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Starcodes horoscopes for January 8 – 14, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

My grandfather of mindfulness must watch constantly after this spoiled child of deluded mind to save him from disaster.
– Thinley Norbu Rinpoche

moonIt would be wonderful if we could spend the month of January in a meditation retreat. Mercury in Capricorn retrogrades encourages us to be a wise and careful thinker, to develop a disciplined mind and focus on our work. Mercury retrograde asks us to look within to examine what we do and why we do it, review where we’ve been, reconnect with our deepest practice, and hold still.

But not many of us will be able to do this, so it may be a complicated month. Just as 2016 begins and we want to plan our year ahead, Mercury retrograde asks us to review the year behind, finish the work we began before the holidays, catch up, deal with issues already on the table, and wait to launch new projects come February. And there’s a lot of work to do because Mercury and the Sun both recently tagged Pluto and shook up our self-doubts, our concerns, shook our ground, and generally stirred the muck in our psyche. Mercury retrogrades back to Pluto before turns direct.

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Of course even if we could take a meditation retreat it would need to include walking or dancing meditation too, as Venus in Sagittarius helps us feel upbeat in the face of difficulties and ready to travel, but can make us restless if we sit still for too long. Venus will conjunct Saturn this week which helps us put disciplined practice into anything we love. But our love life can feel like a lot of work, and will be helpful to practice good relationship skills rather than react off one another if the going gets rough.

Mars is now in Scorpio and also calls us inwards. Mars usually only spends two months in a sign every 2 ½ years, but because of its retrograde cycle will hover in Scorpio for an unusually long time, from January 4- March 7th—then retrograde back into Scorpio May 28-Aug 3. We’d better get used to it and learn how to work with its energies this year. And this can be tricky.

Mars is unusually strong in Scorpio, a sign it traditionally rules. North Korea declared they had tested a hydrogen bomb the first day Mars when into Scorpio. We don’t have to bomb anybody, though we may feel like, because this Mars can pump up revenge fantasies or strange obsessions that leave small groups of odd men taking over a bird sanctuary in Oregon. People can obsess on past wrongs and historic problems with Mars in vengeful Scorpio until they feel heard and hopeful about resolution. Don’t ask anybody to just drop it, that will only inflame the problem. Listen, and be quiet if your first response is dueling defenses.

Watch this cycle over the next eight months, look for examples of the worst of macho behavior in the headlines, and notice an extra twitchy tail and edgy take in our everyday lives. Our deepest triggers and darkest secrets, our fears that we don’t discuss can get poked and make us squirm, but in response we may find ourselves capable of bravery and leadership and able to set boundaries we didn’t even know were possible.

Mars in Scorpio holds darkest, deepest side of the zodiac, rife with our fears and compulsions, our secrets and fetishes. But Scorpio holds a truly heroic note and can lead us to save the day.

Over the weekend a new Moon in Capricorn can stimulate a review of our work: Are we engage in right livelihood? Are we doing what we came here to do? If we are, how can we further this work; if not, how can we get on track. Look for talk about the politics of work labor and economic support, mining, and construction. Venus and Saturn conjunct and can leave us less emotionally cuddly, more easily depressed if we don’t have satisfying work or a way to go deep with our work.

As the week progresses, we may be confronted with some surprising realizations. Listen for that glorious sound of an assumption breaking away, one we didn’t even know we had until we heard it fall. Now look around with fresh eyes while the Sun and Mercury conjunct the Sun and both trine liberating Jupiter. The new view could bring could bring new information or decisions around an old problem and help us finally free up some blocked energy.

Back to that Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, this can make us wise on a good day, but also mentally fixated or depressed on a bad one. So let’s give our mind good work to do. Take a mindful, meditative approach, exercise the muscles of the mind and watch constantly after that squirming child of deluded mind.

Friday, January 8: We may be tired or a little thickheaded today. Be wary of a sluggish depression that fixates on old wounds; honor it but don’t let it run the show. We know what needs to be done and will feel so much better when we put in a good day’s work fixing the past and catching up as Mercury retrogrades back into Capricorn and conjunct the determined Capricorn Moon. Engage competence midafternoon as the Moon sextiles Mars, and be responsible for one another. Let’s practice good relationship skills whether we feel like it or not tonight; let’s not test one another as Venus conjunct Saturn but build trust instead.

