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The Fascinating – And Rare – World Of Spirit Artists

These Mediums Can Talk to Your Deceased Loved Ones and Draw Their Portrait as Well

by Mary Ann Bohrer

I have recently written a book about intuition and highly gifted psychics and mediums (which my agent is currently sharing with publishers) but I’ve never met anyone with the set of intuitive skills that Nancy Smith has. Nancy is a gifted psychic medium, and a trained graphic artist. During a reading with one of her clients, she can draw a perfect likeness of someone who has passed on. Although I have interviewed some of the most gifted intuitives in the world, I’ve never met anyone with the unique set of intuitive skills that Nancy has.  Spirit drawing is a rare talent.

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The portraits of deceased loved ones often astonish both Nancy and the person she’s reading. “When I start connecting with spirit during a reading, I’ll get a glimpse here and there of the shape of their face, and if they were heavy or if they were thin, but I don’t always get the whole image. I get the information as I draw – sometimes the pencil goes where it wants to go,” says Nancy. “I remember reading for somebody that I had never met before, and she lived way out West, so we had only contacted each other through email. During her reading, I drew her boyfriend, who was Asian – I had no idea that he was Asian before the reading. She was amazed, and I was amazed!”

Many times, the portrait Nancy is drawing during a reading is highly accurate and looks exactly like the deceased spirit she’s picking up on. “Sometimes I just get really quiet, because I have to focus and let the energy flow through me. And then the drawing presents itself,” Nancy explains. “And sometimes the drawing is just absolutely spot on – it looks exactly like the person I’m connected to. That always amazes me, because I’ve never seen a photograph of that person.”

But other times, the image might be of a different deceased loved one, or a composite of several different spirit energies, all collected together in one image.

“On some occasions, the client will say, ‘Oh, that’s not her, that’s not my grandmother. That’s my great aunt,’ or this other person,” says Nancy. “And I’ve even had instances where I’m bringing through multiple people in a reading, and the drawing ends up being be a composite of several loved ones who’ve passed on. In those cases, the client will say, ‘Oh, that’s my mother’s eyes,’ or ‘That’s my father’s mouth, that’s how my grandmother wore her hair, and that’s actually my grandfather’s nose,’ that kind of thing. When that happens, it’s really very wild!”

For all of her success with channeling images and drawing portraits of her clients’ deceased loved ones, Nancy occasionally will draw a portrait of someone her client does not recognize at all.

“Sometimes, if the client doesn’t immediately recognize the image I’ve drawn, I’ll have to tell them, ‘This is not a Kodak moment. I want you to take this drawing home, sit with it, and see who comes through for you.’ And I have to just trust that that spirit will reveal itself.  I’ve had people write me at a later time, and they say ‘I’ve been thinking about this, and I realize who this person is. It’s someone I knew earlier in my life, and I’m just amazed that she would show up now.’ So usually, I would say that about eighty to eighty-five percent of these unidentified portraits are eventually understood by the client. And that makes me really happy. But spirit drawing is not a perfect thing. You want it to be perfect, but it’s not.”

However, one of Nancy’s clients, Aimee Kent, did have a “Kodak moment” that she didn’t expect. Aimee had recently lost her mother to cancer, and she consulted a medium named Mariah to try to connect with her deceased mother. “Mariah told me that my mother was going to send my great grandmother to me soon,” said Aimee, who didn’t really know what that meant. A few months later, Aimee went to see Nancy and, during the reading, Aimee’s mother came through with messages for Aimee, but the portrait that Nancy was drawing was definitely not of her mother.

“Nancy was talking to me about my mom, but she was drawing somebody completely different, and I was kind of dumbfounded for a minute,” remembers Aimee. “And then the light went off in my head and I thought, ‘Oh my God, that is my great grandmother.’ So my mother did what she said that she was going to do after all. When I got home, I found the only picture that I have of my great grandmother, and that picture and Nancy’s drawing were absolutely identical. It was spot on…I was just blown away!”

