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Starcodes horoscopes for September 16 – 22, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

lunar eclipseLet an emotional high tide flow through as the weekend begins under a full moon lunar eclipse at 24 degrees of Pisces. It is followed by a flare of energy or determination and brings a potentially creative, decisive, though not necessarily wise, beginning of the week.

Eclipses can act like astrological acupuncture and unblock stuck energy, this one sensitizes us and helps us truly feel what we feel. And maybe feel what everyone else feels as well, as our psychic boundaries can feel unusually permeable. With the Sun and Mercury radiating Virgo work ethics we may feel the pressure to stay efficiently busy, but the rest of the aspects ask us to stay in our hearts. Honestly, everything will move faster if we slow down and pace ourselves.

The week arcs through sensitive perception, followed by action and a restless heart, and this can play out in many ways. Be gentle with sensitive feelings now, or later, under this weekend’s energy surge triggered as Mars trines Uranus and Eris under a fiery Aries Moon, tempers will flare. Revolutions will foment. Emergencies and tremors shake us up. Payback can be quick and difficult, and relationships could hit rough waters in response, so let’s not go there.

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On the other hand, if we daydream and visualize under this sensitive Pisces eclipse, we can then boldly explore new possibilities or start building our vision and turn this weekend’s surge onto positive action. Get it done it, fix it, find it, build it, and then find tune the creative process early next week as Venus opposes Uranus under a cuddly Taurus Moon. And then correct, adjust or refine it once more when Mercury turns direct at the end of the week.

Now all this activity, and the care needed prevent a sensitive, squishy spell from mutating into a fight when the tide turns, can be unusually tricky with Mercury retrograde through Wednesday. Mercury is retrograde in its own sign of Virgo, which intensifies the retrograde pattern and can bring in more delays, minor mishaps, miscues, and missed connections, as well as make us unusually hard on ourselves when we feel we’ve messed up. But it may also help keep numerous retrograde follies to a more manageable size or bring in the brains we need to wing it spontaneously when plans fail. It helps to laugh.

On Wednesday, Mercury stations and turns direct and asks us to take a deep breath before we begin to unwind, straighten out, and fly right. The fall equinox on Thursday can bring a new sense of balance. Fall begins, and the road unwinds before us.

Friday, September 16: We may need to sleep in this morning, our dreams follow us into the day. The mood is sensitive and quickly, all our nerve endings can feel raw and aware, and life so full of little glitches. Help one another feel safe, heard; laugh together. Talk it all over, process and analyze feelings, but don’t take action on them until the dust settles next week. The eclipse early afternoon may reveal a truth or just leave us puddled. We get excited or reactive as the Moon enters Aries and Mars trines Uranus tonight.

Moon opposite Mercury 1:45 AM, Moon square Mars 11:16 AM, full Moon lunar eclipse 1:05 PM, Mars trine Eris 4:12 PM, Moon enters Aries 10:22 PM.

Saturday, September 17: We have the energy for a real adventure today. A chance to try something new, explore, meet new people, or build. Better we channel a restless feistiness into a good form or it can fuel irritable sparks. Our impulse control can be low, mistakes are easily made, so don’t blow up the wrong car. Building something can be satisfying, but let’s move slowly, measure three times, and prioritize safety.

Mars trine Uranus 1:04 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 1:06 AM, Moon trine Saturn 3:54 PM, Moon square Pluto 10:38 PM.

Sunday, September 18: We may crave a change of scenery as Venus opposes Uranus. It’s a wonderful day to talk to strangers and buy art, but keep an eye on that aesthetic restlessness, because our judgement may not be as strong as our curiosity. Keep receipts and consider not coloring hair or choosing paint color for the house. As Venus sextiles Mars over the next two days, keep eyes open for new connections and opportunities for camaraderie.

Venus opposed Uranus 2:05 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 12:31 PM, Moon opposed Venus 1:29 PM, Moon trine Mars 2:10 PM, Moon enter Taurus 6:50 PM.