Sun sextile Chiron 7:14 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 8:06 AM, Mercury retrogrades into Capricorn 12:36 PM, Moon sextile Mars 1:19 PM, Venus conjunct Saturn 9:10 PM, Moon sextile Neptune 10:07 PM.

Saturday, January 9: It furthers to rest and take it contemplative moment. The past hovers, a haunted frustration can make us restless or reckless as the waning Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus midday. A haunted frustration can help us grow ourselves to me to challenge, but watch a certain recklessness. We won’t be feeling light and fluffy, but can let this review of the past allow us to make good decisions and real resolutions for the future tonight on the new Moon in Capricorn. These resolutions can stick.

Moon conjunct Pluto 10:40 AM, Moon square Uranus 1:58 PM, Moon conjunct the Sun6:30 PM.

Sunday, January 10: We can feel a little old or creaky on this serious, thoughtful morning.  but our mood and muscles improve with movement as the Moon enters collaborative Aquarius midday. Friends need to check-in, community responsibilities knock on our door. Our minds are brought to how community, politics, family and collaboration can improve our situation.

Moon trine Jupiter 1:33 AM, Mercury semi-square Venus 5:22 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury 10:39 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 1:22 PM.

Monday, January 11: A more cheerful stubbornness kicks in to cover up deeper concerns swirling beneath. Don’t ask anybody what they feel, we probably don’t want to go there. Keep conversation in the present to work around strong mixed feelings. Humor furthers as Venus in Sagittarius begins to trine Uranus. Work issues require us to track our progress carefully, but also notice some romantic or interpersonal sparks over the next few days; look for interesting new relationships or collaborations with roots in the past. Reconnect with previous contacts. Work on an old art piece. Hug an old friend.

Moon sextile Saturn 11:35 AM, Mercury semi-square Saturn 1:55 PM, Moon sextile Venus4:58 PM, Venus semi-sextile Pluto 5:18 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 7:09 PM,

Tuesday, January 12: Stir the coals of hopefulness as Mercury trines Jupiter over the next few days. As important facts become clear, an old ally may need to be lovingly challenged as Mercury conjuncts the asteroid Pallas Athena, or an old foe held accountable. We grow more sensitive and can tap into our creative process tonight as the Moon enters Pisces. Blow on those sparks of romance and affection as new connections and old beloveds need warmth. If misunderstandings and distractions have recently stressed relationships, take a moment of fun or humor to support a healthy bond.

Mercury conjunct Pallas Athena 10:13 AM, Moon enters Pisces 5:53 PM, Venus trine Uranus 6:10 PM,

Wednesday, January 13: We waft around in our inner realms this morning as the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces and the Sun semi-squares Neptune. Let’s be honest with ourselves if we feel moment of self-pity, feel the feelings rather than get stuck on that storyline, then look for an opportunity to help another from the benefit of our experience as Venus challenges Chiron this afternoon. Infuse a lighthearted moment when were ever possible as the Sun trines Jupiter, when we notice the light at the end of the tunnel, we stay on track.

Moon trine Mars 2:55 AM, Moon conjunct Neptune 7:16 AM, Sun semi-square Neptune9:37 AM, Moon square Saturn 3:06 PM, Sun trine Jupiter 4:48 PM, Venus semi-square Chiron 6:26 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 8:13 PM,

Thursday, January 14: We are infused with great strength of mind as the Sun conjuncts Mercury and both trine Jupiter, but we can use that to obsess on our problems as easily as we can to find answers. Let’s be careful where we put our focus. Give people room to express and tell their story, taken the full picture, and let a challenge instigate a compassionate teaching moment.

Moon square Venus 12:54 AM, Sun conjunct Mercury 8:04 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter9:13 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 10 of 9 AM, Moon sextile Sun 10:31 AM, Mercury trine Jupiter 8:15 PM, Moon enters Aries 8:48 PM.

