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Starcodes horoscopes for July 22 – 28, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

The most healing thing we can do this week is to help someone tell their story, and really listen. We can do this with one another but it will really help on a community-wide level.

For the last month a self-protective Sun in Cancer (underlined by some truly difficult aspects) turned up the volume on our cultural clannishness and defensiveness. That defensive-aggressive suspicious edge could stay strong at least until Mars leaves Scorpio on August 2, but we now have an opportunity to step out of defense and into leadership.

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This morning the Sun joins Mercury and Venus in lion-hearted Leo. Think of the lion in the Wizard of Oz, he was expressive, warm, shining and entertaining, wanting to be loved and always concerned that he was not. He saw himself in the reflections of others’ eyes. He came off as the bravest of the brave but became cowardly under stress, yet when push came to shove, his sense of loyalty won out and he became the stalwart defender he’d always wanted to be.

Under this Leo line-up we may have trouble discerning between drama and melodrama, or need to act out in order to express our urgency or quiet depths within. In the best of Leo, we find a true hearth-fire underneath the display; in the worst of Leo, it’s all just for bombastic display with no core content.

So many arts, music, operatic festivals occur under the Sun in Leo. Life can get bigger, bolder, more dramatic, but we can make mountains out of molehills. Where there already are mountains, the situation can become Shakespearean tragedy or comedy. This year, when we’re already living with such incredibly dramatic stories unfolding all around, Leo brings a double-edged sword. It offers an opportunity to let go of that self-protected crabby side, open our hearts and express warmth and generosity. Or it can bring out stories so wild, so over the top we wouldn’t believe it in a movie. We humans choose how we play it.

Paradoxically, Leo also asked us to come back to ourselves. It can be healing to put ourselves in the center of our concerns and take care of ourselves, we just do it knowingly rather than by becoming oblivious to other people’s needs. When we fill up we can offer to others with more generosity.

This summer’s big challenges are not over though. Mars in Scorpio until August 2 gives us focus, but promotes resentment and a ruthless self-protection. Saturn continues to square Neptune though the fall and makes it hard for us to have faith. This aspect can put a cramp in our creative work and our ability to imagine a better world, though our imagination can improve if we practice our craft; draw and the paintings follow, sit on the meditation cushion and feel connected.

But first, as the weekend begins, our hearts need attention. We may be sore from recent events or just tender from the vagaries of our life. This weekend’s aspects encourage us to create a kindness and healing space for one another. If we’ve been overextended, we may just need to let go of the world and turn within under a sensitive, escapist Pisces Moon.

Next week brings an energizing, potentially stabilizing grand trine as the Moon in pro-active Aries trines Saturn, Mercury, and Venus on Monday. We can stabilize the direction of our road and begin to build momentum forward. But towards what? It’s important to vote for what we want by putting our energy towards our personal plans, and towards a just, bountiful, and peaceful world.

Friday, July 22: The day is softer, squishier, brings us more in our hearts and possibly in our tears. We need to take care of ourselves. And from that meeting can we can help garden the tenderness of others. Finish responsibilities in the afternoon, and heal through active imagination tonight as the Moon conjunct Neptune; movies, a play, storytelling can help us remember that we can make a better life if we can imagine it.

Moon enters Pisces 2:35 AM, the Sun enters Leo 3:30 AM, Moon square Saturn 8:16 PM. Moon conjunct Neptune 10:53 PM.

Saturday, July 23: Morning has a soft, sweet and melancholic edge, or at least that’s what we’d like. Give into sentimentality and find comfortable ways to use a tired heart, but let’s not indulge in victim mentality unless we really are one. Be of service, make someone else happy or cared for, take part in caring action and feel the abundance return back. Emotional if sometimes sleepy afternoon brings real potential for healing moment tonight.

Moon sextile Pluto 6:08 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 2:24 PM, Moon conjunct Chiron 9:51 PM.

Sunday, July 24: We may jump out of bed this morning, or flatly refuse to get up. Whatever we choose to do, we have to do it our way as the Moon enters Aries. Speak up; we preach about what we believe, and can feel the potential of momentum building this afternoon. Let’s make sure it’s in a good direction.

Moon trine Mars 1:06 AM, Moon enters Aries 6:32 AM, Moon trine Sun 10:16 AM, Moon trine Saturn 11:46 PM.

