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Starcodes horoscopes for March 10 – 16, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

Use this week to prepare for the vibrant spring ahead. Let’s clean our flowerbeds and rake the yard, rake our emotional issues and political secrets out of the corners and send them to the compost. Clear the ground, study, restock, complete work of the mind, body, and soul.

If we’re honest with ourselves, we probably know what we need to do this coming season, if not exactly how or where. The recent Uranus-Mars aspects and eclipse series did its best to shake us loose, wake us up, and let us know what we need to deal with the next.

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Though this will probably be a busy week, we may feel that end of winter, Sun in Pisces, low energy, so let’s pace ourselves. Energizing Mars has just moved into steady Taurus which gives us more physical endurance than enthusiasm. Even though Venus retrograde in Aries keeps our hearts volatile we still need time to replenish in the dream world and let our psyches integrate all that’s been going on.

The Moon enters industrious Virgo for the weekend and reminds us to get our work done. Mental Mercury squares serious Saturn this weekend and lets our mind perseverate and worry a pattern which is compounded by a full Moon in introspective, edgy Virgo. Turn this mental activity towards learning, studying, solving a problem, or reading a complicated book to keep it from degenerating into anxiety. Use those mental muscles in a good way so they don’t just spin in circles.

When Mercury enters brash Aries on Monday a we’ll jump to conclusion more easily and grow more verbally impetuous, tweet first and think later. While this trait can be fun at the beginning of the week under a sociable generous Moon in Libra, on Wednesday the Moon enters more irascible, less charitable Scorpio and opposes Mars, and that lack of impulse control can sharpen spears. We can choose to be incisive, not mean.

Which takes us back to our gardening metaphor for advice on this last full week before spring begins. We need to stir the compost, clear the ground, and prepare, but we don’t need to blow up the garden. It is also important to see what is already growing in our life’s garden, from the seeds and bulbs already planted. Don’t just worry about the crops or fuss at unexpected vines strangling your tree, get on with the work at hand. Weed those problems and fertilize the healthy growth to be busy and nourished in this complicated year ahead.

Friday, March 10: Feel the pull to over-dramatize just to express what we feel this morning; acknowledge conflicting feelings without the soap opera. Midday, look for successful meetings that promote dynamic change as the Moon forms a grand trine with Uranus and Saturn. Our energy begins to flag and our thoughts grow more serious as the Moon enters Virgo around 3 PM, we can get persnickety if we’re feeling overextended or worried, but a great conversation that lets us analyze and process will bring us back alive.

Moon trine Uranus 1:41 AM, Moon trine Saturn 10:05 AM, Moon enters Virgo 3:07 PM, Moon trine Mars 4:21 PM.

Saturday, March 11: The mood winds up and can leave us feeling overwhelmed by all the details as our minds try to encompass too many different threads, or while imagine worse case scenarios while the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune. And if we go there, we can take it out on one another as a way of dispersing anxiety. Or we can choose to drop beneath this mental static and open our empathy and compassion for one another, learn a new concept or take on one project at a time and feel like we’re getting somewhere. It’s up to us which side of this Virgo nerviness we exercise.

Moon opposed Neptune 1:07 PM.

Sunday, March 12: Our minds and guts can bunch up in a knot unless we give them something worthy to chew upon as Mercury squares Saturn under the Full Moon in Virgo. But if we do, the internal wheels can grind efficiently, and we begin to put pieces together to grow our understanding. Transportation delays can add to a low-level frustration, so keep the schedule loose, and keep one another informed. We take communication seriously, as a culture we may be holding the press accountable and investigating all forms of information exchange. We have access to strategic thinking but can get cranky if we’re overtired. Late evening smooths out as the Moon enters Libra.

Moon trine Pluto 1:56 AM, Mercury square Saturn 6:09 AM, Moon opposed son 8:53 AM, Moon square Saturn 6:24 PM, Moon opposed Mercury 8:36 PM, Moon enters Libra 11:28 PM.

