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Starcodes horoscopes for December 23 – 29, 2016

By Heather Roan Robbins

Silent night, holy night; the currents run deep this weekend, but all can be well if we can feel the quiet inside and out.  Find a way to share hearts without words; through actions, shared experience, and presence, even more than presents. We all need a moment of solitude to process feelings under this weekend’s Scorpio moon, but paradoxically can easily feel isolated. It helps all involved to fold into our dinner table someone who might otherwise feel lost or alone.

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Otherwise, the weight of the world as it stands can lean in on us and make it hard to share joy, we can be prone to misunderstandings, last-minute snafus, and strange willful tugs of war with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn. Kids may not want to kiss strange relatives, and everyone resists being pushed into obligations. Twitter-wars flare. Crankiness abounds, but it can come out defensively or passive aggressively with Mars in Pisces, near the south node.  So, don’t go there. Instead, speak with the heart and keep the agenda and schedule light.  Consciously look for what is valuable in one another. When in doubt, return to spirit and source, and act from compassion to oneself and others equally. Find the holy silence, then return to the fray.

If people push and pull, feel their concerns and fears underneath and cut them some slack, but know when to pleasantly walk away and take a moment alone. If the harsh underbelly of human kind peaks through, instead of retaliating along the same lines, stand like it deeply rooted pine tree, shine like a star. Meanwhile, pad any schedule with room to find lost items, locate the instructions and fix broken things.

Because we could be feeling so moody, it will help to find a moment to honor the flow of history under our personal bridge: all the holidays past and people we miss. Mercury takes our mind backwards as it retrogrades in Capricorn, and the Moon in Scorpio Fridaythrough Sunday brings us to the deep waters.

Christmas day, towards the evening, the Moon enters Sagittarius and we come out of our shell, making this the easiest time for the big family shindig. A desire to speak up can bring out outrageously frank comments and no one will hold back on their political opinions. Mars and Venus in Pisces can leave us feeling unusually sensitive and think skinned, so we still need to keep a light touch with beloveds, but can relax into a new level of honesty.

And remember, because Mercury is retrograde, if someone’s comment feels unusually wonderful or makes us flinch, let’s ask for clarification; it’s way too easy to perceive through our own filters and totally misunderstand what they meant. If we confirm fax and ask about motives, we can save ourselves a host of problems.

Through New Year’s Day it will be helpful to suspend the ordinary pace of life and let ourselves off the hook.  it has been a pretty relentlessly eventful and extrovertedly involved autumn. We have a lot of work to do in the coming year. But for now, the flow of energy has turned inwards and it’s time to reconnect with ourselves and strengthen our bonds with beloveds, avoid analyzing relationships for the moment and find a way to make it safe to be sensitive with one another.

Friday, Dec 23: Single minded focus can help us overcome obstacles and keep on track, but let’s not be more brusque than necessary. We may need to sit with our moods and honor the past, or just hold ourselves gently, but let’s not get lost there; Solstice season asks us to reconnect with our roots, soul, and dear ones. Midday is productive, though with occasional pragmatic snags, a thoughtful tiredness drifts in about dinnertime, though an important point can be made tonight. A dreaminess calls for seasonal escapism and a moment of tenderness as Mercury sextiles Neptune through the weekend.

Moon enters Scorpio 7:32 AM, Moon sextile Sun 12:24 PM, Moon trines Mars 2:25 PM.

Saturday, Dec 24:  This could be a day for Christmas miracles as Saturn trines Uranus. Something fundamental can change in our world or in our soul’s understanding, but in what direction it changes, will be up to us. On the surface, we may be more absorbed in our memories and not as cheerful and outgoing, cranky if poked, but thoughtful and contemplative this Christmas Eve.

Moon trine Neptune 2:56 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 8:57 AM, Saturn trine Uranus 5:28 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 5:24 PM.

Sunday, December 25: The Scorpio Moon keeps the deeper undertones swirling; don’t crowd one another. Expect a bouquet of feelings to pass through as the day wears on. Venus forms some lovely aspects that helps us through this morning as it trines Jupiter, sextiles Uranus and Saturn, and helps us see that love and connective energy can be healing. It furthers to widen our circle and include stragglers. When in doubt, pull out the art supplies or engage creativity in some form. Evening relaxes, strange relatives, ugly sweaters and offbeat friends will be more fun as the Moon heads into Sagittarius tonight.

