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Alternative Spirituality, Holistic Healing Highlight April Ohio Psychic Festival

Three hundred psychics, healers and exhibitors will fill the Sharonville Convention Center on April 8 and 9 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. for Victory of Light’s 25th Anniversary Expo.

Psychic, holistic and paranormal experts from around the country and as far away as England are leading a record 90 seminars, the most ever offered at the bi-annual metaphysical event. Among the prominent presenters are Memphis psychic medium Rhonda Manning, who was university tested with over 90 percent accuracy. Expo tickets, $15 daily/$25 for both days, are available at the door. Parking is free; overflow parking is available across the street and at Princeton High School, just a block away.

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“The nearly 6,000 people who attend our expo love the psychic readings, the shopping and the seminars,” said Victor Paruta, psychic and VOL founder. “The expo is an exciting mix of entertainment and inspiration– a great place to recharge and discover something new about yourself. People always leave with smiles on their faces.”

Victory of Light started in 1992 as a small psychic fair in a hotel ballroom and grew to become Greater Cincinnati’s 13th largest convention based on annual attendance, according to the Cincinnati Business Courier.

The April 8 and 9 expo features some of the country’s best psychics available for personal readings; healers using techniques such as Thai massage; foot reflexology and energy healing; and vendors creating a unique shopping experience with crystals, jewelry, art, pottery, essential oils, books, divination tools, herbs and exotic imported clothing. Aura photography and face painting will be available. VOL also offers a full menu of healthful food choices for sale in the convention center ballroom.

Unique and new additions to this expo include:

Rhonda Manning, who started her career as a professional psychotherapist, was skeptical of the paranormal until she discovered her own psychic abilities in her late 30s after a series of profound spiritual visions. She is now one of the country’s leading psychic mediums. Her complimentary, one-hour “Speaking to Heaven Gallery” with readings for the audience takes place at noon on Saturday. Rhonda will also be doing personal readings at the expo all weekend.

A “Blessing of the Animals” for attendees’ pets will be presented by Tibetan Buddhist Monks at 4 p.m. on Saturday at the outdoor veranda at the Main Entrance. The monks will also present Tibetan Buddhist Healing Ceremonies at 11 a.m. each day.

Cincinnatian Tara Robinson premiers her new book, The Ultimate Risk: Seven Mysteries to Unlock Your Passion and Purpose, at the expo. The book is the result of Robinson winning a writing contest for new authors presented by Hay House Publishing Company. She is also a speaker, life coach, magazine publisher and radio show host.

Sixteen seminars will include public demonstrations of psychic abilities with no-cost psychic readings for the audience, including “Ask a Psychic” with expo founder Victor Paruta at 2 p.m. on Sunday. Thirteen seminars provide attendees with their own psychic experiences through guided meditations and hypnosis sessions for exploring topics such as pre-birth planning, past lives, spiritual healing, channeling and working with angels. All seminars are free with paid admission except 10 two-hour sessions which cost $10 to 20.

Other seminar topics include Dream Interpretation, the Psychic Life of Animals, Native American Spirituality, Astrological Predictions, the Law of Attraction, Meditation, Shadow People, Reading Tarot, Working with Angels and 20 seminars on a wide variety of holistic healing techniques.

Live original music will be performed all weekend by Mark Kenworthy (keyboards); award winning Native American flutist Douglas Blue Feather; local favorite Ron Esposito (crystal and Tibetan bowls meditation concert); Deborah Brubaker (Chakra flutes) and Cindy and Michael Fess (keyboards).

Victor Paruta is a highly sought-after and respected psychic reader and spiritual consultant. He was featured on two episodes of “Beyond Belief” with host George Noory on Gaia TV. Named “Best Psychic” by Cincinnati Magazine for his “mysteriously accurate and compelling readings,” Paruta is a regular guest on radio and television and has been featured in dozens of articles and publications. He has also appeared on ABC’s “The View.”

Paruta is also a medium with Paranormal Investigators Network (PIN), a high- level paranormal investigation and research team serving Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. He has produced the Victory of Light Expo in Cincinnati since 1992 to provide the general public with a venue for experiencing and learning about the holistic and psychic arts and sciences.

For more information, call 513-929-0406, email Victor(at)VictoryofLight(dot)com, or visit http://www.VictoryofLight.com or Facebook (Victory of Light Expo).


Are Mediums Born or Made? Understanding Your Connection to the Spirit World

Jennifer Henryby Jennifer Henry

Life is eternal. We are not humans seeking a spiritual experience, rather, we are souls, or spirits, having a human experience. Our eternal state of being is that of everlasting divine consciousness. As spiritual beings, we are all connected, and therefore, we are always in communication with each other, and all of existence. Sometimes we are aware of this interconnectedness, and sometimes we are so steeped in our human experience that the illusion of separateness temporarily blinds us to the greater reality.