Monday, March 13: It can be a relief to get back to work this morning after a complicated weekend People need a little tender loving care and reassurance; do not tap dance on their insecurities. Our minds speed up and the filters may come off our conversation as Mercury enters Aries and injects cosmic caffeine later in the day. If we feel a longing, let’s ask what do they symbolize life and how much we want that within us in our hearts. Rather than become demanding tonight, let’s ask what our longing symbolize.

Mercury enters Aries 3:07 PM, Moon opposes Venus 8:41 PM

Tuesday, March 14: Relationships come to the forefront, some event can trigger our realization of who’s precious and who’s full of it, which allows us to sort and process. Though we may feel someone that we need someone more than we actually do. Look for an opportunity to open up this afternoon as the Moon conjunct Jupiter, watch this conjunction rise as the Sun sets and let it soothe the heart.

Moon square Pluto 11:51 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 3:51 PM, Moon opposed Uranus 7:04 PM.

Wednesday, March 15: It will stabilize us to focus on logistics this pragmatically efficient but emotionally stormy day as the Moon enters serious Scorpio this morning and opposes volatile Mars this afternoon. That outspoken Mercury in Aries can grow claws, and anything we say can come out sharper than we intend. Our impulse control is down, our verbal filter is thin, but we can concentrate or obsess. Investigate, write invective, write political commentary, advocate for what’s needed, but consider avoiding crowded intersections and emotionally demanding situations. Walk away from unnecessary confrontations.

Moon sextile Saturn 4:05 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 9:10 AM, Moon opposed Mars 5:37 PM.

Thursday, March 16: Let’s pace ourselves and restore physical reserves that have been recently burnt up. Our energy can swirl inwards even though our mind is racing ahead. If people are guarded, prickly, don’t take it personally. We need our shields while our intuition is so strong: listen in subtle ways to the body, to beloveds. Listen to sudden hunches about work, and follow up with fact-finding.

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Starcodes horoscopes for October 7 – 13, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

Is it fair, is it true, is it beautiful? Thoughtful Mercury enters Venusian-ruled Libra, the sign of egalitarian relationships, proportion and beautiful justice, conjuncts expansive Jupiter, and asks those tough questions. Golden leaf–filtered autumn light over a dappled stream may be those things, but no so most acts of human kind. We can do better.

So let’s ask what we can do, in all fairness to help the world. Mercury conjunct Jupiter also brings our minds to bounty and excess. Everything may just seem too much. We can expect some wonderful over the top displays on this coming Indigenous People’s day, apple harvest festivals or hot air balloon festivals. But we also see the excess of the wind and rain in the storms pounding the southeast. Looking at the drowned fields and towns of Haiti let’s ask how can we share our bounty in a good way.

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As the weekend begins the Moon enters industrious Capricorn and asked us to get on a roll cleaning up after a hurricane or with our autumnal chores.  We may be aware of danger or loss at a distance as the Sun squares Pluto; though it may not affect us directly, it can help us let go of trivial differences and prioritize our efforts.

Our long-term plans may have shifted under this fall’s changing aspects, and the new blueprints need our attention now. So let’s organize at work, and tend to structural issues around the house, and lay in good foundations for those new efforts.

Early next week our minds lift and our conversation expands as thoughtful Mercury conjuncts expansive Jupiter, which we might be able to see in the East just before sunrise. We can relax and enjoy this energetic opening, or we can reach out through the open doors and pursue fresh opportunities.

Underneath this temporary extroverted moment runs introverted undercurrents. We may need more time alone or with our closest friends with Venus now in intense and inward-looking Scorpio and Mars in ambitious, self-contained Capricorn.  Venus in moody, spelunking Scorpio and Mars in determined, ambitious Capricorn continues to stir the depths of our psyche and require we spend time alone or pursuing an interior journey. Our long term plans may have shifted this fall, and the new version need time and attention.