Monday, September 19: Repair problems and discuss possibilities; plant seeds on fertile ground as the Moon forms a grand trine with Pluto and Mercury in Earth signs, while Venus in Libra trines Mars in Sagittarius. Go deep, get real, and stay on target with long-term plans instead of getting caught up in short-term reaction. Just know that plans make now will need to be revisited in the weeks ahead. Enjoy a juicy flirtatious energy, find new sparks in old friendships.

Venus sextile Mars 5:52 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 3:25 PM, Moon trine Pluto 11:10 PM, Moon trine Mercury 11:31 PM.

Tuesday, September 20: Do the research today as Mercury trines Pluto. Get the ducks in a row, details in line, find the information needed. The conversation deepens because we notice the leaves turning and our hearts longing.

Moon sextile Chiron 11:49 AM, Mercury trine Pluto 7:25 PM, Sun trine the Moon 9:32 PM, Moon enters Gemini 11:52 PM.

Wednesday, September 21: Like a dog settling into a nest, everything spins and stays in the same place. Patients furthers. Allow a lot of extra time, confirm all reservations and check for glitches as Mercury stations under a Mercury-ruled Gemini Moon. Confusion deepens this afternoon as the Moon squares Neptune and opposes Saturn; drift away, but drift in a safe place. Deal with last-minute changes in plans; they may be an improvement. Exercise one’s best judgment all day long.

Moon trine Jupiter 4:07 AM, Moon square Neptune 4:42 PM, Moon opposed Saturn 6:13 PM, Mercury stations and turns direct 11:30 PM.

Thursday, September 22: Doors begin to open and pressure equalizes though our nerves are still a bit frayed and impatient. Fall begins as the Sun enters Libra at 8:21 AM MDT. Mercury is still slow, so let’s take our time as we fix the glitches and mistakes, catch up, and straighten out interpersonal misunderstandings. Wait a few days to launch proposals.

Moon square Mercury 12:37 AM, the Sun enters Libra 8:21 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 3:11 PM, Moon opposed Mars 9:53 PM.

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Starcodes horoscopes for June 17 – 23, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

Astrologers got a lesson in the dwarf planet Eris last week, a planetoid that is a force more massive than Pluto, though Pluto is larger by volume. This new dwarf planet was named after the Greek goddess of discord and strife, and has one Moon, named Dysnomia, the Greek daemon of lawlessness.

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Now Eris was only discovered January 5, 2005, so we are still uncovering its properties, but it seems to be well-named. Eris moves very slowly, has an orbital period of 558 Earth years, so we don’t see it go very far in our lifetime, but we are get beginning to see events when planets transit areas. Uranus conjunct Eris at 23° of Aries on June 9, Uranus will conjunct Eris again this September 25, and again March 17, 2017.

Play with that symbol for minute, the planet of primordial chaos and shocking events, electrical Uranus, conjuncts the planet of this court strife and lawlessness. Orlando Florida was incorporated July 31, 1875, with Venus at 23° of Cancer, now being exactly squared by this Uranus-Eris conjunction, and with Mercury at 19° of Cancer. Pluto is now at 16° of Capricorn, opposed this Mercury, and will be for a few years; this town has some deep healing to do.

Neptune is now sitting within a degree of Orlando’s Eris. Neptune and Saturn form an exact square this week, Neptune dissolves the boundaries and restrictions, this is a complicated aspect but one thing can produce is a lowering of restraints and restrictions and impulse control. Mars retrograde in Scorpio has been stirring the depth of our psycheMay28-June30. Most of us will barely notice, or feel a resurgence of old concerns, fears or obsessions, and may find that we can concentrate once we get hooked into something we really love. But those huge unconscious, untamed crocodiles that swim around some people psyches are now activated, and with less restraints.

Most of us have not had to live through recent disasters in Orlando and other places around the globe, but can feel them resonating through the sub-ether; our boundaries are thinner than usual and we feel what the world you as Saturn squares Neptune in Pisces.