As human beings, we engage in life and communicate with others through our physical senses. We see each other, listen to each other, and we feel or sense each other. We also have a set of inner senses, which can be referred to as the “clairs.” The four main clairs are the vehicle for spirit communication. These clairs are inner or clear seeing, (clairvoyance), inner hearing (clairaudience), inner feeling or sensing (clairsentience), and inner knowing (claircognizance). It is through these inner senses that we communicate with spirit. As we expand and develop these innate abilities, we can receive impressions, or messages, from deceased loved ones, guides, angels and teachers in the spirit world.

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As humans, we live in three dimensional reality, which is a denser and slower vibration than that of the spirit world. Jesus said, ‘In my Father’s house are many mansions.” What Jesus meant was that there are many places, both spiritual and physical, for the soul to reside. The spirit world is all around us, it is not somewhere else. It just vibrates at a much faster speed, so we have no awareness of it with our physical senses. Just as the blades of a fan can be seen when the fan is at rest, as the blades move faster and faster, we cannot see them, even though they are still there.

The wavelength through which spirit communication happens, is love. Love is not only the common denominator for all of existence, it is the only constant, and it is our essence. As humans, temporarily residing in these physical bodies, we can raise our vibration to higher and higher states of love. As we do this, we reach the vibrational frequency of higher dimensions where spirit people reside. In this receptive state of love, our minds are “impressed” with messages, pictures and feelings. These impressions are the way spirit people communicate with us. Since we all have inner senses, and we all vibrate a loving frequency, we can all potentially communicate with spirit, and can therefore all become “mediums,” or a bridge between the physical and the spiritual worlds.

This capacity for mediumship is inherent within all of us. Let’s compare this mediumistic potential to that of a voice box. We all have a built in mechanism that allows us to sing. Some of us are born with highly developed natural skills, and we can see that with children who come in with an amazing genius for a musical instrument or singing. Some of us can scarcely carry a note and only sing in the shower. The point is, we all have this potential. We all have a voice box. With proper training, and a sincere dedication to develop, we can all learn to sing.

If the desire is there, our channel to the spirit world begins to open. We can all develop this ability. Some of us may never become master opera performers, but we can all learn to sing. We can all learn to communicate with spirit.

About the author:

Jennifer Henry comes form a family of gifted psychics. She is certified in Mediumship and Medical Intuition, and has been offering spiritual readings worldwide since 1987. Jennifer is the founder of the University of Light, offering classes and mentorships in psychic development. www.MyUniversityofLight.com


Renowned Psychic Announces Numerology Workshop

For more than 20 years, the visions and stellar insights of David Groode, International Intuitive Psychic and Numerologist, have helped brighten the dim and confusing paths of even the most successful people. Groode, who currently lives in Australia, will return to the U.S. July 11-12, providing the public with access to his exclusive brand of otherworldly visions and cosmic intuition at the Flamingo Conference Resort & Spa in Santa Rosa, California. Groode will be holding his unique “Numerology and Your Future” workshop and certification program.

Groode’s one-on-one readings and consultations have had a profound impact on clients, helping them to rewire their thinking and liberate themselves from limited belief systems that cause them to get in their own way of happiness and success. His transformative, personal sessions offer clarity and guidance, helping business professionals and everyday people alike navigate through the difficult and uncertain points of life.

The upcoming two-day workshop and numerology certification will focus on helping attendees become certified in Numerology Charts — to prepare, understand, and interpret them. Other areas of the workshop will give the participants an opportunity to learn how to create a Life Map through numerology, which shows the themes, influences, and cycles at play in their own lives, as well as other people’s lives; Understanding the Soul Blueprint, how to create and interpret other people’s Soul Blueprints; Gain clarity that is life-defining and a game-changer for supporting one’s self to create, and have the life that they are committed to creating, as well as other related topics.

“What’s really unique about this event is that everyone is able to learn something at my Numerology and Certification workshop, not only for their own knowledge, but how to help others. That includes the insight to reach their potential and eliminate roadblocks that may be hindering them from accomplishing their goals. It’s all about body, mind, and spirit,” Groode said.

“My expertise in shifting energies helps people to understand what is affecting their lives and future. It provides empowerment and removes obstacles. I am looking forward to the “Numerology and Your Future” workshops in Santa Rosa and being able to connect with people,” he added.

Groode is the founder of InnerPrecision, a platform that offers transformational and unique seminars with certifications, consultations, spiritual coaching, and excursions to phenomenal and spiritual heritage sites around the world. Groode is a professional psychic, numerologist, and a spiritual adviser. He has developed a multidimensional and multifaceted intuitive process that is able to bring healing, integration, and clarity to his clients allowing them to connect with their own inner truths. InnerPrecision is a platform that offers life-changing, spiritual journeys to places of power around the world.

