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Starcodes horoscopes for April 27 – May 3, 2018

astrology horoscopes starcodesby Heather Roan Robbins

On one level, the aspects are lovely this week for connection, so flirt away and enjoy the lilac and spring fever. Get ready for May Day, the celebration of all things fertile. Possibilities, relationships, flowers, ideas are all bursting in the bloom.

On deeper, more disconcerting level notice an intense push to accomplish, to exert willpower as Mars and Pluto conjunct and the Moon squares them both this weekend. Mars and Pluto are the two planets that symbolize physical energy, will, and power dynamics of all types, and they are both in the most determined and competent sign of Capricorn. Like a teacher that kicks us on stage, whether we’re ready or not, this conjunction pushes us forward.

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It’s a great aspect to declare a run for office; if we have a clear direction and organized marching orders this can be a really helpful aspect. But we also see it pushing people into action who have crazy ideas or won’t look at the consequences of their actions. Keep an eye on the international chess board and watch the moves people make as it will reveal their intentions.

Over the last few weeks, while this aspect was in orb and influencing us, we have seen both Mars (action)-Pluto (underworld, up from the depths, use and abuse of power) play out in both the mechanical near-disaster of the Southwest airplane, the Toronto van which mowed down 10 people in the name of frustrated masculinity, and the waffle house mass shooting. We also saw incredible bravery, the best of Mars, in all three events. We don’t get to choose the transits, but we always have a choice about how we respond.

While this aspect can help us move forward when we know where we’re going, it can be frustrating or painful if we’re feeling uncertain, blocked, or have to be patient in a complex situation. Like a car engine that’s revving but not in gear, our spinning wheels can produce anxiety.

It helps to put this energy to good use and keep it out of the nervous system. Take on small projects while waiting for the big ones to come through. As Mercury pulls out of its shadow in the week ahead, much that was hidden or confused becomes clear. Answers finally come to those dangling emails. And whatever the answer, we’ll have more information about our next steps.

The week and begins with a friendly discontent. Savor the flowers as the weekend and prepare for a moody Sunday and Monday under a full Moon in intense Scorpio. We know what we want, and what we don’t. Karma comes home to roost. A spike of retribution or payback could waste this energy, so don’t get stuck there. Feel that powerful desire nature but respect the needs of others; no running roughshod. Events pick up speed midweek, our attention may want to go in 10 directions unless we keep our priorities clear.

Friday, April 27: Flirt with someone this morning, with a butterfly, passing stranger, or piece of chocolate as the Moon in Libra trines the Sun in Taurus, both signs ruled by cuddly Venus. Focus in around noon as the Moon squares Saturn; get grounded and deal gracefully with serious concerns. Communication can jam up this afternoon as Moon opposes Mercury, use patience and determination, but don’t drop the ball. Let in the world’s beauty tonight and let go of the week’s stress.

Moon trine Venus 12:47 AM, Moon square Saturn 11:21 AM, Moon opposed Mercury 2:16 PM.

Saturday, April 28: Our sybaritic and ambitious natures can be at odds this morning and create tension. Honor both sides. The tension can make us accident-prone because we are distracted or grumbling about what we do midday, always play it safe.  Don’t act out this tension between one another, honor the inner calling of each person and create joy. Notice what thoughts are being planted under this waxing Libra moon, as our words take root.

Moon square Pluto 9:18 AM, Moon square Mars 11:16 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 11:31 PM.

Sunday, April 29: The Moon enters focused Scorpio this morning and waxes full tonightat 6:58 PM MDT. The emotional winds intensify, so find something positive to obsess upon. Let’s say what we mean, and mean what we say, and avoid any whiff of passive-aggression. Avoid snaggles of retribution, stay away from possessive vortex. Keep boundaries clean and clear. Take a needed contemplative moment alone this afternoon. Howl at the Moon tonight.

Moon enters Scorpio 1:11 AM, Sun trine Saturn 4:03 AM, Moon sextile  Saturn 5:49 PMMoon opposed the Sun 6:58 PM.

Monday, April 30: What can we release to feel liberated? A draining friendship, bad habit, preconception, or our garden’s underbrush, what we release can set us free as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio. If something is taken from us, let’s look for what opportunity that creates. Morbid optimism, a strange black sense of humor can open new honesty. Tonight, is a night for bonfires of all types.

Moon trine Neptune 6:31 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 1:11 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 4:43 PM, Moon sextile Mars 8:55 PM.

