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A Simple Tool for Your Toolbox

by Tom T. Moore

As we get older, one of the things we must face are more trips to a hospital for any variety of reasons.  This happened to me recently when I went in for arthroscopic knee surgery to repair a torn cartilage brought on by years of skiing. After a vacation this past September to Orlando’s amusement centers and St. Petersburg, Florida, I could barely walk.

Certainly there’s stress involved with any type of procedure, but I’m going to give you a simple tool you can use not only in serious circumstances, but for ANY situation, no matter how mundane for the rest of your life.  It is requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBOs) each time you go anywhere or do anything.  As an example, before I left for the hospital I said out loud, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my drive to the hospital, thank you!”  Now I believe that my own Guardian Angel handled that request, but you can believe the request is going to God, Allah, Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Vishnu, or any other deity.  It does not matter, because IT WORKS!  Before the surgery I said, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for this surgery, and may the results be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!”

You’ll find a calmness comes over you, and it tremendously lowers the stress and fear factors.  I was so calm for this surgery I dozed off waiting for the doctor in the pre-op room.  I also said what I call a Benevolent Prayer for the doctors and nurses to perform the operation perfectly.  It went well and in the recovery room I even serenaded the nurses with a couple of oldies.  I requested a MBO when I started rehab, and was assigned the most experience physical therapist at the facility.

In 2006 I was scheduled to travel to Houston, Texas to give a talk about my first book, but I had a nagging cough, and went to my doctor to have him

prescribe an inhaler.  He checked me over and said, “Tom, I’m not going to prescribe the inhaler; you have congestive heart failure and you’re going downstairs and check yourself into the hospital.”  I replied, “Well I’m glad I wore my clean undies today Doc!”  Naturally I requested a MBO for the heart problem.  They first tried to shock my heart back into normal rhythm, but on awakening they said it didn’t work.  I didn’t worry, as I KNEW something better was on the way.  They brought in an electro-cardiologist and he did an ablation procedure to bring the heart back to normal rhythm, and a year later he performed another one that allowed me off all my heart medications.

These requests work quite simply.  When you request a Benevolent Outcome you’re saying you would like a specific outcome, but that benevolent being on the other side knows what’s in your best short term and long term interests, so you’re turning the request over to that spiritual entity.  If you ever watched THE SECRET movie this simple tool is better than any modality presented in the film.  One lady wrote to me and said The Law of Attraction was like driving an old Ford Pinto and requesting MBOs was like driving a Ferrari—both may get you there but the Ferrari will get you there a lot faster!

I’ve requested 15,000 or more MBOs in the last 15 years, so I can say they work PERFECTLY, even when at first it does not seem so.  Months later you’ll see something better come along.  You can request Benevolent Outcomes for the perfect job for you, the perfect home for you, and even the perfect mate for you!  You can request them in business situations and even when you feel in danger.  But I do recommend starting with the mundane requests, such as a parking space in front of a busy restaurant or store, your drives to work or the mall, a seat on a bus or train, and around town.  This achieves two things:  First you will build up a trust that this actually works for you, and secondly it will get you in the habit of requesting MBOs, so that when some emergency or very serious event happens in your life the first thing you’ll do is the request a MBO.

Have fun experimenting with requesting MBOs.   This will change your life for the better, and will make the rest of your years much less stressful and more successful!


Tom T. Moore is an entertainment industry CEO, speaker, frequent radio guest, and author of THE GENTLE WAY: A Self-Help Guide For Those Who Believe In Angels and THE GENTLE WAY II: The Story Continues, plus a weekly blog.   For more information, go to http://www.thegentlewaybook.com/.

Copyright 2012 by Tom T. Moore


Probabilities and Predictions

By Tom T. Moore

During meditation, I’ve been given predictions of events to come by both Gaia, soul of the earth, and my own Guardian Angel, whom I named Theo, as he said our vocal chords are not constructed to pronounce angelic names.  But I noticed that not only the predictions given to me, but to trance channels and psychics seemed to be hit and miss.  In my case, some events would be within a day or two of the event—a major earthquake or say within a half-mile of the place I was told Katrina would make landfall.  In other instances I would be way off, such as when I was told there would be a major earthquake in Japan around the first of September 2010 and it did not take place until March 2011.  Then there were the times I would be told an event would take place, such as massive earthquakes in California the last week of December 2010, and nothing happened.

