FREE Love Tarot Readings Online

FREE Love Tarot Readings Online

romantic kissHow can love tarot readings help you find the one? Do they predict the future? Tarot cards don’t actually predict the future in the way that some people think. Their answers to questions are not “yes” or “no” because humans have free will and the outcome of any situation can change depending on the choices we make.

What tarot will do, is give you a snapshot of the influences surrounding your situation, and more importantly, they will advise you on how to best achieve your desired outcome. There are many different kinds of tarot spreads for love tarot readings. Let’s explore a few.

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True love tarot

Are you still waiting to meet your soulmate? Are you wondering who your true love is going to be? Soulmates don’t come along every day. Contrary to popular belief, we can have multiple soulmates throughout our lives and they appear in different shapes and sizes. They are profound relationships that occur on a very deep level. Sometimes we meet soul teachers other times we have soul friends. A soul companion is both of those things. When a soulmate relationship is romantic the relationship can be very powerful and can stay with us throughout our lifetime.

So, how will a love tarot reading help me figure out who my soulmate is or where to find them?  The tarot can show you this in several ways. For starters, the reading will illuminate what you are bringing to the table in the in any relationship. This is important because if you have certain patterns of behavior or negative energies surrounding you, it will impact who you meet, where and why.

Harmonious love relationships

heartsIn order to find our soulmate, we as partners need to evolve into our best selves spiritually. A tarot card reading can help you do that. Just think of it like you are working with mirrors. Often we make the mistake of looking for others to fulfill certain needs in ourselves.

Then we wind up in relationships that don’t work. That’s because, in order to be in a healthy relationship, both parties need to be evolved and on the same level. If one partner is too needy, then the other partner winds up becoming frustrated.

Only in truly balanced relationships do we find true harmony. A tarot reading will help you self-reflect and the areas that you can improve upon. This will make you a more desirable partner and will help you to attract the same into your life and someone else. Soulmates resonate on the same level, and the more we evolve, the more beautiful love we attract.

What is your partner thinking?

Additionally, a love tarot reading can show you what your partner might be struggling with. Everybody has certain blockages or challenges in their lives that they have to deal with. It can be very enlightening to understand what they are faced with. With that information, you can choose to make things easier for them and thereby easier on the relationship. Remember, people are not always aware of what is going on in their unconscious, so even if you and your partner have good communication, their deepest needs and fears may never be communicated!

Love tarot card readings will also give you an idea as to the future probable outcome of your relationship. If the relationship is doomed to a lot of friction and conflict that is certain to appear in the cards. Obviously, that does not mean you cannot stay in the relationship – humans have free will, they simply give you advice that you can choose to take to heart or disregard.

Free 3 card love spreads

love tarotThis true love tarot reading can be very simple and still get to the heart of the relationship. Here are three simple 3 card love spreads. In order to do these simple three card love spread all you need to do is shuffle the deck while you meditate on your question and on the relationship.

Then, one at a time, pull a card from any place in the deck and place each one face down. Turn them face up one at a time moving from left to right as you interpret their meanings.


General love 3 card tarot spread

  • You
  • The other person
  • Your relationship

The first card will represent you and all of your energies both positive and negative. The second card represents your partner. The third card represents the relationship as both of you are together.

Desires in the relationship 3 card spread

  • what you want from the relationship
  • what they want from the relationship
  • where the relationship is headed

As you probably guessed, the first card represents what you desire out of the relationship. It may represent your ideal, or it may also represent something more specific that you are needing at this time. The same goes for the second card except it’s from your partner’s perspective. The third card will tell you in what general direction the relationship is headed. Don’t worry if you receive a challenging card, it doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship is doomed. Tarot cards point out difficulties and obstacles, thereby giving you an opportunity to improve things.

Energies in your relationship 3 card spread

  • What brings you together
  • What pulls you apart
  • What needs your attention

This spread takes a more general energetic approach to the relationship itself.  It will tell you what common ground you have, which obstacles to look out for, and give you guidance as to how to best move forward in your relationship.

Celtic cross spread for love

celtic crossIf you’re really feeling ambitious check out the Celtic cross tarot spread. It is one of the most widely used spreads but is a bit challenging to interpret correctly. Not only do you need to understand the meaning of each card as well as the place in which it appears, but you also need to understand the relationships between the cards.

The first card represents the present situation. It exemplifies what is happening to you at this moment. It reflects your state of mind and your perception of the situation or relationship. How do you feel in your current relationship or lack of one?