Tuesday, May 1: Sneak baskets of flowers on to other people’s doorsteps at this heart of springtime and bring blooms into one’s own life. Dance the Maypole or let life’s dance bring in new people under an outgoing Sagittarius moon. Honor the ecosystem and the hard-working people that keep our human ecosystem moving as Venus quincunx Saturn. Reach out and make new connections, span the globe. Make travel plans. Speak up and get the word out.

Moon enter Sagittarius 9:19 AM, Moon trine Chiron 10:44 AM, Venus quincunx Saturn 8:24 PM.

Wednesday, May 2: Enthusiasm mixed with odd undercurrents and fuzzy, confusing, or sleepy moments can make this a complex day. It will further if we can stay in the heart, be clear about our intentions with ourselves and others, and discuss openly any mixed feelings as Mercury semi-sextiles Neptune. Animals have a lot to say; listen to puppy and bird call as if they are messages from the wild.

Moon opposed Venus 3:20 AM, Moon trine Mercury 3:58 PM, Moon square Neptune 4:09 PM, Mercury semi-sextile Neptune 6:03 PM

Thursday, May 3: Stay on target, Tension improves when we’ve done everything we need to do to get where we want to go. Then, stop and smell the lilac. People need connection with a light touch; check in, but keep pleasantries to a minimum, we’re patiently cheerful but for only a few minutes. Act on a need to reach out, make travel plans, talk to people from faraway, or commune with nature. A few moments of play therapy help prepare for a busy next few days.

Moon trine Uranus 6:49 PM, Moon enters Capricorn 8:05 PM.

All times are MDT.

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Starcodes horoscopes for April 20 – 26, 2018

by Heather Roan Robbins

The Sun has just entered fertile earthy Taurus, and this slows the pace down but increases our determination and our need to get comfortable. Venus also in her home sign of Taurus encourages us to be tactile and embodied. The Moon, arbiter of our daily mood, waxes in fertile and sensitive Cancer through the weekend calls us to cuddle up at home, connect with old friends, plant good seeds and ideas and use the rich loam of this Taurus-Cancer energy to cultivate a good life.

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Though our bodies may slow down, our thinking is still fast and reactive. Headlines stay loaded with spicy commentary as mental Mercury works through feisty Aries. Although Mercury is now direct, it’s still in its shadow, or traversing the area through which it recently retrograde, which can leave us with strange technical snafus, wrong orders, or misunderstandings to straighten out this week, but also offers the opportunity to integrate fertile material we may have unearthed under the Mercury retrograde introspective review.

Our minds are can be feisty but we our reaction time may soften. Taurus energy works like Ferdinand the bull, for the most part the Taurus energy encourages us to just stand in our field and smell the flowers. If we do get upset, though, it brings the power and determination of the bull to bear.

And this deeper, less feisty but more determined momentum is underlined by a motivating, willful Mars-Pluto conjunction in determined Capricorn. This conjunction has been driving us for weeks but peaks on Thursday. It can work for us when we have places to go and things to do, though some people will just get pushy. If we’re not sure of our long-term goals, we can direct this discontent towards urgent projects and feel relief. We can rototill a garden, refine a skill, or solve a problem rather push others around others with our frustration. Because this is such a willful aspect, watch for strategic moves made on the global and political arena. What begins now will be hard to stop.

The weekend begins under a sensitive Cancer Moon that can leave us tender and self-protective as it encourages us to tend the home front through early SundaySundayafternoon calls us back out of our shell as Moon enters extroverted Leo while Pluto turns retrograde and stirs the depths of our psyche. Power dynamics can get complicated, but we’ll feel this tension more in political hotspots and in our deepest dreams, rather than in daily life.

On Monday, Mars sextiles Jupiter and nudges us to get to work, reach into new territory, make new contacts and promote ourselves. The mood picks up a flirtatious sparkle and flexibility as Venus enters Gemini on Tuesday.

Serious decisions concretize and our path may clarify when Mars conjuncts Pluto on Thursday. While this adds power to the engines, we need to keep our focus. Several minor challenging Neptune aspects call for caution around potential water damage and can make details slippery or leave us distracted. Stay on target.

Friday, April 20: Momentum can slow down because people need to catch up with themselves and with one another. Tend to the important but not urgent details. A tenderness brought by the Cancer Moon can both encourage gentle coziness and a willingness to get closer where we feel safe, but spike hellacious defenses when we feel judged or unsafe. The Sun challenges Neptune and makes details and timing slip away; pay extra attention around patches of confusion. Be present for one another rather than try to jolly somebody out of a mood tonight.