Recently the Sun and Venus conjunct in talkative Gemini, adding extra emotional charge to all we do but also helping us talk it out, and share support. This conjunction reminds us that the cure for strife can be found in love, love, mutual support, communication, empathy, and action that supports these.

Each astrological sign is the cure to the excess of the one before, the counterpoint. This week we leave the buzzy, busy, verbal activity of Gemini, and drop into our heart and our gut as Venus and the Sun enter Cancer, sign of family, homeland, nurturance and protection, and summer officially begins.

On this lightest week with longest days and shortest nights may the Sun illuminate our hearts and help us know ourselves better. Venus will begin to show up as an evening star just after some, dropped into Cancer, the leader of the waters. Even though we are experiencing these large-scale challenging aspects, this Venus-Sun conjunction can continue to inspire sweet moments, and radical acts of kindness. Though it will tend to keep us extra emotional, keep our empathy raw, keep our tears and laughter close to the surface.

And so begins picnic season. It’s time to work through some family karma; whether we’re home for the summer, on a family vacation, or growing our chosen family of the heart, all those layered family dynamics start ripening to be harvested.

All emotions swell and flow like tides. And like the crab, Cancer’s symbol, we can both swim through this ocean of emotion, but also develop claws and a shell to protect ourselves when we’re feeling particularly soft and squishy. We can nurture instead ourselves instead of defend. Countries tend to get more territorial, more guarded about the boundary boundaries and nationalistic. And so do people.

We may work to do on some important issues concerning security, structure, and our personal authority as this Cancerian need for security is underlined while structural Saturn squares Neptune. We may need to reevaluate a teacher or training we’ve received, not to throw it away but to assess the material for ourselves.

But first this Friday begins with the Gemini buzz, as Mercury the Sun and Venus are still there, but a broody, independent Moon-Mars conjunction in Scorpio can make us feel or say difficult things. Our inner world is strongly with us and our filters may be off. We can expect some outrageous comments in the headlines. Over the weekend the Moon waxes into outgoing, outspoken Sagittarius for weekend where it pays to travel, to get outside, and to remember that were an international citizen.

Notice a mental fogginess this weekend, we may just want to forget a tough week, but let’s be careful. Mental Mercury in Gemini squares Neptune early next week, and can leave us foggy, floating, spiritually connected or loaded with misperceptions. And of course it’s hard for us to tell which one we are. Neptune loves to keep us in confusion, and asks us to sense our way with kindness and delicacy. This aspect is lovely if we can soak in a tub or float in a pool. But we have to watch for the deleterious effects of alcohol, floods, and odd storms.

If we want to celebrate lightheartedness of the summer, let’s do so on Sunday under the waxing Sagittarius Moon. Monday is an unusually full astrological day, the Moon is full first thing in the morning and then enters more serious and industrious Capricorn. The Sun enters Cancer, the moment of summer solstice, at 4:34 PM MDT, a good time for more formal or personal ceremony. It may be a tricky day to get work done through some swirling crosscurrents. The energy picks up midweek and brings our work into focus, asks us to finalize some project or give form to our imagination as Mercury opposes Saturn and squares Neptune. The week finishes on a more altruistic and global perspective as the Moon enters communal Aquarius and Mercury squares expansive Jupiter.

Friday, June 17: The mood will be talkative on the surface, brooding in the depths. Don’t take people’s unwillingness to go deep to personally, there’s a lot stirring in our subconscious and on the waves of our emotions as the Scorpio Moon conjuncts Mars and Venus enters Cancer; we may need some privacy in our inner worlds. Focus and finish contacts; we need to follow through on what we said we’d do or people will get edgy. Avoid contentious topics unless you really want to go there, lightweight arguments can get serious quickly. Consider, but do not decide upon, issues of security, structure and personal authority. We want to slough off that tension and connect tonight as the Moon enters more upbeat Sagittarius.

Moon conjuncts Mars 7:52 AM, Moon trines Chiron 10:02 AM, Venus enters Cancer 1:38 PM, Moon enter Sagittarius 7:33 PM, Saturn squares Neptune 9:28 PM.

