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Starcodes horoscopes for August 25 – 31, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

 Look for some interesting developments this active, if delay-filled week. While we are waiting for this fall’s work to pick up after Labor Day weekend when Mercury turns direct, let’s practice retrospective competence and deal with work that should have been dealt with a long time ago. We have extra stamina available to us this week as physical Mars sextiles electrical Uranus, but while Sun and retrograde Mercury work through competent, industrious, if easily-worried Virgo, that energy can easily turn into anxiety unless we are tackling something important
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Otherwise this buzzy energy can keep us up at night, or bug our digestive system when we’re trying to relax. We’ll feel this drive most over the weekend and at the end of the week, but summer is not over, and Monday through Thursdaybrings a real hunger for the last days of summer.
We get a mildly- pleasant political aspect this week, one that does not force cooperation, but can grease the wheels where we provide the roadway. So we may see some interesting collaboration from both sides of the aisle as odd allies work together to solve a problem or handle a crisis as conservative Saturn sextiles expansive Jupiter. As Saturn turns direct on Friday we may see a change in political positions, a reversal of rules or organizational structure.
Through the weekend let’s not waste time second-guessing old decisions, we have to accept that what’s past is past. We may need to repair some old convolutions, but can only take action in the present. Some project that we began last winter, but had to be put on hold in early April when Saturn turned retrograde, now becomes viable again as Saturn turns direct. Because Mercury is retrograde through September 5, it’s hard to get new projects off the ground, but we can review, repair, and catch up. We can’t change the fact that the Civil War occurred, but we can choose not to celebrate it, even accidentally, now and in the future.
The Moon enters Scorpio on Saturday as the Sun conjunct Mercury and some old situations can erupt or old emotions overflow. It furthers to have a good project to focus on the process upon this weekend, and ask what needs digging, researching, or reconfiguring.
This week is not all about work though. Venus enters Leo Friday and bring a more upbeat, celebratory and exploratory end of the summer, but can also leave us needing more attention in relationships and getting easily miffed if we feel unappreciated. The Sagittarius Moon early next week calls for some last-minute trips and asks us to dive into the natural world and feel connected before the fall. It’s important to talk about the philosophy behind what we do, to get people on the same theoretical page before we launch into action. Long walks and talks prepare us for the work ahead.
The week ends under industrious Capricorn Moon and as Mercury backs into Leo, an interesting mix message. All the ego issues of Midsummer return as Mercury retrogrades back into Leo, our stories become important, political blustering returns and some strange maneuvering are manipulation. But it is a good time to tell our stories to one another and listen to good use of this energy is to tell our stories to when another and listen with a whole heart.
