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January 2022

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What are tarot readings?


Since the 15th century tarot readings have been a popular choice of divination. They have a long history as a divination tool.

Divination Explained

Divination is the practice of prophesying, predicting or foretelling the future.  It’s a way of reading the energy surrounding a person, and helping them to understand what hidden forces may be influencing them.  Divination also allows the diviner to determine the best course of action for the person who is enjoying their divination reading.

Tarot cards are one of the many divination tools, and probably one of the most informative.

Back to tarot readings …

Tarot readings tell a story of your life, by applying divination and then giving us messages through symbology, numerology, astrology and many other esoteric mediums.  They are complex and powerful.   The tarot reader’s job is to learn how to translate the symbols portrayed on the cards and then deliver the tarot’s message to you in a way that you can relate and understand.

How tarot readings work

Tarot readers often lay the cards out in particular patterns called ‘spreads’ that give the reader and complete overview of your life and your situation. There are many different types of tarot reading spreads and you can have free tarot readings or paid.  Though the free tarot is usually not as detailed as a paid tarot reading.

Esoteric publisher Llewellyn notes the Celtic Cross is one of the most relied-upon reading patters, because it looks at every aspect of your life or the situation.

What will a free tarot reading tell me versus a paid tarot reading?

There’s really no difference in what information you will receive from a free tarot versus a paid tarot reading.  However, the free tarot reading is usually limited in some way.

For example:

  • The tarot reader giving a free tarot reading might just pull out one card and give you a quick overview.
  • You may choose free tarot online where you get to ask a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question.
  • Free tarot readings may also come because you choose to read for yourself.  It’s very insightful to learn the tarot however it takes many years and a lot of practice to learn to read well.  Even then it’s hard to read for yourself because you are biased from the offset.  But this is also how you can get unlimited free tarot readings (if you discount the cost of the cards).

You won’t get a full, in depth and life changing tarot reading from a free tarot reading.

But you can use free tarot to get:

  • Quick insight
  • To help you make better decisions
  • For testing the water before you take the plunge with a paid tarot reading.

Affirming the things you suspect, and giving you new insight.

The tarot reading you receive will probably affirm some things you knew or suspected.  It may also give you new insight into the situation, and one or two cards will probably give you a whole new outlook and insight.

For example: A Celtic Cross reading on your current significant other would speak to what lies at the heart of your relationship; what has been happening, and what is about to happen; your hopes and concerns regarding the relationship; and your final outcome.

Aren’t those all things you’d like to know?

People come to the tarot looking for answers to questions, but they often get much more. A tarot reading (free tarot or otherwise) has a way of pulling you out of your limited focus, and giving you much more insight and many more options.

In the process, it often shows you how your current challenges relate to your spiritual path. If you ask your reader – or sometimes even if you don’t – the reading can give you insight into past lives and your karma.

Come to a tarot reading knowing what it is you want to know, but be prepared to know much, much more by the time the reading concludes.

What kinds of free tarot readings are there?

Some readers rely almost exclusively on the Celtic Cross reading, but many readers use card spreads for specific reasons. Some even make up their own spreads, in response to your question or your concerns.

Here are some of the most widely-used spreads.  All of which can be used for free tarot too, however the reading may not be as thorough as a pid reading.

When you don’t know what to do with a situation in your  life

The layout includes cards to represent the following: 

  1. The question, and what’s important to you about the question.
  2. How the past is influencing your life or situation.
  3. Shows how you see the issue (which can reveal surprising insight!)
  4. Details about the environment (what’s causing the problem in your surroundings).
  5. Information you don’t know or haven’t considered.
  6. What you should do to solve the situation to your satisfaction.

Free Relationship Spread

  1. Discover what stands between you and your ideal situation.
  2. Learn how you are in the relationship (you may be surprised!).
  3. Insight into what’s happening with the other person in the relationship
  4. Details about the final outcome.  So you know what to do next.

Birthday Spread (A good spread for free tarot)

  1. What you’ve learned about yourself from the year gone by.
  2. Uncover your upcoming challenges for the coming year.
  3. Learn more about what gifts you’ll experience from the coming year.
  4. Know what you’re meant to achieve in the next 12 months.
  5. Understand what will be different by your next birthday

Career Tarot Spread

  1. Learn all about your  current career including it’s blessings and challenges.
  2. Discover where you are ultimately going and what your ultimate career might be.
  3. Understand how you are  holding yourself back from success.
  4. Know what support you have around you.
  5. Determine what leads you toward success, and harness it!
  6. Find out what will happen in your life, if you stay in this career.
  7. Understand how you might change the outcome, if you change careers

Celtic Cross Spread

  1. What lies at the heart of the matter
  2. What helps or hinders you
  3. The root of things – the foundation
  4. What was and is now passing away
  5. The umbrella over everything
  6. What is growing in strength and presence
  7. You in the situation
  8. Energies from the outside world
  9. Your hopes and fears
  10. The final outcome

Where can I find accurate tarot sites?