Saturday, June 18: Scattered and wandering energy permeates the day, we can’t do everything we want at the same time, and may feel overbooked and indecisive, but can enjoy as much variety in a day as we can pack in while the Sagittarius Moon opposes Mercury. It will be hard to stay put, stay inside, and stay focused, but anything else can help us heal and explore. Some people may feel unusually outspoken; don’t be insulted by their frankness, just be amused. A tired or more formal edge around dinner time can relax as the evening progresses.

Moon opposed Mercury 12:48 PM, Moon conjunct Saturn 7:06 PM, Moon square Neptune7:13 PM.

Sunday, June 19: It’s a generally upbeat Father’s Day, day of the Sun, a great day to prepare for tomorrow’s summer solstice. The nervy, talkative, outspoken, potentially upbeat Gemini-Sagittarius full Moon, exact tomorrow morning, can eases social banter, but it also gives voice to the deeper concerns. Under a teasing and curious note, we may have a chance to talk over important decisions or discuss issues that have been weighing heavily on her mind. Just make sure to be free with affection in the process.

Moon square Jupiter 2:15 AM, Moon trine Uranus 6:10 PM, Moon square Chiron 8:46 PM.

Monday, June 20: A day to wake up, get conscious, and put work behind it. This longest day of the year can illuminate our mind and soul as well as our world. A Full Moon in Sagittarius at 5:02 AM MDT highlights where we want to travel in mind body and spirit, and where we want to run away. Mercury engages a complicated T-square with Saturn and Neptune as the Sun enters Cancer. We need to finish and start, make decisions and clear up misunderstandings; become more conscious of what’s truly going on with us. This is an astrological he busy day, let this energy stand strong behind all we do, and let’s do things that improve our situation at home and around the globe.

Moon opposed Sun 5:02 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 5:54 AM, Mercury opposed Saturn8:55 AM, Mercury square Neptune 11:11 AM, Moon opposed Venus 12:51 PM, Sun enters Cancer 4:34 PM.

Tuesday, June 21: A new seriousness pulls our energy inwards and asks us to deal with problems and projects we’ve been postponing. The Capricorn Moon encourages efforts this morning at the trines Jupiter then asks us to face our discouragement and work through it this afternoon as the Moon conjuncts Pluto. Watch control issues arise when we realize the work we need to do.

Moon sextile Neptune 4:41 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 11:58 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 1:16 PM.

Wednesday, June 22: We can still feel a grim edge this morning, but this focus can help us follow through on our work and help us be responsible. Just don’t fall for the note of discouragement hovering; instead, stay on target. We can relax and grow more collaborative, less controlling this afternoon as the Moon enters collective Aquarius and Mercury squares Jupiter. Look for a hopeful opening, and pursue it.

Moon sextile Mars 2:03 AM, Moon square Jupiter 2:57 AM, Moon sextile Chiron 5:20 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 2:08 PM, Mercury square Jupiter 4:58 PM.

Thursday, June 23: Engage meetings, whether spontaneous or planned; we’ll find strength and efficiency in numbers. Bring in the allies, forgive minor differences, and work together as the Aquarius Moon trines Mercury. Check in with one another, with friends and community organizations, make sure everyone is doing okay, and knows that support is near.

Moon sextile Saturn 11:28 AM, Moon trine Mercury 11:48 PM.

All times are MDT.

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Starcodes Horoscopes for June 3 – 9, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

We can look forward to a talkative, sociable new Moon in Gemini this weekend, when the Sun and Moon conjunct Venus and begin a new cycle of connections and communication. It’s time to multitask and juggle, connect, make new acquaintances, take a short trip, or do anything but stay home and be bored.

The Gemini energy is curious, informative, even gossipy. We can be unusually intuitive and aware of interpersonal dynamics and what’s going on around us, but our antennae can be hyper-attuned, and our thought process so busily keeping the mental hamster wheel spinning, that we can end up feeling drained unless we take the time to rest and reconnect with our source.