Friday, August 25: The Moon conjuncts Jupiter early in the morning, but will be visible in the early evening sky, a monthly moment of opening, freedom, release letting go. Though sometimes freedom is nothing more than nothing left to lose. Enjoy a generally friendly social milieu as the Libra Moon conjuncts Jupiter, it helps us handle a more profound questioning of structure, authority and security as Saturn turns direct. Midafternoon take advantage of easy moments to make progress. Tonight we may want more excitement and a break in routine as the Moon opposes Uranus while Venus enters Leo. Our extroverted side needs to romp. Emotional relationships can get exciting if we feed them with attention, and tense if we don’t.
Moon square Pluto 2:31 AM, Saturn turns direct 6:08 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 9:30 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 10:07 AM, Moon sextiles Mars 2:05 PM, Venus enters Leo 10:29 PM, Moon opposes Uranus 11:39 PM.
Saturday, August 26: Now our introverted aspect needs time within, time focusing our own project as the Moon enters Scorpio. Mercury conjuncts the Sun which can give power to our words and our need to communicate, but also can just blow out our rational thinking and leave us tapped into our feelings in a way that we may not feel comfortable expressing. The mood is remarkably stubborn if open-minded. If the critical litany begins towards oneself or others, redirect; use that analytical capacity for good not ill. Tonight, keep plans loose and listen within, our souls and bodies have strong opinions about what they do and do not want.
Moon enters Scorpio 2:52 AM, Moon squares Venus 3:20 AM, Moon sex tiles the Sun 9:47 AM one sex tiles Mercury10:28 AM, Sun conjunct’s Mercury 2:42 PM.
Sunday, August 27: Timeshare between time alone and time in the fray; the Scorpio Moon still calls us within while the world calls us to engage. Look for good ideas, good projects to share, ways of collaborating that hadn’t occurred before as Jupiter sextile Saturn.
Moon trine Neptune 4:15 AM, Jupiter sextile Saturn 6:15 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 12:08 PM.
Monday, August 28: Let people go their own way this cranky morning, then watch them come out of their shells around noon as the Moon enters exploratory Sagittarius. Give into the desire to play hooky. If we feel a sudden urge to be brutally honest, let’s add kindness and share the whole picture as Mercury squares the Moon around dinnertime.  Our hearts warm tonight as the Moon trines Venus and we want to be loved.
Moon square Mars 3:37 AM, Moon trine Chiron 8:49 AM, Moon enters Sagittarius 1:47 PM, Moon square Mercury 5:41 PM, Moon trine Venus 8:48 PM.
Tuesday, August 29: The natural world beckons to our curiosity. Notice funny camaraderie with stubborn streak, reel in a tendency to overdo overspend as the Sun challenges Jupiter. If we need something from a person, we’d best show how it frees them, or feel their heels dig in as the Sun semi-squares Jupiter.
Moon square Sun 2:12 AM, Sun semi-square Jupiter 12:10 PM, Moon square Neptune 3:59 PM.
Wednesday, August 30We can auspiciously build momentum, but it will take consciousness to build in a good direction as the Sagittarius Moon forms an impatient, energized grand trine with Mars and Uranus. We can also get wound up and shoot off without preparing for the consequences. Let’s engage our enthusiasm but keep expectations reasonable, and make sure we see the whole picture first.
Moon conjunct Saturn 8:31 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 9:38 AM, Moon trine Mars 7:27 PM, Moon trine Uranus 10:42 PM.
Thursday, August 31 A pragmatic Capricorn Moon brings us back to earth and stirs the coals of our ambition while Mercury slips back into Leo and we can feel are return of recent ego issues and an intractable inability to see things from another’s perspective. To make progress, take turns and listen to one another’s story; it may feel inefficient at first, but opens pathways.
Moon enters Capricorn 2:18 AM, Moon trine Mercury 2:39 AM, Mercury enters Leo 9:27 AM, Moon trine Sun 8:06 PM.
All times are MDT.

