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Relaxation Suite from Steven Halpern

Relaxation Suite Steven Halpern
Steven Halpern has been making music for 33 years, but his latest CD, “Relaxation Suite” may be his most therapeutic work to date. Halpern, a multi-million selling artist, composer, producer and pioneer in sound healing released Relaxation Suite late in 2008.

The CD offers 70 minutes of deep, physical relaxation, stress relief and inner peace. Joining Halpern’s piano work is Grammy-nominated cellist David Darling, adding soulful sounds that are as beautiful as they are soothing.

Said Halpern, “From the very first notes, listeners find themselves breathing more deeply, and tension in the neck and shoulders melts away. Within moments, they feel relaxed and at peace.” This was certainly our reaction to the ambient and atmospheric music.

Halpern’s Relaxation Suite taps into a growing concern about the pervasive and health-damaging effects of stress on the body, with such results as high blood pressure, heart disease, lowered immunity and poor sleep. Halpern’s music has been tested, comparing its healing properties with that of the most relaxing classical music, and was found to be significantly more effective at lowering stress and creating a feeling of inner calm.

Inner Peace Music was founded by Steven Halpern in 1975. The independent label focuses on music for health and wellness, meditation, yoga, massage, therapeutic bodywork, increased productivity and accelerated learning. For more information visit innerpeacemusic.com.