Moon square Venus 12:21 AM, Venus trine Jupiter 6:22 AM, Venus sextile Uranus 9:35 AM, Venus sextiles Saturn 11:32 AM, Moon enters Sagittarius 8:18 PM.

Monday, December 26: Changes in the air, it furthers to move and stretch today, work off some of those Christmas cookies as the Moon in active Sagittarius squares Mars, just be aware of a competitive undertone. Sibling rivalry will be alive and well, but can be constructed. Keep an eye on sibling rivalry in world events and balance this with family work. Afternoon calls for a nap or a moment of escape as the Moon squares Neptune and a chance to dream in good ways tonight as the Mercury sextiles Neptune.

Moon square Mars 7:16 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 11:35 AM, Moon square Neptune 3:40 PM, Mercury sextile Neptune 9:18 PM.

Tuesday, December 27: We may hit the ground running, get back to work as the Sun sextiles Mars this morning. A new sense of responsibility and organization kicks in this afternoon as the Moon sextiles Jupiter and approaches Saturn. Do gentle groundwork for next year’s dreams, but know that all plans made now will probably need to be adjusted after January 8, when Mercury turns direct.

Sun sextile Mars 1:07 AM, Moon trine Uranus 1:30 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 1:45 PM, Moon conjunct Saturn to 10 PM, Moon sextile Venus 6:44 PM.

Wednesday, December 28: Think carefully, it’s time for us to look over the decisions we made for the last year and take stock of which ones grew corn, or were productive, and which ones we don’t need to do again. It’s a day of reckoning of consequences and letting those consequences inform our future decisions. People are thoughtful, grim at moments, potentially conniving because it is a strategic day, but with self-responsibility this can help us grow in wisdom. The Moon enters Capricorn this morning and conjunct the Sun tonightas Mercury sextiles active Mars.

Moon enters Capricorn 8:11 AM, Sun conjunct Mercury 11:47 AM, Mercury sextiles Mars 4:05 PM, Moon conjunct Mercury 9:45 PM, Moon sextiles Mars 10:48 PM, Moon conjunct Sun 11:53 PM.

Thursday, December 29: Uranus turns direct after a long retrograde and we can see expect the unexpected. It may be tempting to start new plans and new schemes today, and it is a good day to repair the past, but we need to wait until the second week in January to really launch the next chapter. Moods dip tonight as the Moon conjuncts Pluto around dinner time, be kind to one another’s soul and don’t believe discouraging thoughts. We can bond easily by sharing our deepest feelings.

Uranus turns direct 2:27 AM, Moon sextiles Neptune 3:11 AM, Moon conjuncts Pluto 5:11 PM.

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Starcodes horoscopes for December 2 – 8, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

It’s time to deck the halls, and organize, organize, organize. Organize holiday packages and all other possible ways; personally, professionally, and politically. Mercury has joined Venus in Capricorn, a place where they can help us think sequentially and get on a roll. Since this placement can also leave us easily depressed if we don’t have hopeful and clear-cut goals, we can keep those clouds of discouragement at bay if we make lists small and large, work them through and cross those off, and coordinate with others for good purpose.

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It helps to gather for a cause, because every conversation will tend to turn to plans of some sort. With Venus now in Capricorn and Mars in Aquarius, both externally-focused, political signs, it’s hard to get people to talk about their personal issues or connect for more than a few minutes at a time. We may visit our heart, but our minds keep taking the personal out to the bigger picture.

We’ll feel better if we feel like we’re making progress in any form, driven by an activating Saturn, Uranus, Mars aspect that will give us the to do what needs to be done, but can also make us a bit obsessive once we get going, and can make it hard to sit still. We’ve got to be doing something. Saturn, now restless Sagittarius, approaches a trine to change-making Uranus, and Mars will sextile them both this week.

