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Starcodes Horoscopes for April 3 – 9, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

Springtime, and Aries season, wakes up a soul longing, a heart yearning, for love, travel, old friends, revolution, enlightenment, or a good crop– whatever makes our life blossom. This yearning gets us up out of our winter sedentary safe-zone and helps us face our challenges anew, but can hit us like a spring storm.

This yearning and mourning is underlined today as Venus squares Pluto, intensifying our sense of love, value and potential loss. It is the midpoint of a particular emotional cycle for many of us; an issue arose early February as Venus first squared Pluto, we work on these issue as it retrogrades back to hit that point again April 3  then hopefully will come to some sense of completion or integration as Pluto taps it once more May 2.

These two dances together like this for about a week twice a year, but it’s unusual for them to hold this pattern so long. Together can crack open our heart, and remind us what really matters. We may tap into free-floating grief, or mourn an incident, person or process we need to relive, painfully aware of what’s leaving or what’s missing. If we work with this aspect, we get its gift; let the sadness flow,  and come through it to appreciate what we have all the more.

This weekend we may need to act out. If we’re really mature, we might be able to do the work and have a good time, treasuring every minute with beloveds because we are aware of the fragility of life and the strength of spirit. But many of us will feel pulled by personal urgent desires which are sometimes frustratingly upstaged by imposed responsibility as Mars opposes Saturn. This can get projected outwards, kids may blame parents with great melodrama, newly-regulated bankers complain, we tend to resist an outside authority rather than see it as an internal tension between our own apparently conflicting desires.

Or we can feel pinched by more dire necessity; we may have to give up a desire because wild weather or other such event upstages us. It pays to be melodramatic, as the Moon in Leo asks us not to swallow our feelings; act it out with panache, but not necessarily at the scene. Stomp first, show up for the work at hand, and negotiate for personal needs later.

Early next week we act out less, work and worry more.  A strong critical edge allows us to refine our work, but watch a tendency to ask too much of ourselves and way too much of others.  Even if we know just what they’re doing wrong. Be gentle all around, and just do what needs to be done. Don’t do another’s work, no matter how tempting it is; the empowerment of self-actualization is far more important than a quick result. Instincts sharpen, debate is witty; dreams are backed up with  invested work.

Mid-week spring fever hits, our fire is softer and our earth strengthened under a full Libra Moon, and as Mercury enters Taurus. Personal relationships need time and attention ASAP. This Full Moon can fill our hearts with a different longing, longing for more, for a mate, longing for the land just over the horizon. It may wake up a craving we thought had been settled and leave us howling at the Moon.   We can use this longing either to just get dissatisfied, or we can uses it to stretch our life. It is up to us.

Friday, April 3 is fierce and funny, and secretly maudlin; we may be sorry we’re leaving someone or something behind as Venus squares Pluto under a Cancer Moon this morning.  Sadness or worry lingers; let people sit with their inner procedure, even though it’s tempting to twitch with impatience. Midday the mood shifts, more self-demanding but outgoing as the Moon enters Leo.  Reality snags; late afternoon need our responsibility, evening opens sociable and connective as the Moon trines Venus.

Saturday, April 4 is paradoxical under a whimsical Leo Moon and as Mercury sextiles Jupiter. We could use a silly, sunny day to renew through sociability, and could find a way to be sociable in any setting.  Our needs can clash; people and animals jockey for attention. But our desires may be frustrated by a sense of duty, or of age, as Mars square Saturn, or our dream just need some solid and careful work to reach completion. Pluto retrogrades; huge issues loom in our peripheral vision. Late night the party picks up as the Moon oppose Jupiter, excess is tempting.

Sunday, April 5 brings a spacey lazy morning; be patient with confusion as the Moon opposes Neptune. Midday wanders, it is lovely for brunch or spiritual gathering, tough if some urgency calls. The brain sharpens as the afternoon progress as the Moon enter Virgo; it’s time to work on our self and a backlog postponed.