The upcoming two-day workshop will be held on Saturday, July 11 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Sunday, July 12 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Seating is limited. It is highly suggested to purchase advance tickets for $285 before July 1. Tickets purchased after July 1 will be $335 and available at the door. Groode will also be offering a private 1.5 hour intuitive reading session for seminar attendees at an additional special discounted fee. Attendees should inquire about the private sessions when making reservations.

To purchase tickets, please call Lisa at 707-540-3567 or e-mail innerprecisionworkshops(at)gmail(dot)com. For additional information about David Groode and InnerPrecision, visit http://www.innerprecision.com.

Stay in touch with David Groode on Social Media at Facebook https://www.facebook.com/innerprecision and Twitter https://twitter.com/innerprecision.


Messages from the departed – 53% of bereaved receive them

“The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth” Radio Show is a new program that offers a unique insight into their featured guests. The hour long show (which debuted on BlogTalkRadio on February 27, 2014) presents in depth interview on a person considered ahead of their time that is then followed with analysis by four experts that include: Psychic Mediums Kerrie O’Connor & Lisa Caza, Past Life Reader Laura Lyn, and Astrologer Constance Stellas.

“It’s a comprehensive soul analysis and an exploration of consciousness. We’re delving into deep aspects of a person’s spirit and I feel we’re gaining a treasure trove of interesting & use information not only about the people themselves but, about humanity as a whole.” Said Ryan McCormick who serves as both Host & Executive Producer. “Those who appear on the show are not only fascinating people but, I think all of them are great teachers whether they realize it or not.”

McCormick says that guests who appear on the program often think, act, and believe differently than others. Many are pioneers, over achievers, and self-made successes. Some of the guests thus far have included: Gerald Celente, Publisher of The Trends Journal; Etheric Energy Healer Khris Krepcik; Economist & Author Darryl Schoon; and Metaphysical Teacher & Author Teal Swan. Future show guests might include: Jim Carrey, Mark Messier, Angelina Jolie, Shigeru Miyamoto, John Cusak, Mark Cuban, and others.

After each interview is complete, the pre-recording is separately distributed to the shows’ “Virtues” comprised of O’Connor, Caza, Lyn, and Stellas. Each of them then speaks to McCormick and unveils what they uncovered during their analysis.

Stellas’ comprehensive astrological (natal) chart readings reveal positions of the sun, moon, earth and planets at the time of the person’s birth. This information can garner insight about personally, character qualities, life’s purpose, and tenable challenges. Lyn (also a psychic medium) taps into the essence of an individuals soul to reveal what other lifetimes they have had on earth and how aspects of those previous lifetimes are relevant to their current one. O’Connor & Caza utilize their abilities to see non-physical realities, energies & conscious beings to reveal a snapshot on the individual’s current life trajectory. They also reveal what departed ancestors, friends and spirit guides from the other-side that might be currently helping or influencing them in this life.

“One of the most shocking moments on the show occurred when we learned that two of our featured guests were Nostradamus and Jean Aimé, Nostradamus’ secretary. We’ve also had instances where the Virtues have revealed identical information about guests in their past lives & elements of their soul’s purpose. It’s pretty amazing when you consider the interviews were done separately and the information was not on public record.” Said McCormick. “Kerrie, Laura, Lisa, and Constance have incredible abilities. They are the best in the world at what they do and it’s a great honor to be working with all of them.”

“The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth isn’t just about being a reference for those searching for answers, inner truth and spiritual awareness. Nor is it just about delving into the lives, minds and spirits of the special guests that we have each week. It is also about showing us, no matter where we might be or who we are, that we ALL are spiritual beings experiencing a human existence; and that we all have our own unique journeys to our inner truths.” Said Psychic Lisa Caza.

Other characteristics of The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth Radio Show that define it’s originality is that the show is not host-personality driven, it is timeless, and was created primarily to be appreciated by future generations of human beings. While OLIT focuses on metaphysical & conscious exploration, McCormick says that the show is not an alternative or rebuke to science.

“Science is highly relevant although I’m not sure why some people who are scientific minded feel the need to disprove mysticism and why some people who are mystic-minded feel the need to push off science. Both Science & Mysticism offer distinct & unique tools to garner a perception. Who knows what humanity could discover if they accepted the relevancy of both and fully utilized both. We like to think of our show as embracing the science of mysticism.”

While the Outer Limits Of Inner Truth Radio Show hopes to engage & peak interest in as many people as possible, it will stick to it’s one word winning formula: fun.

“Everyone on the show has a great time. It’s a fun experience and we look forward to exploring more lives and more aspects of human consciousness. We all feel we’re putting the pieces together to some big puzzle but, it’s irrelevant what that puzzle actually is. We’re just going to enjoy the process.” Said McCorrmick.

While The Outer Limits Radio Show is currently featured on BlogTalkRadio, it is available for syndication at interested radio stations & networks.

To learn more about The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth Radio Show please visit (www.outerlimitsradio.com).