Monday, July 25: Rough early morning, we can see problems more than answers and can develop a chip on our shoulder. But that changes quickly; people are reactive, but solution-oriented midday, though late-night can sharpen inpatient edges. There’s a lot of emotional fuel which can run to love, laughter, or tears easily. Watch for bombast or bombs this evening, the edge of the unexpected.

Moon square Pluto 9:29 AM, Moon trine Venus 10:48 AM, Moon trine Mercury 8:55 PM.

Tuesday, July 26: Check for overnight changes that need to be dealt with this morning. Stubbornness reminds us that Leo is indeed a fixed sign, as the Moon enters solid Taurus and squares the Sun. People entrench; they may entrench in their seat by the lake, or entrance in their political opinions. Let’s make sure we like where we plant ourselves in body, mind, and spirit. Watch for a fighting spirit and controversial comments midday.

Moon conjunct Uranus 12:18 AM, Moon enters Taurus 9:37 AM, Mercury trine Eris 1:09 PM, Moon square Sun 4:59 PM

Wednesday, July 27: If we need to change our mind or help others change theirs, today is a good day. As Mercury trine’s Uranus we may feel more open-minded or exploratory. Excite us and we’ll listen. We want to hear about change, and we want to hear that it’s going our way, will be patient if we see progress, but won’t accept unnecessary delays. We need to feel cared for in tangible ways, through food, concrete help; check in on one another and make sure everyone’s okay, just to show the love.

Mercury trine Uranus 1:44 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 5:10 AM, Moon trine Pluto 12:12 PM, Moon square Venus 6:23 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 9:43 PM,

Thursday, July 28: Argumentative crosswinds and minor accidents proliferate this morning as the Moon squares Mercury and opposes Mars. Follow up on what was launched yesterday with steady pressure, but extra pushing will not further. Stay safe, choose fights carefully. Communication improves afternoon as the Moon enters Gemini and sextile the Sun; we may be able to laugh about our earlier grumpiness.

Moon square Mercury 6:16 AM, Moon opposed Mars 9:12 AM, Moon enters Gemini 12:16 PM, Moon sextile Sun 11:16 PM.

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Starcodes horoscopes for July 1 – 7, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

This July 4 weekend overflows with sentiment. It can bring effulgent generosity or cuddly domesticity in a good moment, but can wash over into effusive magnified emotions or a self-protective cynicism when we feel pressed. Let’s let the feelings flow, and not get too attached to the stories they bring up.

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On this our birthday weekend, expect the ideal of America to be analyzed, gushed about, fretted over, bashed, and cherished; everything but agreed-upon. The Sun and Mercury, symbols of our consciousness and our intelligence, are running together in Cancer, symbol of home, homeland, family and fierce protection, and over this weekend both Mercury and the Sun form a delightful trine to inspirational, idealistic Neptune. Now while this means we may enjoy ourselves in Neptunian events, like splashing in the water or enjoying iced tea, movie, an escapist moment (Neptune) into traditional Fourth of July occupations (Cancer loves traditions, especially traditions around family, food, comfort, whatever makes us feel at home) we may have to watch Neptunian excesses, like drinking, sleeping, or disappearing into our own little world.

It is a good time to share our visions of the future, and note our differences by how different our vision of an ideal America might be from one another. For just this weekend, how about if we look for the places where our visions overlap, something we can all agree upon, and work to make it so.

Mars turned direct yesterday after many weeks retrograde, which is a great relief and allows us to move forward with plans that have been on hold. But Mars in Scorpio (through August 4) still adds extra torque to both our passion for or against our country, or for any other point of contention, as it continues to pump in a deeper, wilder, Scorpionic note to the collective subconscious. Scorpio’s symbols are the scorpion and the phoenix, it brings out our most primal and most evolved element. Mars in Scorpio continues to stir the base Scorpionic human emotions of revenge, obsession, and separation that have caused so much trouble around the globe these last few months, but we can also invoke Scorpio’s higher, magically capable energy to deal whatever it exposes. Like forming a diamond deep underground, Scorpio encourages our transformation under stress.

But in our more ordinary neighborhood interactions, the weekend starts off warm, funny with good community-building energy under a friendly Gemini Moon. We may really appreciate the familiar elements of picnics, comfort foods, and fireworks. Venus sextiles Jupiter, an aspect that encourages big productions and comfortable social conditions.

The new Moon on July 4 conjunct Venus gives us a chance for emotional new beginnings around family, self-care, and our relationship to our home and homeland. So what do we want to start? How can we make this a better relationship this time around the cycle?