Moon sextiles Uranus 6:04 AM, Moon enters cancer 8:26 AM, Moon sextile Sun 9:15 AM, Sun semi-squares Neptune 11:26 AM, Moon square Mercury 6:41 PM, Moon opposed Saturn 11:49 PM.

Saturday, April 21: The world can push on us to get busy, people can poke at us to get on board with their plans, but most of us will prefer to drift and dream, turn up the volume on imagination, perception, and feeling. Let the wisdom of that inner world guide this week’s willfulness as the Moon, Neptune, and Jupiter form a grand trine in intuitive emotional water signs. Keep an eye out for literal water issues, melting snows or water spilled can complicate our life.

Moon trine Neptune 10:44 AM, Moon opposed Mars 4:35 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 6:55 PM, Moon opposed Pluto 8:20 PM.

Sunday, April 22: Savor a slow morning where breakfast in bed sounds delightful, then engage the world. The mood is generally cheerful but utterly stubborn and potentially self-absorbed under a Leo moon, though Pluto turns retrograde and stirs the depths of the cultural psyche. Conversation and cooperation flow more easily tonight as the Moon trines Mercury.

Moon sextile Venus 6:39 AM, Moon square Uranus 8:57 AM, Pluto retrogrades 9:25 AM, Moon enters Leo 11:08 AM Moon squares Sun 3:45 PM, Moon trine Mercury 11:32 PM.

Monday, April 23: People need appreciation and resent being ignored or undervalued. But if we appreciate ourselves for what we have to offer, we are freed from the need of other people’s feedback and can think more independently as Venus sextiles Uranus and Mars sextiles Jupiter. We can create a collaborative atmosphere by what we give, not what we ask for, but that collaboration can go far. There’s potential for healthy shifts in relationship patterns if we care about another’s happiness as much as our own.

Venus semi-sextile Uranus 11:33 AM, Moon square Jupiter 9:44 PM, Mars sextile Jupiter 11:12 PM.

Tuesday, April 24: Encourage new relationships around work. Our nerves wind up, which can make us more flirtatious, conversational, anxious, and funny as Venus enters flirtatious and nervy Gemini, while the Moon enters industrious Virgo. Dial down a tendency to criticize oneself and others, just make notes for future improvement. Enjoy the witty repartee, but keep the heart connected. If distracted, talk for a minute then get back to what’s important.

Venus enters Gemini 10:39 AM, Moon trine Uranus 12:39 PM, Moon enters Virgo 2:40 PM, Moon square Venus 3:03 PM, Venus sextile Chiron 3:10 PM, Moon trine Sun 11:16 PM.

Wednesday, April 25: We’ll take things seriously. The Moon moves into and industrious grand trine in Earth signs with the Sun and Saturn; this configuration can really help us keep build momentum as long as we remember what we’re doing. The Moon also opposes fuzzy-thinking Neptune, which distracts us with activity in our inner world; we can walk into the kitchen and forget why we’re there or get lost in the detail and forget what absolutely has to be done. Make lists and check priorities often. Do not get in the way of someone on a mission, they won’t be grateful. If self-doubts creep in around the edge, remember recent successes, and encourage one another.

Moon trine Saturn 6:29 AM, Mercury square Saturn 3:27 PM, Moon opposed Neptune 6:04 PM.

Thursday, April 26: Be alert for a bustle of activity early this morning as Mars conjuncts Pluto, be ready to make decisions. Be flexible enough to work around surprises but stay on target. It’s important to follow up on what we’ve just begun, but our attention can get lost in irrelevant details as the Moon makes no major aspect until it enters Libra tonight. Notice what motivates, both our own motivation and what drives others. Keep an eye on the headlines. Decisions made today will have impact.

Moon sextile Jupiter 1:28 AM, Moon trine Mars 3:46 AM, Moon square Pluto 3:49 AM, Mars conjunct Pluto 5 AM, Moon enters Libra 7:12 PM.

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astrology horoscopes starcodes

Starcodes horoscopes for April 13 – 19, 2018

by Heather Roan-Robbins
astrology horoscopes starcodesThe astrological energy turns around and encourages new momentum by the end of the week. But this Friday the 13th could to run true to typecasting. Mercury appears to slow down and hold still as it prepares to turn direct this weekend, while the Moon enters impatient Aries and snafus increase. Sunday through Tuesday could be turbulent but many things come right in the process as Mercury, retrograde for the last three weeks, turns direct.