A more sensitive and personal atmosphere arises as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces on Wednesday. Our dreams walk with us into our days. We can hurt feelings accidentally, but if we do, may feel a sharp backlash on Thursday as vocal Mercury squares feisty Mars and sharpens our temper. The debate thickens, it’s up to us to make it a constructive debate.

Friday, October 7: Early in the morning we want to see things from a lovelier and less argumentative approach, but may be deeply discouraged by events or people that take friendliness as a sign of softness. Watch out for power struggles as the Sun squares Pluto. But do tend to urgent and mortal matters; real life and death issues call for attention, but don’t mistake small glitches as a mortal problem just because we can feel an underlying sense of urgency. Afternoon grows in competence as the Moon enters determined Capricorn. Tonight our minds want to debate more than our hearts may like.

Moon trine Uranus 12:25 AM, Mercury enters Libra 1:55 AM, Sun square Pluto 1:33 PM, Moon enters Capricorn 2:39 PM, Moon squares Mercury 4:39 PM.

Saturday, October 8: Early morning impatience asks us to get up and get on those chores. It will be hard to sit still, we can get controlling or overly determined and directive about what we think needs to be done. Use the competent, driving Moon conjunct Mars and Pluto to work through the fall chore list, but stay aware of human needs throughout.Tonight we can get at the root problem, come to some new understanding if we look for an answer rather than hold on to the problem.

Moon square Jupiter 2:55 AM, Moon conjunct Mars 5:18 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 9:45 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 7:56 PM, Moon square the Sun 10:32 PM.

Sunday, October 9: Mood swings are likely early this morning, we may feel loving but discouraged or feel overwhelmed by the work that needs to be done or by a more philosophical weariness, the way we see the world heading. We may feel discontent but want to avoid an argument. A change of scene can offer fresh perspective midday, a willingness to experiment past our comfort zone can help us find a different solution as the Moon squares Uranus.

Moon sextile Venus for 10 AM, Moon square Uranus 10:50 AM.

Monday, October 10: Feel a more spacious quality, doors open; do we want to step through? We could just relax and space out after a bus weekend, or we can use today’s sociable Aquarius Moon trine Mercury and Jupiter (all in air signs) to broach new communications projects, reach out, network, meet and help people get on the same page. Arguments will not work today, but negotiation with everybody’s best interest in mind will.

Moon enters Aquarius 12:32 AM, Moon trine Mercury 11:07 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 1:40 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 11:27 PM.

Tuesday, October 11: A mind-opening, opportunity-creating Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Libra extends that passive open door. We can just enjoy the breeze, or we can step through and make the most of opportunities. Offer olive branches as Mars sextiles Neptune and helps us release old angers and stimulates our intuition. Artwork, all creative processes can flourish today if we build up momentum through our efforts.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter 3:45 AM, moon trine Sun 10:58 AM, Mars sextile Neptune 11:03 AM, Moon square Venus 5:15 PM, Moon se tile Uranus 5:48 PM.

Wednesday, October 12: Emotions awash, feelings of float as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces and conjunct Neptune this morning. We can waffle through the day. Feelings flow, liquids can be tricky. Look for tears, leaks, and floods, let them flow, but look for the root problem. Do not push people towards specific competence, it will be like pushing noodles through a keyhole.

Moon enters Pisces 6:42 AM, Moon conjunct Neptune 11:55 AM.

Thursday, October 13: Responsibilities lean in this morning, let’s not be discouraged, but just tend to them even if we’d rather be daydreaming. Something asks us to own up to our age, to water under the bridge, but we’ll feel younger later in the day. Mercury squares Mars this afternoon for a sharp edged more competitive debate and potential accident-prone quality midafternoon. Count to five and work with impulse control.

Moon sextile Mars 1:10 AM, Moon square Saturn 4:18 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 8:20 AM.