The end of the week brings up different dynamics as the Moon enters more dramatic Leo and Mercury and the Sun conjunct together and both opposed Pluto. And Pluto plays hardball. Venus squares Uranus and unsettles our emotions at the same time. Some crisis or battle of wills, or time spent with old memories can leave us depressed, worried, paranoid or determined to make a shift. We can let go of an old pattern and reach for a new answer. We just have to add the wisdom to make sure it is a good answer.

Because this can be a tough time, let’s be careful where the mind goes, do not assume that feelings or predictions made at this time are relevant about the future, though they may help us come to a new understanding.

But we can find some respite in this tension, Venus trines Mars in water signs towards the end of the week, and this pumps yet more emotion into the situation. That can lead to some interesting economic ups and downs, because those always follow the big emotional mood swings, not logic. But it also offers us a chance to reach out to one another. This trine between Venus and Mars supports our ability to bond, to know one another, and to show it. As long as we don’t get too touchy, get our feelings hurt and guard ourselves, because Venus and Mars are in Cancer and Scorpio, the two signs whose symbols are creatures with exoskeletons, creatures that are soft and squishy and the inside and hard with claws on the outside. So, if we notice ourselves feelings so much that we start to put our guards up, let’s ask if it really serves us to push people away, or if it serves us better to honor each other’s sensitivities and encourage one another. That attitude can take every problem we face, and let it give us a reason to deepen with one another. And this is true in our love life, and in our country.

Friday, July 1: We can feel the buzz of a holiday weekend approaching, people are talkative, willing to process, but not really interested in getting heavy work done as the Moon enters communicative, but easily distracted Gemini while Venus forms a lovely sextile to Jupiter, a sociable, friendly, optimistic aspect. This whiff of astrological optimism can help us see possibilities after recent dire events, but shallow thinking can still be problematic. People tend to cheerfully repeat gossip or assumptions, so think before speaking and verify incoming information.

Moon enters Gemini at 5:44 AM, Venus sextiles Jupiter 1:17 PM

Saturday, July 2: A pleasant, conversant, Gemini Moon is somewhat at odds with deeper undercurrents; positive moments can snag on small arguments, unsettled qualities or conflicting needs. Expect interruptions and let’s make the best of it. Late evening the energy improves, it furthers to bond over some shared problem or amusement.

Moon opposed Saturn 12:02 AM, Moon square Neptune 1:25 AM, Moon square Jupiter10:15 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 9:42 PM.

Sunday, July 3: We may sentimentally remember Fourth of Julys of the past, or of an ideal that we have yet to see, and this can bring us sweetness today. But only if we work towards it, rather than compare our day to it and find the day lacking. People can get a little cranky or defensive, politics can be a point of belligerence. Comfort foods are the name of the game, sprinklers, swimming, a long soak, and lots of fluids are good medicine as the Moon enters Cancer and the Sun trines watery Neptune. Holiday rituals can help us visualize the world we would like, and put energy into the dream of a country we’d like to celebrate.

Sun trine Neptune 5:01 AM, Moon enters cancer 7:19 AM, Moon conjunct’s Mercury 10:29 PM.

Monday, July 4: Our political personal and emotional boundaries feel permeable. The New Moon in Cancer helps us start a new cycle around mom, home, self-nurturance, and apple pie. Or just the apple pie; comfort foods will be very important today. We want to believe, whether we are the disappointed optimist or someone who holds an ideal as their lighthouse. But we may feel edgy, protective and so, even though it is the 4th, may prefer to avoid crowds or strangers as we curl up in a safe nest and get some time in our shell. Water furthers.

Moon trine Neptune 3:22 AM, Moon conjunct Sun 5 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 10:47 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 1:02 PM, Moon conjunct Venus 7:09 PM, Moon trine Mars 10:43 PM.

Tuesday, July 5: Our imagination will run strong, but can lean towards our worries as mental Mercury forms a trine to intuitive, creative Neptune and begins to oppose deep Pluto. Troublesome communication or worrisome events can make us feel guarded, but also inspire eventful stories: we can write great fiction and meditate into nirvana, but may hyperbolize to get our point across, so it may be hard to tell what’s really going on. Screen headlines carefully before believing any new opinions.

Moon square Uranus 12:29 AM, Mercury trine Neptune 6:19 AM, Moon enters Leo 10:27 AM.

