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Starcodes horoscopes for October 28 – November 3, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

When they go shallow, let’s go deep; deeper than our shallow irritations, deeper than our resentment or otherness. It’s Scorpio season with the Sun and Mercury in serious Scorpio, asking us to dive beneath the waves and look for our answers underneath the rocks and in the depths of the soul.

This potentially eventful week begins with a little luck, a few tests, and potentially a need to count on history, old friends, and familiar solutions to handle those tests. Through the weekend a difficult Mars-Uranus square brings out our edgy, rebellious, impulsive sides, sudden moves or contrary comments that don’t quite work, though this energy is softened by a supportive, serious Venus-Saturn conjunction that helps us rely on time-tested resources.

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Friday morning the Moon makes lovely aspects to Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn and helps us find our luck, idealism, and optimism in a tricky week. And we will need it. This ambitious and irritating Mars-Uranus square brings out our rebellious and Machiavellian sides. Headlines show abrupt grabs for power or fierce attempts to set healthy boundaries. Let’s hold the frontlines of Sacred Stones Camp in ND, Mosul, Iraq, trouble marriages, and all other battle grounds in our heart and attention this weekend.

This square can also precipitate mechanical difficulties and ingenuity, machines can develop poltergeists, but we have the wherewithal to cope with them. But let’s give ourselves a five-minute lead time on our impulses and think through consequences before jumping in or spouting off. And keep a fire extinguisher near-by.

Through this we can feel the support of friends and the healing power of animals in the natural world. The Venus-Saturn conjunction can both strengthen and test our relationships. Work or responsibilities can get in the way of one’s normal romantic flow, but can also give us opportunities to bond together and grow our trust. And as Venus and Sarah conjunct Sagittarius, which encourages our connection to the natural world. We can hold those sharp comments and walk the dog together or rake leaves and let the temper spike pass. And animals may come in to commune or support us in the process.

Do not step on toes this weekend because you will not like the results. When faced with anger, rudeness, strange grabs for power, assault, attacks, which become more likely under the Mars-Uranus square, we can reach for honesty, stability, old alliances and trust that the news he and compassion can see us through.

The new Moon in Scorpio on Sunday and through the day of the dead make this a powerful time for ceremony and remembrance. It also brings a mischievous love of mystery and a willingness to face our fears through Halloween, which could be a good and scary one.

The week ends with depth and ingenuity as the Moon enters upbeat and far-thinking Sagittarius while Mercury forms a positive sextile with Pluto. Legal briefs will be filed; media covers events with more depth. We get a chance to back away from Halloween candy and do something with recent discomfort, we can compost our feelings and let it activate us and fertilize fresh ideas.

Friday, October 28: The morning brings a wave of generosity and optimism, we just need to think through our sudden impulses as Mars squares Uranus tonight, and not all of our impulses will be productive. Take advantage of this optimism and desire for fair and equitable situations under the Libra Moon today. Midafternoon the clouds begin to roll and tempers sharpen. Put impulsive strength to good use later on, enjoy the buzz, but be careful around volatile people, substances, and situations all weekend long.

Moon conjunct Jupiter 4:42 AM, Moon sextile Venus 8:44 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 11:54 AM, Moon square Pluto 2:10 PM, Mars squares Uranus 10:05 PM.

Saturday, October 29: Unsettled aspects overnight can leave us stirred up this morning, uncomfortable and restless, so it furthers to have a good place to put a desire to change our world. Feel the great aspect for rabble rousing and home improvement, just be careful around guns, sharp objects, and electrical tools. Midday the mood is restless, we can feel like a dog that can’t quite settle on the nest, turning but not necessarily going anywhere. The vibe grows more serious tonight as Venus conjunct determined Saturn and the Moon enters deep Scorpio, we want to feel safe and share what’s on our mind.

Moon opposed Uranus 3:46 AM, Moon square Mars 4:09 AM, Venus conjunct Saturn 6:44 PM, Moon enters Scorpio 8 PM.