We can be just entertained if we can add patience and flexibility instead of trying to stick to schedule. Put safety and sense of humor above all. Stand back from ongoing feuds, don’t engage pugnacious people till next week. Watch sharp objects and temperamental motors. Make the most of delays and have interesting conversations but check to make sure that everyone feels understood, especially when in a hurry.

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Good news for those who feel it is time to stir the political coals, Chiron, the asteroid we associate with healing through applying hard-won wisdom, an asteroid between Saturn and Uranus, enters Aries on Tuesday. Chiron passed through Aries from 1918-1927 and 1968 to 1977, both interestingly radical times which encouraged us to rethink the total socio-economic structure. It dips back into Pisces this summer then enters Aries for the next decade.

Friday night the waning Moon enters turbulent Aries and creates an astrological oxymoron; the moon’s energy is quiet by phase but active by sign. Which also echoes Mercury’s paradox, which is quiet by cycle as it stations and appears to hold still, but active in Aries. This lineup can bring a real wildcard of experience over the weekend. We can engage actively, chew over dreams and imagination, process intensely, particularly as active Mars (ruler of Aries) sextiles idealistic, creative Neptune. Our dreams are inseminated, our imagination enlivened. But our practical world can spin in circles. Transportation may be delayed by weather. And when a storm or an argument gets going, it can swirl in place, going nowhere, but creating havoc in the process.

On Sunday the energy begins to shift and the conversation alters as Mercury turns direct in the morning and the Moon conjunct the Sun and Uranus in the evening. Many things come right but can produce some turbulence in the process. Keep eyes open for misconceptions that need to be corrected and plans and orders need to be adjusted. Keep eyes open for the results of brooding or crazy thinking percolating behind-the-scenes over the last few weeks. The Sun conjuncts Uranus on Wednesday and can jumpstart any new plans, so get ready to launch new projects. This conjunction can also add voltage to our nervous system which can test already frayed psyches.

The week ends as the Sun enters Taurus and we begin the fertile season, the astrologically best month to plant seeds and ideas and watch them grow.

Friday, April 13: Expect contradictory moods; we may feel hypersensitive and brave, bold and anxious with occasional gusts of determination. Our sense of time can feel very elastic; we can totally space out on the rhythm or tap our foot impatiently while somebody else wanders in their fog bank. Goodwill early this morning can get a little threadbare if we are not kind and patient with one another. Enthusiasm and impatience increase as the Moon heads into Aries tonight. We could use a walk on the wild side, just keep eyes open and don’t fly off the handle at a misunderstanding.

Moon sextile Pluto 5:16 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 6:26 AM, Moon conjunct Chiron 9:06 PM, Moon enters Aries 9:25 PM.

Saturday, April 14: Good fertile long-term aspects help us cultivate plans, make contacts and grow enthusiasm as Mars sextiles Neptune and Jupiter sextiles Pluto. But because Mercury is stationary, we won’t see or know the results for a while. Encourage spontaneity, be willing to make the most out of the moment, share laughter, share ideals and dreams, start a ball rolling. Step back and rest for a minute if a cranky spell kicks in midafternoon. Stay present and stay safe when driving or doing anything else dangerous.

Jupiter sextile Pluto 3:58 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury 6:11 AM, Mars sextile Neptune 11:27 AM, Moon square Saturn 2:01 PM.

Sunday, April 15: Dial down that potentially explosive impatience as Mercury turns direct while the Moon squares Mars, squares Pluto, conjunct the Sun and then conjunct Uranus. Have as much fun as possible while fielding wildcards. As Mercury turns direct, misunderstandings may be revealed, problems that have been hidden now become obvious, but gives us the first step to clear them up. This could be a volatile day in international politics, but we don’t have to live that out close to home.

Moon square Mars 1:45 AM, Mercury turns direct 3:20 AM, Moon square Pluto 11:36 AM, Moon conjunct the Sun 7:57 PM, Moon conjunct Uranus 11:59:02 PM.

Monday, April 16: After a somewhat awkward morning while Mercury semi-squares Venus and makes it hard to say just the right thing, the Moon enters Taurus, trines Saturn, and stabilizes the mood. Repair snafus, find out what page everyone is on, organize. Start to implement fresh ideas. Like change falling out of pockets in the wash, both unexpected treasures and challenges fall out of our ordinary chores; pick up that change. Tag opportunities to follow up on later, don’t let them drop. Relationship issues are moving to the forefront, don’t hurry the process, do tend important connections.