Wednesday, July 6: Emotions can seep or overflow in all directions, so let’s be careful what we read into them. We can be generous or melodramatic, our choice, as Venus trines Mars under a Leo Moon. It’s important that we say what we mean, as our words have extra power while Mercury conjunct the Sun. We need to differentiate between what we feel and what we intend, because we may feel a lot of emotions (positive and otherwise) that we need to share, but don’t need to act upon. Let’s think before we speak and speak with love.

Moon trine Saturn 5:42 AM, Venus sextiles Mars 2:16 PM, Sun conjunct Mercury 9:23 PM.

Thursday, July 7: Be kind to one another on this tricky and dangerous day. Mercury and the Sun opposed Pluto and can help us look in the dark places. We face some concern, and can easily get depressed or fed up but need to make careful decisions. It may be time to cut bait on some unproductive project, but don’t cut off any more than necessary. Offer to others, not what they deserve, but what will really further a healthier world.

Moon squares Mars 4:30 AM, Mercury opposed Pluto 5:54 AM, Moon trine Uranus 6:06 AM, Venus square Uranus 8:24 AM, Sun opposed Pluto 4:26 PM, Moon enters Virgo 4:40 PM.

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Starcodes horoscopes for August 14 – 20, 2015

by Heather Roan Robbins

Leo energy can roar and leap like a lion, but like a lion also has a lazy streak. The Sun, Moon, and Venus all conjunct in abundant Leo and trine restless Uranus today, a day rich with expectations and dramatic undertones, and, if we’re lucky, a cat nap. With this much Leo in the air, when we’re at rest, we are at rest; we can drape sybaritically over our keyboard waiting for caresses and tidbits, and may find it hard to shift gears into action. But we can leap once we’re going; our life can move from pleasantly sociable to sitcom or tragic drama quickly. Leo loves to take things over the top, but which direction is up to us.

This morning’s New Moon in Leo, and the coming leonine week, can bring us back to ourselves. Leo calls us to put ourselves in the center and be a hearth fire, to be a warming light that shines for ourselves and others. We need to notice what feeds our fire and then we’ll have more to give. It’s time to shine and be entertained, find the world fascinating and have fun. It encourages us to be vain enough to pick out wonderful clothes for back to school or have the confidence we need to enter a new work group.

The headlines could get interesting though; dialogue may be over the top and dramatic stories could hold real significance. But we don’t need to hog the limelight and think attention equals success, even though a few supposed politicians indulge in this illusion. We can honor our inner fire yet avoid Leo’s narcissistic trap if we respect other people’s views and don’t grow isolated, distrustful, or angry because we’re locked in our own personal or cultural viewpoint. We don’t need to create a melodrama to have an excuse for radical self-care (though some people will) nor dramatize our situation as an excuse to do what we need to do. We just need to hear it ourselves, send out clear signals, and act with integrity.

As the Moon enters more industrious, analytical Virgo over the weekend and thoughtful Mercury in Virgo forms a trine to penetrating Pluto, practical necessities start knocking on our door and we can get nervous thinking about the future. Direct this anxious energy to learn a skill or build a healthy critique and momentum around social justice issues. With that Mercury-Pluto trine and Virgo’s love of analysis, it’s a great weekend to take turns and process, really talk about ourselves, which can be a productive form of self-involvement.

Early next week we need to balance between conflicting needs and balance our needs with others as the Moon heads towards egalitarian Libra and Mars sesqui-quadrates Chiron. We may feel pulled in all directions, but if we can find a moment of quiet, a certain brilliance combined with effort can gain traction on projects as Mercury quintiles Saturn. Engage in work related conversation, just do it with consideration.

The next week is emotionally and creatively experimental as Venus trines iconoclastic Uranus. This aspect helps us experiment with our sense of aesthetics and prepare to meet new people as we start looking ahead to the fall. Let’s just make sure we experimented in a way that does not endanger what’s already working.

Friday, August 14: Channel the positive side of Leo on this New Moon conjunct Venus, be generous creative, expressive, outreaching, and a social emotional leader. Romances can prosper. Entropy maximizes easily, when we hold still we will want to rest and indulge, when we get busy we create the movie or opera of our choice, so let’s write our plot line carefully. Indulgence may be just the medicine necessary. Be generous with affection and appreciation and tie into the positive leonine heart, give attention to receive it. Early evening is outgoing and sociable if high maintenance, later we can get tired and cranky as the Moon squares Saturn, and that can bring out a pompous streak.