Sunday, October 30: Today can be deep, heartfelt, imaginative spiritual or lost in the world as thoughtful Mercury trines intuitive, spiritual, escapist Neptune under the Scorpio New Moon. It’s a perfect time to tell ghost stories and talk to our ancestors, a perfect time to get out our art supplies and work on our costumes. Our hopes and fears are closer to the surface than any form of factual reality.

Mercury trine Neptune 6:57 AM, Moon conjunct Sun 11:38 AM, Moon trine Neptune 2:55 PM, Moon conjunct Mercury 4:12 PM. Sun

Monday, October 31: Let this be a true Halloween, we are still hovering in that other fantastical world and experiencing our inner feelings as the Scorpio New Moon makes pleasant aspects to Pluto and Mars. Revenge fantasies can dance where people felt wronged over the weekend, watch out for a backlash. Generally, it’s a very private day, deep feelings run silent, but we can enjoy that Venus in Sagittarius desire to explore and share when we are in our alter ego’s costume.

Moon sextile Pluto 2:48 AM, Moon sextile Mars 8:43 PM.

Tuesday, November 1: Maybe it was the weekend’s shakeup, but the Sun trines Neptune today and helps us imagine different possibilities. Although we may not be back at any heavy work schedule, we felt the restlessness and discontent, imagine how things could manifest outside of the box, and get ready to implement new plans and action. The veil is still thin; we may feel our relatives and spirits near-by.

Sun trine Neptune 2:16 AM, Moon enters Sagittarius 8:43 AM.

Wednesday, November 2: Our imagination builds up speed, our ingenuity kicks into gear, we’re willing to solve problems as Mercury sextiles Pluto. Some interesting revelations over the weekend may have us may show us new light on our family history or cultural history and we may get an understand its ramifications better, figure out how to keep the best and heal the rest.

Moon square Neptune 3:34 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 7:58 AM, Moon enters Saturn 2:09 PM, Mercury sextile Pluto 11:09 PM, Moon conjunct Venus 11:31 PM.

Thursday, November 3: This is an important day for communication. It’s easier to be honest than it has been for a while, and we can get past more delicate feelings to stay solution-focused at work and in our lives. People may be impatient and don’t want to waft around, so get to the point and keep it useful, especially tonight as the Moon heads into Capricorn.

Moon trine Uranus 4:34 AM Moon enters Capricorn 9:05 PM.

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Starcodes horoscopes for September 30 – October 6, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

Tonight’s New Moon in Libra gives us the opportunity to return to our heart. New Moons are like dawn, a chance to start over and start a new cycle. This new Moon also conjuncts expansive, freedom-seeking Jupiter and asks us to start new, more expansive ways of relating to one another.

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Libra is the sign of the scales and reminds us that peace, beauty, and happiness is found through proportion and dynamic balance, through social justice and fairness in relationship. Most important, it reminds us to get our soul in right relationship with creation/creator. The Libra motto is the golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

This is a particularly powerful concept while the electrifying planet Uranus is exactly conjunct the distant dwarf-planet Eris, named after the Greek goddess of strife and discord, which is both larger and further out than Pluto and takes 558 years to orbit the sun. Uranus conjunct Eris exactly last June during the Orlando nightclub massacre, then retrograde back to conjunct Eris again last week and this at 23 degrees Aries (conjunct 9/5-10/3, and 2/20-3/7 though close, within 2 degrees, from June 2016 through spring 2017). As we feel this volatility percolating again in recent events it’s important to work with the medicine of this New Moon in Libra and hold justice, mutual respect, and peace in our hearts, and act for it in our daily life, during this Uranus-Eris conjunction.