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Starcodes horoscopes for September 30 – October 6, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

Tonight’s New Moon in Libra gives us the opportunity to return to our heart. New Moons are like dawn, a chance to start over and start a new cycle. This new Moon also conjuncts expansive, freedom-seeking Jupiter and asks us to start new, more expansive ways of relating to one another.

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Libra is the sign of the scales and reminds us that peace, beauty, and happiness is found through proportion and dynamic balance, through social justice and fairness in relationship. Most important, it reminds us to get our soul in right relationship with creation/creator. The Libra motto is the golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

This is a particularly powerful concept while the electrifying planet Uranus is exactly conjunct the distant dwarf-planet Eris, named after the Greek goddess of strife and discord, which is both larger and further out than Pluto and takes 558 years to orbit the sun. Uranus conjunct Eris exactly last June during the Orlando nightclub massacre, then retrograde back to conjunct Eris again last week and this at 23 degrees Aries (conjunct 9/5-10/3, and 2/20-3/7 though close, within 2 degrees, from June 2016 through spring 2017). As we feel this volatility percolating again in recent events it’s important to work with the medicine of this New Moon in Libra and hold justice, mutual respect, and peace in our hearts, and act for it in our daily life, during this Uranus-Eris conjunction.

Mars, which symbolizes how much emotional fuel flies around and the nature of how we lust and argue, has just entered Capricorn where it is exalted (unusually strong), increasing our ambition and determination. This helps us this energizes any ambition and brings strategy to our plans. It can also bring great determination to our anger and frustration, fuel all debates whether presidential or over the backyard fence, and make it harder to back down once we’re engaged. If we feel we’re moving towards what is fair and beautiful, it will support it with unusual energy and competence. If our emotions start to avalanche downwards we can pursue that with equal determination, so let’s be careful where we put our consciousness direct this determined energy.

This weekend’s Libra Moon can be a delightfully sociable time, we’d rather be a lover and not a fighter; we don’t want confrontation but if we do go there will do it with our righteousness. Libra is ruled by Venus, now trine Neptune in water signs (Scorpio and Pisces, respectively). Over the weekend this Venus-Neptune trine loans us idealism, deep intuitive connection with our beloveds, it can feed our creative nature and fill us with imaginative images or help us connect with beloveds on the other side of the veil. Or it can inflate our ability to get lost in our imaginations and our hope and fears and turn up the volume on anything that we feel. We may feel flooded with emotions. Or just flooded.

The Scorpio Moon from Sunday evening through Tuesday intensifies our response and hones our perceptions. Watch an obsessive streak, and obsess creatively.

Tuesday is a good day to set business practices in place or reorganize our systems as ask for justice as the Sun sextiles Saturn. The Sagittarius Moon on Wednesday and Thursday and brings us into action, Mars squares Jupiter and intensifies a sense of competition; we can get grim with this or have fun, it’s our choice. We may also feel a strong urge to speak up and tell the truth, but let’s check to see if our concept is really truthful or is it selectively chosen truthiness to support our position, as it can be hard to be objective right now because we care so much. It will further to be out and about and walk it out if were trying to make decisions or get our horses all in one moving in the same direction.

Friday, September 30: After a cranky or indignant spell with tricky timing this morning as the Moon squares Mars, it’s a beautiful day to reassess our relationships, allies, partnerships of all types. Tonight, a new Moon conjunct Jupiter symbolizes a new chapter. Relax and let it in.

The Moon enters Libra 3:52 AM, Moon square Mars 7:58 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 12:53 PM, Moon conjunct Sun 8:11 PM.

Saturday, October 1: Morning brings a melancholic streak and softens our heart as Venus trines Neptune, though we can get lost in a world of our imaginings. Be gentle with one another, harsh edges scrape on tender nerves.

Moon sextile Saturn 2:55 AM, Moon squares Pluto 9:29 AM, Venus trine’s Neptune 1:13 PM, Mercury opposed Chiron 11:22 PM

Sunday, October 2: Pour on the mutual respect and caring to manage early tension. Avoid the tendency to lash out if hurt, think consequences through carefully and invite people to a better way of handling the situation.