While spirit drawing, or “psychic art” as it is sometimes called, may not always be 100 percent accurate, there are some highly gifted individuals who have become psychic art legends due to their uncanny ability to capture the exact image of a deceased loved one.

One of the most celebrated spirit artists is British medium Coral Polge, who traveled around the world giving lectures and demonstrating her gift of spirit drawing before large audiences. Polge, who wrote a book with Kay Hunter entitled Living Images: The Story of a Psychic Artist,” was dedicated to sharing the message that the soul lives on and survives after death. She helped comfort many bereaved people who were having difficulty after the death of a loved one, and her uncanny, accurate portraits of these deceased individuals amazed and delighted her clients and others who heard her speak.

Polge, with her amazing gift of psychic art, was revered by many people around the globe. After she died in England in April, 2001, her colleague, psychic medium, healer and author Stephen O’Brien wrote a tribute to her work in Psychic News: “She raised the spiritual awareness of her audiences. Huge crowds of people sat entranced as, from out of nowhere, their loved ones faces’ appeared again before their tearful eyes. Mourners were comforted; broken hearts were mended; and her delighted recipients were always thrilled with their sketches. Her mediumistic skills will be praised as highly as they will be missed. Coral Polge has earned her place as one of the twentieth century’s most outstanding psychic artists.”

Another pioneer in the field of psychic art was Frank Leah, who was born in Ireland in 1886 and who died in 1972. Leah was a trained portrait and landscape artist, and he also worked as an illustrator and art editor for a number of journals in Dublin, including the Weekly Freeman. Eventually, he moved to London and opened a studio, where he focused his attention on using his mediumship and psychic art abilities to connect people with their deceased loved ones.

In 1943, Paul Miller wrote a book about Leah entitled Faces of the Living Dead: The Amazing Psychic Art of Frank Leah. The book includes numerous examples of Leah’s highly accurate portraits of deceased individuals who “posed” for him during readings.  In the book, the spirit drawing is situated alongside the actual photograph of that person that was later given to Leah by the family of the deceased person. Due to the astonishing detail and accuracy of his spirit art portraits, Leah is considered to be one of the greatest psychic artists of all time.

With their unique gift, spirit artists offer clients a rare opportunity to connect with a loved one who has passed on – and to catch one last glimpse of their image in a beautiful and accurate portrait from the afterlife.  Nancy Smith is one of these rare and amazing people.

About the author:

Mary Ann Bohrer is a PR consultant and author of a new book about intuition, highly gifted intuitives and the power of our own inner voice. Mary Ann became an expert on intuitive ability after she held a press conference in New York City in April 1997 — one thousand days before the year 2000 — to promote a Millennium Clock in mid-town Manhattan that was counting down the days, minutes and seconds until the year 2000.  The event, which was called the Millennium Festival, featured 24 highly gifted psychics and mediums who shared their Millennium predictions with over 75 journalists who came to cover the event.  The press conference received national and global attention, and Mary Ann became friends with a number of the gifted intuitives who attended the event.  These friendships inspired Mary Ann to write her new book, which her literary agent is currently submitting to publishers. http://www.maryannbohrer.com/


Mediumship: A Complement to Traditional Grief Support

by Roger Hardnock

When a loved one passes on, we typically find comfort in the arms of family and friends, in support groups, through grief counseling, and in our place of worship. But what happens when our broken heart needs something deeper and more profound than those kind words and a sympathetic ear? What if we yearn for a greater sense of certainty—that our loved one really is free of pain, and actually at peace in that better place?

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During a session with an Evidential Medium, departed loved ones are given a channel by which to come back—in spirit. Through the medium, they share evidence that validates their presence, and give examples of how they are still present in our lives. They share personal messages that would otherwise never be heard. Most Evidential Mediums consider this work a divine calling—a sacred gift—to be able to offer relief to those who have lost someone dear: a parent, spouse, friend or even a child.