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It is a great week to celebrate diversity in all its forms. That Sun/Moon/Venus conjunction in mutable Gemini is part of a grand square, as those three planets together oppose Saturn and square both Neptune and Jupiter as the weekend begins. Just imagine, six luminaries and planets involved in one aspect, pulling us in four different directions.

Yes, this loans us great versatility, but balancing these curiosities and demands can feel like hard work. Other people’s personalities pull us in different directions, our needs can collide. It’s a great weekend for local travel, exploration, multitasking, and learning how to synthesize bits of information. But focus or good night sleep may be hard to find.

With this grand square, Venus is in the crosshairs and Mars now in Scorpio won’t let us forget personal wrongs. Even though we may be pulled in many directions, our basic relationships still need us to put them first and be mature about how we care for one another. No matter how busy we get we need to nurture, not test, our dearest relationships. Even when we don’t feel particularly warmhearted, or if we feel passionately distracted, we still need to do the right thing by one another.

We may be versatile, but still opinionated this week. Jupiter and Saturn are the sociable planets, they describe the tensions our society, our daily politics. As Venus sets off both Jupiter and Saturn it can make us unusually emotional about our political differences, and usually attached to what we think needs to happen next. Gemini medicine can help us just keep talking so we can search for answers rather than entrench in our position.

We can feel more guarded in our heart both warmhearted and self-protective, nurturing new ideas but wary of other people’s motives as the week begins. Early in the week some event strikes the chord of the major issues of our times and reminds us to stay in tune with the ongoing issues bigger picture as well as our personal life as the private Cancer Moon opposes Pluto and squares Uranus.

Later in the week our summer-time extraversion is encouraged by an outgoing Leo Moon. But we may get some tricky lessons around how we communicate, how we listen, and the long-term consequences of what we say. We have the potential to speak to the heart of the matter and heal with fresh honesty as Mercury opposes Mars but sextiles the healing asteroid Chiron. Though we could waste that potential by getting into a bombastic argument. Even as we find a new way to make our point, we need to listen, and listen again.

With this sharp edged Mercury/Mars aspects, we may be called on to make and decision or perform surgery. Mars retrograde in Scorpio sharpens our implements and our rhetoric. If we start getting really hard on others, we will start getting hard on ourselves; let’s check our motivation if we’re feeling harsh, watch a tendency to jettison or walk away when what we really want is safety and inclusion. We need to keep a warm, compassionate light in our heart.

Friday, June 3: It’s a good day to work, but we may have difficulty controlling what happens. Don’t expect things to be smooth and easy. Tackle a challenge and learn from the experience as the Sun and Venus opposed Saturn. Although we may notice obstacles and limitations, or things may be harder than we expected, we can learn and grow from the experience, and gain confidence rather than be so feel insecure in response. We may need to make tough decisions, be the grown up, and grow our personal authority thereby. Do not test relationship, stay connected nurture affection instead; the busier that we are the more stress we are the more we need this. An interesting conversation about options picks up tonight.

Moon trine Pluto 12:11 AM, Sun opposed Saturn 12:37 AM, Moon opposed Mercury 4:07 AM, Moon opposed Mars 5:02 PM, Venus opposed Saturn 6:46 PM, Moon enters Gemini9:01 PM.

Saturday, June 4: The mood is nervy, but the answer is probably yes. An optimistic, high strong, nervy, curious exploratory day with auspicious chances for fresh connections as on the new Moon in Gemini and as the Sun and Venus square Jupiter and conjunct the Moon. trouble can come if a fresh optimism leads to overconfidence, and skip necessary steps toward drop our filter and say too much. Share ideas, network, keep talking, but may but in the process be grounded and in the body be aware of what is going on in the physical realm. New Moon in Gemini at 8:59 PM, conjunct Venus.

Sun square Jupiter for 50 7 AM, Moon square Neptune 4:21 PM, Moon opposed Saturn5:55 PM, Venus square Jupiter 6:48 PM, Moon square Jupiter 8:01 PM, Moon conjunct Venus 8:08 PM, Moon conjunct Sun 8:59 PM.