Mars, which symbolizes how much emotional fuel flies around and the nature of how we lust and argue, has just entered Capricorn where it is exalted (unusually strong), increasing our ambition and determination. This helps us this energizes any ambition and brings strategy to our plans. It can also bring great determination to our anger and frustration, fuel all debates whether presidential or over the backyard fence, and make it harder to back down once we’re engaged. If we feel we’re moving towards what is fair and beautiful, it will support it with unusual energy and competence. If our emotions start to avalanche downwards we can pursue that with equal determination, so let’s be careful where we put our consciousness direct this determined energy.

This weekend’s Libra Moon can be a delightfully sociable time, we’d rather be a lover and not a fighter; we don’t want confrontation but if we do go there will do it with our righteousness. Libra is ruled by Venus, now trine Neptune in water signs (Scorpio and Pisces, respectively). Over the weekend this Venus-Neptune trine loans us idealism, deep intuitive connection with our beloveds, it can feed our creative nature and fill us with imaginative images or help us connect with beloveds on the other side of the veil. Or it can inflate our ability to get lost in our imaginations and our hope and fears and turn up the volume on anything that we feel. We may feel flooded with emotions. Or just flooded.

The Scorpio Moon from Sunday evening through Tuesday intensifies our response and hones our perceptions. Watch an obsessive streak, and obsess creatively.

Tuesday is a good day to set business practices in place or reorganize our systems as ask for justice as the Sun sextiles Saturn. The Sagittarius Moon on Wednesday and Thursday and brings us into action, Mars squares Jupiter and intensifies a sense of competition; we can get grim with this or have fun, it’s our choice. We may also feel a strong urge to speak up and tell the truth, but let’s check to see if our concept is really truthful or is it selectively chosen truthiness to support our position, as it can be hard to be objective right now because we care so much. It will further to be out and about and walk it out if were trying to make decisions or get our horses all in one moving in the same direction.

Friday, September 30: After a cranky or indignant spell with tricky timing this morning as the Moon squares Mars, it’s a beautiful day to reassess our relationships, allies, partnerships of all types. Tonight, a new Moon conjunct Jupiter symbolizes a new chapter. Relax and let it in.

The Moon enters Libra 3:52 AM, Moon square Mars 7:58 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 12:53 PM, Moon conjunct Sun 8:11 PM.

Saturday, October 1: Morning brings a melancholic streak and softens our heart as Venus trines Neptune, though we can get lost in a world of our imaginings. Be gentle with one another, harsh edges scrape on tender nerves.

Moon sextile Saturn 2:55 AM, Moon squares Pluto 9:29 AM, Venus trine’s Neptune 1:13 PM, Mercury opposed Chiron 11:22 PM

Sunday, October 2: Pour on the mutual respect and caring to manage early tension. Avoid the tendency to lash out if hurt, think consequences through carefully and invite people to a better way of handling the situation.

Moon opposed Uranus and Eris 1:42 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 3:42 PM, Moon sextile Mars 11:27 PM.

Monday, October 3: Balance a strong emotional torque as the Moon conjuncts Venus in Scorpio. Stay in the present; trouble arises if we run after our hopes and fears.

Moon trine Neptune 11:33 AM, Moon conjunct Venus for 50 7 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 9:54 PM.

Tuesday, October 4: Let’s use our focus wisely today; we can work our way out of a hole and find constructive answers as the Sun sextile Saturn. Organize. Plans made now will tend to stick.

Sun sextiles Saturn 12:58 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 9:04 PM.

Wednesday, October 5: The Moon enters restless Sagittarius and brings a hopeful note. Our emotional responses and our competitive streak deepen but we can compete against our personal best and pour this into self-improvement. If a pillow or street fight starts, it goes until the last feather.

Moon enter Sagittarius 4:26 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 3:55 PM, Venus sextile Pluto 5:22 PM, Moon Mars square Jupiter 5:44 PM.

Thursday, October 6: The Sagittarius Moon adds a twinkle to our eyes and increases our willingness to innovate. A competent buzz supports our work early on, we’re more cooperative later, as long as our boundaries are respected. Speak truth; the less emotional torque and more clear facts, the more effective the words.