Most of the psychic online sites include readers that specialize in tarot. Most are also psychic – the cards are a link to deeper knowledge, but the reader’s psychic ability is what determines the interpretation of the card.

Below are five trustworthy sites that offer tarot readers. Their readers have been carefully chosen to be ethical and authentically psychic.

Kasamba Logo - tarot reading Kasamba

Free tarot readings for 3 minutes.

This powerhouse online site offers over sixty readers who specialize in tarot and other card-based divination. There’s no one approach – the readers vary widely, but if you browse them, one or more are sure to call to you. Kasamba has been offering online readings for over two decades. Prices generally run a bit higher on Kasamba, but there are special offers, a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied, and great reviews that indicate Kasamba’s customers think the psychics on this site are worth what they charge. If you’re concerned about price, there’s a sort feature that only lists psychics that charge less than $4 per minute. Kasamba psychics are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week – so you can get the advice you need, when you need it.

Special offers – New customers get their first three minutes free. Readers on the site often run half-price per minute specials – combined with the three free minutes offer, this is a really economical way to try out a new psychic to see who works best for you.


You get your readings primarily through chat, though some Kasamba tarot readers offer phone readings.

KKeen logo - tarot readingeen

Discounted readings which are better than some free tarot reading offers.

Keen claims to have the world’s largest network of talented psychics. At the time this article was written, they had 110 readers who specialized in tarot divination and divination through oracle cards.

They can be an economical choice – many of their readers charge $5.00 per minute or less. Their website is colorful and fun and walks you through finding a psychic that’s a good match for you, based on your state of mind and the questions you have. You can even specify if you want a reader who is blunt or one who is more gentle. Many of Keen’s readers are willing to discuss adult matters and issues, so they require you be 18 to register on their site.

Special offers

Keen has great promotional offers for new customers, offering a 10-minute reading for $1.99. Wow. Not all the psychics on the site honor this offer, so choose your psychic with that in mind. Some readers also offer the first 3 minutes free.

Readings are generally by phone or by chat.


Free tarot chat

Oranum has been a site serving Poland for years, and recently expanded to offer psychic readings to other countries and in other languages. Their site features over 250 readers who read from cards. Oranum makes it easy to get a feel for their reader, as their “live” are on webcam. From the website, you can watch psychics in real time and get an idea of which one is best for you. You’ll find interacting with a potential card reader in real time gives you a much more solid idea of how well they’ll work for you.

Special offers – many readers offer free chat, and you can get credits toward readings if you register.

Readings are all by video chat.


Free tarot readings for 3 minutes

This is the new kid on the block, having interviewed tarot readers and other psychics for their site most of last year, and kicking the site off at the beginning of 2018. Beacon Truth advertises “compassionate, professional and ethical psychic readers,” and they stress those qualities in the readers they feature on their site. The readers who are online appear at the top of the feed, and there are always tarot readers available.

Special offers new customers get the first three minutes free, and the site often runs weekend specials as they work to build their clientele. Beacon Truth offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Readings are by phone or by chat.

Psychic Source

First three minutes free tarot and 50% off!

The grand old dame of psychic sites, offering readings for over 30 years. Like Beacon Truth, Psychic Source stresses the compassionate and caring nature of their readers, and their Kindness Initiative gives portions of their proceeds to communities in need.

Indepth profiles

They offer in-depth profiles of readers, and a search engine that lets you filter to search for readers who best suit you and your budget. You can also listen to recordings the reader has made, to get a feel for who they are and whether your instinct tells you they’re right for you. Psychic Source readers have sometimes received mixed reviews from clients, but no worries – your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Special offers – Psychic Source has a great offer for new customers, with the first three minutes free and $1 per minute up to 30 minutes.

Readings are by phone, chat or video chat.

How much does a tarot reading cost?

Well, we know free tarot is free – but as we’ve explained free tarot readings are limited.  Most people, after trying a free tarot reading choose to move on to a paid tarot reading so that they can have more time with the messages that the tarot brings.

It can be a little daunting to browse the websites and see that most readings start at $1.99 per minute, and go up to $50 per minute. But it’s important to realise that some sites let you search by price, which means you can narrow down your search if you choose to advance from a free tarot reading.

A Celtic Cross reading has ten cards and takes about 30 minutes to an hour. You might let your reader choose another spread that answers your question more directly, with fewer cards – although a Celtic Cross reading often has the advantage of giving you information you didn’t know to ask about.