Sunday, June 5: Start a new conversation on this fresh New Gemini Moon, take a fresh perspective. Forget trying to concentrate, this is an easily-interrupted multitasking day, just don’t get spread too thin, and pay attention to the essentials, don’t get distracted while driving. Nerve energy is running strong, so watch a tendency to worry just because the nerviness needs a place to go. Give the mind something to chew on and give the nosy neighbor something to talk about, so they all stay out of trouble. We drop out of our head into our heart and our hungers tonight as the Moon enters Cancer.

Moon sextile Uranus 10:47 AM, Moon enters Cancer 9:41 PM.

Monday, June 6: The Sun conjuncts Venus and starts a new Venusian and cycle of creativity and caring. So what do we care about? How can we add beauty to our thoughts, our relationships, to our understanding of the world? Venus wants to know. Our feelings may be a little insecure and touchy, a little guarded because they are so soft within. We pick up on each other but can project our imagination (whether joys or concerns) into what we perceive and let our illusions distort our otherwise sensitive perceptions as the Cancer Moon trines Neptune. Let’s be altruistic, let’s be optimistic, but also know that we may not be all that realistic today.

Sun conjunct Venus 3:49 PM, Moon trine Neptune 5:46 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 9:53 PM.

Tuesday, June 7: This can be a tough morning, or a good morning to get at our tougher ongoing issues as the Moon opposes Pluto and squares Uranus and reminds us of our long-term work, our deepest healing goals; this lets us know where we still hurt. Afternoon brings us more to the present, so it may also bring more superficial but quite manageable problems that are satisfying to deal with as the Moon sextiles Mercury and trines Mars. Gentle reassurance is needed; if somebody’s defenses spark, stand back but send them love from a distance.

Moon opposed Pluto 2:05 AM, Moon square Uranus 1:19 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 1:44 PM, Moon trine Chiron 4:09 PM, Moon trine Mars 6:17 PM.

Wednesday, June 8: A lovely if bombastic Leo Moon trines Saturn and brings us to generally cheerful competence. But there is an ongoing, underlying theme concerning the effect of words. Whether political rhetoric intimate conversation, if the effects of arrogant or insensitive words said in the past now come home to roost, we need to not pour oil on the fire, instead take responsibility and repair the damage with honesty and compassion over the next two days as Mercury sextiles Chiron and opposes Mars. Pay extra attention when working with sharp objects and sharp tempers.

Moon enters Leo at 12:47 AM, Mercury sextiles Chiron 7:55 PM, Moon trine Saturn 11:30 PM.

Thursday, June 9: Meditate this morning, it will help with needed balance and grounding, because cutting words and implements can trip us up as Mercury opposes Mars. Good decisions can be made quickly but impulsive reactions, rushing, mechanical and emotional irritations can be a problem. Afternoon brings more support and camaraderie, though our irritation can pick up again tonight as the Moon squares both Mercury and Mars. Excise what needs to be excised, but do not make unnecessary moves while feeling impulsive. When in doubt, shut the mouth and take a walk.

11 AM, Moon sextile Sun 11:40 AM, Moon sextile Venus 1:14 PM, Moon trine Uranus 7:33 PM, Moon square Mars 11:37 PM.

( all times are MDT)

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Starcodes horoscopes for May 29 – June 4, 2015

by Heather Roan Robbins

Strange feeling swirl. Our efforts at communication can be both magical and way off base. Wild weather challenges transportation in many parts of the country. Our minds drift to our strangest hopes and fears or wander into moments of irritability and forgetfulness. Plagues of rabid bats roam the land. Well, not that last one; we can’t blame everything on Mercury retrograde, even if it is in its own nervy sign of Gemini, conjunct Mars and the Sun, and all square confusing, soggy Neptune, a pattern which can make this retrograde cycle (May 20-June 13) feel even more retrograde than usual.

