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Keys to Serenity: Creating a Strategy of Self-Care During Distressing Times

By Serge Mazerand

In a world of massive disruption and distraction, of obsessive connection to the internet and to our devices, ironically, we have come to lose the most important connection: the relationship with our essential self. In subtle and less subtle ways, this disconnect creates significant stress and anxiety that often lead to illness.

So, how do we reconnect?

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The key is awareness. It is also called mindfulness, consciousness, vigilance and often, more simply, paying attention. However, it is far more than that; it is a way of being. Awareness could be compared to an embedded antenna that allows us to effortlessly scan our inner and outer environment. Being a musician, I call it the art of listening to the subtle music that plays within.

Awareness is the first key, one that plays in synergy with all others and allows us to truly become the composers and conductors of our lives. The biggest challenge to awareness is that most of us live in “autopilot” mode, meaning that many of our thoughts, words and actions are created by our subconscious mind. We think one thing and say something else. We say one thing and, again, do something else entirely. Sound familiar? Thoughts, words and actions create subtle energies which, when not aligned, generate dissonance and therefore inner conflict.

Awareness allows us to produce coherence and to implement a convergent strategy of self-care throughout the four essential sections of our “orchestra”: the Physical, the Mental, the Emotional and the Spiritual. Self-care isn’t about being selfish or self-centered in a narcissistic way. It is about nurturing and empowering ourselves with self-love, self-respect and self-esteem. If we don’t love, respect, and care for ourselves, chances are we won’t be able to care for others either.

How does a strategy of self-care unfold in day-to-day life?

Physically, we become aware of the “information” we take in through food, drink and any other substances that we ingest (drugs, medications, etc.) Everything we absorb has a specific frequency that interconnects with the frequencies of our cells, creating either harmony or dissonance––hence the importance of carefully listening to our bodies. Thus, we become aware of our internal rhythms, of breathing deeply, of balance between movement and rest.

Mentally, we also learn to become mindful of the “information” we absorb: the junk news, the manipulative news, the false news, the trivial and the many ubiquitous distractions we are tempted with, every day. We learn to filter what comes into our mind, in turn creating clarity and coherence.

In the emotional section of our “orchestra”, we attune to the energy of our feelings. Ignoring them or repressing them creates subtle energy blockages that often lead to the onset of psychosomatic illnesses. Emotions are like waves in the ocean. They can smash us to pieces or carry us to bliss. Rather than suppress them, we need to express them, yet manage them by tapping into what is called the “heart intelligence.”

Lastly, in the spiritual section––the section of the heart and soul––we learn to assess the validity of our beliefs, many of which are acquired by conditioning. We become aware of who we are at the core and begin to live in authenticity. We learn to trust and believe in ourselves and to harness the inner powers that lie within us.

These four sections are all interconnected in holistic fashion. What happens in one affects the others. Our health and wellness and ultimately, our happiness, are shaped by how mindful we are in creating and implementing this strategy of self-care.

About the author:

Serge Mazerand is the author of 7 Keys to Serenity: Creating Harmony Within . He is an improvisational pianist and composer of healing music. He records and writes under the private label and brand, Keys to Serenity®.

Mazerand is available as an inspirational speaker and musician to set the tone at conferences and events that focus on health and wellness, spirituality and self-empowerment.

Learn more about Mazerand and 7 Keys to Serenity at www.keystoserenity.com and connect with him on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and Pinterest.

7 Keys to Serenity can be purchased from Amazon and www.keystoserenity.com.


A Loving Message From The Angels Serenity

By Charlene Brown

Sweet Children,

We, the angels named Serenity, are here at this time in your history to speak to you about the changes that are occurring upon your planet. But our message is somewhat different than the other information you are receiving at this time.