Mercury turns retrograde on December 19, stationary a few hours before the electoral college meets, so this dynamic energy slows down towards the end of the month as our thoughts turn it inwards to revisit and reassess our personal history. And this gives us a further reason to make hay while the Sun shines, or snowballs while the snow is on the ground. Let’s use these next few industrious weeks wisely.

Friday starts out moody but picks up if we form practical plans to improve the future in any way possible. We can be painfully aware of where we feel manipulated and deeply aware that this is a strategic time on all scales.

The weekend is more collective and collaborative as the Moon in Aquarius, we are drawn to gather with like minds and share what we have in common. We grow more touchy, sensitive and need to take some personal time as the Moon enters introspective Pisces on Monday evening. Throughout these first few days of the week, the Piscean sentimentality can help us become seasonally appropriate, but we have to watch a tendency to get discouraged if we are overwhelmed or can go no further. If that happens, let’s remember that will feel different in a few days and find a safe way or place to be sensitive.

We may grow more collaborative, less manipulative as Venus enters Aquarius on Wednesday, but may find people entrench even more in their philosophies and may be less open to new information unless we can find places of commonality, a place where all parties win. The week ends under a feisty, directive, potentially rebellious, manifesting Aries Moon so let’s have our plans in a row and know where to put our efforts.

Friday, December 2: The day may start with a level of discouragement or dutifulness as the Moon conjuncts deep Pluto in durable Capricorn, but picks up hope as it as we take steps forward and the heads towards a healing conjunction with creative, connective Venus. It furthers to make plans.

Moon conjunct Pluto 9:27 AM, Moon square Jupiter 11:39 AM, Mercury enters Capricorn 2:17 PM, Moon and squares Uranus 6:57 PM.

Saturday, December 3: this is a good chore day, we may not be feeling that cuddly, but have access to competence this morning and community this afternoon and evening. Depression whispers if we feel we cannot make progress, but we are encouraged by hopeful plans and actions as active Mars sextiles that.

Moon conjuncts Venus 3:16 AM, Mars sextiles Saturn 5:15 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 12:43 PM.

Sunday, December 4: This a pleasant day to meet people as the Aquarius Moon trines expansive Jupiter. Connect, collect, and extend oneself into new corners. We can feel a little lonely all by ourselves, so it furthers to feel part of the larger whole and bring our awareness to the big picture, the global condition.

Moon sextile the Sun 1:56 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 10:12 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 11:34 PM.

Monday, December 5: The day begins active and decisive as the Aquarius Moon conjuncts Mars and sextiles Uranus, but our feelings grow more sensitive, and our energy less pointed, towards the evening as the Moon enters intuitive Pisces. Don’t ask people to be rational, we may need to catch up on our emotional processing and let the feelings flow. It’s time to bring our vision and creativity to solve the problems close at hand, and hug one another.

Moon conjunct Mars 1:48 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 4:22 AM, Moon enters Pisces 9:30 PM.

Tuesday, December 6: We need to be honest about our feelings, but consider consequences carefully before taking action. Notice both an emotional surplus and a willingness to act (for better or worse, this can be lovely if we come from compassion, and really tricky if we come from more separatist feelings) as pro-active Mars sextiles urgent Uranus under a sensitive Pisces Moon.

Moon sextile Mercury 6:27 AM, Moon conjunct Neptune 2:34 PM, Mars sextile Uranus 8:29 PM.

Wednesday, December 7: Let’s get work done early, the rest of the day we may need to waft around and dither or discuss as the Pisces Moon makes no further aspects until it changes sign tomorrow morning. Decisions will need to be reconfirmed later, so use this time to complete, feel, and get background information.

Moon square Sun 2:02 AM 2:02 AM, Moon sextiles Pluto 2:50 AM, Moon square Saturn 7:05 AM, Venus enters Aquarius 7:51 AM.

Thursday, December 8: A fresh decisiveness, a new organizational capacity, but also a reactive mood seeps in this morning as the Moon enters the cardinal sign Aries. Our ideas may not jive with one another, so collaborate or take turns this morning and find a way to mediate confrontation this afternoon as the Moon squares Mercury. Dial down extra nervous energy. Don’t just disagree, get to the real issue.