What a wonderful time to write fiction, if we can tell fiction from reality, though reality itself might be plenty strange. Or we may just drift and putter. We can get lost in a bog of memories or chew on them for more understanding or just for the emotional high of intense feelings. But the theories we develop now about what actually happened can be layered with our own projection or self-doubt. Let memories surface, and let them flow away; our understanding of them will probably be distorted and our desire to hold onto them may really speak of a need for a break from the present. By the end of the week we have an opportunity to turn a corner towards the future.

This lineup (Mercury retrograde conjunct Mars and the Sun, all square Neptune) does call for some time out, time to work on project we love, time to read a book that takes us far away, or meander through the woods from the joy of our heart. Though it’s probably not a good idea to tune out and step off the grid completely. We can think erratically and speak sharply, and may need to stay involved enough to modify specious decisions being made in the body politic or at the family dinner table. Let’s be direct and honest, keep to the point, but avoid sweeping statements (we will regret them) and consider the consequences of our words.

We need this time out, but we need also to not drop the ball on important plans that are unfolding for the rest of the summer. So let’s see if we can take a few days here and there, a few hours every day to dwell in those other realms between the worlds, renew, revive, heal, and imagine. And also bring our attention every day to the details that need follow through to manifest the great plans unfolding later the summer.

Long longer trips may actually go more smoothly, especially trips back home, but local transportation can get snarled easily, keep an eye on weather and construction paths this Mercury retrograde. Electronic communication can have its quirks and force us to upgrade, but what looks like a problem at the beginning could bring a real improvement.

We may waft slowly through Friday in a hazy or confused mood as Mercury squares Neptune. The Moon then enters Scorpio for the weekend as the Sun squares Neptune and keeps us deep in our inner world. We can tap into deep pools of feeling, combine Gemini expressiveness and Scorpio’s ability to drill deep, and feel wafting existential loneliness underneath socially fluid Gemini. The combination can produce great music and empowered artwork, because we long to find soul expression.

We can have funny conversations about terribly dark and deep things, find unusual ways of helping one another, but may go back and forth between needing to be with people, and needing to be alone. Let’s make sure all of our needs are met. This energy can also be highly flirtatious and intense, with old loves and one night stands recycling; just don’t make the same mistake twice.

Next week brings a full Moon in Sagittarius rife with possibilities and nervous energy, and possible grand snafus along the way. It first sets off a grand a T-square in the morning (as it opposes the Sun, Merc, Mars combo and squares Neptune) then a grand trine the evening (when it trines Jupiter and Uranus). This full Moon in Sagittarius can restlessly dislodge us from old ruts, it asks us where we want to go and can opens up opportunities to get there. It can mark a turning point away from some sadness or failure in the past, where it may have been hard to see our options, and now offers glimpses of fresh roads opening up. We can use this full Moon to let go of an old obsession, habit, or relationship that has been draining our hearts and begin the search for more fertile fields.

Be kind to nerves and nervy people. Because of the cross-currents involved on this full Moon, we can feel scattered or pulled in many directions, feel one of every possible emotion, or feel confused as we stand at some interior crossroads. It’s a good time to support empaths and people whose psyches are frayed. On a practical level we may see crossed wires or crossed signals, arguments around education and foreign-policy, and water damage to transportation; all these bring an opportunity to take a deep breath and open our minds and hearts a little wider, and work a way around the problem.

The week ends on a more competent Capricorn Moon that might get a little cranky but can help us refocus our efforts.

Friday, May 29: Soggy conditions, overstimulated imagination, fuzzy thinking; our mind and heart can feel bogged down as Mercury squares Neptune this morning. The Moon in friendly Libra encourages us to socialize and connect, but we may just be a little irritable around the edges. Watch out for accidents and change of plans this morning, just stay aware as the Moon opposes Uranus. Kindness helps around awkwardness or relationship wobbles midafternoon as the Moon squares Venus, though our intentions will probably be good. Afternoon, if we can quit work early let’s do it’s not a focused organize time; social conversation might more productive than trying to keep our nose to the grindstone. Just watch the commentary as feelings can get hurt when we think we’re just being witty.

