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Julius Lester, A Man With A Multifaceted Soul

by Rabbi Allen S. Maller

Julius Lester, an African-American scholar and political activist, whose conversion to Judaism in 1982 came as a shock to those who only remembered his involvement in a racially charged school strike in New York’s Ocean Hill-Brownsville neighborhood in 1968, died January 18, 2018 at age 79.

Lester was an award-winning author of 43 books and articles in The New York Times and the Village Voice. A faculty member at the University of Massachusetts since 1971, he taught courses in three departments – Judaic studies, English and history. In 1994, Lester’s novel about the civil rights movement, “And All Our Wounds Forgiven,” was nominated for a National Book Critics Circle Award.

The son of a minister, Lester was 7 when he learned that his maternal great-grandfather was a German Jewish immigrant named Adolph Altschul, who had married a freed slave named Maggie Carson. He described that as the beginning of a journey that led to his becoming a Jew by choice in 1982, at age 44.

He is a good example of a gilgul—a reincarnated Jewish soul that returns to the Jewish people.  A mystical 14th century Jewish Kabbalistic teaching found in Sefer HaPliyah, says that people who feel a powerful attraction to Jewish things and Jewish people, have Jewish souls that are reincarnations (gilgulim) of one of their own Jewish ancestors from 3-7 generations in the past.

Unlike Buddhism and Hinduism, Kabbalah does not teach that reincarnation (gilgul) occurs over the course of millions of years to millions of different sentient species.  Kabbalah says only the souls of self conscious moral creatures like human beings reincarnate; and they reincarnate only when they have not yet fulfilled the purpose of their creation.

Since Judaism is an optimistic religion, most Kabbalists teach that most people can accomplish their life’s purpose in one or two lifetimes. A few souls may take 3-5 lifetimes or more. The bright souls of great religious figures like Moses or Miriam can turn into dozens of sparks that can  reincarnate several times.

The tragic souls of Jews whose children have been cut off from the Jewish people, either through persecution or forced conversion to another religion, will reincarnate as one of their own no longer Jewish descendants. These descendant souls will seek to return to the Jewish people.

A majority of people who end up converting (or reverting) to Judaism and the Jewish people have Jewish souls from one of their own ancestors. Thus, the Jewish mystical tradition, claims that the souls of most converts to Judaism are the reincarnated souls of Jews in previous generations that were cut off from the Jewish people.

Through conversion to Judaism they are coming home. Sometimes these souls are descendants of Jews who were part of whole communities that were cut off, like the Marranos or European Jews in Eastern Europe during the Holocaust and then Communist oppression. Other times they are descendants of individual Jews who married out and did not raise their children as faithful Jews.

As Julius Lester wrote in a 2015 essay: “Who am I? There are not enough words to describe who am I, who any of us are, because we all carry within us traces of lives going back 10,000 years and more. What a shame that there are those who would reduce the wonder of being human to such a narrow and restrictive a concept as race.”

For 10 years he served as lay religious leader of Beth El Synagogue in St. Johnsbury, Vermont.

About the author:

Rabbi Maller’s web site is: www.rabbimaller.com. His new book ‘Judaism and Islam as Synergistic Monotheisms: A Reform Rabbi’s Reflections on the Profound Connectedness of Islam and Judaism’ (a collection of 31 articles by Rabbi Maller previously published by Islamic web sites) is now for sale ($15) on Amazon and Morebooks.


Proof of Reincarnation – A Game Changer For Westerners

by Brad O’Donnell

Eastern religions have always held that after death, we live other lives here on earth. Western Christianity has always maintained that we live only one life and then are eternally committed to heaven or hell based on god’s judgment of that single life…

UVA Medical School just completed a 50 year study of 2500 three year old children with verified past life recall that substantiates that Eastern religions were right, and we were wrong. See Dr. Jim B. Tucker’s book, Life Before Life, Children’s Memories of Previous Lives.