The second card represents the challenge or obstacle that you are facing. It shows you the one thing that would make your life a whole lot easier if you could resolve it. Whether you pull a positive or a negative card, the meaning is still important. What is standing in the way of you meeting your soulmate?

The third card represents the past and everything that has led you to your current situation. Take a look at this card and context of the challenge card (card number 2). It might give you a little bit more insight as to how you wound up where you are today. For example, are past heartbreaks affecting your ability to trust others?

The fourth card represents the future. It tells you what is likely to happen in the near future – in the short term. Don’t worry if marriage doesn’t present here! This is a short term card.

The fifth card represents your goals and aspirations in terms of the relationship or situation. It represents the work that you are doing to overcome the challenge represented above in the second card. This is what you believe you need.

The sixth card represents what is going on in your subconscious and it digs deeper into what is behind your current situation. Sometimes the message in this card can be surprising because we are often not aware of our deep feelings and motivations. Sometimes we push our desires or instincts away and don’t allow them to be expressed. This is a very important card if you want to evolve spiritually and do whatever you can to become a better partner in a relationship.

The seventh card is the advice card and offers you a recommendation for what you can do to deal with the entire situation. The advice is usually based around self-reflection and self-awareness. Because the tarot is all about working with mirrors and spiritual evolution, it is not always obvious how this can help the situation. But take this card to heart. Often there are things working in our unconscious emotional world that we are not able to see clearly or understand.

The eighth card represents the environment in which this relationship or situation exists. It shows us the external forces that are affecting the situation. These external forces cannot be changed, we have no control over them, however, simply being aware of them can help us to be more cautious and discerning in our choices.

The ninth card represents our hopes and fears. I know that sounds confusing because it’s a contradiction, but oftentimes hopes and fears are very closely related. Sometimes what we dream of is what we are most afraid of. If you don’t understand this card feel free to draw a second one on top of it for clarification.

The tenth card is the final outcome. It shows you how the situation will be resolved if you continue on the same course of action you are taking today. If the outcome is not something you wish to see manifest, then take the advice card to heart. You are the only one who has the power to change the future with your free will. The tarot is only a guide.

Understanding the relationships between the cards

The Celtic card cross can be split into two sections, the first being the cross-section on the left side, and the second being the staff section on the right. The cross represents what is happening in your life at the time of this reading. The smallest cross in the middle represents the core issue – the most fundamental energy at hand. The larger cross around it shows your situation as it has moved through time. It also represents issues that have arisen from your unconscious into your conscious self. When looked at together it gives you a very thorough picture of yourself in your situation. The staff section on the right shows you within your own environment and how you are relating to the outside world.

Ask yourself if there is a synergy between what you are doing and what you aspire to. Your actions on the conscious level should reflect your desires on the unconscious level. The problem is that we’re not always aware of our unconscious desires, so it’s a very important place to begin investigating. If there is a disconnect between them, take a look at how these can be brought into alignment. What can you do in your life with your actions in order to bring about what you truly desire deep down? Check out Biddy Tarot for more insights on relating the cards!

Free online love tarot readings

Aleph tarot love spreadIf this is all a little bit too much work for you there are lots of online sites where a computer will generate a reading for you for free! You can shuffle the cards with a click, choose the cards with a click, and the website will generate your reading. These readings can actually be pretty accurate and it’s a great way to familiarize yourself with love tarot readings!

Aleph Tarot, for example, gives a very detailed and free online reading about your love relationship and the computer will interpret all of the cards for you! And it’s absolutely free and easy to use.

If you are interested in learning how to read tarot cards, this can be a great tutorial. The spread is different than the Celtic Cross because it also offers insights into your partner, their emotions, and desires, and how your energies intertwine. You can also try out this spread with your own cards! There are lots of free online tarot readings on all kinds of subjects!

Professional love tarot readings for real depth

But if you really want an in-depth love tarot reading you’re better off going with a professional psychic advisor. They understand all of these cards and their placements in a very profound way. And many psychic advisors also have other psychic abilities that they can utilize during your reading. Some can bring clairvoyant powers into the reading, others can speak to spirit guides for any other information or warnings that might help you on your path. Go with one of our trusted partner sites if you’re not sure where to start. You can find great new customer deals and you’re sure to get the answers you need! And follow our advice on avoiding scams!

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Pros of tarot love readings

  • Find your soulmate
  • Heal your relationship
  • Find out what your partner really needs

Cons of tarot love readings

  • Complicated to learn and do well on your own
  • Free online readings not as deep


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