Moon trine Uranus 6:36 AM, Moon conjunct Sun 8:53 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 12:25 PM, Moon square Saturn 10:36 PM.

Saturday, August 15: The details can set us free this morning as the Moon conjunct Jupiter in Virgo. Concentrating on a smaller scale project that contributes to larger goals can relax and further, and redirect the critical edge. The Sun-Venus conjunction can get us lost in our romantic ideal or sybaritic moment, or it can give us the compassion to really reach out in a healing way. It also marks the Venus point, the beginning of a new 8 year Venusian cycle, so notice what starts now. As Mercury trines Pluto, words have power, depth and curiosity are added to our thinking. Our minds will drift to our concerns and flirt with depression but we can redirect it towards productive answers. After a serious bout midafternoon we need to drift and dream tonight as the Moon opposes Neptune.

Moon enters Virgo 1:45 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 3:27 AM, Sun conjunct Venus at 1:21 PM, Mercury trine Pluto 1:55 PM, Moon opposed Neptune 7:28 PM,

Sunday, August 16: The mood can be thoughtful, self-correcting, a good day to learn, listen, develop the skill. We can also build up momentum for social critique as the Moon conjuncts Mercury in Virgo and Mercury bi-quintiles Uranus. Just watch that internal emotional perfectionism which leads us to second-guess our decisions and improve dear ones nearby, thinking that if we just correct or school them a little more, then all our problems will be solved.

Moon trine Pluto 4:34 AM, Mercury bi-quintile Uranus 4:52 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury 6:47 AM, Moon semi-square Mars 6:25 PM.

Monday, August 17: This morning we can be a little cranky and/or creaky around the edges. Our irritation can inflame old sore points and remind us where we still need healing work as Mars challenges Chiron. Minor acts of bravery may be needed to overcome short-term obstacles, hang in there. We can find more ingenious solutions midday, find out how to balance or further the situation as Mercury quintile Saturn and the Moon enters Libra. Old stories and memories can either underline the problem or help us tap into our resources. Create pleasant egalitarian connections tonight.

Mars sesqui-quadrate Chiron 12:53 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 11:16 AM, Moon enters Libra 2:22 PM, Mercury quintile Saturn 2:41 PM.

Tuesday, August 18: The day is rich with both creative discontent and a desire to see people we haven’t seen in a while, and the deeper discontent this afternoon as the Moon squares Pluto and semi-squares the Sun. We may feel how close the end of summer is or need to say goodbye to person, place, or thing. Take seriously, but do not get melodramatic about, any problem that arises this afternoon. Notice the drifting melancholy and don’t read it into the moment. Solve the problem and remember a hopeful point beyond this story. Let this poignancy add piquancy to the moment.

Moon sextile Mars 2:43 AM, Moon semi-square Venus 2:45 AM, Moon semi-square Sun 11:43 AM, Moon square Pluto 5:30 PM, Moon semi-square Saturn 5:55 PM.

Wednesday, August 19: We look for fresh and greener pastures to explore today, we won’t be interested in what is too familiar as the Moon opposes and Venus trines restless Uranus. Spontaneity is good for the soul. We want to feel beautiful and appreciate beauty but may feel unrealistically discontent with the un-ideal quality of our relationship or wardrobe. Let’s explore possibilities without jettisoning the good stuff. Harsh words hurt, but poetry rather than logic gets our point across as Mercury semi-sextiles Venus tonight.

Moon semi-square Jupiter 12:23 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 7:41 AM, Uranus semi-sextile Chiron 8 AM, Venus trine Uranus 10:43 AM, Venus quincunx Chiron 10:50 AM, Moon sextile Sun 8:56 PM, Mercury semi-sextile Venus at 11:10 PM.

Thursday, August 20: It will help to take neutral corners under stress. People will hold onto a fight like a dog would a bone, and each person’s logic can seem unique as Mercury quincunx Uranus. Work around interference from potential electrical or internet problems. Earlier in the day the mood is pleasant if stubborn, but watch out for the wrestling matches late afternoon. Curtail a resentful or possessive streak. If we really need drama and intensity, let’s look for a worthy cause and not create it at home. It furthers to take some time alone and redirect the focus before irritation peaks.

Moon enters Scorpio 3:24 AM, Mercury opposite Chiron 3:43 AM, Mercury quincunx Uranus 4:01 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 7:22 AM, Moon semi-square Mercury 3:20 PM, Moon square Mars 7:02 PM, Moon trine Neptune 8:53 PM.

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