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Does this nullify Christianity? Absolutely not! It dispels the traditional literal fire and brimstone dogma and toward a more positive perspective of the faith. It inspires a spiritual transition from “God fearing,” to being a “God loving” Christian.

This narrative will show that departing from “literal” Christianity is not such a radical move, because if you’ve ever heard, original Christianity was only “a religion of love Christ came to announce to the world.” Historically, there was no brimstone threat in early Christianity for the first 300 years. Satan wasn’t terrorizing the faithful until the Romans formally added the specter in 325 AD.

This is a game changer for westerners, but like the UVA physicians said, “No reasonable person could ignore this evidence.”

Life After Death Empirical Evidence by University of Virginia Medical School, Feb. 2017;

Shifting Lines Between Science, Religion and Spirituality…

Highlights of a 50 year study of past life recall by 2500 young children. One case of 2500…

James Leininger was born in Louisiana 19 years ago to wonderful Christian parents.

At 1½ years he started waking up frequently, screaming, “ Airplane crash on fire, little man can’t get out.” During the day he crashed toy airplanes into a coffee table, riddling it with gashes.

When he was 2, he began telling that he flew a “Corsair” off a ship, was shot down by the Japanese and that that was how he died.

Since his parents didn’t believe in reincarnation, they took him for counseling.
The family had a book on Iwo Jima. James found it and identified a map of Iwo Jima and told them that was where he died. His father asked him if he flew off a ship. James said it was “Natoma” and that his best friend was “Jack Larson.”

James repeatedly drew pictures of crashing airplanes which he signed as “James III.”
A few years later, James’ dad took James to an Iwo Jima reunion. It was there that they learned that the aircraft carrier “Natoma Bay” was at the battle and that there was only one pilot casualty. His name was “James Huston Jr.”

UVA research corollated the following:

  • The fact that James Huston was a “Jr,” explained his signing his drawings “James III.”
  • The Natoma Bay Aircraft Carrier was engaged in the battle.
  • That James Huston had flown “Corsairs.”
  • That James Huston was shot down by the Japanese
  • That “Jack Larson” was actually another pilot on the Natoma Bay.

Could this two year old be hallucinating or randomly guessing this data? How many at this age, who can’t read and only know where their home and sandbox are, could identify Iwo Jima on a map, know what Corsairs were, ID another pilot as “Jack Larson,” that it was the Japanese who shot him down and being based on the “Natoma Bay” carrier?

A logical person knows that the statistical probability of this two year old guessing this data is virtually impossible… But then factoring in the other 2499 confirmed cases… it’s like the UVA panel said… “No reasonable person could ignore this evidence.” The university has now verified 2500 childrens’ cases as being accurate and credible. After the study, UVA Medical concluded that multiple life experiences are viable and legitimate. And hence, it follows that the age old question about the hope of Life After Death has finally been answered.

Consequently, after thousands of years of the bifurcated debate between science and religion, a third alternative cosmos has just been confirmed.

Let’s talk about it,

About the author:

Brad O’Donnell was one of five kids in a good family during the fifties in Richmond, Virginia. His father was a physician and a lay reader in an Episcopal church so Brad was pressed into service as an acolyte. He remembers the shock when he learned that the same Lamb of God from his Sunday school years would become a judgmental God who could condemn us all to eternal hell. He remained determined to find out why the church presented Christ as having a Jekyll and Hyde character. Still burning with curiosity after graduation from the University of Richmond, he attended the grad school Humanities Program where he could research his burning questions about these incongruencies of Christianity. He sold printing for thirty years, and is now semi retired and driving a semi three days a week for healthcare coverage. Most of the final manuscript of his book was realized daydreaming over the long miles while illegally hen-scratching his epiphanies as he drove. He’s probably lucky to have lived to see the book published. www.wherenowstpaul.com


Deconstructing The Psychology Of Reincarnation

Critical Thinking and Paradigm Development in the Mystical Philosophy of Reincarnation

By Sensei Erwin L. Rimban

The soul and its vehicle are locked in opposite domains, yet living in the same wavespace. The paths of the soul ever beckon to the higher realms. As if in counterpoise, the paths of its vehicle, the body, always remain in fascination with the matrix of spacetime. The two sides are always in disagreement. But they manage to have a conversation. This conversation, this dialogue, this concord is a difficult one. But it must occur if they are both to thrive in their native domains. Having made temporary peace, they are free to pursue their respective aims.