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Starcodes horoscopes for June 26 – July 2, 2015

by Heather Roan Robbins

This weekend we may feel deeply ambiguous about humanity in general and people in particular.  We can feel both content with our beautiful relationships and yet simultaneously cynically fed up with people’s inhumanity to people, torn between diving into life wholeheartedly and going on solitary retreat. Venus and Jupiter conjunct for many weeks in extroverted Leo call us out to the party, conference, or arts festival,  while the Moon in Scorpio and Sun and Mars in Cancer can leave us introspective, potentially suspicious, and in desperate need of some time alone.

Because of this conflict we may feel unusually tender or vulnerable and be tempted to overdo or overreact; we may want to leave town rather than take a break, or bite back rather than set a calm boundary. We may find great last-minute excuses to not join the parade. Maybe we need to fix the motor, dig in our garden, or engage in some other solitary pursuit in order to get socially acceptable privacy. Or we may need to meditate on the ephemeral beauty of the moment in light of the impermanence of existence. That Scorpio Moon encourages us to engage intensely or dive below the surface and think about the deeper aspects of life this weekend.

This lineup can help us examine something uncomfortable, if we choose to do so. It can help us look squarely at what bothers or repulses us, and then ask that creative Venus-Jupiter conjunction to help us find a clear, clean, strong loving path towards a solution, if we’re not too busy or irritated to listen.

Early next week our mood can relax but we may still find something to worry about or in engage in a troubling conversation as Mercury forms a challenging aspect Pluto. If so, we can rely on the Sagittarian Moon to help us by employing simple honesty. Just speak up, leave out the loaded terms, keep comments simple and stay in the present moment.

Our social political restlessness picks up speed and we can itch for a change of people, place or aesthetics as Venus trines Uranus. The Sagittarius moon forms a grand trine with Venus and Uranus and opens doorways to great pickup lines and handsome strangers and other serendipitous and unusual meetings, if we can get out of our house and give serendipity a chance.

Our ongoing loves can also be energized if we don’t take one another for granted but rather look at our old loves as fresh opportunity for joy. Because it’s not such a realistic time, even if we meet a beautiful stranger, let’s stay in the public eye with them until we know them better. This trine also speaks of the transformative power of love; expressions of solidarity and warmth can support a subtle transformation going on within and without.

Midweek we may need to readjust our goals in response to new information, but let’s make sure it’s neither laziness nor giving into a fear of failure. Some events may trigger our memory of a previous failure or words of doubt once whispered in our ears and can undermine our confidence. We can either get caught up in this dynamic again, or choose to heal it as Jupiter and Venus both quincunx Chiron while the Moon waxes full in industrious Capricorn.

Friday, June 26: Reach out this morning; ask for any necessary favors early in the day because we become more suspicious, internal, and persnickety as the Moon enters Scorpio midday. Afternoon encourages us to make surgical decisions, what do we need to cut out, attach, weed, reorganize as the Moon trines Mars. Tonight, our humor sharpens and the mood grows musky, we send messages through body language even though we may appear emotionally guarded. Be prepared to either share at a deep level, take time alone, or enjoy solitude in a crowd on this intense night.

Moon VOC until it enters Scorpio 11:56 AM, Moon trine Mars 3 PM, Moon trine Sun 10:12 PM.

Saturday, June 27:  Let’s immerse ourselves in something, anything: a cause, a pond, a project, a parade or shamanic journey. Use beautiful grand trine in water signs (Scorpio Moon, Sun in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces) to perceive and focus. Because our emotional antennae are highly tuned and our feelings are a little touchy, it helps to either be alone or with like souls and share a common goal close to the heart. If we feel interrupted or don’t have a place to put this focus- or feel unsafe or over-loaded, this deep vein of feeling can turn to a craving for some intense experience or will snap into a scorpion sting. Tonight we are prone to excess as the Sun semi-squares Jupiter; our attention is brought to where we feel free and unfettered, and where we still feel constrained.