Moon conjunct Saturn 2:43 AM, Moon sextile Sun, 6:01 am.

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Starcodes horoscopes for December 4 – 10. 2015

Free weekly horoscopesby Heather Roan Robbins

Tricky tricky, tricky; the aspects this week are truly rocky and can precipitate breakdowns, breakthroughs, instigate trouble or push us into ingenious new understanding. Deal with any problem or conflict in as clean, clear, neutral and transparent way as possible, or it ferments and explode. If we keep our energy clean and direct, the week produces creative discontent that can help us focus and make this last month of 2015 incredibly productive. What we produce is up to us. It will be an active month, one way or the other.

All this weekend activity happens on several different levels simultaneously. A surface sociable cheerfulness can leave us opinionated but interested in telling our story. Underneath this level, Venus heads into a month of brooding in emotionally deep Scorpio just as Mars squares Pluto, lord of death and rebirth, and opposes electrical, erratic Uranus. This pattern kicked in last week – holds through the winter solstice- and can act like a combustion engine.

Just as we’re supposed to be getting all sweetness and light for the holidays, old pain stirs and we are reminded of the key issues of our time. Mechanicals glitch in fits and starts. Our attitude sharpens and can grow belligerently volcanic unless we choose to transcend. But if we do choose to transform, whether in in little ways or large, the force is with us.

Scorpio and Pluto both call us through the worst to get to the best. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio in modern astrology; the symbols for Scorpio are the scorpion and the phoenix, the lowest and highest of the zodiac.

We need to hit the high notes. Don’t waste too much time being outraged; seek what you want to grow and transform instead. Mercury enters industrious, determined Capricorn on Wednesday and helps us produce before the holidays fully kick in. But that very determination can make it hard to let go in the middle of an argument, people get unusually tenacious in their thinking process, and either more responsible, or actively rebellious of their responsibilities. Mercury in Capricorn with Venus in Scorpio can bring a grim element, but if we can add heart and beauty, the determination works for us.

Venus in Scorpio can rake up the past, loves the intensity of anger, intensity of love, and stirs the old coals of unfinished memories. We may feel tossed about by the winds unless we can find a worthy focus. When emotions obsess or old pains resurface, honor them and let them go rather than pokes them for intensity.

Because Venus in Scorpio can obsess on old wounds, some people think they can get emotional satisfaction out of revenge, even though it rarely solves the problem. This could feed into the worst of the present international political storms. Look for tactful, face-saving ways to defuse tension and find some form of shared obligation. If we do there is a real chance at progress later in the week as the Sun trines change-inducing Uranus.

Over this weekend a Libra Moon helps our ease our social interactions on a daily basis, encourages us with camaraderie and small art projects, but keeps the heat up on issues of social justice as it conjunct the Moon and sets off that T-square with Uranus and Pluto.Monday and Tuesday a Scorpio Moon conjuncts Venus and amps up the emotional undertow. Midweek the Sagittarius Moon brings up philosophical discussions about what, wherefore, and why. It also helps with the seasonal festivities, but can make us want to take action, any action, whether we’ve considered the consequences or not.

Friday, December 4: We probably have too much to do this morning as Mercury squares Jupiter under a nervy, work-oriented Virgo Moon. Finish what’s already begun this morning, but wait to initiate new projects. Nervy, we multitask well but can lose our place when we’re juggling too much and can drop the ball; keep an eye on important timing. When the Moon enters Libra midafternoon, be ready to make a few new changes and then want to kick back and step out of work and into our politics and personal life. Surface pleasantries hover over deep pools of feeling tonight as Venus enters broody Scorpio.

Mercury square Jupiter 5:52 AM, Moon enters Libra 3:33 PM, Venus enters Scorpio 9:18 PM.