Mercury semi-square Venus 2:19 AM., Moon enters Taurus 2:50 AM, Moon trines Saturn 6:37 PM.

Tuesday, April 17: Venus opposes Jupiter, trine’s Pluto and stirs political, personal, and aesthetic passions. Let’s share what makes us tick but not narcissistically think that our passion is the same as another’s. Friendships deepen, relationships can shift to a new level. But some people will act out because their heart or possessiveness is so triggered. Open the heart and share a passion or a cause together; bond. On another note, I generational gap could widen or challenges to authority structures intensify as Chiron enters Aries while Saturn turns retrograde.

Venus opposed Jupiter 12:59 AM, Chiron enters Aries 2:09 AM, Moon sex tile Neptune 5:27 AM, Venus trine Pluto 7:03 AM, Moon trine Mars 7:48 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 2:40 PM, Moon trine Pluto 3:18 PM, Moon conjunct Venus 4:04 PM, Saturn retrogrades 9:46 PM.

Wednesday, April 18: Stay in the loop, memos fly fast and furious as the moon enters verbal Gemini while the Sun conjunct Uranus. Decisions need to be made to solve recent problems and it helps to be in on that process. Launch PR campaigns, websites. News buzzes, both life-changing and petty; filter out the gossip and stay on target with what’s important.

Moon enters Gemini 6:02 AM, Sun conjunct Uranus 8 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 2:56 PM.

Thursday, April 19: The Moon forms many subtle aspects, which can cause a subtle shimmer in our moods; weather and opinions, possibilities and attitudes, shift and make it hard to get a bead on direction. Don’t take people’s changing moods personally; these subtle variations can echo off one another but the real cause is probably internal to each person. As the Sun enters Taurus tonight, the rev begins to slow down and we enter the fertile planting season when ideas, seedlings, and major political movements grow roots.

Moon semi-square Uranus 6:47 AM, moon semi-square sun 8:13 AM, Moon square Neptune 8:10 AM, moon quincunx Mars 2:14 PM moon quincunx Jupiter 6:47 PM, moon quincunx Pluto 7:48 PM, Sun enters Taurus 9:12 PM.

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Starcodes horoscopes for April 6 – 12, 2018

by Heather Roan Robbins

Be industriously patient this week. The planets are sending us a few different messages and we need to find a balance between them. On one level the astrological mood is cozy, friendly and encourages us to rest up, cozy up to young animals and savor the hints of spring. But at deeper level our attention may be drawn to major work stirring, big issues moving towards a dénouement over the next few weeks as the Sun squares Pluto and then conjunct Uranus. All while the stars tell us to hurry up and wait as Mercury retrogrades and slows us down but does so in impatient Aries and with a lingering Mars and Saturn conjunction in ambitious Capricorn egging us on.

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The size of the coming dénouement could range from a small revelation to seismic shift. The Sun-Pluto square on Tuesday asks us to contemplate our life in the face of life, death, and the balance of power in the world or on the home front. Some event may trigger our thoughtfulness or make us aware that we have to let go of one thing in order to grab another. Pluto doesn’t want us to be miserable, it just wants us to remember why we’re alive and what we want to do with our wild and precious life.

From this thoughtfulness new cycles, new birth, new growth activates in response to this ache under a new Moon in Aries, as the Sun conjunct Uranus and Mercury turns direct during April 15-18. But this week we may feel like we’re molting and new feathers are pushing out the old.

The weekend begins industriously, if a bit haunted with memories as the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Saturn, Mars, and Pluto. let’s just remember we can’t do it all at once, whatever it is we feel we should be getting on with. Mercury is retrograde so it will be more productive to work on projects we’ve already begun.

It’s not a great time to make life altering decisions, though we may feel some pressure to do so. It is good for going through memories, calling the past, editing, writing up notes, and processing with people we trust as Venus trines Saturn. If we start walking around in a spacey fog, it may be because we’re distracted, processing at a deep level. This look backwards could help with the forensic thinking necessary for last-minute taxes but might bring grim moments otherwise.

The mood grows less industrious and more sociable on Sunday evening as the Moon heads into Aquarius. Early next week we feel that double layer, a lovely surface with thoughtful interior aspects tug us into deeper waters.