Monday, April 6 we will not suffer fools. But if we can keep our heart open, we can both fix what bugs us and heal some frayed relationship as Mercury sextiles Chiron. Don’t get stuck in negative critiques of work or people. Watch the sarcastic humor; the mind loves it but the feels flinch. Serious evening as the Moon conjuncts Saturn lets us know where our bones, or our plans, creak. We’ll feel younger tomorrow. If a difficult spell arises later, sleep it off.

Tuesday, April 7 intuition and intellect are both strong; we see the problem all too clearly and compare it to the potential we see in our dreams,  and so we make needed changes as the Virgo Moon opposes Uranus, and Mercury sextiles Neptune. Change behaviors or objects, wait to change personnel when more information comes in. Decisive morning, but we can loose focus midday. Prioritize human connections later.

Wednesday, April 8, relationships are stirred up, hearts run high tide; let’s let them spill over in a fullness of compassion and care as challenges test us but also give us a chance to connect and coordinate. It’s only an illusion that we must choose between our desires and our relationships. Prioritize the team and the work will follow; prioritize a healthy family and decisions fall into place.

Thursday, April 9, begins heartfelt and agreeable, if restless and with longing under a full Libra Moon. Chores can seem so irrelevant; we want the extraordinary, even if just a springtime walk down a flowering lane. Human decisions are clarified: who we love, who we work with, why we can trust. Afternoon, stay alert and dance with change. This evening a tired or cranky spell doesn’t mean we’re on the wrong path, it’s just time to do the work.

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Starcodes horoscope for January 30 – February 5, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

This week our universal vehicle can feel like someone is standing on the brakes and the gas at the same time. We can feel lurching tension between the two impulses as our country and its economy lumber to change directions, goaded by an impatient population, but snagged by delays, tests, and entrenched human habits. Our own lives may vibrate between impatience for the potential we see on the horizon and narrowed financial or emotional resources to get there. Next week we’ll feel more traction and begin to feel progress, though the road will still be long and filled with challenges.

Watch for a return to bi-partisan tension this week after the post-inaugural love-fest as the two planets of the social-political world, liberal Jupiter and conservative Saturn, form a short-lived but difficult semi-square.  We can feel the taught interaction in our own lives between a desire to spend and to conserve, to be helpful or feel safer. Some great ideas will pour in but without the funds or energy to live them out for the moment. But a dynamic debate between these two archetypal poles, whether in our minds or in our senate, can eventually hammer out the best possible answer.

Several aspects feel into this tension between impatience and delay. Communications may feel stalemated this weekend, as, by the quirks of our orbits, Mercury appears to change directions and turn direct after three weeks retrograde. Old battle lines may intensify. Conversation can get stilted or awkward, our thinking can seem temporarily blunted and words hard to find, but this slowness can help us go deeper. The flow of words and ideas improves by the end of the week.

As the weekend begins and Mercury retrogrades back near Mars, expect to hear more surgical news about cuts and cutbacks necessary to prune our country back to healthy growth. Although many decisions made under Mercury retrograde are soon reversed (which could be good news for those just handed a pink slip) this pruning is part of a four-year renovation about how we work and do business. We are not looking at a temporary slowdown, but at a major redistribution of energy centers in industry and business. Instead of trying to hold on to the way things were, the sooner we work with this transformation, the better. It helps if we can look at our own lives to see what’s superfluous and can be pared down; we can give the healthy fundamentals of our life room to grow.

Structural, disciplinarian Saturn catches lots of heat later this week; it perfects an opposition to change-master Uranus and quincunx the healing asteroid Chiron, which pressures us to let go of old patterns that we have either outgrown or which are now unhealthy. Just watch a few injudicious CEO’s squirm. This could be an emotional pattern that defended us or prevented us from expressing what we really are or need, or it could describe how we work, consume resources, work with authority, or stay safe. It may feel great to streamline and update our techniques, once we identify what needs to change, but questioning our deeply-entrenched processes can be painful. We don’t need to hurry, but we do need to take it seriously; this aspect is only a step in a three-year process. One era ended as Saturn opposed Uranus exactly on Election Day 11/4/08, we adjust and explore as it perfects again 2/5/09, 8/9/09, and our world shifts as it peaks 4/26/10 and 7/26/10. The last time this aspect re-oriented our world was 1965-7, the next time will be 2056.

