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Mayan Calendar “Dawning of a New Age” Celebrate 12/21/12

By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

According to many legends and belief systems the world, as we know it, has an end date. Many of these days have come and gone, yet the upcoming end of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012 has caused much worry and concern. It is said on this date that the Great Universal Cycle will end and another will begin. Rather than focus on fear, let’s use this opportunity to celebrate the Dawning of a New Spiritual Age

On this date, please join us at Shooting For The Moon (SFTM) Spiritual Development Center, Snydersville, PA at 7 pm to celebrate the Dawn of a New Spiritual Age (http://www.shootingforthemoon.com/home.html).

Wherever you may be, or if you are unable to personally attend, please join us in spirit from your home, car and recite this ‘Prayer for the New Age’ or another personal prayer or intention offering that tomorrow might be a brighter, more Light filled Age; with Universal Caring for self, others and this struggling planet.

To e-mail us at SFTM: moonshift2012@yahoo.com or call 570- 992-0943. 

Prayer for the New Age

– By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Each is an eternal child of the universe;
A ray of Light from a larger, more glorious sun,
Traveling from world to world,
Creating their individual Reality.

O Radiances of Truth,
As this New Age Dawns
Fill us with joy and wonder.
Let your life giving energy
Rain down upon us;
Stilling all fear and worry,
Helping us to rise higher
Creating a New World
Of Light, health and beauty.

O Radiances of Truth,
May each heart embrace
Its own higher purpose.
Lifting their fellows;
Smiling, celebrating together
In the morning sun of Universal Love.

O Radiances of Truth,
May this New World start with me;
Bless my efforts to rise higher,
Every moment of every day,
And live according to my Higher Self
And the Higher Destiny of the Universe.


End Day Scenarios

by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

OK. It seems that I made it through the night and somehow “The Rapture” set for 5/21/11 was delayed or postponed.  If it occurred, I worried that I probably wouldn’t have been called and left behind.

Anyway as a spiritual traveler, this moment is a great opportunity to discuss a few traveling principles about prophecy and end day scenarios.

  • Many of the things we learned about religion/spirituality were those things/ideas that others wanted us to know about. Much of this information/doctrine was purposefully selected and intended to manipulate through fear.
  • For many, organized religion is a business and power tool; the more travelers you can control with specific ideas- better for business and specific personal agendas.
  • When the earth will end; no one really knows. Scientists tell us so far there have been six extinction events.
  • The Mayan Calendar which ends in December 2012 discusses the end of a great cycle: with the potential for another era of peace and enlightenment. It is up to humanity, collectively, to create this future. It is a potential.
  • We are living through a period of great unrest, natural disasters, and unprecedented use of drugs and exploitation of youth, citizens and populations by travelers in power. Yes, this is happening even in the great USA. These are indeed troubling times and as caretakers of the earth we are doing a terrible job.
  • The future is not fixed; always it is a potential. A reality we create individually and collectively.  Any prophecy is just a potential, a possibility.
  • Will humanity destroy itself and help create a seventh extinction?  No one knows. All each traveler can do is work to make themselves the highest possible version of self; reaching higher in each action and moment. This collective energy can counter the spiritual darkness.
  • We have made a mess of this planet and have lost the balance. Our food, with all the man made chemicals is poisoning us-creating unheard of disease; many of the waters are dying, the polar caps are melting, and terrorists are again using the ‘old saw’ to start a Holy War. Seems we don’t learn the lessons of history or perhaps we do . . . Anyone, remember the Crusades?  It was really about trade routes, power and wealth.
  • Millions die each year from hunger, disease, and the inability of governments to serve its citizens. Even in the USA we can do better helping the abused, hungry, infirm and elderly.
  • As a spiritual traveler, in every moment the divine plan is revealed.  The moment is here, we live it, and then it is gone. Use each moment to embrace the highest possible potential and the more travelers who do this- the better our collective experience.
  • With each moment, we create the future and it is time for the man/woman of the soul to arise, conquer their personal darkness, and claim our rightful heritage.

For the spiritual traveler, it is important to remember that reality and our daily life is something we create, each moment. We have free will and can work toward improving self and helping save this planet. In every moment, we can reach higher or just let events happen around us.

The book of your life is filled with many blank pages. You are free to write on them whatever you like.

Our hours in this realm are O so precious. Yet most travelers spend them like they are on holiday trying to impress the airport baggage handler.

Everything you ever wanted or ever dreamed is waiting within. All you need is the key.  Pick it up!  It too is within reach.

If you take one step toward God, God will take 10 steps toward you. God’s Mercy exceeds his/her wrath tenfold.  Traditional Sayings


Spiritual Wisdom for a Planet in Peril: Preparing for 2012 and Beyond

As December 21, 2012 approaches, attention is riveted on the meaning of events like the end of the Mayan Calendar and the impact of a unique galactic alignment.  Prophecies and theories abound.   Some say the coming years will be marked by more frequent and extreme natural and human-caused disasters.  Others hope for a world transformed by a consciousness shift leading to enlightenment and peace.  Faced with a range of scenarios, what are we to believe and how do we prepare for whatever is to come?  Can we, through our positive intentions and actions, help shape the future?

Spiritual Wisdom for a Planet in Peril:  Preparing for 2012 and Beyond (Langdon Street Press, $15.95, www.spiritualwisdom2012.com) is a perceptive, inspiring and timely guide through Planet Earth’s transition.  Not another Doomsday prophet, Laura Dunham, a gifted spiritual healer with impressive credentials and a wealth of knowledge and experience, teaches how to recognize the signs of the times, practice the art of discernment, and prepare on many levels for a world transformed.  Her intention is that 2012 will take humanity through a great shift to higher consciousness characterized not by separation and fear but by unity and love.  Our common future depends on it.

In Part I, 2012 is Coming!, Dunham raises our awareness of the signs of the times, from the effects of climate change, geopolitical turmoil, and global financial crises to the environmental sustainability movement and the merging of science and spirituality.  After outlining the major 2012 prophecies and possibilities, she ventures beyond other 2012 literature by showing us how to discern and help bring about the most hopeful outcome.

Part II, Prepare for the Great Shift, takes us step by step through a process of envisioning a new way of being, strengthening our vital spiritual connection, choosing a higher consciousness lifestyle, thriving in a new economy, and creating an intentional, sustainable community and action plan to see us through an unstable period.

Drawing upon her extensive knowledge and experience and tapping a vast store of spiritual wisdom, Laura provides those from different belief systems and levels of understanding a way to move through 2012 with confidence.  Her engaging, conversational style and practical suggestions make this book appealing to a wide readership.  A rich resource list will please those who want to know more.

Dr. Laura Dunham has spent a lifetime guiding people to make wise, life-enhancing decisions.  Throughout her careers in higher education, financial planning, and ordained ministry and service on nonprofit boards, she has been a recognized leader and teacher.  As a newspaper, radio and TV commentator and spiritual energy healer, Laura has shared her expertise with a variety of audiences in the U.S. and abroad.  Author of five books, she offers vital guidance for these turbulent times and invites conversation with readers through her blog, www.2012iscoming.