Mercury square Neptune 1 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 6:17 AM, Moon square Venus to20 p.m. then Moon VOC

Saturday, May 30: Dark and light, deep and shallow, this day runs with extremes as the Moon enters focused and intense Scorpio while the Sun conjuncts Mercury in nervy Gemini. Feel the need to communicate but at the same time a deep need for privacy. Share where people are open, and respect “do not enter” signs. Come together for a cause or purpose; our short-term concentration is strong, we do well with a sense of purpose. Evening brings an opportunity to dream as the Moon trines Neptune. Notice what’s going on underneath the words.

Moon enters Scorpio 3:33 AM, Sun conjunct’s Mercury 10:55 AM-8° Gemini, Moon trine Neptune 10:30 PM,

Sunday, May 31: Lots of strong emotions but very little clarity this morning as the Sun squares Neptune. Let it be a meditation. Feel for that deep connection with spirit, the doors will be unusually open and the rest of life could be too confusing. Watch out for problems with liquids, water, things that flow. Take a flood seriously, and don’t be surprised by a flood of tears or laughter. A generous streak helps midday moves into healing opportunity tonight.

Sun square Neptune 7:07 AM, Moon square Jupiter 11:30 AM, Moon trine Chiron 8:26 PM,

Monday, June 1: Morning is a little slow and preoccupied, our thoughts still linger over personal emotional concerns of the weekend but we can find room to be compassionate with one another as the Moon trines Venus. Just watch for people’s prickly defenses, honor their personal space and rhythm. The momentum picks up this afternoon as the Moon enters more upbeat Sagittarius but circles back to serious plans, vows, and thoughtful moments as the Moon conjunct Saturn.

Moon trine Venus 5:01 AM, then Moon VOC, Moon enters Sagittarius 12:39 PM, Moon conjunct Saturn 4:20 PM.

Tuesday, June 2: It was the worst of days; it was the best of days. The Sagittarius Moon forms a confusing, nervous making, intriguing and mysterious T-square as it opposes Mercury, Sun and Mars all now in Gemini (from 8 to 12°) and all of these square Neptune (at 9° Pisces). At the best of this we can feel at one with the whole world. At the worst we can feel scattered and at odds with the whole world, or at least a little fried along the way. Unusual honesty is available and so are misunderstandings perpetuated in the name of honesty. When in doubt, it may help to be quiet, and listen with the intuitive nature instead of the very busy mind. At its peak midday we can feel pulled in many directions, but some of those pulls could be through unexpected opportunities. Choose to turn down a healthier road to more fertile territory. Tonight the energy shifts out of the uncomfortable T-square into a an easier, more exciting grand trine; the energy still buzzes but can bring a more lighthearted or optimistic direction.

Moon opposed Mercury to 20 7 AM, Moon square Neptune 6:37 AM, Moon 18° Sagittarius opposes Sun 18° Gemini at 10:18 AM, Moon opposed Mars 4:30 PM, Moon trine Jupiter7:31 PM, Moon trine Uranus 11:58 PM

Wednesday, June 3: Conversation is scattershot, everybody can be a little ADD, but let’s honor the urge to contact or communicate and build on common ideas and interests. When we work together we become more mobile and resilient through some interesting glitches. Afternoon is more disjointed; it may take a lot of attention to follow through on our work. Expect an urge to escape the countryside and let human concerns float away until evening when the Moon enters Capricorn and sharpens our focus but can bring in a dour edge.

Moon square Chiron 3:28 AM, Moon quintile Neptune 2:56 PM then VOC, moon enters Capricorn 6:50 PM

Thursday, June 3: It’s a good day for practical meetings with the purpose. We can get people to work together for specific issues, but it may take extra work and planning. We have to balance the need to plan and track carefully, with a need to relax and accept the fact that we’re not completely in control and things just won’t flow like we hoped. What seems natural may be blocked, and we have to hack a solution or work around the obstacles. Tonight brings a layer of emotional depth, and an opportunity to invalidate or validate our relationships, with the natural outcomes ensuing. Proceed thoughtfully.

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