This was very frustrating, as I like to get things right.  Naturally I questioned my reception, but when I’m told over and over again an event will occur, that possibility greatly lessens.  So what was I missing?  I started asking questions and continued to ask more.

Theo, please explain more about how our souls adjust or coincide with probabilities.

“Yes, a very complex equation we will call it Tom.  As I have stated before, certainly you all do have soul contracts for these lives, but what we have not gotten into before is that these soul contracts are developed or created based on several potentialities which may or may not happen, so there is a soul contract you might say for each probability.  So if one probability happens, it is but a slight adjustment from your soul point of view, as this was known prior to birth.  So every probability is covered Tom, which is very complex when seen or viewed from a 3D standpoint, but is easily done from this side.”

So would you say this time period would have more probabilities than other time periods, the same, or less?

“Good question Tom.  Yes, this time period—and we are speaking of the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st centuries has had a very large number of potentials—really more than at any time in thousands of years.  You had every scenario from utter destruction to what you are living today, which was the very best scenario you and we could hope for.  There was great rejoicing on this side when you were able to reach this benevolent time line potential.

“So the summarize, yes you are truly living in one of the most volatile times from a potentiality standpoint, with so many different paths you could have chosen, but here you are, ready in a little over a year to cross over to the 5th dimension.  What a great path you as a people have chosen Tom.”

Weeks later I would ask, Theo, please explain in more detail about probabilities.

“Yes, a very deep subject that we will just touch on today.  As you have seen with Gaia, there are probabilities to all events.  It would seem that certain large events would have a high probability from the very beginning, but as you have seen and been told, this is not the case Tom.  Your souls have many probabilities to consider at any time, and it all depends on many factors, such as the vibrational level the population is at when the time of a particular event arrives.  Perhaps the event will pass by, as you have raised your level past what would have triggered the event.  Certainly that happened when you had the Harmonic Convergence—the point where the world would have gone on to destroy itself had you not raised your vibrational levels above and passed on sailed by it.

“It’s the same thing with smaller events.  But there are many other factors that enter into the probability equation.  Are there enough souls that need to experience an event and what goal will the event achieve for these people and how will it affect others not directly affected?  An event can affect the probabilities of literally thousands of other events in the future, and that may be the hardest point to explain.

“Yes, it is a little like the butterfly that is accidentally killed and the whole future of mankind is affected [Ray Bradbury story].  You have a great symbiotic relationship with the earth, with Gaia, and even with the whole universe.  Everything is connected Tom.  So what may seem on the surface a simple explanation of probabilities actually gets into quantum physics.  So as a summary for now, there are thousands of possibilities that your souls must take into account before any major event occurs, and this is weighed according to your progress on a vibrational level.”

Below you will see probabilities in action for specific events.


JAPAN—Shortly after the first of the year an 8.0 or higher earthquake off the coast with a tsunami—smaller than the one before—but very destructive.  It will cause the fault line running near Tokyo to move down the coast.  Probability is 92%.  Gaia says the souls in Japan have signed off already and there is just a small possibility of a delay, but she doesn’t think so.  They will have more problems with their nuclear reactors.

PUERTO RICO—Shortly after Japan Puerto Rico will have a major earthquake although not the same strength as the one in Haiti.  Probability is over 80%.

ITALY, GREECE, TURKEY—In 2012 Mt. Vesuvius will erupt and will cause earthquakes in the three countries in the 6.0 magnitude range, even extending over to the French Riviera with small movements there.  Probability is 60% as Gaia is waiting for the approval of the souls living there, but she says she needs to release the pressure that has built up there.

CALIFORNIA—As I write this in September, Gaia says the probabilities for earthquakes there during the next six months are low—20% for Southern and Central California and 30% for Northern California.  But when I asked about one year the probabilities rose to 40% for Southern and Central California and 50% for Northern California.  She said for me to keep checking in every few months, as these probabilities will almost certainly rise.

GREAT LAKES EMPTY INTO THE GULF OF MEXICO—Probability of the New Madrid rupturing and causing the Great Lakes to empty into the Mississippi River and into the Gulf is 40% to 50% for the next year but rises to 50% to 60% in the next two to three years.

VIRGINIA—Another one or two quakes in this area coming soon–60% to 70% probability.

YELLOWSTONE VOLCANIC ERUPTION—The probability of this happening is still fairly low, according to Gaia—40% to 50% at this time, but she said she anticipates this increasing in the next few weeks and months and to check back with her.