The one who is born from the upper realms is an explorer of multidimensionality. He or she or it (actually this form has no gender, but we will try to use conventional terms for ease of comprehension) is a pure being, without assumptions, devoid of biases, totally open to new experiences and possessed of the spirit of wonder always. But, in order to explore the realms of multidimensionality, this pure being must acquire and maintain vehicles of exploration. There are several kinds of these vehicles, each suited to the plane or dimension or universe of its current fascination. Normally, the soul that journeys within its vehicle is not cut off from the Source. Meaning, he maintains and enjoys actual contact with higher realms, especially with its realms of Home. There is a saying: “Home is where the Heart is.” And indeed, it is also true in this instance. In fact, the monad, that is locked within the temporary prison of its vehicles, has made a massive sacrifice just by encasing itself in various case sheaths, as it were, in its efforts to sample and explore the various multidimensional realms. At some point, the soul will be extremely interested in the sensual delights and other pleasures of the realm that he is exploring. This is normal, as long as he always connected to his base, his Source, his Home.

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But what if, by some mechanism, whether intentional or accidental, the monad or the soul is suddenly cut off from the Source, from his Home, and from the memory of his origins? Then a very interesting existential dilemma arises! We shall go back to this subtopic later.

Meanwhile, the vehicles of the monad or soul are its primary expressions in the realms of exploration. These vehicles are chosen for a purpose. They serve the goals of the Soul Curriculum which the monad follows as a guide in its mystical adventures. The soul curriculum of every soul defines the roadmap of its journey. In the realms of the material universe, the vehicles achieve an unusual power that is characteristic of templates which are operating in their own elemental fields. We recognize that the physical vehicles are children of the material universe. Thus, while souls or monads are exploring in the material universe, their physical vehicles are apt to attain a position of great importance. Again, the normal attitude of the soul is to recognize that physical vehicles are simply tools for the navigation, learning and pleasure of the exploring monad. This equanimity is at its highest in the safety and security of the existential contours of the Deep Self or Higher Self, which represents the core of every reincarnating being. There arises a situation however, when the reincarnating aspects of the Deep Self, which I call the Fractal Selves, are cut off from their Source. This situation gives rise to what we mystics now call the “Existential Loop Dilemmas.” The reincarnating aspect, separated from the Source and its Deep Self Core, and phase-locked in the planes of matter, or whatever plane that has caught it as prisoner, may come to think that his current manifestation is already the most authentic one. The only real one. When in fact it is only a façade, a mask, a vehicle of exploration. This propensity to exalt the fractal over the Deep Self or Higher Self may also be magnified by any devious system, born of negative polarity, which attempts to maintain such a state of ignorance for its own egocentric ends and agendas. If this is a state where you find your fractal self involved in, then you are required by the forces of destiny and serendipity, to muster all the resources at your disposal to overcome the boundaries of ignorance and attain the ascended state. To seekers from the planet Earth, we now usually call this the “wisdom quest.” The wisdom quest is the attempt of the fractal soul to realize its own true mystical nature, liberate itself from the bondage of ignorance and willingly and cheerfully choose to graduate from its present state. This is no easy task.

There are many, many roadblocks to Ascension or soul graduation. The acquired tendencies of the soul may be impediments or barriers. Negative attitudes are definitely impediments, but also are “actuations arising out of habit.” Failure to educate yourself in any way possible is a roadblock, too. Thus, it is incumbent upon every soul to pursue knowledge for its own sake, as well as knowledge for practical purposes. You never know when that bit of knowledge shall help you. Learn, learn, learn. Institutional systems, when implemented by an invading race out of selfish intentions, may be barriers to mystical development also. And to this morass we can also add culture. Culture is definitely a product of the evolutionary successes of a race, but it also possesses challenging variables which may pose as impediments to Ascension itself. Thus, Ascension is a very, very subtle enterprise. It is the most challenging task in any incarnation!