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Starcodes horoscopes for July 28 – August 3, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

The gift of Leo is to know “I am the center of the universe, and so are you “. The shadow of Leo tells us “I am the center of the universe, and you are not” With the Sun and Mars now conjunct in Leo it helps to look at the lion for advice. the lion encourages us to bask lazily in the sunshine and generously share tidbits with our family and beloveds. But when we get excited, that lionlike energy encourages us to think fast and launch into action with verve and panache. Creative events can shine with unusual leonine electricity, but this same dramatic grandeur can fuel a forest fire or power international incident, and leave us scorched.

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The weekend begins under an amiable Libra Moon conjunct Jupiter, we can use the open heartedness of this conjunction to help us connect and organize, or just have fun at a county fair. The Libra Moon encourages friendliness, but can also leave most of us conflict-avoidant, just while that sun-Mars conjunction feeds those of a naturally bombastic nature. Deal with that attitude directly rather than let them create a manipulative scene with emotional or political blackmail.

The Moon enters contrary Scorpio Saturday night through Monday and we may get twitchy unless we get time alone or to concentrate on our own projects. We may need to reach into our most eccentric social graces to get through a tricky interpersonal patch set off by a clash of needs or as some old issue dances on our scars as Venus sex tiles Uranus and squares Chiron.

Our feelings may deepen, and grow more self-protective after Venus enters Cancer on MondayTuesday throughThursday that Sagittarius Moon may leave us impatient with paperwork or routine, and encourages us to get outside and revel in the summer’s wild. Things heat up, and we may have to deal with fire hazards or watch some interplay catch fire when people speak their undiplomatic truth. But in most of our relationships, we can appeal to an honest easy camaraderie that helps us work together.

At some point this week, a long-term change we’ve been working towards, may be put on hold or slow down to be reviewed and refined as Uranus retrogrades, but do not give up hope. This is a blip; get back in there and do the work to make the plan more robust and refined, and press forward again early in 2018. Also, if electrical turbulence or unexpected events erupts, it will need a healthy and spontaneous response.

Friday, July 28: A bountiful moon-Jupiter conjunction can put us in an optimistic or generous mood this morning, or add overflowing abundance to any emotion. But the edges sharpen closer to dinner time, we can feel sensitive, and a bitter-sweetness, as the Moon squares Pluto; our minds can perseverate around a recent loss, or try to second-guess a recent decision. Work around minor disappointments, then look up to find that moon-Jupiter conjunction in the night sky and let it pour into the heart and restore gratitude.

Moon conjunct Jupiter 4:34 PM, Moon square Pluto 6:37 PM.

Saturday, July 29: The forecast is friendly and restless as the Moon opposes Uranus. It furthers to break routine and go exploring. If we have trouble deciding, it helps to take a step outside the box and explore fresh alternatives. The mood grows darker, cranky, willful, musky, and real as the Moon enters Scorpio tonight.

Moon sextile Saturn 2:26 AM, Moon trine Venus 2:24 PM, Moon opposed Uranus 3:29 PM, Moon enters Scorpio 6:22 PM.

Sunday, July 30: Feelings churn deeply underneath a pleasant surface. We can channel an otherwise uncomfortable focus into meditation or projects, or have the guts to process deep and difficult stuff to deal with impatient squalls of emotions. Stubborn pride can interfere with movement, but our heart is ready to shift as Venus squares Chiron and sextiles Uranus.

Venus square Chiron 1:45 AM, Venus sextile Uranus 2:03 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 3:20 AM, Moon square Mars 7:02 AM, Moon semi-square Saturn 7:31 AM, Moon square Venus 9:23 AM, Moon trine Neptune 9:29 PM.

Monday, July 31: Get organized and plan the week, catch up on old unfinished business now, as communication gets fuzzy in the weeks ahead. Put out fires, deal with emergencies or unexpected friction or change. But keep emotional demands on others light: we can sting if we feel pressed by unnecessary demands.

Moon sextile Pluto 5:10 AM, Venus enters cancer 8:53 AM.

Tuesday, August 1: Feel that desire to change scenes, travel, connect with people far away or in the wilds as the Moon enters spontaneous Sagittarius. We can be unconsciously calloused about another’s feelings in the name of honesty, but don’t take it personally. Speak up about what bothers, put in two cents on the world stage.

Moon trine Chiron 2:54 AM, Moon enters Sagittarius 6:01 AM, Moon square Mercury 7:59 PM, Moon trine Mars 10:29 PM.

Wednesday, August 2: Move the body, the mind of the furniture. Shift opinions. The energy can be can edge on the chaotic, as swirls ends and swirls and stops and starts, some changes be were counting on may need to be may need refinement before they proceed. Think surfing or redrafting, be as flexible and adaptable as possible while still holding on to short-term and long-term goals. Tonight, calls us to dynamic sanity, alive maturity as Uranus retrogrades and that Sagittarius Moon conjuncts Saturn after midnight.

Moon trine Sun 2:44 AM, Moon square Neptune 9:43 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 4:54 PM, Uranus retrograde 10:30 PM.