Saturday, December 5: Morning is relatively pleasant on a generally sociable day. But we become uncomfortable anywhere we are in the habit of giving more than we receive; we notice our any codependent patterns as Venus quincunx the asteroid Vesta, and resent them. Evening grows edgier and as the Moon conjuncts Mars and squares Pluto, performing arts glisten with charisma, chemistry can strike sparks with a stranger, but ordinary arguments can turn into Shakespearean tragedies. Sudden humor can diffuse it in most cases, but watch for accidents and sudden sharp spikes of temper, and choose carefully.

Moon sextile Saturn 8:06 AM, Moon sextile Sun 7:18 PM, Moon conjunct Mars 7:36 PM, Moon square Pluto 8:28 PM.

Sunday, December 6: This could be the best of days, this could be the worst of days, and if we’re lucky the extremes will leave us in a comfortable place in the middle. Optimism resists resentment. The willingness to let go resists obsession. As Mars squares Pluto it turns up the volume on so many primitive emotions. It does aid strategic thinking and surgical efforts; we can release one thing so we can create room for another or cut off something that is no longer working for us. Whether cleaning our closets or letting go of a relative who’s ticked us off one too many times. Just avoid unnecessary surgery.

Moon opposed Uranus 1:36 AM, Sun sextile Mars 3:13 AM, Sun semi-sextile Pluto 9:12 AM, Mercury square Hygeia 11:57 AM, Mars square Pluto 1:51 PM,

Monday, December 7: A strong emotional torque can leave us wiggling our sore tooth or focusing on what hurts and make it worse, which can make it hard to follow through on life’s little details as the Moon conjuncts Venus in Scorpio. Align with the heart and take action from there. Emotions run high early on, by late afternoon we may want to step sideways into our imaginary world but can use this imaginative influx to find a creative solution. Important discussions abound around dinner time, but be careful not to say anything wounding. If the evening brings a gritty sandpapery feeling, kindly leave people alone to their process.

Moon enters Scorpio 4:25 AM, Mercury semi-squares Aries 10:01 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 11:25 AM, Moon trine Neptune 7:40 PM, Mercury square the nodes 7:56 PM.

Tuesday, December 8: biting, to the point, a day for tough negotiations; speak the truth but don’t make the truth anymore unpalatable that it has to be. Watch the barbed wire and barbed tongues, and know when to back away. This is an action oriented day People are ready for a change in direction, so if we can avoid direct confrontation and instead produce introduce our ideas tangentially they are open to good questions and action which actually bring improvement as the Sun trines Uranus. We see the problem in the morning, and look for solutions in the afternoon.

Moon semi-square Mercury 5:24 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 8:48 AM, Moon trine Chiron 3:09 PM, Sun trine Uranus 7:38 PM.

Wednesday, December 9: This morning we can catalog the problems in our life, but need to be careful and not catalog the problems in one another. A moody seriousness is easy to blame on the people around us, but it’s more atmospheric. Afternoon, the Moon enters Sagittarius and shifts the energy, want to feel fresh air or change of scene. Negotiate around the equity of our contributions as Mercury sextiles Juno. Make sure to appreciate contributions that we want to see continue. Control issues rear their head tonight; notice them as a sign of stress.

Sun square Chiron 3:03 AM, Moon semis square Pluto 2:05 PM, Moon enters Sagittarius3:25 PM, Mercury sextile Juno 6:14 PM, Mercury enters Capricorn 7:34 PM.

Thursday, Dec 10: Mars opposes Uranus under all balsamic Sagittarius Moon and leaves us no patience for things that do not work or are not fair, whether we take this on a political or personal level. We don’t want to study the problem; we want to do something about it. Things that were stuck can become unstuck, debates abound, mechanical difficulties can get explosive, and accidents proliferate. Stay present and pay attention to keep accidents at a minimum and use this freeing energy to prepare, and get things rollingtomorrow under the new Moon. Laugh together often and celebrate what works along the way.