The following transcript comes from an actual mediumship session.

The image of a young boy appears out of the darkness behind my closed eyes; faint and delicate—like the residue of a dream. I speak into the phone that is held close to my ear and describe what is unfolding before me. “I see a boy wearing a baseball cap, running barefoot across a large, grassy lawn. He is happy and energetic, and I sense his love of baseball. Do you recognize this boy?”

“Yes,” the voice on the phone replies. “I know who you are talking about.”

The scene changes abruptly.

“There is a white farmhouse,” I say, “with a large covered porch, and steps that go right down into the grass.”

“Yes, that’s right,” the voice says. “That was his house.”

“There is a woman running out of the house,” I continue, “down the steps and across the lawn. She is screaming out in horror, but I can’t hear her voice. I feel her panic in my body though; something bad has happened.” Why is she running? I ask myself—feeling deeper for the answer. I see the boy again. He is no longer running, but standing in the grass, looking back at me. His hands are at his throat—then he lowers them slowly to his chest. A realization hits me—hard. I struggle to breathe—overcome by a feeling of sadness. “This boy died,” I say.

There is a pause on the line, then, “Yes.”

“He was young, only eight years old,” I say. “There was an accident.”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

I feel the emotions coming through the phone, but the grief is faded and distant—not what I expect. An inner knowing feeds me the answer. “But he didn’t die recently,” I say. “It has been a while.”

“Yes,” the voice confirms. “A while.”

I don’t ask for more. I know that it is my job to provide him with the evidence, not the other way around. I focus again on the boy, and ask him how he died. He doesn’t show me, exactly, but his hands return to his throat. I feel pressure in my own throat and down into my chest. I hear “water,” and then I know.

“He drowned,” I say.


“The woman running from the house—that was his mother,” I add. “She was trying to save him, but it was too late, right?”


The confirmations coming through the phone make it clear that the evidence I’m receiving is valid. I am connecting with a young boy who loved baseball, and who had drowned accidentally at the age of eight. And his passing was not recent. But my session with the man on the phone is not complete. I have solid evidence, but I know that this boy is not appearing before me only to provide proof of his presence, or to rehash the final, tragic moments of his young life. No, he has come forth to share a message to his family, and that is where my focus goes. Now, instead of “looking,” I begin to ask—and “listen.”

In my mind, I ask him to share a message, and I feel his energy lighten. He is no longer the boy that had drowned, but a light, energetic spirit that is now free of his physical body. He tells me that he loved his short life. He regrets that it was not longer, and that his passing has caused his mother and his family so much grief. He is very happy where he is now, and there was no pain in his passing. I share this word-for-word with the person on the phone, who listens quietly. I have no idea what he is thinking, but I sense that we are in the midst of very special connection.

The boy then says something that catches me off-guard. Even though I have learned over the years to not edit or hold back the messages I receive, this one seems insensitive to me, and I feel uncomfortable sharing it. I want to believe that I just interpreted it wrong. But that is not possible—I heard it, clear as day. His message was: “Tell everyone that I know how to swim now.” I take a nervous breath, share the message—and wait.

I learn that the man on the phone is the boy’s uncle. After a brief pause to gather his thoughts, he again validates the evidence I have given him, including those final words. He tells me that was exactly the way his nephew was; he was always joking and playing around, and nothing could cause him to lose his infectious sense of humor. He was eight years old when he drowned many years before. His mother saw him in the pool that day and rushed out to save him, but she was too late. My “sitter” then tells me how grateful he is to receive such convincing evidence, things that I could not possibly have known, and how he now believes that his nephew is not only around, but still his same playful, joking self.

As a complement to traditional grief support, experienced Evidential Mediums offer a service that is truly unique. The evidence and messages that come through make a mediumship session a wonderful place to find peace and healing.