Like any story or narrative, the spiral of reincarnation has its own theme, structure, flavour, timing, colour, vibration, storyline, beginning, middle and climax. Though the outline of the reincarnation process is defined by the soul curriculum chosen during cosmic birth; the variables, specifics and dynamics of that process itself is coloured by the specific requirements of the Higher Self or Deep Self. In this, as in many areas of Cosmic Life, free will and the liberty of choice are essential parameters. The Deep Self is free to choose what narratives it wants to explore, using his own particular paradigms of learning, in its own contexts, using its own timing and rhythm, and occurring in environments of his own choice. No one can interfere with this Cosmic Law. The Higher Self has complete control of its incarnational perspectives, including the nativity and culmination of those fractal selves. The Deep Self and its incarnational streams are all existing in their own incarnational universes. They are inviolate and given the ultimate freedom to decide their own narrative cycles and progressions.

A human soul is an explorer par excellence. In order to elicit maximum learning from its incarnational lives, the Deep Self is invited by the Cosmos to sample and experience as many varied lives as much as possible. The dance of the energies represented by the Houses of the Zodiac is only a guide to the variety and multiplicity of lives that a fractal soul can assume. At the same time, the natal astrology chart is a map that gives an insight to the range of possible lives and incarnational streams that a cosmic being can assume. An array of archetypes can dazzle the imagination. Child, warrior, lover, scribe, mother, father, sage, king, queen, mystic, genius and the like. These archetypes are the templates of assumption, characteristic of the infinite dances that a soul can assume. These and many more archetypes are you! You are them, in your thousands of lifetimes! You have loved before, been betrayed before, died before, a thousand times a thousand! You have been born a king, entrenched in the pedestal of power. You have been born a beggar, experiencing the extreme poverty that life can offer. You have been born a queen, a shamaness, a priestess, a lover, etc. You cannot graduate without experiencing the male as well as the female perspectives of the universe. All of us are both male and female, as well as beyond male and female.

And now, let us try to appreciate the times we are living in. Prophets of the Mayan world have made precise calculations centuries ago. These insights have been popularized by Hollywood into the science fiction movies we all enjoy today. Technically speaking, these prophecies correspond well with the inspired research of individual Seekers like Terence McKenna, who elicited the waveforms of the I Ching. They are all warning us, of the possibility in our lifetime of an event of maximum Novelty. This event indeed corresponds to what sages have been proclaiming as the graduation point, the Zero Point, or the Days of Ascension. Our generation is extremely lucky to even have the possibility of experiencing such an event. From the point of view of reincarnation, the culmination of a narrative brings with it all the connotations and associated meanings that are unique to such a transpersonal phenomenon. Again as learners of the phenomenal universe, it is incumbent upon us to contemplate the possibilities of such an event with the utmost care. Now is the time to harness all our spiritual and mystical resources. Now is the time to bring forth all the wisdom that we have acquired through eons of reincarnation. Now is the time to unite, brothers and sisters. For it is extremely imperative for all of us human souls to inquire and quest whether we are now in the stage of culmination. Ascension, the culmination of our quest eons ago, is our birthright. Always has been, always will be.

Reincarnation is a gift, a very powerful gift of the Cosmos. It allows spiritual beings from various dimensions of the Cosmos to discover the manifold realities of Life in all its plethora of permutations. It is the fulcrum of soul pilgrimage. As cosmic learners, let us learn to use it to our optimum advantage.