Thursday, August 3: Implement ideas and changes, Long-terms plans may be put on hold or otherwise deferred, but short -term changes need to be implemented now. Let’s follow through on what we’ve been thinking about or longing to do, but put off: life is too short. Evening, as the Moon enters Capricorn, we can take ourselves too seriously, but have access to competence if we choose to kick it into gear.

Moon conjunct Saturn 1:36 AM, Moon trine Uranus 3:38 PM, Moon enters Capricorn 6:36 PM.

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Starcodes horoscopes for May 12 – 18, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

Mother’s Day, that fertile Taurus holiday, is often loaded with complex layered feelings sprigged with lilac and daffodil, and this year is no exception. It may help to open the aperture around mothering, and support how we can mother ourselves, how we can honor the mother within, and the earth as the mother of all. It’s particularly important to find a way of honoring the archetype when we don’t have a mother to honor, or when that relationship is caught in the weeds.\

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The weekend starts with a competitive enthusiasm as Mars trines Jupiter under an upbeat Sagittarius moon. We can be unusually honest and say what we mean. Mercury is still conjunct Uranus in Aries which winds up our nerves and encourages us to say outrageous things. It can feel good to get on our high horse of righteousness and launch a crusade, but let’s direct this towards improving the world rather than each other. No crusades at home over brunch.

family traditions further, though it’s good to bring a note of levity and flowers. If waves of melancholy wash through sometime Sunday or Monday, honor the feelings but let them flow out on the receding tide.

Our nervous systems are running extra voltage these weeks, with Mercury near Uranus in fiery Aries and Venus and Mars both in extroverted signs. Too much energy is taking us out and about, so much is happening in a short period of time and needs juggling that it can be hard to truly relax long enough to rest to the profound level, and this can leave us feel overextended and tired unless we make that effort.

The mood grows more serious late Saturday and Sunday as the Moon enters Capricorn and conjuncts Pluto, formal or family traditions further, though it’s good to bring a note of levity and flowers. Let’s see if we can bring some joy and let go of a need to prove ourselves. And, if waves of sad emotions wash through sometimes Sunday or Monday, it furthers to honor the feelings but let go of the story and let the feelings flow out on the receding tide.

Early next week can be a strategically important time where we plan actions for the next few months. Connect with allies and see how mutual projects fit together as the Sun forms minor challenging aspects to Saturn, the planet of organization. If we grow anxious around what’s going to happen in the future, it can be relieved by planning and reviewing our range of possibilities. Bring out the maps and look for the bright spot.

We may have a patch of confusion or desire to escape from it all on midweek as Jupiter challenges Neptune. Our spiritual or personal ideals may feel challenged or we may be challenged to act in accordance with our ideals. Be cautious around any unusual craving for sweets, but do consider comfort foods or a soak in a hot spring. A little easy self-care can really help renew resilience for the work ahead.

Friday, May 12: A friendly if competitive day calls us to advocate for good causes, but pay attention to avoid unnecessary action accidents or tangential arguments midday. Debates abound. Compete for one’s personal best, or keep up sporting sense of humor about it all. Small decisions may be required this afternoon that end one path and allow us to proceed on another. Tonight, it furthers to dance and wander under the moonlight.

Moon trine Venus 3:40 AM, Mars trine Jupiter 4:18 PM., Moon square Neptune 3:08 PM, Moon opposed Mars 4:44 PM.

Saturday, May 13: A wandering if nervy morning can renew us if we escape from chores and do something spontaneous while the Moon trines unexpected Uranus. Though we may need to focus on responsibilities to home and family this afternoon, we can bring as much humor and joy to it as possible as the Moon conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius. Conversation over dinner can scintillate as the Moon trines Mercury, but grow grimmer later on as the Moon enters Capricorn.

Moon trine Uranus 3:45 PM, Moon conjunct Saturn 4:56 PM, Moon trine Mercury 8:14 PM, Moon enters Capricorn 11:37 PM.