ALASKA—Low probability of a 7.0 or higher earthquake for six months (from September) but 60% for one year with probability rising.

PACIFIC NORTHWEST—50% to 60% probability of a 7.0 earthquake in the next year rising to 55% to 65% in the next two years.

NORTH AMERICA WINTER—Gaia says it will be about the same as last winter—very stormy.

RECESSION—Will continue well into 2012, but will not be as deep as the previous one.

DROUGHT IN AFRICA—It will continue for “many more months” as there are soul contracts at work there.


RIOTS DURING THE NEXT ELECTION—Almost nil.  The winner will be accepted and we’ll go on about our lives.

PRESIDENT ELECT—President Obama will be reelected.  Probability at this time is 90%.  It’s his “soul contract” to be president for eight years.

DECEMBER 21, 2012—Theo says this will be the date our souls have chosen to cross over to the 5th focus.  Had we chosen August 1st as an example, he says that would have been the date.  And there will be no one left behind.  It’s as if we’re all on a cruise ship together with people on different decks, but we’ll all reach port at the same time.


OCEAN LEVELS RISING—The world’s ocean levels will rise two feet (61 cm) in the next four to five years.  Gaia says it’s already rising, but scientists are a little behind on that.  Just look at the miles long icebergs breaking away from Greenland and Antarctica.  This will prove disastrous for low-lying islands, port cities, and coastlines.  Gaia wants people to move farther inland and is giving ample warning.


POST OFFICES—Within 25 years they will be gone.  Mail will drop down to two days per week and then nothing.

PRINTED NEWSPAPERS—No printed newspapers within the next 10 years.

PAPER CHECKS—Gone within 5 to 7 years.

BOOKSTORES—Gone within 10 years.  Don’t invest in one!

EATING RED MEAT—This will be gone in 20 years, which considering we’ve been eating meat for thousands of years is really quite soon.

EATING FISH AND FOWL—We will cease to eat fish and fowl several years after red meat.

AMERICAN FOOTBALL—Will fade away in 40 to 50 years due to families not allowing their children to participate because of potential injuries and the “mellowing” of the public, which will not enjoy watching violent sports.

FOOD AND WATER MACHINES—Not sure how far out but we will develop these machines creating food and water for the Martian and other colonies.

EXTRA TERRESTRIAL FIRST PUBLIC CONTACT—The Pleiadians will make first public contact in Europe in 2015.  I’m told that if it were the USA everyone would think it was “Invasion L.A.” and would arm themselves.  Contact will probably be with the European country that releases their confidential files somewhere around 2013 or so.

NO PARTY SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT—10 to 15 years.  People will be elected to serve their constituents—not a party.

COLUMBIA—It will be another five years before new leaders rid the country of corruption.

MEXICO—It will be 25 years before they achieve an equal standard of living of their neighbors to the north.  The legalization of drugs in the United States will begin the diminishing of power the drug gangs hold over elected officials.  Sixty percent of the drug cartels’ earnings come just from marijuana.

I will be rechecking in the coming months to see if these probabilities increase, decrease, or stay the same.  Stay tuned and have a great 2012 everyone!

Copyright 2011  by Tom T. Moore


Tom T. Moore is a speaker, frequent radio guest, and author of THE GENTLE WAY: A Self-Help Guide For Those Who Believe In Angels and THE GENTLE WAY II: The Story Continues (Light Technology ISBN # 1-891824-60-0  and # 978-1-891824-80-7) and a weekly newsletter.   For more information, go to http://www.thegentlewaybook.com/.


Guardian Angel Conversations

by Tom T. Moore

Six years ago I discovered that I could converse with “spirit” as it’s called.  This is something you can do too if you don’t mind putting in the time and effort, which I’ll explain below.

The first person I communicated with was an American Indian Shaman living in the western United States in the 1600s.  He explained that I was a Shaman also living at that time and that I was to reintroduce people to “The Gentle Way.”  This became the title of my first book on teaching people a simple, yet very powerful spiritual tool to use—requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBOs).  I had been requesting   MBOs for several years, but I did not understand how powerful they are.  I only cared that they worked PERFECTLY, and I had never been able to say that about any of the other modalities I had tried—law of attraction, power of positive thinking, etc.

Eventually I began communicating each time with my own Guardian Angel.  Naturally I asked what name to call him.  He explained that our vocal chords are not made to pronounce angelic names, and we would simply be frustrated if we tried.  He said, “Tom, we’re not too big on names here, so you can call me Tom, Dick, or Harry, but Tom might be a little confusing in your meditations.”  So in my case I thought about it for a few days and was “inspired” one day to begin calling him Theo.