About the author:

Sensei Erwin L. Rimban was born in the Philippine Islands. Since a young age he has been fascinated by both esoteric and exoteric systems of thought. He was educated at the University of the Philippines, where he graduated Cum Laude, and is currently finishing his master’s degree in Psychology. He has been a meditation and metaphysics teacher for over a decade. His research interests include Educational Management, Emotional Intelligence, Analytical Psychology, Educational Philosophy, Evolutionary Biology and Cognitive Neuroscience. His works are featured in the Journal of Metaphysics and Connected Consciousness, Australia’s Alternative Spirit, Treehouse Arts, The Mindful Word, Panegyria Journal, Fellowship and Fairydust Publications, The Minds Journal, and others. In his leisure time, he listens to classical music, plays chess, and watches MasterChef. He can be reached at his email: [email protected] and his blog: https://dreamingcastle. wordpress.com.


The Prophet Muhammad, Reincarnation, and the Coming of Al Mahdi

by Amin Ahmed Khalil 

There is an expectation in the Muslim world that at the end of time a savior will appear, akin to the Christian Messiah, who will be called Al Mahdi, the Rightly Guided One. It will not be his mission to found a religion, for that is the duty of a prophet, but to “purify” Islam. We do not know exactly what this purification will entail, but Muslims usually believe that it will involve a return to the uncorrupted teachings of the Koran and a global adherence to Sharia law.

Of course, not all Muslims believe in Al Mahdi or expect him to come, any more than Christians universally expect that Jesus will actually come again. It is only the fundamentalist or “literalist” Christian churches that believe that Bible prophesies will be literally fulfilled. In Islam, it is often the Shiite sects that expect Al Mahdi, but they are unlike fundamentalists in that they add a body of esoteric lore to a basic scriptural teaching.

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Theosophy is certainly not a fundamentalist Christian church, but many Theosophists, like the fundamentalist Christians and the Shiites, expect a Great Person to come in the last days. For the Theosophist, however, the term “last days” does not mean the end of time but the end of the Age of Pisces. A kind of theosophical fervor began in the early 20th century in anticipation of the new Age of Aquarius, which resulted in the claim, by certain individuals, that they actually met the Christ in the person of Maitreya, a Bodhisattva and the so-called Future Buddha. It is characteristic of Theosophy that it mixes and combines, in this manner, the teachings of widely differing religions in its doctrines. But although that practice may seem intellectually irresponsible, men of great intellectual capacity have represented the theosophical cause.

One of the most interesting of the movements involving Maitreya was the Order of the Star, founded by Charles W. Leadbeater, Annie Besant, and Jiddu Krishnamurti in the 1920s. A very young Krishnamurti had been trained to become the “vehicle” for Maitreya, who was to “overshadow” the youth. It was Leadbeater’s teaching that Maitreya had overshadowed Jesus in ancient Palestine, and was responsible for the words of Christ in the gospels. The Order of the Star came to an abrupt end in 1929 when Krishnamurti renounced his role and repudiated the theosophical belief in spiritual Masters and “Mahatmas”, including Maitreya.

When I first read about this event in a biography of Krishnamurti I believed that he was correct in his decision, for the idea that one spiritual Master could overshadow another seemed unlikely and uncanny. I did not know, at the time, that for many years I myself had been overshadowed, or at least profoundly affected, by a soul different from my own and far more advanced. The influence of this soul persisted for decades before she—for it was a woman—revealed her presence and her identity to me, a year and a half ago.

One of the cardinal tenants of Theosophy is reincarnation, so it should not surprise my reader to learn that the Person who overshadowed me in the way described by Leadbeater had completed a long series of lifetimes before “coming down” to me. In one of her most interesting and important lifetimes she was someone who is very dear to Muslims. But almost all Muslims, with the exception of a few Sufi masters and their students, repudiate the doctrine of reincarnation. They will not be happy when I tell them that it was the first wife of Muhammad, Khadija bint Khuwailid, who overshadowed me. In her final incarnation (as she informed me) she was born as Bhairavi Brahmani, the tantric teacher of the 19th century Bengali saint Sri Ramakrishna. But she had also been the respected Sufi poetess Rabi’a al Basri in the 9th century. I do not know if that will make my story more palatable to the average Muslim.