Sunday, May 14: Sleep in this morning as Mercury semi-squares Neptune, the dream world stays close to us well into the morning. Breakfast in bed a beautiful thing. Though our communication can be a little off with one another and it’s easy to miss signals or feel a little at a sink with one another. A note of formal notice to Mother’s Day, traditions routines, practical giving someone in the practical gift of helpful support, take a moment with our memories or our unfulfilled longings. Yet we need to breathe useful creativity into this moment.

Mercury semi-square Neptune 4:36 PM,’s Moon square Venus 8:23 PM.

Monday, May 15: Follow through on plans initiated over the last few weeks as Mercury spends the last day in Aries. The mood can be uncomfortable, a push-pull, as our wills tug on one another in an existential discontent this afternoon as the Moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. Let’s avoid unnecessary conflict, celebrate diversity, and use this tension to work together in our different ways to move the ball forward.

Moon square Jupiter for 10 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 2:23 PM, Mercury enters Taurus 10:06 PM.

Tuesday, May 16: Our nervous system begins to slow down stop revving and build a steady or momentum as Mercury enters Taurus. We need to seduce with words, paint pictures rather than duel. A collaborative approach to logistical problems furthers as the Sun quincunx Saturn and the Moon enters Aquarius. Give people room to tell their stories, and they will be more cooperative.

Moon trine Sun 3:16 AM, Moon square Uranus 4:22 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 11:44 AM, Moon square Venus 12:54 PM, Sun quincunx Saturn 11:28 PM.

Wednesday, May 17: Our ideals can be challenged today, and so can our sense of reality. It would further to give ourselves some down time and drift away, but if we can’t, let’s be gentle on our souls but look at how we may be challenged to truly walk our talk. Hypocrisy gets exposed. Evening brings a fresh action and activism as the Moon Jupiter and Mars form a grand trine.

Jupiter quincunx Neptune 2:36 AM, Moon semi-square Saturn 10:24 AM, Moon sextile Venus 12:08 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 3:15 PM, Moon trine Mars 11:38 PM.

Thursday, May 18: Tie up loose ends and take care of ongoing work; persist as the planets form gently competent aspects today. It’s easy to square off around dinner time, so it won’t further to push, but debates may just be our way of our form of camaraderie. Our sensitivities increase tonight as the Moon enters Pisces, suddenly we may begin to catch up on unprocessed feelings. Keep the hankies handy.

Sun sextile Chiron 2:06 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 3:00 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 3:05 PM, Moon square Sun 6:32 PM, Moon enters Pisces 9:51 PM.

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Starcodes horoscopes for March 17 – 23, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

Spring begins with tender shoots and tough lightning bolts on March 20, at 5:28 am MDT. The Sun enters brash, forthright Aries, though we felt it coming earlier this year as Venus, Mars and Mercury preceded the Sun in to Aries and gave us a taste of the season to come. Tulips peek through last year’s leaves and loan us their bravery, tornadoes and march winds remind us that spring is as tumultuous as it is tender.

But this Friday we still feel the tired tag end of winter as the Sun in Pisces squares serious Saturn and calls us to task. Life’s responsibilities can chafe at us, papers and bills come due, chores demand attention. Insecurities can tap dance on our control issues and stimulate us to rebel, push ourselves, or to sulk, depending on our response. Instead of bucking authority it is good for us to claim our own.

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But the weekend opens up once we get our ducks in a row. An outgoing up-beat, and outspoken Sagittarius Moon shifts the mood and Mercury conjuncts Venus in Aries. We love to share our ideas and can bond over saying outrageous things, which can be perfect for St Patrick’s parades or to bring the snakes back. Let a desire for fresh news, fresh territory, and a clean garden inspire action. Just notice that people may, in their enthusiasm, not be particularly careful of each other’s tender feelings.