Moon trine Neptune 7:09 AM, Moon quincunx Mercury 3:02 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 4:05 PM, Sun semi-square Jupiter 5:53 PM

Sunday, June 28: It’s a heavy day, no matter how delightful the sunlight, though we can use this heaviness well. Dig deep, build foundations, plant roots, or protest injustice. Do not believe the murmur of depression or inevitability. Notice the habits of loneliness, own up to the need for solitude, and take responsibility for reaching out beyond that to create connection. Don’t go looking for the pain, make no assumptions about the future but trust the potential of change as Mercury quincunx Pluto. Dinner time is thoughtful but our mood lifts later; fresh honesty and the natural world can soothe and brighten our soul as the Moon enters Sagittarius

Moon square Venus 1:43 AM, Mercury quincunx Pluto 2:20 AM, Moon quincunx Uranus2:58 AM, Moon square Jupiter 4:41 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 7:50 PM, Moon semi-square Pluto 8:19 PM, Moon enters Sagittarius at 9:21 PM

Monday, June 29: A lovely socially-restless Venus-Uranus trine can make us footloose and long to be fancy free. It’s a wonderful day to experiment with a new approach or walk barefoot on the sand, hard to get people to knuckle down to work. If we schedule in the wandering time, our work moments actually get more productive. It may be time to start a new chapter. Share excitement, exploration, a hope for change. Midafternoon can bring sleepiness or uncertainty as the Moon squares Neptune, clarify facts and let the mind drift in productive ways.

Venus trine Uranus 12:26 AM, Moon quincunx Mars 3:20 AM, Moon quincunx Sun 11:25 AM, Moon square Neptune 3:11 PM,

Tuesday, June 30: Morning brings opportunities that could open doors (though we have to step through) as the Moon forms a creative and freedom-loving grand trine with Uranus, Venus, and Jupiter. While the gateways are open and possibilities abound, let’s ask what our loving creativity want to bring forth. Make overtures now. Later on, the energy becomes more disconnected and can tap-dance on some old wound that affects our ability to love or create in the moment as Venus quincunx Chiron and brings an opportunity to forgive and expand beyond that old pain. We can do it.

Moon oppose Mercury 4:20 AM, Moon trine Uranus 10:01 AM, Moon trine Venus 11:46 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 12:17 PM, Moon square Chiron 12:19 PM, then Moon VOC. Jupiter quincunx Chiron to 30 1 PM, Venus quincunx Chiron 10:39 PM

Wednesday, July 1: It’s time to get down to it; work we avoided earlier in the week now becomes do as the Moon waxes full in industrious Capricorn. We can get easily frustrated with one another, or with our own path, if it doesn’t seem to be moving fast enough, but let’s not take this urgency out on one another– particularly midday as the Moon opposes volatile Mars. Notice and hold ground– but don’t take the bait– around arguments of authority or chain of command, or whose plans win. Find a way to shift the power dynamics to just get the work done; turn this impatience into competence, Capricorn’s gift.Tonight’s full moon full moon at 8:19 PM MDT can trigger our control issues but is a good time to make a pact to balance personal life and work life in a way that expands both.

Venus conjunct Jupiter 1:50 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 3:10 AM, Moon oppose Mars11:32 AM, Sun trine Neptune 3:09 PM, Moon sextile Neptune 10:58 PM, Moon oppose Sun 8:19 PM

Thursday, July 2: It helps to work off our difficult moods this morning as the waning Capricorn Moon pulls away from its conjunction to Pluto. If some people complain about odd and apparently irrelevant things to express their discomfort, look to a feeling of inadequacy or loss underneath. As the day progresses, although we may still run uncomfortable energy and feel nervous or impatient about some corner of our lives, yesterday’s conflicts can bring today’s ingenuity as Mercury sextiles inventive Uranus. If our minds obsess on a problem, it pays to drop it, tackle something completely different, and then circle back to the problem from a different direction. The mood softens around dinnertime; social graces can ease the way past earlier friction.

Moon semi-squares Saturn 3:20 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 3:55 AM, Mercury sextile Uranus 12:50 PM, Moon square Uranus 1:57 PM, Moon in conjunct Mercury 2:05 PM, Moon sextile Chiron 4:04 PM, Moon quincunx Jupiter 4:45 PM, Moon quincunx Venus6:06 PM, Moon semi-squares Neptune 9:26 PM

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