So here’s your first suggestion.  Say out loud, “Guardian Angel, what name should I call you?”  You may immediately receive a name in your mind, or it may take a few days, as it did me.

The second suggestion is to start requesting MBOs.  Theo told me that this is the FIRST big step in learning to co-create with spirit!  Our goal is to become “Junior Creators in Training.”  So begin with the mundane requests such as, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for a parking place in front of ________, thank you!”  You’ll receive immediate feedback when these requests work, before you begin requesting MBOs for ones that can take months or even a year to manifest, such as requests for the PERFECT job, home, or mate.  Theo humorously says humans are impatient.

Theo tells me that there are a little over one million Guardian Angels (GAs) handling all the souls having earth lives, and all of our lives on earth are happening at the same time, as time is an illusion for us.  That’s why I could converse with the Shaman living in the 1600’s.  I have learned from him that all of these GAs are “golden light beings,” with an enormous amount of experience and knowledge.  They prefer to be called “Servants of the Creator,” but no one would know what I was talking about, so GAs they are.  Almost all of our GAs were created by other creators (Theo says there are billions of other creators and creations) and were attracted to do this work.

They do it with great love and joy, but Theo says we must request assistance, as our souls have instructed them to only assist if we ask, or if our lives are in danger and our soul contracts are to live to an older age.  So when you request MBOs you become more aware, and most importantly, your vibrational level begins to increase!  Theo says requesting MBOs is the simplest way to raise your vibrational level, and with all the benefits that come with your GA assisting in manifesting your requests.

There are so many questions you can ask your own GA.  I’ve learned that our souls created fragments of itself to have these lives on earth, while our souls are having hundreds of thousands of other lives across this universe.  Theo says there is an average of six to twelve soul fragments in a “soul cluster,” and each one of these fragments is created at different frequency levels and have different interests, so we are not all “peas in a pod.”  Each one of these soul fragments has an average of 600 to 800 lives on earth.  When I asked why such a large range of lives, he says that some souls wish to experience all the earth has to offer in as short a time as possible, and other souls wish to spread out the experiences over more lives.

So contacting your own GA can be quite easy if you already meditate.  Instead of going into a deep meditation, just stay in the higher Alpha state instead of the deeper Theta level.  Then you just say, “Guardian Angel, are you there?”  You’ll receive a response where it seems you are mentally answering your own question, but continue with a simple question or two.  Theo says they send us “thought packet” answers that are filtered from our right brain to the left according to our knowledge, beliefs, and education.  And that’s why you can communicate with any beings in the universe, as you don’t have to speak their language.

If you don’t mediate, don’t fret.  There are many meditation CDs and MP3s out there.  I recommend Spirit Guides by Dick Sutphen, but chose what feels best to you.  I do highly recommend that you say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for receiving these messages perfectly, thank you!”  That and surrounding yourself with white light will give you protection to only speak with your own GA.

Communicating with your own Guardian Angel, for most us anyway, takes some work, but the results will amaze you.  You can write the answers, say them out loud and record, or as I do type the answers on your computer.  Have all your questions listed on a pad and open your eyes to read each one as you go.  Remember that you’re in only a light Alpha state, then PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, as Theo told me over and over again.  Have a most benevolent experience!

Copyright 2011 by Tom T. Moore

Tom T. Moore is a speaker, frequent radio guest, and author of THE GENTLE WAY: A Self-Help Guide For Those Who Believe In Angels and THE GENTLE WAY II: The Story Continues (Light Technology ISBN # 1-891824-60-0  and # 978-1-891824-80-7).   For more information, go to http://www.thegentlewaybook.com/.


Junior Creators in Training

by Tom T. Moore

Fourteen years ago I learned I could request Benevolent Outcomes in my life, from the mundane, such as requesting a parking space in front of a busy restaurant, to the most important personal and business aspects.  I found they worked PERFECTLY, which is something that I had never found in my past experiments.

Requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBOs) lowered my stress and fear levels, and certainly raised my awareness, as I watched in amazement at times as events came together to give me the MBOs.  I didn’t discover for several years that it had also raised my vibrational level, and in 2005 I found that during meditation I could ask questions and receive answers from my own Guardian Angel and Gaia the Soul of the Earth.  Certainly this was something I never imagined I could do, but I’ve been told everyone is capable of doing this with PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, I was told over and over again.