Even though Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn ask us to hold still and weigh our decisions carefully as the week begins,  our gumption and enthusiasm are encouraged towards the end of the week as the emotional planets, Venus and Mars, move out of introspective, interior Pisces and Capricorn, and into more extroverted and daring Aries and Aquarius. These two add fireworks and impatience to the national dialogues.

Aesthetics change; graphics become noticeably aimed at a younger, fresher market. We get more proactive. We’re encouraged to make new connections and reach out to our community. Romance spices up as we get more emotionally daring. People who identify as freedom fighters, from the kindergarten to the Palestinians, search for their voice, whether we like it our not.

The week ends on some deeply unsettling aspects which can precipitate news that asks us to hold on to our seats and hold one another’s hands. It may just be a deepening realization of the actual world condition, or it could be an unsettling event which questions our foundations and asks us to be compassionate as Saturn perfects is opposition to Uranus and Venus moves into a heart-aching square with Pluto. Let this expand our collective heart.

Friday, Jan 30 brings warm impatience in the morning, feisty impatience in the afternoon. Our diplomatic skills are tested as the Moon conjuncts Venus and enters Aries.  Tension at Noon as the Moon squares Pluto, people will tend to see disagreements as a power struggle or focus on the problem rather than the gift; that can give us a headache, but one that expressing ourselves relieves. We need to take turns rather than compete for rights. Enthusiasm rises this evening as the Moon sextiles Jupiter.

Saturday, Jan 31 the Aries Moon demands we stop working for others and tend to our own business. People need to re-center in their self, but can go overboard and get self-centered; don’t take it personally. We’ll do well if we don’t expect anyone to cooperate with our plans but enjoy spontaneous camaraderie instead. If communication seems impossible, shush and just walk together. Watch for small fires or burnt food tonight.

Sunday, Feb. 1, one Korean expression for meditation is to “leap like a tiger while sitting”; we might as well meditate this morning to help us balance fierceness and delay at the same time. Or else we could feel like a truck running full tilt into an NFL linebacker as Mercury turns direct. Misunderstandings and wild plans that brewed behind the scenes now come to the surface. Release attachment to any particular viewpoint and gather all info. Travel with safely in mind. Later, the static evens out as the Moon enters Taurus, creating the potential for emotional breakthrough tonight as the Moon trines Pluto.

Monday Feb 2, logjams break up, plans find direction; expect steady progress where we have patience. Hurrying only brings the opposite results under the Taurus Moon. Venus enters Aries and give us more gumption and confidence, but tempts us to oversimplify. Tonight we just have to be ourselves, no matter how inconvenient to others.

Tuesday, Feb 3 momentum builds for long-term projects as the Taurus Moon trines Saturn and Mercury. People are still feisty and thinking critically, but can make sense, see where the parts fit together and where mutual interests lie. The conversations pick up; we multi-task and talk late into the night as the Moon enters communicative Gemini.

Wednesday, Feb 4 the mood is wordy and ungrounded, intelligent but low on common sense as Mars enters Aquarius under the Gemini Moon. Appreciate optimism, neighborly discussions, and a willingness to get involved; don’t get stuck in philosophical wrangling over petty things; save it for the big stuff. And even then, ask if the wrangling is worth it, or is just distracting us from a common goal.

Thursday, Feb 5 breeds territorial disputes; people justify their disagreements with logical arguments but the resistance is more primal.  Potentially shocking news concerning the shifts in our structures and foundations this morning as Saturn opposes Uranus. Work around touchy egos midday. If we’re facing a loss, we can chose to either get angry or to open our hearts, bond with people in the same boat and row to the far shore as Venus squares Pluto.  Tonight we appreciate reassurance as the Moon enters Cancer; share comfort.