A few weeks after the session above, I received an email from the young boy’s uncle. He told me that the previous weekend was the 20th anniversary of his nephew’s death, and the family had gathered in his memory. He shared with the family the details of our session. He told me how grateful they were to me for bringing Charlie through, and sharing his messages. The evidence had brought them greater peace, knowing that Charlie is still the same happy, fun-loving personality they all so fondly remember.

About the author:
Roger Hardnock is an internationally recognized psychic-medium. For more than 25 years he has shared his gift with others — by re-connecting them with their departed loved ones — who, although they have passed on from their physical forms, are still very much alive, happy and pain-free in their eternal, spiritual bodies. Http://www.rogerhardnock.com

Are Mediums Born or Made? Understanding Your Connection to the Spirit World

Jennifer Henryby Jennifer Henry

Life is eternal. We are not humans seeking a spiritual experience, rather, we are souls, or spirits, having a human experience. Our eternal state of being is that of everlasting divine consciousness. As spiritual beings, we are all connected, and therefore, we are always in communication with each other, and all of existence. Sometimes we are aware of this interconnectedness, and sometimes we are so steeped in our human experience that the illusion of separateness temporarily blinds us to the greater reality.

As human beings, we engage in life and communicate with others through our physical senses. We see each other, listen to each other, and we feel or sense each other. We also have a set of inner senses, which can be referred to as the “clairs.” The four main clairs are the vehicle for spirit communication. These clairs are inner or clear seeing, (clairvoyance), inner hearing (clairaudience), inner feeling or sensing (clairsentience), and inner knowing (claircognizance). It is through these inner senses that we communicate with spirit. As we expand and develop these innate abilities, we can receive impressions, or messages, from deceased loved ones, guides, angels and teachers in the spirit world.

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As humans, we live in three dimensional reality, which is a denser and slower vibration than that of the spirit world. Jesus said, ‘In my Father’s house are many mansions.” What Jesus meant was that there are many places, both spiritual and physical, for the soul to reside. The spirit world is all around us, it is not somewhere else. It just vibrates at a much faster speed, so we have no awareness of it with our physical senses. Just as the blades of a fan can be seen when the fan is at rest, as the blades move faster and faster, we cannot see them, even though they are still there.

The wavelength through which spirit communication happens, is love. Love is not only the common denominator for all of existence, it is the only constant, and it is our essence. As humans, temporarily residing in these physical bodies, we can raise our vibration to higher and higher states of love. As we do this, we reach the vibrational frequency of higher dimensions where spirit people reside. In this receptive state of love, our minds are “impressed” with messages, pictures and feelings. These impressions are the way spirit people communicate with us. Since we all have inner senses, and we all vibrate a loving frequency, we can all potentially communicate with spirit, and can therefore all become “mediums,” or a bridge between the physical and the spiritual worlds.

This capacity for mediumship is inherent within all of us. Let’s compare this mediumistic potential to that of a voice box. We all have a built in mechanism that allows us to sing. Some of us are born with highly developed natural skills, and we can see that with children who come in with an amazing genius for a musical instrument or singing. Some of us can scarcely carry a note and only sing in the shower. The point is, we all have this potential. We all have a voice box. With proper training, and a sincere dedication to develop, we can all learn to sing.

If the desire is there, our channel to the spirit world begins to open. We can all develop this ability. Some of us may never become master opera performers, but we can all learn to sing. We can all learn to communicate with spirit.

About the author:

Jennifer Henry comes form a family of gifted psychics. She is certified in Mediumship and Medical Intuition, and has been offering spiritual readings worldwide since 1987. Jennifer is the founder of the University of Light, offering classes and mentorships in psychic development. www.MyUniversityofLight.com


Messages from the departed – 53% of bereaved receive them

“The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth” Radio Show is a new program that offers a unique insight into their featured guests. The hour long show (which debuted on BlogTalkRadio on February 27, 2014) presents in depth interview on a person considered ahead of their time that is then followed with analysis by four experts that include: Psychic Mediums Kerrie O’Connor & Lisa Caza, Past Life Reader Laura Lyn, and Astrologer Constance Stellas.