We begin the new week with a charge; the Sun enters proactive Aries on Monday as the Moon enters determined Capricorn, and the spring revolution kicks in, however we want to define it. Politics, both national and interpersonal, moves onto the front burner this week. The courage to begin again, no matter how tough the winder, is the medicine of spring, so the stars ask us where do we need to start over? We have access to the determination and ability to make a good start. Let’s ramp up and get as far as we can before Mercury retrogrades ion April 9th and sends us back to review.

The week ends under a more extroverted and sociable, if still political, Aquarius Moon. Mercury squares Pluto and inspires debates and tussles for power as we become aware of what is at risk, what we might lose. Rhetoric intensifies, and so do our thoughts: we can see things in black and white instead of a more honest shading. If a person feels cornered, they can become truly active and storm the bastille, or get depressed if it’s a smaller, more personal corner. But we can pour this intensity into anything we do. Any sign of progress will improve the mood.

Friday, March 17: prickly and emotional, people feel under pressure as responsibilities become due and can get grim. Let’s support one another’s work and stay out of the way when someone’s on a roll. An effort to crack down or impose disciple is a response to stress, but won’t be effective. Whereas organization furthers, and joy is checking things of the list. This evening people can relax and laugh about it all, but may get wild as the Moon enters Sagittarius.

Sun square Saturn 3:47 PM, Moon trine son 3:56 PM, Moon enters Sagittarius 8:59 PM.

Saturday, March 18: Mercury conjuncts Venus today and we can be glib, flirtatious; notice a whiff of spring fever in the air. But also we can go deeper and become impassioned and charismatic. What we won’t feel like is patient. Run into old friends, but don’t get caught up in old patterns, pick up an old oar projects and see it with fresh eyes, and talk about social justice, what is fair and beautiful, and what we are willing to do for this.

Mercury conjunct Venus 6:26 AM, Moon trine Venus 2:58 PM, Moon trine Mercury 5:05 PM, Moon square Neptune 9:56 PM.

Sunday, March 19: Today continues yesterday’s momentum, with a chance to expand our network this afternoon as the Moon sextiles Jupiter. Give people undemanding space through an irritated or over extended patch around dinner time, and look for positive changes this evening.

Moon sextile Jupiter 2:35 PM, Moon trine Uranus 7:32 PM.

Monday, March 20: Now we’re cooking. The Sun enters pro-active Aries on this the vernal equinox, the first day of spring and the Moon enters competent, controlling Capricorn, we have efficiency to follow through what we begin, if we can get the energetic elements together, otherwise we can rebel against ourselves, or try to control the uncontrollable, and loose our momentum in tension.

Sun enters Aries 4:28 AM, Moon conjunct’s Saturn 4:37 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 9:30 AM, Moon square Sun 9:58 AM.

Tuesday, March 21: Follow through what was just begun. Run through the momentum from yesterday and make it so this morning as the Moon trines Mars. Keep dogs and children busy, give cynics a job, as we can get in trouble if bored or unengaged.

Moon square Venus 12:32 AM, Moon trine Mars 1:42 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 10:16 AM, Moon square Mercury 4:19 PM, Moon conjunct Pluto 11:32 PM.

Wednesday, March 22: Look for some interesting karmic interactions may not make sense in the short term, but tweak our soul’s work as the Sun and Mercury aspects the Moon’s Nodes. Pay attention to political statements made this week and deeply consider the long-term ramifications. Tonight, the mood grows more cooperative if as stubborn; we may be able to perceive more options as the Moon enters Aquarius.

Moon square Jupiter 1:44 AM, Moon square Uranus 7:19 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 8:28 PM.

Thursday, March 23: Concerns crowd the horizon, but are we catastrophizing, or is there really something to worry about as Mercury squares Pluto. In this urgency, we may try to convince or manipulate others, but that will tend to backfire; look for the content under the fog, the fire underneath the smoke, and prioritize. Fixate constructively.

Moon sextile Sun 1:57 AM, Moon sex tiles Venus 8:06 AM, Moon square Mars 3:19 PM, Moon square Pluto 6:44 PM.

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