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Starcodes horoscopes for January 16 – 22, 2009

by  Heather Roan Robbins

Change is coming, and not just in the impending unique presidential inauguration, though that’s a wonderful symbol for this week’s potential. Be prepared for a series of exciting adjustments with frustrating delays as the very changes we hope to make, from our New Year’s resolutions to how we run our country, get tested. But the obstacles and delays may be just what we need to refine the changes, and make sure that when momentum rolls, it will in the right direction.

Let’s be glad that we’re not the one giving one of the most watched speeches in history, nor on the inaugural committee trying to makes sure everything goes off smoothly under this delay-provoking, snafu-producing and sometimes tongue-tying Mercury retrograde. To adapt, adjust, and improvise with what we’ve got is the key to this week’s transits.

Mercury retrograde is tricky in the new administration’s birth chart. It speaks of challenging communications and less-than optimal cooperation right at the beginning. The aspects at the inauguration paint the picture of an emotional high-tide, but also suggest that the new President will first need to deal with old problems before he can get down to new business. He’ll need to clean up the mess first and then initiate change.

We, too, may need to go back to deal with an old, familiar problem; first we clean up and then we create the change. But it will take an innovative approach to clean up the mess or correct our course; we can’t do what we’ve always done before.

Saturn opposes Uranus from last Election Day, Nov 4, through July of 2010; this monumental turning of the wheel of change has just begun. We have been softened for these turns of the cultural evolutionary wheel as the recent economic and environmental upheavals informed us that we cannot continue business as usual. If we do not back down, but really forge ahead to a new form of Saturn, a new structure that can really work, we’ll look back on this productive time with pride. If we try to go back to the way things were we set ourselves up for real upheaval 2012 as Uranus squares Pluto. It’s going to be a wild ride.

On a more hopeful note, under this week’s retrospective aspects we may find an old friend we’ve been searching for or pick up the reins on a conversation, project, or ambition we once dropped. But do practice basic Mercury retrograde skills, when the symbolic god of communications and transportations looks backwards, look both ways before crossing, follow through on messages and packages, proofread carefully, confirm appointments and take seriously any flashing lights on the dashboard or signs that say “bridge out”. When the day doesn’t go as planned, look around for the touch of serendipity hidden in the changes.

The weekend begins friendly enough, but be careful when driving, speaking, or using power tools as Mercury semi-squares erratic Uranus. Strange technical glitches seem to put poltergeist in the system. Nervous tensions and excitement vibrate into a crazy edge, and people can really act out. Enjoy the buzz, but let any mental static flow.

Sunday and Monday, a broody Scorpio Moon can stir up worries or an existential discontent that too easily sets off an argument; take the mood outside.  Hopefulness increases as the week gets underway and Sun enters Aquarius while the Moon enters optimistic Sagittarius. We’re pulled out of our caves and into the streets by the aspects and the inaugural events; it will pulse in the communal psyche.

Mercury retrogrades into Capricorn on Tuesday night and encourages the new administration to hit the ground running the next morning. Many plans that were initiated mid-December but suspended over the holidays are now ready to be fine-tuned and put into motion. Brand new plans had best wait until after Ground-hog day, when Mercury turns direct.

Towards the end of the week our hopeful impatience craves change immediately; may it help our political adjustments and leave our family life intact as Mars sextiles and Venus conjuncts restless Uranus. Let’s get underway, but not rush until we have all the information we need.

Friday, Jan 16 get agreements lined up early while the friendly Libra Moon trines Mercury. People will tend to be moody, but generally agreeable. Afternoon is less organized, harder to punctuate; prioritize camaraderie versus efficiency.  Mechanical gremlins need to be taken seriously. Edginess grows later as the Moon squares Mars and Mercury semi-squares Uranus; confrontations can sprout unexpectedly and things be said which are not really meant. Don’t corner a disagreeable soul.

Saturday, Jan 17 morning is restless but unfocused, good for wandering or puttering, cleaning up small projects. Spacey midday as the Moon trines Neptune; imaginative approaches help, but we tend to hear what we want to hear. Around dinnertime, if cooperation thins and debate picks up, keep it recreational. Evening broods and smokes as the Scorpio Moon brings out our suspicious side; our imagination is probably worse than our bite.