Yet I still wasn’t fully aware of what requesting MBOs really does for us until recently.  I received more information when I was reading a well-regarded trance channel’s reception, which was different from the answers I had been receiving about earth movements.

So naturally I had to ask Gaia, “Why the discrepancy?” in my next meditation.

“She reaches a much wider audience at this time Tom because of her many years of work in this field.  Therefore there would be people who would move and not complete their soul contracts if I were to give her the exact places I plan to move the earth.  On the other hand, the people who read your writings are attracted to them for a specific reason or reasons beyond the requesting of MBOs, although that is certainly the major reason.  And when people begin requesting these benevolent outcomes they raise their vibrations and awareness as we have spoken about before.

“Her readers -most of them anyway-have not reached this awareness level, although you may find this hard to believe.  Your requests for MBOs immediately begin a process of raising your own spiritual levels Tom, as you well know.  Therefore, I can give your people a more accurate explanation or forecast of what my plans are, as the people who read your writings Tom will be more inclined to request MBOs for their safety and Benevolent Prayers as you call them for their loved one’s safety.  They are learning to be the Junior Creators in Training, which has been explained to you a number of times, yes?

Yes.  Gaia, on the surface it would seem that everyone into metaphysics and interested in communications from the spiritual side would be at the same level.  How is it that people who request MBOs are at a higher vibrational level, or am I not understanding your comments?

“Yes you did understand my comments Tom, but I also understand you must make it clear for your readers.  Yes, the simple use of requesting Benevolent Outcomes does raise your vibrational rate above even those who enjoy reading these channellings from various people Tom.  They are learning, but have not started putting what they have learned into use yet.

“Requesting MBOs is the first really big step you can take to become Junior Creators in Training on a conscious level Tom.  Certainly everyone has their work they do during dreamtime, but requesting Benevolent Outcomes demonstrates to you what can be accomplished with spirit, and that is a big jump-much larger than you imagined when you began to request MBOs yourself.  When we say requesting MBOs is important in everyone’s development, we truly mean it is.  It also puts you on the road to many other discoveries, which your readers will find at times amazing.

“So all we can do in encourage your readers to continue these requests, even though on a conscious level they don’t seem to immediately work at times.  Humans are impatient Tom, and also, as you have seen many times, what you think is a Benevolent Outcome not always is when it involves other people and other beings in general.  But if your readers do request MBOs on a steady or continuing basis, they will be highly rewarded.  Their own Guardian Angels are thrilled that these people are requesting MBOs, because they know what a big leap it is for them on a spiritual level.”

Some comments on what you’ve read above.  Soul Contracts are, I’m told, the plan YOU laid out before birth (with lots of consultations) for the most learning and experiences you could possibly have in your life.  But you do have “free choice,” and many times you do not stick with the plan, but go off on another less beneficial path.  I’m told that constantly requesting MBOs keeps you on your soul path, which you have no conscious memory of during your life on earth.

Requesting MBOs must be for something SPECIFIC for you.  As an example, you can say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my drive to work today, thank you!”  Benevolent Prayers are what you say when you wish for a Benevolent Outcome for someone else.  As an example, you could say, “I ask any and all beings to assist (name) to be led to the most benevolent weight loss program for (him/her) thank you!”  You say “request” for an MBO and “ask” for a Benevolent Prayer.

And finally, “What are Junior Creators in Training,” you ask?  I’ve been told that all these lives we’re living on earth, veiled from knowing the truly magnificent souls we are, are for a great purpose.  First, we are to solve the unsolvable problems that have stumped societies across the universe and have stagnated their development.

Secondly, we have learned to live with negativity, which no one had been able to before.  Finally this negativity is starting to reduce.

And then the BIG REASON: I’ve been told we will someday join together and take over running this universe, which has never been done before in any of the billions of universes, and allow the Creator of this universe to go to a higher level.  And the souls who have had earth lives will be most important, as we have solved the unsolvable problems no one else was able to.

Begin requesting Benevolent Outcomes!

Copyright 2010 by Tom T. Moore.

About the Author:  Tom T. Moore is a speaker and author of The Gentle Way:  A Self-Help Guide For Those Who Believe In Angels and The Gentle Way II: The Story Continues. He’s also the CEO of an international film distribution company. For more information on requesting Benevolent Outcomes, visit www.TheGentleWayBook.com.