Moon opposed Uranus and Eris 1:42 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 3:42 PM, Moon sextile Mars 11:27 PM.

Monday, October 3: Balance a strong emotional torque as the Moon conjuncts Venus in Scorpio. Stay in the present; trouble arises if we run after our hopes and fears.

Moon trine Neptune 11:33 AM, Moon conjunct Venus for 50 7 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 9:54 PM.

Tuesday, October 4: Let’s use our focus wisely today; we can work our way out of a hole and find constructive answers as the Sun sextile Saturn. Organize. Plans made now will tend to stick.

Sun sextiles Saturn 12:58 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 9:04 PM.

Wednesday, October 5: The Moon enters restless Sagittarius and brings a hopeful note. Our emotional responses and our competitive streak deepen but we can compete against our personal best and pour this into self-improvement. If a pillow or street fight starts, it goes until the last feather.

Moon enter Sagittarius 4:26 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 3:55 PM, Venus sextile Pluto 5:22 PM, Moon Mars square Jupiter 5:44 PM.

Thursday, October 6: The Sagittarius Moon adds a twinkle to our eyes and increases our willingness to innovate. A competent buzz supports our work early on, we’re more cooperative later, as long as our boundaries are respected. Speak truth; the less emotional torque and more clear facts, the more effective the words.

Moon conjunct Saturn 2:43 AM, Moon sextile Sun, 6:01 am.

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Starcodes horoscopes for September 23 – 29, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

Autumn falls in like a floating orange-mottled leaf. Mercury has just turned direct and our communications can now begin to pick up momentum. The Sun in friendly, socially conscious Libra, conjuncts Jupiter, expands our possibilities and opens our curiosity, and our work year can now really begin.

Since Mercury just turned direct yesterday we may have to spend time this week deal with recent problems, sorting misunderstandings, and getting a fresh momentum going. But over this next week we’ll be able to get some perspective and see farther ahead. If we had a minor victory during the last three weeks’ Mercury retrograde, now we need to follow it up with concrete efforts and make it permanent.

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But all is not light and sunlight, though we can now get on a roll. Mars is out of bounds (north or south of the area usually traversed by the Sun), and when a planet is out of bounds, its influence gets wonky. Venus leaves friendly Libra, and enters Scorpio, a place that brings up our more passionate and intense feelings, our deeper resentment and longing. Venus in Scorpio has elephant-like qualities: it encourages us to never forget. We may become less interested in taking emotional risk, and even more private about our inner workings. And even more outraged by emotional wrongs.

Now with Mercury turning direct, and the Sun conjunct Jupiter, we may get a green light, but so do our competitors and our arch nemesis, if we have one. The world gets busy. If we work with the stars, we’ll busily make it a more interesting, fair, lovely and equitable place. But some folks will just get busy.

The weekend begins under a cozy Cancer Moon. Mercury trines Pluto, an investigative aspect that takes our mind down to look under rocks. We want to dig deep and understand, give our minds something to chew upon. We can become detectives and solve problems or find lost items or animals. Or just find a nosey, gossipy streak in the press and neighbors, but we don’t have to participate. It’s a deeply psychological aspect, we’re more willing to look at the machinations of the human mind, ours included.

A more outgoing Leo Moon on Sunday gets us out of the house, we can finally feel the winds shifting and possibilities opening through Monday. Pluto turns direct on Monday, and some energy becomes unblocked, for better or worse. We can suddenly see how power has been misused, and need to correct a problem.