“It’s a comprehensive soul analysis and an exploration of consciousness. We’re delving into deep aspects of a person’s spirit and I feel we’re gaining a treasure trove of interesting & use information not only about the people themselves but, about humanity as a whole.” Said Ryan McCormick who serves as both Host & Executive Producer. “Those who appear on the show are not only fascinating people but, I think all of them are great teachers whether they realize it or not.”

McCormick says that guests who appear on the program often think, act, and believe differently than others. Many are pioneers, over achievers, and self-made successes. Some of the guests thus far have included: Gerald Celente, Publisher of The Trends Journal; Etheric Energy Healer Khris Krepcik; Economist & Author Darryl Schoon; and Metaphysical Teacher & Author Teal Swan. Future show guests might include: Jim Carrey, Mark Messier, Angelina Jolie, Shigeru Miyamoto, John Cusak, Mark Cuban, and others.

After each interview is complete, the pre-recording is separately distributed to the shows’ “Virtues” comprised of O’Connor, Caza, Lyn, and Stellas. Each of them then speaks to McCormick and unveils what they uncovered during their analysis.

Stellas’ comprehensive astrological (natal) chart readings reveal positions of the sun, moon, earth and planets at the time of the person’s birth. This information can garner insight about personally, character qualities, life’s purpose, and tenable challenges. Lyn (also a psychic medium) taps into the essence of an individuals soul to reveal what other lifetimes they have had on earth and how aspects of those previous lifetimes are relevant to their current one. O’Connor & Caza utilize their abilities to see non-physical realities, energies & conscious beings to reveal a snapshot on the individual’s current life trajectory. They also reveal what departed ancestors, friends and spirit guides from the other-side that might be currently helping or influencing them in this life.

“One of the most shocking moments on the show occurred when we learned that two of our featured guests were Nostradamus and Jean Aimé, Nostradamus’ secretary. We’ve also had instances where the Virtues have revealed identical information about guests in their past lives & elements of their soul’s purpose. It’s pretty amazing when you consider the interviews were done separately and the information was not on public record.” Said McCormick. “Kerrie, Laura, Lisa, and Constance have incredible abilities. They are the best in the world at what they do and it’s a great honor to be working with all of them.”

“The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth isn’t just about being a reference for those searching for answers, inner truth and spiritual awareness. Nor is it just about delving into the lives, minds and spirits of the special guests that we have each week. It is also about showing us, no matter where we might be or who we are, that we ALL are spiritual beings experiencing a human existence; and that we all have our own unique journeys to our inner truths.” Said Psychic Lisa Caza.

Other characteristics of The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth Radio Show that define it’s originality is that the show is not host-personality driven, it is timeless, and was created primarily to be appreciated by future generations of human beings. While OLIT focuses on metaphysical & conscious exploration, McCormick says that the show is not an alternative or rebuke to science.

“Science is highly relevant although I’m not sure why some people who are scientific minded feel the need to disprove mysticism and why some people who are mystic-minded feel the need to push off science. Both Science & Mysticism offer distinct & unique tools to garner a perception. Who knows what humanity could discover if they accepted the relevancy of both and fully utilized both. We like to think of our show as embracing the science of mysticism.”

While the Outer Limits Of Inner Truth Radio Show hopes to engage & peak interest in as many people as possible, it will stick to it’s one word winning formula: fun.

“Everyone on the show has a great time. It’s a fun experience and we look forward to exploring more lives and more aspects of human consciousness. We all feel we’re putting the pieces together to some big puzzle but, it’s irrelevant what that puzzle actually is. We’re just going to enjoy the process.” Said McCorrmick.

While The Outer Limits Radio Show is currently featured on BlogTalkRadio, it is available for syndication at interested radio stations & networks.

To learn more about The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth Radio Show please visit (www.outerlimitsradio.com).