Many Westerners do not know that the Prophet Muhammad actually had a monogamous marriage with his first wife, for Khadija and Muhammad enjoyed a mutually exclusive relationship for 24 years, from 595 to 619 CE, when she died of old age. Their union has been described as a true love story. Theosophists will find it interesting that Muhammad and Khadija were soul mates of a special kind called “twin flames”. The modern belief in twin flames is derived from the teaching of Plato in the Symposium that the human being was originally both male and female, and was only later divided into two halves with different genders. The twin flames are supposed to be these halves.

The marriage of Muhammad and Khadija in Arabia was not their first, for the Prophet of Islam had been the Prophet Zarathustra in an earlier reincarnation, and Khadija had been his beloved Hvovi. Their love story did not end in Mecca, for the two appeared together again as Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh religion, and his wife Mata Sulakhni. After his life as Nanak, Muhammad ascended to God. Khadija likewise ascended and joined her husband Muhammad in paradise about a year ago, after acting as my mentor for several months.

How ironic it is that Muslims at various times in history have persecuted Zoroastrians and Sikhs, when the Teacher of those peoples was none other than their own Arabian Prophet, quietly aided by his wife, always the same beloved woman. She was the “Mother of the Faithful” more than once. In a sense she could be said to be the Mother of Islam itself, for she was Hagar, the mother of Ismail.

It was Allah’s will that at the end of the age the Rightly Guided One would be a woman, a feminine counterpart of Muhammad, and no one else but Khadija. Only she would not seem to be a woman. She was supposed to deliver her teaching through me, a man, because the Muslim world would accept a man. I was to be her Krishnamurti. The process of overshadowing may seem strange to those who are unfamiliar with it, but in no way was I a kind of medium, and I never entered a trance. Khadija was simply present to me and would talk with me while I was taking a walk or doing the dishes. But ultimately Al Mahdi did not appear to the world.

I did not bring the project to an end the way that Krishnamurti did—I neither disbelieved in Khadija nor rejected her. She left her work as Al Mahdi undone because she found exposure to the 21st century world to be extremely painful, for she had always been very sensitive. As she prepared to fill the role of Al Mahdi she became acutely aware of freeway traffic, television, computers, oil refineries, neon lights, and shopping malls, with loud noises everywhere. As she drew closer to us she felt the agony in every instance of warfare, devastation, torture, disease, and starvation announced in the public media. I could not shield her, and Allah could not protect her except by withdrawing her from active duty. Allah permitted a very tired Khadija to return to Muhammad, and after completing her ascension she was united with him. Overshadowing has as its purpose the protection of a soul that can no longer incarnate in the physical world because of its “excessive” holiness and purity. I am sorry that I could not protect the rarified soul that was in my care, as I was in her care. I never actually watched television and rarely listened to the radio, but the modern world was unavoidably present.

The coming of Al Mahdi was aborted despite the appearance in the world of others who claim to be Rightly Guided. Immediately after Khadija left me I felt very “flat” and uninteresting. She had accompanied me through life for almost 40 years and had given me an extra “dimension”. I do not claim to be Al Mahdi, for it is obvious to everyone who meets me how ordinary I am. I am not the large rudder that could steer the ship of Islam, but like many others among a growing body of intellectuals and freedom-loving Muslims, a small rudder that may eventually turn the ship a little. Khadija and her husband Muhammad remain close to us as Ascended Masters, ready to work with us to reform Islam.

About the author:

Amin Ahmed Khalil would just be an ordinary computer technician if it were not for his extraordinary inner life. An ardent theosophist and a disciple of the Ascended Masters, he is familiar with a wide range of human thought, from Carl Jung’s Analytical Psychology to Islam. Always a student of world history and world culture, he hopes to complete his education at U.C. Riverside, which has an excellent program in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. He writes a blog for progressive Muslims. His website is www.newkindofmuslim.com