Moon square Neptune 5:05 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 8:02 AM, Mercury square Vesta1:00 PM., Mars opposed Uranus 6:30 PM, Venus semi-square Jupiter 8:06 PM, Venus trine Neptune 11:13 PM, Moon sextile Mars 11:13 PM

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Starcodes horoscopes for August 14 – 20, 2015

by Heather Roan Robbins

Leo energy can roar and leap like a lion, but like a lion also has a lazy streak. The Sun, Moon, and Venus all conjunct in abundant Leo and trine restless Uranus today, a day rich with expectations and dramatic undertones, and, if we’re lucky, a cat nap. With this much Leo in the air, when we’re at rest, we are at rest; we can drape sybaritically over our keyboard waiting for caresses and tidbits, and may find it hard to shift gears into action. But we can leap once we’re going; our life can move from pleasantly sociable to sitcom or tragic drama quickly. Leo loves to take things over the top, but which direction is up to us.

This morning’s New Moon in Leo, and the coming leonine week, can bring us back to ourselves. Leo calls us to put ourselves in the center and be a hearth fire, to be a warming light that shines for ourselves and others. We need to notice what feeds our fire and then we’ll have more to give. It’s time to shine and be entertained, find the world fascinating and have fun. It encourages us to be vain enough to pick out wonderful clothes for back to school or have the confidence we need to enter a new work group.

The headlines could get interesting though; dialogue may be over the top and dramatic stories could hold real significance. But we don’t need to hog the limelight and think attention equals success, even though a few supposed politicians indulge in this illusion. We can honor our inner fire yet avoid Leo’s narcissistic trap if we respect other people’s views and don’t grow isolated, distrustful, or angry because we’re locked in our own personal or cultural viewpoint. We don’t need to create a melodrama to have an excuse for radical self-care (though some people will) nor dramatize our situation as an excuse to do what we need to do. We just need to hear it ourselves, send out clear signals, and act with integrity.

As the Moon enters more industrious, analytical Virgo over the weekend and thoughtful Mercury in Virgo forms a trine to penetrating Pluto, practical necessities start knocking on our door and we can get nervous thinking about the future. Direct this anxious energy to learn a skill or build a healthy critique and momentum around social justice issues. With that Mercury-Pluto trine and Virgo’s love of analysis, it’s a great weekend to take turns and process, really talk about ourselves, which can be a productive form of self-involvement.

Early next week we need to balance between conflicting needs and balance our needs with others as the Moon heads towards egalitarian Libra and Mars sesqui-quadrates Chiron. We may feel pulled in all directions, but if we can find a moment of quiet, a certain brilliance combined with effort can gain traction on projects as Mercury quintiles Saturn. Engage in work related conversation, just do it with consideration.

The next week is emotionally and creatively experimental as Venus trines iconoclastic Uranus. This aspect helps us experiment with our sense of aesthetics and prepare to meet new people as we start looking ahead to the fall. Let’s just make sure we experimented in a way that does not endanger what’s already working.

Friday, August 14: Channel the positive side of Leo on this New Moon conjunct Venus, be generous creative, expressive, outreaching, and a social emotional leader. Romances can prosper. Entropy maximizes easily, when we hold still we will want to rest and indulge, when we get busy we create the movie or opera of our choice, so let’s write our plot line carefully. Indulgence may be just the medicine necessary. Be generous with affection and appreciation and tie into the positive leonine heart, give attention to receive it. Early evening is outgoing and sociable if high maintenance, later we can get tired and cranky as the Moon squares Saturn, and that can bring out a pompous streak.

Moon trine Uranus 6:36 AM, Moon conjunct Sun 8:53 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 12:25 PM, Moon square Saturn 10:36 PM.

Saturday, August 15: The details can set us free this morning as the Moon conjunct Jupiter in Virgo. Concentrating on a smaller scale project that contributes to larger goals can relax and further, and redirect the critical edge. The Sun-Venus conjunction can get us lost in our romantic ideal or sybaritic moment, or it can give us the compassion to really reach out in a healing way. It also marks the Venus point, the beginning of a new 8 year Venusian cycle, so notice what starts now. As Mercury trines Pluto, words have power, depth and curiosity are added to our thinking. Our minds will drift to our concerns and flirt with depression but we can redirect it towards productive answers. After a serious bout midafternoon we need to drift and dream tonight as the Moon opposes Neptune.