Sunday, Jan 18 brings a thoughtful, emotionally-unsettled morning; quiet acceptance may be the most helpful approach. Midday is logistically tough as the Moon makes difficult aspects; keep the agenda light and pad the schedule for quirks. Evening is much more optimistic and investigative as Mercury conjuncts Jupiter; we can find ingenious solutions to earlier difficulties. But watch a tendency to say too much under stress.

Monday, Jan 19 swirling emotions, hopes and fears run high this morning under as Scorpio Moon and as Mercury semi-squares Venus. Surface social chatter activates to give us privacy for deeper feelings; don’t poke the depths. Let us move at our own pace, we’re pressured from within to perform, so pressure from the outside only makes us drag our feet. Afternoon lightens as if the clouds crack open as the Moon trines Uranus and the Sun enters Aquarius; we’re almost ready to hold hands.

Tuesday, Jan 20, the Moon enters cheerful, mobile Sagittarius early on to lift our spirits and sharpen our wit, though it totally dilutes our ability to concentrate. The energy is chaotic as we all resonate to the communal psyche of both family and country, whichever way we flow; we might as well put all paperwork away. As Mercury conjuncts the Sun, words follow intent; we can show up and do what we said we’d do. Afternoon is high energy; the evening grows more serious, formal, if easily tired as Mercury enters Capricorn.

Wednesday, Jan 21 is all about the interaction; it brings a desire to party or conspire. Feelings are dramatized and overshadow routines, so details can fall though the cracks unless shepherded carefully as Venus semi-squares Jupiter. The energy bubbles, but the work may not get done, let it be a day between; settle in and listen to the changing winds.

Thursday, Jan 22 the work becomes more obvious. Our restlessness and impatience grows; we want action wherever we’ve been unhappy as Mars sextiles and Venus conjunct Uranus, whether at work, in politics or in the heart. Will strengthens, activity accelerates, problem solving creativity abounds, but we may not have all the facts. Turn in the new direction and take one step at a time.

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Starcodes horoscopes for January 2 – 8, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

Although most of us are vastly relieved that 2008 is over, as the New Year dawns we may excited and worried, overwhelmed or awash one minute and ready to climb up and find alternatives the next. No we’re not all manic depressive; we’re just in a time of emotional flux.

As Venus enters sensitive and squishy Pisces and sextiles deep Pluto this weekend it tenderizes our hearts. Some respond to a new vulnerability by getting more self-protective, not less; others soften and open, and allow a range of feelings more subtle and varied than usual. It also encourages a hopefulness that can occasionally feel naïve, but is a gift of the Pisces Venus, a hope for a dream.

On the other hand, it can leave us feeling all those Pisces-watery words, awash, swamped, flooded, snowed-in or just plain soggy.  Just when 2009 is getting underway, we may want to bury our heads in an escapist novel or otherwise postpone dealing with it all. With Venus in Pisces it is easier to easy sorry for ourselves, but more constructive to empathize with those who are really in trouble and empower ourselves to be helpful.  With Venus in Pisces, nothing pulls us out of a pity-party like an altruistic action.  But some days we’ll just need to let the range of feeling fill up and spill over. We need to find safe and creative ways to be sensitive.

But it’s not like we’re just going to hide under the covers, or at least, not for long. Because the motivating planet Mars in Capricorn won’t let us rest, we have places to go, transitional government to set up, and problems to solve. Mars in determined Capricorn and Saturn in industrious Virgo keep and eye on work and employment conditions, both ours and as a global topic.

Especially as the Moon enters Aries over the weekend and ignites impatience and ambition; a desire to make things happen can be refreshing, really inspiring. Or it can make some of us a pain to deal with, manipulative and pushy. It adds firepower and quick response time to conflicts, and quick response time to conflicts, so let’s choose our responses wisely. Responsibilities nudge us to drop vacation-mind and attack something that could give us a potential sense of accomplishment.

Early next week Jupiter enters Aquarius where it was when President Obama was born, which is auspicious both for him and his country. This year will demand real work, but Jupiter in Aquarius encourages us to believe freedom and prosperity have a chance; it’s radically inclusive with good, if abstract, humanitarian values.