Uranus conjuncts the dwarf planet Eris last week, this one, and next, peaking this Sunday, which ads power to this explosion. This is a particularly powerful concept while the electrifying planet Uranus is exactly conjunct the distant dwarf-planet Eris, named after the Greek goddess of strife and discord, which is both larger and further out than Pluto. Uranus conjunct Eris (think powerful discord, or strife over the use of power) exactly last June/July- during the Orlando nightclub massacre and as Philando Castile was shot by police on camera. Uranus then moved past it, retrograded and is now conjunct Eris again., 9/5-10/3, and will once more as it turns direct, on 2/20-3/7. (I would love to hear from therapists and self-explorers if this aspect is resonating in people’s personal empowerment dynamics).

We can feel this volatility percolating again in recent events, so it’s important to work with the medicine of this New Moon in Libra and hold justice, mutual respect, and peace in our hearts, and act for it in our daily life, during this Uranus-Eris conjunction.

Tuesday the energy can begin to even out. Wednesday Mars enters Capricorn, and adds determination and endurance to all our plans, for better or for worse.

Friday, September 23: The mood is curious deep, ready, but our sense of humor may feel a bit threadbare. We begin to know what we need, our minds may clear and our feelings intensify. Evening brings an emotional fuzziness and over-sensitivity as the Cancer Moon trines Neptune, we can feel a concern for the world and think it is for ourselves.

Moon trine Venus 1:56 AM, Moon enters cancer 2:33 AM, Mercury trine Pluto 2:51 PM, Moon square 3:56 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 7:48 AM, Venus enters Scorpio 8:50 AM, Moon trine Neptune 8:05 PM.

Saturday, September 24: We may wake up with a worry, but the day unfolds easily, if at a slower pace than we’d like, and with a wave of shyness. Revelations help this afternoon. A static can build tonight; most of us will be safe and cozy, but a few places in the world spark tension. Feed the peaceful thoughts and helpful energy.

Moon opposed Pluto 4:42 AM, Moon Sextile Mercury 5:15 AM, Moon square Uranus 7:41 PM.

Sunday, September 25: We need to take care of ourselves this morning- we are not being narcissist, (most of us) but need to check in and making sure we are on track, refilling our wells, and doing our own homework, or we will get irritable about other people’s demands this morning. Afternoon grow sweeter and more generous, but the world has a prickly, volatile edge underneath. Love one another.

Moon enters Leo 7:48 AM, Moon square Venus 12 6:36 PM, Moon Sextile Sun 1:33 PM, Moon Sextile Jupiter 2:13 PM, Uranus conjunct Eris 5:12 PM.

Monday, September 26: Where this are calm, it is a day to begin, the Sun conjuncts expansive Jupiter, as Pluto turns direct. We feel an opening, an unblocking, for better or for worse. Let’s catch a fresh wind in our sails.

Sun conjunct Jupiter 12:59 AM Moon trine Saturn 4:33 AM, Pluto turns direct 9:01 AM.

Tuesday, September 27: Contemplate and connect this morning. Get those dreams down on paper and outline the new proposal. We have work to do this afternoon, a new industriousness kicks in if we can stay strong through self-consciousness that discourages risks. Go for it as Mars enters industrious Capricorn under a thoughtful Virgo Moon.

Mars enters Capricorn 2:06 AM, Moon trine Uranus 2:52 AM, Moon enters Virgo 3:42 PM, Moon trine’s Mars 4:27 PM.

Wednesday, September 28: Momentary confusion percolates this morning as the Moon conjuncts Neptune, and it can slow us down, make us less efficient, but also help us check back in with our vision to make sure we are on track. It furthers to meditate, divine, or share a heartfelt moment.  A cranky competence returns this afternoon, followed by a thoughtful evening.

Moon sextile Venus 2:46 AM, Moon opposed Neptune 10:45 AM, Moon square Saturn1:41 PM, Moon trine Pluto 8:24 PM.

Thursday, September 29: Cycles end and begin; like a child’s tooth, old patterns are pushed out of the way by new growth. Do not identify will what is leaving, find the exciting new shoots within. In this discomfort, some people get cranky or fault-finding—but the details are not the real issue.

Moon conjunct Mercury 4:04 AM, Moon opposed Chiron 10:42 AM.

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