Moon enters Virgo 1:45 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 3:27 AM, Sun conjunct Venus at 1:21 PM, Mercury trine Pluto 1:55 PM, Moon opposed Neptune 7:28 PM,

Sunday, August 16: The mood can be thoughtful, self-correcting, a good day to learn, listen, develop the skill. We can also build up momentum for social critique as the Moon conjuncts Mercury in Virgo and Mercury bi-quintiles Uranus. Just watch that internal emotional perfectionism which leads us to second-guess our decisions and improve dear ones nearby, thinking that if we just correct or school them a little more, then all our problems will be solved.

Moon trine Pluto 4:34 AM, Mercury bi-quintile Uranus 4:52 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury 6:47 AM, Moon semi-square Mars 6:25 PM.

Monday, August 17: This morning we can be a little cranky and/or creaky around the edges. Our irritation can inflame old sore points and remind us where we still need healing work as Mars challenges Chiron. Minor acts of bravery may be needed to overcome short-term obstacles, hang in there. We can find more ingenious solutions midday, find out how to balance or further the situation as Mercury quintile Saturn and the Moon enters Libra. Old stories and memories can either underline the problem or help us tap into our resources. Create pleasant egalitarian connections tonight.

Mars sesqui-quadrate Chiron 12:53 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 11:16 AM, Moon enters Libra 2:22 PM, Mercury quintile Saturn 2:41 PM.

Tuesday, August 18: The day is rich with both creative discontent and a desire to see people we haven’t seen in a while, and the deeper discontent this afternoon as the Moon squares Pluto and semi-squares the Sun. We may feel how close the end of summer is or need to say goodbye to person, place, or thing. Take seriously, but do not get melodramatic about, any problem that arises this afternoon. Notice the drifting melancholy and don’t read it into the moment. Solve the problem and remember a hopeful point beyond this story. Let this poignancy add piquancy to the moment.

Moon sextile Mars 2:43 AM, Moon semi-square Venus 2:45 AM, Moon semi-square Sun 11:43 AM, Moon square Pluto 5:30 PM, Moon semi-square Saturn 5:55 PM.

Wednesday, August 19: We look for fresh and greener pastures to explore today, we won’t be interested in what is too familiar as the Moon opposes and Venus trines restless Uranus. Spontaneity is good for the soul. We want to feel beautiful and appreciate beauty but may feel unrealistically discontent with the un-ideal quality of our relationship or wardrobe. Let’s explore possibilities without jettisoning the good stuff. Harsh words hurt, but poetry rather than logic gets our point across as Mercury semi-sextiles Venus tonight.

Moon semi-square Jupiter 12:23 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 7:41 AM, Uranus semi-sextile Chiron 8 AM, Venus trine Uranus 10:43 AM, Venus quincunx Chiron 10:50 AM, Moon sextile Sun 8:56 PM, Mercury semi-sextile Venus at 11:10 PM.

Thursday, August 20: It will help to take neutral corners under stress. People will hold onto a fight like a dog would a bone, and each person’s logic can seem unique as Mercury quincunx Uranus. Work around interference from potential electrical or internet problems. Earlier in the day the mood is pleasant if stubborn, but watch out for the wrestling matches late afternoon. Curtail a resentful or possessive streak. If we really need drama and intensity, let’s look for a worthy cause and not create it at home. It furthers to take some time alone and redirect the focus before irritation peaks.

Moon enters Scorpio 3:24 AM, Mercury opposite Chiron 3:43 AM, Mercury quincunx Uranus 4:01 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 7:22 AM, Moon semi-square Mercury 3:20 PM, Moon square Mars 7:02 PM, Moon trine Neptune 8:53 PM.

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