Midweek we could run into technical snafus but can also feel our hearts unusually warm as a Venus-Mars trine stirs that spring feverish sparkle in the eye that brings baby animals. Possessiveness and territoriality could be a problem but we can choose to let difficulties bring us closer to our heart rather than farther away. Hold hands with one another rather than put the problems between, exercise the Venus–Mars capacity to love while the Sun squares Pluto and implies we have to face our concerns.

A gently affectionate Pisces Moon on Wednesday through Friday with a creative Venus-Neptune sextile offers chance to make it safe to care. This softness could be overshadowed if we focus on what’s going wrong but can be a real gift if we choose to savor the warmth around the edges.

Since Mercury is retrograde all week, schedule extra time to get moving or get anything done, pay attention and move with grace rather than speed, and when in doubt, be kind. When the irritations at delays or unplanned snafus pile up, step outside and shake out tension rather than take it out on one another, then find the Mercury retrograde humor in it. Life starts to speed up in a week so let’s rest up and get ready.

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Friday, April 6: Awkward conversations and odd timing test us this morning. We can question the decisions made by those in authority, and if we’re the one deciding, need to expect questions pointed our way. We can get more organized at the Moon enters Capricorn this afternoon, though some will get cranky depressed if they it feels like there’s too much to do. Support one another’s work efforts and all goes well. Tonight, it will help to process the week before we relax.

Moon trine Uranus 7:35 AM, Mercury semi-sextile Venus 11:05 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 12:01 PM.

Saturday, April 7: Get it done. We want to accomplish and make it beautiful as Venus trines Saturn and the Moon conjunct both Saturn and Mars and can pour this into domestic projects. Just proceed with patience and care so the project only needs to be done once. If what needs to be done is to take a nap, go ahead. Build trust by supporting each other’s work early on and relax later. Forgive people if they are distracted, it can be hard to let go of ongoing concerns.

Moon square Mercury 3:15 AM, Moon trine Venus 6:09 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 6:18 AM, Venus trine Saturn 7:36 AM, Moon conjunct Mars 11:41 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 6:44 PM.

Sunday, April 8: An introverted, potentially difficult or moody morning as the Moon conjunct Pluto early on, but the mood shifts quickly and the ghosts stay in the dreams. Enthusiasm can shift our perspective this afternoon; a change of scene furthers as the Moon squares Uranus.

Moon square Sun 1:17 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 7:02 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 8:14 AM, Moon square Uranus 8:39 PM.

Monday, April 9: We are in this together: lots of small challenges can pile up but a fresh sense of camaraderie can help us work together for the benefit of both the project and our friendships under the Moon enters Aquarius. Put the relationships first and the project falls into place; put the project first and neither furthers.

Moon enters Aquarius 12:49 AM, Moon sextiles Mercury 1:16 PM.

Tuesday, April 10: The energy can wander this day, it may be hard to focus or find direction. We could feel a haunting sense that we are not enough, or what we have to work with is inadequate as the Sun squares Pluto. And be tempted to blame unhappiness on another, which disempowers us and is dangerous. Instead, deal with loose and follow through, discuss the whys and wherefores. Share an experience and philosophize. Make extra effort to be aware of the feelings of others, empathy makes all the difference.

Moon square Venus 1:56 AM, Moon sextile Sun 7:10 PM, Moon square Jupiter 8:09 PM, Sun square Pluto 10:56 p.m.

Wednesday, April 11: We want to love, to use our heart as Venus trines Mars, and can get resentful of anything that gets in this way. Old emotional patterns come up for review, familiar opinions and prejudices can run well-worn pathways this morning unless we ask clear questions and are willing to step out of our comfort zone. All sweetness furthers, kindness reaches the soul and starts new paths as the Moon enters Pisces this afternoon. Tend vulnerability, treat it like delicate gold.

Venus trine Mars 12:02 AM, Sun quincunx Jupiter 6:14 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 8:55 AM, Moon enters Pisces 12:39 PM, Venus semi-square Chiron 10:17 PM.

Thursday, April 12: In the midst of a busy world our imagination calls us, and we can either imagine our pains are worse than they are, or we can imagine creative solutions and beautiful answers. Let’s take our muse out for a spin. Art supplies further as Venus sextiles inspired Neptune, romantic gestures are appreciated as long as no one feels pressured.

Moon sextile Saturn 6:17 AM, Venus sextile Neptune 10:26 AM, Moon sextile Mars 4:28 PM, Moon conjunct Neptune 6:08 PM, Moon the sextile Venus 6:56 PM.

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