Moon enters Aries 3:15 AM, Moon sextiles Venus 5:01 AM, Moon square Mercury 4:43 PM.

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Starcodes horoscopes for September 16 – 22, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

lunar eclipseLet an emotional high tide flow through as the weekend begins under a full moon lunar eclipse at 24 degrees of Pisces. It is followed by a flare of energy or determination and brings a potentially creative, decisive, though not necessarily wise, beginning of the week.

Eclipses can act like astrological acupuncture and unblock stuck energy, this one sensitizes us and helps us truly feel what we feel. And maybe feel what everyone else feels as well, as our psychic boundaries can feel unusually permeable. With the Sun and Mercury radiating Virgo work ethics we may feel the pressure to stay efficiently busy, but the rest of the aspects ask us to stay in our hearts. Honestly, everything will move faster if we slow down and pace ourselves.

The week arcs through sensitive perception, followed by action and a restless heart, and this can play out in many ways. Be gentle with sensitive feelings now, or later, under this weekend’s energy surge triggered as Mars trines Uranus and Eris under a fiery Aries Moon, tempers will flare. Revolutions will foment. Emergencies and tremors shake us up. Payback can be quick and difficult, and relationships could hit rough waters in response, so let’s not go there.

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On the other hand, if we daydream and visualize under this sensitive Pisces eclipse, we can then boldly explore new possibilities or start building our vision and turn this weekend’s surge onto positive action. Get it done it, fix it, find it, build it, and then find tune the creative process early next week as Venus opposes Uranus under a cuddly Taurus Moon. And then correct, adjust or refine it once more when Mercury turns direct at the end of the week.

Now all this activity, and the care needed prevent a sensitive, squishy spell from mutating into a fight when the tide turns, can be unusually tricky with Mercury retrograde through Wednesday. Mercury is retrograde in its own sign of Virgo, which intensifies the retrograde pattern and can bring in more delays, minor mishaps, miscues, and missed connections, as well as make us unusually hard on ourselves when we feel we’ve messed up. But it may also help keep numerous retrograde follies to a more manageable size or bring in the brains we need to wing it spontaneously when plans fail. It helps to laugh.

On Wednesday, Mercury stations and turns direct and asks us to take a deep breath before we begin to unwind, straighten out, and fly right. The fall equinox on Thursday can bring a new sense of balance. Fall begins, and the road unwinds before us.

Friday, September 16: We may need to sleep in this morning, our dreams follow us into the day. The mood is sensitive and quickly, all our nerve endings can feel raw and aware, and life so full of little glitches. Help one another feel safe, heard; laugh together. Talk it all over, process and analyze feelings, but don’t take action on them until the dust settles next week. The eclipse early afternoon may reveal a truth or just leave us puddled. We get excited or reactive as the Moon enters Aries and Mars trines Uranus tonight.

Moon opposite Mercury 1:45 AM, Moon square Mars 11:16 AM, full Moon lunar eclipse 1:05 PM, Mars trine Eris 4:12 PM, Moon enters Aries 10:22 PM.

Saturday, September 17: We have the energy for a real adventure today. A chance to try something new, explore, meet new people, or build. Better we channel a restless feistiness into a good form or it can fuel irritable sparks. Our impulse control can be low, mistakes are easily made, so don’t blow up the wrong car. Building something can be satisfying, but let’s move slowly, measure three times, and prioritize safety.

Mars trine Uranus 1:04 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 1:06 AM, Moon trine Saturn 3:54 PM, Moon square Pluto 10:38 PM.

Sunday, September 18: We may crave a change of scenery as Venus opposes Uranus. It’s a wonderful day to talk to strangers and buy art, but keep an eye on that aesthetic restlessness, because our judgement may not be as strong as our curiosity. Keep receipts and consider not coloring hair or choosing paint color for the house. As Venus sextiles Mars over the next two days, keep eyes open for new connections and opportunities for camaraderie.

Venus opposed Uranus 2:05 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 12:31 PM, Moon opposed Venus 1:29 PM, Moon trine Mars 2:10 PM, Moon enter Taurus 6:50 PM.