How to decide whether you want a free tarot reading or paid reading.

Wondering if you want to spend the money for a tarot reader? Consider how much you want insight into your questions – and what that insight would be worth to you. Go ahead and give it a dollar figure. Now find a reasonably-priced reader and divide your dollar figure by their fee. Factor in any site special offers (and there are some great offers out there from time to time). That’s how much time you’ll have with your reader, if you want to stay in budget.

What to be careful of when choosing a tarot reading budget.

Watch for readers who try to draw the reading out – if your intuition says the reader is just trying to get more money, end the reading. At the same time, don’t talk any more than you need to – you don’t need to pay per minute to talk! Prices for a reading may seem high – but consider that these are professionals who may have developed their skill over many years. Many true tarot readers experience an energy drain while doing a reading – most aren’t able to read for several hours each day, day after day. Try to find a reader you trust who charges a fee you can afford.

How accurate are tarot readings?

Tarot works because the same energies the Universe is sending into your life for your growth and happiness cause corresponding cards to turn up. A tarot reading is like listening in on a phone conversation the Universe is having with your soul.

Authenticity is key

Given by an authentic reader with psychic ability, a tarot reading can be astonishingly accurate and helpful. It can give insight into what has happened in the past that influences your current situation; how other people come into the picture; what the real issue is; and the secrets you may be keeping on yourself.

Most of all, it sets aside a time for you to look at your life or an issue, point by point.

Even free tarot uncovers questions you may have about:

  • What is the issue you have is built on?
  • How you can change what has been happening in your life?
  • When you can see positive change, and what you have to do to make changes?

If you imagine asking these questions regarding a relationship, or a career move, and opening to what you know intuitively, you can understand why a good tarot reading can be life-changing, even a free tarot reading.

Are you blindsided?

It isn’t always about what you don’t know – sometimes the reading affirms what you already knew (Yes, he’s the one for you. Yes, this job is a dead end. No, you can’t trust your new friend). The cards, and a skillful reader, can offer you a window into the influences you haven’t been able to see or understand.

Stay with reputable sites, and your free tarot reading is likely to be so accurate you’ll find yourself calling friends to tell them about it.

Are you convinced yet?

OK, now the fun begins…

How to get a comprehensive tarot reading

  1. Take a deep breath and decide whether you want to ask a specific question – or trust your tarot reader to tell you what the Universe needs you to know.
  2. Set your budget, or decide whether you want to dip your toes in the water with free tarot first.  Keep on reading on to find out how to get a free tarot reading.
  3. Go to one or more of the five sites we recommended, and choose the one with the best “new customer” offer.
  4. Begin to browse their tarot readers. Let your intuition guide you to the reader who is right for you.
  5. Once you’ve had your reading, tell us about it in the comments. We’d love to hear how it was for you!

Can I get a free tarot reading?

This really depends on your definition of free! A skilled tarot reader will never offer their services for absolutely free – remember, they have bills to pay too, and this is their livelihood!

There are, however, tarot sites like Kasamba which will give 3 free minutes of  free tarot  before you have to pay a dime!  These are the best kind of free tarot readings because you get to ‘try before you buy’.

To get a free tarot reading from Kasamba here’s what you do.

All you have to do is:

  1. Register.
  2. Enter your payment details,.
  3. Select your tarot reader.
  4. Your 3 free minutes then begin.

Tip! If you don’t like what you hear, you can hang up anytime. After 180 seconds, you will start to be billed at the specified minutely rate!

All in all, you’re looking at a maximum of $15 for a good quality reading. This is because part of your reading was a free tarot reading.

Check out the best ‘3 minutes’ free tarot readers below!

Pros and Cons of FreeTarot Readings:


  • Help you to make important life decisions without committing to a full tarot reading.
  • There are a variety of different tarot readings to choose from, even with free tarot.
  • Free tarot can include simple yes/no answer tarot readings, great for making quick decisions.
  • There are different tarot decks to choose from, and you can read tarot free at home.
  • It’s easy to find an accurate free tarot reader online.
  • Free tarot readings or the full works are both perfect for love, career, financial and other decisions
  • Tarot readings are proven card readings and have been for 100s of years.
  • Test out a tarot readers skill by using their free tarot service.


  • They can be misread if you do not correctly interpret cards or seek a knowledgeable tarot reader.
  • You may need to move from a free tarot reading to a paid one to get more information.
  • It can take some time to learn how to do tarot readings yourself.
  • Sometimes they can be used as a cheating device by fake psychics

Are you ready to get your absolutely FREE Tarot reading for the first time?

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