have been following a plan towards success. Only when you begin setting up more positive conditions for your life will the Law of Attraction and its natural forces unfold to bring those conditions to you.

You will not be able to achieve worthy accomplishments if you do not hold a strong and powerful desire to do so. But, according to natural law, the greater your desire, the greater will be the energy created and manifested. The Secret of Success, then, is the formation, cultivation and manifestation of firmly, constantly and strongly held positive desires.

Your good fortune is out there, ready for you to create. I wish you great success in achieving it.

About the author:

Marlie Parsons is a writer and researcher who enjoys delving into arcane and metaphysical topics such as spirituality, manifesting wealth, and The Secret.

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