Our message is to alert you to the fact that this does not mean that changes have occurred in the sense you need to begin seeing things differently about your spiritual growth. No, surprisingly this “new” time in your history actually means that it is time for you to become more comfortable with who you really are, and begin to realize that these changes that have occurred do not mean there has been a “mixing up,” and people need to see their physical and spiritual worlds differently than before. But instead, that it has now become easier to achieve what all people on Earth are required to achieve, and that is to live as who they really are… their spiritual selves… while living in human form.

We are here to say yes, things have changed… and mercifully so…in the sense that because of the evolvement of your Earth… a natural occurrence that is on-going and never-ending because change and growth are always in place… does not mean the rules have changed for you, and that you must now discover how to live in this “new world” in order to do what your were meant to.

Sweet children, we are here to tell you that the path you are on has always been the same path, for God’s divine laws, or the universal spiritual truths, are the same as they always were, and that will always be the case.

See these “changes” that are being talked about as only evidence of the wonderful evolvement of your planet, and thus the people upon it. This can easily and simply be explained as, that while on this path you are all on as humans, in your school called Earth, you will have an easier time learning your lessons because the curriculum has been made easier. But not because of its content, but because the atmosphere, or learning environment is more accommodating to learning than in the past.

So because of the natural occurring growth of your planet, your growth has become more easily attained than in the past. See these “changes” that are such a dominant topic in spiritual circles today as no more than a gift, a helping hand, an accommodation to the learning that all must do while on Earth.

For Earth is a school and you are all students, and that is a basic divine truth that has always been the case, and always will be. So you are all here to learn lessons, some that you choose, and some that are required. But those that you personally choose for yourself are all related to the specific reason you are all here, and that is to learn how to love as God requires you to do. Everything revolves around love and how to achieve, or learn, the lesson of becoming the loving being as God defines it.

This kind of love is described as soul love for that is real, lasting love, and is what binds God’s children together as the spiritual brothers and sisters they really are, but lose perspective of when on Earth saddled with human ego.

We, Serenity’s messages are one of love and encouragement. And that will always be the case. Your world is a wonderful place and provides you with everything needed to live life as the exceptional beings you are. For your world has been created to complement you who are powerful, eternal spiritual beings with all the tools within you to create a beautiful life, and help others along their way within the environment of your Earth.

To live as your spiritual selves while on Earth is the “trick,” the challenge facing all people when they enter Earth from heaven on this particular journey. But the goal is always the same, and the goal posts never change no matter what particular time one is living on earth.

For God’s divine laws remain steadfastly the same no matter what else may change. And the divine law to love is the main requirement that all people must learn while in the human body, as the human ego plays out in their life.

And this is accomplished by “remembering” who they really are…spiritual beings who live forever… and tame the physical aspects of themselves by realizing that all that is finite, that that disappears upon physical death, is the trappings of the physical world and disappears, and is not what is taken into heaven when the Earth journey is completed. Thus, is what must be seen as physical, not lasting, and therefore not part of our infinite or spiritual selves.

And the human ego is one of the most destructive elements of the physical being, and something that is left behind upon death. Yet, it is the part of people that keeps them from living life as their spiritual selves while on Earth. So the lesson to be learned is how to live one’s life as a physical being, devoid of the ego. Thus, free to live as one’s spiritual self.

The way to get rid of one’s ego is to love. Love your neighbor as yourself. And don’t forget yourself! And how to get into that loving state is to be a positive person. See the world through rose colored glasses! Smile, laugh, sing, hug, and embrace your wonderful world knowing all is well! Commit yourself to making sure all others understand what you do. And in that way, you will have contributed love to your world, and left it a better place than when you arrived.

All is well sweet children, all is well!

We love you.

About the author:
After the devastating loss of a baby grandson, Charlene Brown asked heaven to use any means possible to communicate to her that the baby was safe and happy with the angels. The unexpected result of that request was the discovery that she could communicate with angels through automatic writing. Over time, they explained that she was speaking to a particular group of angels named Serenity, who are here at this time to teach love.