Midweek the energy and momentum may flag, and decision feel uncertain as Mars semi- squares Neptune, We may conflict on ideologies or have trouble understand what drives and motivates one another. If tired, let’s pace ourselves and be kind to the vulnerability. Yes, the situation is as complex as it looks.

Early next week as Jupiter enters Aquarius until 2010, it returns to where it was when President Obama was born, which is auspicious both for him and for the country he will soon govern.  Jupiter, the largest planet, expands what it touches; in Aquarius, though this year demands real work, it encourages us to believe Jupiterian freedom and prosperity have a chance. Jupiter in Aquarius believes what’s good for the whole is usually good for the individual. This it is a radically-inclusive sign with good, if abstract, humanitarian values, it hasn’t been here since 1997.

Midweek the energy and momentum may flag, and decision feel uncertain as Mars semi- squares Neptune, We may conflict on ideologies or have trouble understand what drives and motivates one another. If tired, let’s pace ourselves and be kind to the vulnerability. Yes, the situation is as complex as it looks.

Mercury takes on a few uncomfortable challenges towards the end of the week, making us more argumentative and ready for bad news. We get tenacious, which helps us follow through on those dreams and get stuff done before Mercury turns retrograde on Jan 11.  Once a disagreement starts, we can hang on like a bulldog and may not notice that we’re not really making sense; our rationale is not really logical, we just won’t give up, and that can leave the other person hurting with Venus in Pisces. It takes self control to be both sensitive and determined, to look for a mutually agreeable solution; but that’s how we’ll turn this year around and make the most of transits to come.

Friday, Jan 2 morning is restless if low-energy, with unexpected elements as the Pisces Moon conjuncts Uranus. Keep a somber afternoon low stress, pressure only tangles us up. If feelings fill up and spill over, just let them flow and don’t try to analyze or justify; we’re processing for the collective. Tonight, dream by the fireside, think soft-focus and warm.

Saturday, Jan 3 the Moon enters Aries and we want to get on with it– a journey, projects, an argument.  Impatience can put strain on family efforts unless we give lots of room to erratic and independent behavior this afternoon as the Moon squares Mars.  Keep interactions short and to the point and give all room to listen to their different drummer. Night has a wild, sharp edge.

Sunday, Jan 4 brings sharp, intense emotions. If we don’t like what’s going on, we may want to take radical action, but need to make sure it will actually get at our objective, and is not just thrashing about for the sake of action. This soul-itchiness can be great for overcoming a personal obstacle or clearing the ground for future action, if we use it wisely. Nighttime is more erratic; move and speak with care as Mercury semi-squares Uranus.

Monday, Jan 5 expansive active this morning as Jupiter enters Aquarius, we see how we are economically inter-related, but that can give us hope. The Moon enters earthy Taurus, which can make hard to get out of bed, the covers are just too snuggly, but once we’re moving it helps sustain. Tough news needs to be dealt with midday, but look for cooperative help mid-afternoon. Evening is less settled, good for wrestling with problem, don’t waste it wresting with each other.

Tuesday, Jan 6 move slow and steady, rest and east when needed, and don’t force a complex situation. Respond to practical conundrums. Mild confusion can make it hard to get momentum going, look for understanding, not for certainty. Connect with the body, listen to its rhythms.

Wednesday, Jan 7 opportunity abounds as the Moon enters verbal Gemini and trine Jupiter, the discussion begins anew, know around ideas and make contacts. More information is needed to decide the next step; gather it from all corners while people are feeling chatty. Boredom creates mistakes, keep it interesting. Social faux pas are as easy as slipping on ice this afternoon as the Moon squares Venus, and our thinking narrows tonight as Mercury challenge Saturn. Transportation is tricky later on, play it safe.

Thursday, Jan 8 good solid building this morning, follow-through on contacts and conversations, multi-task, but do not drop the ball. Build on projects in motion this morning, evening can get difficult, nerves edgy as the Moon square Saturn, let discouragement or delays flow, fix the foundation mistakes and take it all as a part of the process.

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