Monday, September 19: Repair problems and discuss possibilities; plant seeds on fertile ground as the Moon forms a grand trine with Pluto and Mercury in Earth signs, while Venus in Libra trines Mars in Sagittarius. Go deep, get real, and stay on target with long-term plans instead of getting caught up in short-term reaction. Just know that plans make now will need to be revisited in the weeks ahead. Enjoy a juicy flirtatious energy, find new sparks in old friendships.

Venus sextile Mars 5:52 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 3:25 PM, Moon trine Pluto 11:10 PM, Moon trine Mercury 11:31 PM.

Tuesday, September 20: Do the research today as Mercury trines Pluto. Get the ducks in a row, details in line, find the information needed. The conversation deepens because we notice the leaves turning and our hearts longing.

Moon sextile Chiron 11:49 AM, Mercury trine Pluto 7:25 PM, Sun trine the Moon 9:32 PM, Moon enters Gemini 11:52 PM.

Wednesday, September 21: Like a dog settling into a nest, everything spins and stays in the same place. Patients furthers. Allow a lot of extra time, confirm all reservations and check for glitches as Mercury stations under a Mercury-ruled Gemini Moon. Confusion deepens this afternoon as the Moon squares Neptune and opposes Saturn; drift away, but drift in a safe place. Deal with last-minute changes in plans; they may be an improvement. Exercise one’s best judgment all day long.

Moon trine Jupiter 4:07 AM, Moon square Neptune 4:42 PM, Moon opposed Saturn 6:13 PM, Mercury stations and turns direct 11:30 PM.

Thursday, September 22: Doors begin to open and pressure equalizes though our nerves are still a bit frayed and impatient. Fall begins as the Sun enters Libra at 8:21 AM MDT. Mercury is still slow, so let’s take our time as we fix the glitches and mistakes, catch up, and straighten out interpersonal misunderstandings. Wait a few days to launch proposals.

Moon square Mercury 12:37 AM, the Sun enters Libra 8:21 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 3:11 PM, Moon opposed Mars 9:53 PM.

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Starcodes horoscopes for September 2 – 8, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

This is a Labor Day weekend to relax, not labor. The astrological conditions are lousy for industrious efficient precision but lovely for introspection, reconnecting with old friends, helping, healing, analyzing woes and discussing what makes the world fair and lovely. It’s time to listen to our soul and share our thoughts. It’s time to listen to the dragonfly hover over the pond or dove coo in the corner park.

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As the weekend begins the Sun opposes confusing, drifting Neptune, which can leave us feeling fuzzy, foggy, waterlogged, or just painfully aware of factors which challenge our decisions. Sloppy or foggy conditions, misunderstandings abound, so does a perfectly healthy desire to escape for the weekend. Drift away, but be careful around potential water damage, storms, fossil fuels, or awkward alcohol consumption, all Neptunian dangers.

A friendly and fair Libra Moon conjunct sociable Venus helps us relax and connect with one another over the weekend, but won’t help us get to work. To help the busy Virgo work ethic relax it helps to see connecting and renewing, as well as artistic creation, as a form of soul work.

On Monday, Labor Day the Scorpio Moon can bring us new focus for our work, though it can also bring out an irascible element. Let’s plan our picnics over the weekend, take Monday to do exactly what we want, and keep the social obligations minimal, as we can get a little snarky at the softball game. This Scorpio intensity helps us focus on our work Tuesday and Wednesday as the Sun trines intense Pluto and demands attention to the real issues of our life. We can stand back, and get better perspective under Thursday’s Sagittarius Moon.

Throughout the week we may notice a strangely subdued, self-conscious streak stemming from the Sun, Mercury retrograde and Jupiter all now in thoughtful Virgo, and all beautifully visible together to the west just after Sunset. Virgo’s symbol is a woman holding a sheaf of wheat, from back in the day when our daily bread meant life. She represents the capacity to sorts seed from chaff, to discern the difference between sacred nutrient and waste.

While this skill can be powerfully productive, this editorial process can hurt when we turn it inwards on ourselves or turn it towards those we love. It’s a good week to truly introspect, but let’s not get too hard on ourselves, and be kind to ourselves if we feel unusually cautious about taking risk and stepping forward. Let’s give extra encouragement to students who are off to meet a classroom full of new people under this Virgo line-up, and lean in on the wonderful Virgoan capacity for empathic kindness.

Patience will be more than a virtue this week as Mercury is retrograde and in its own sign of Virgo. While this retrograde brings a wonderful time to review, edit, renew, and pick up old work where we left off, let’s keep a five second lead on our critical edge. Keep track of small, easily lost but essential items. And put safety first in all transportation matters.

Be particularly careful about misunderstandings around offers to help. Before we bring supplies down to a charity, find out if we are bringing what they actually need. Before we share that brilliant critique or helpful suggestion to child or mate, let’s ask if it will just irritate others or will it actually improve the situation. And before we snap at a relative for their helpful suggestions, let’s think about their motivation. And as with all Mercury retrograde times, if tension does arise, let’s assume it’s a misunderstanding, and listen for the truth underneath.

Friday, September 2: The energy may be low, the mood confusing though potentially optimistic as the Sun opposed Neptune. Our efforts drift. We can’t see clearly, people may believe our stories, but it’s harder to see what is real and true. Dream away, engage imagination and intuition, but just check facts again in the coming days. Tonight, notice a beautiful Moon-Jupiter- Mercury conjunction, and let in its healing power of camaraderie.

Sun opposed Neptune 10:37 AM, Mercury conjunct Jupiter 11:17 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury 3:59 PM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 4:12 PM, Moon enters Libra 6:55 PM.

Saturday, September 3: Morning is potentially gentle, but we may be averse to hurry or hard manual labor; keep the agenda loose and trust the body if it needs to relax and rest up. We may not be particularly realistic, be easily bamboozled by our hopes and fears, or fall in love with a beautiful antique and be deluded about its actual worth. Avoid unnecessary major purchases, let memories simmer up in a constructive and healing way. Engage creativity to listen to the soul’s progress.

Moon conjunct Venus 5:29 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 12:55 PM.

Sunday, September 4: We have more energy to wrestle with our fate this morning, may want to sink our teeth into a project or debate our future. Listen to the oracles, pay attention to auspicious conversations. Tonight a restlessness can send us out and about or encourage us to make a fresh new year’s resolution for the year ahead.

Moon square Pluto 12:39 AM, Moon sextile Mars 2:12 AM, Moon opposite Uranus 6:30 PM,

Monday, September 5: Let’s give our intensity something to focus upon, some project, research, a positive obsession, otherwise we can just start poking and digging inappropriately and hurt each other accidentally. Misunderstandings abound and activities may have trouble building momentum. If somebody appears to be in a bad mood, just let them have some time alone. Solitude may be essential to hit the reset button for the busy weeks ahead.

Moon enters Scorpio 6:38 AM.

Tuesday, September 6: Don’t say too much or try to debate; when things get muddy, our attempt to clarify may only stir the waters. Instead gather up loose ends, check in on progress and assess students. Gather information today. Get on the same page with others, not by discussing how, but by finding common goals and clarifying direction as the Sun trines Pluto.

Moon trine Neptune 3:54 AM, Moon sextile Sun 12:05 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 1:01 PM, Sun trine Pluto 11:19 PM.

Wednesday, September 7: Temporary restrictions may be helpful, so work within smaller boundaries to complete the work and create something solid. Renew old connections and ask for, or offer, mentorship as Venus sextiles Saturn. We can feel appreciation where we have built trust through our actions in the past. New information tonight informs our next steps.

Venus sextile Saturn 5:33 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 10:38 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 6:42 PM, Moon entered Sagittarius 7:19 PM.

Thursday, September 8: A streak of dark humor brings a lighthearted moment. This morning may can bring openings; new people, broach new subjects, feel a bit more brave and extroverted though we may not be particularly organized. It helps to take children and dogs on a run, and probably ourselves, before we have the concentration to sit still. Decisions are needed late this afternoon as the Moon conjunct Saturn, but keep them simple, practical, and localized.

Moon conjunct Saturn 4:06 PM, Moon square Neptune 4:20 PM, Moon sextile Venus 7:53 PM.

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