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Starcodes horoscopes for May 25 – 31, 2018

by Heather Roan Robbins

astrology horoscopes starcodesSweetness and fire describe the week. We have extra astrological access to strong opinions, enthusiasm with echoes of conflict, but also to a rich vein of imagination, intuition, camaraderie, and spirit if we can invoke enough insulation and objectivity to use this energy well. The fire and brimstone come as verbal Mercury opposes abundant Jupiter from the fixed signs of Taurus and Scorpio and increases both our communication skills but also our tendency to stick our heels in around what we think we know. Those opinions are not only strong but sharp and pointed because feisty Mars still squares Uranus; although this aspect is beginning to fade, this tense aspect that has kept the lava flowing and political comments pointed and stirred the sparks in any argument as well as revolutionary coals in the recent primary. It also loans us energy and helps us do what needs to be done.

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This week’s sweetness comes from a softer, more magical Jupiter-Neptune trine that supports our gentler side and encourages us to take a break from ordinary reality. This Jupiter -Neptune trine can open up our subtle perceptions and sense of magic, leave us feeling empathetic and permeable, if not particularly realistic. It encourages us to let go and immerse ourselves in the first day at the beach or an astrological convention, and to feel our spiritual connection to those we remember on Memorial Day. This sweet aspect can help us be sweet with one another. It can also make sweets tempting and make it challenging to keep blood sugar even, so let’s watch our diets at the picnic. Be wary of that desire to have that just one more drink as this Neptunian escapist edge can encourage people to drink way too much on this already traditionally alcohol-soaked weekend, so drive carefully.

If we feel are clash between this extra sensitivity on one side and extra feisty opinions on the other, let’s see if we can navigate this tension kindly. Don’t be surprised if some people hold on tenaciously to their pet illusions. A few people and politicians will spin on but not make sense, lost in their own little world.

There is also an interesting clash to balance between our introversion and extroversion throughout the week. The Sun in outgoing Gemini trines Mars in sociable, socially conscious Aquarius and pulls us into community. But a more introverted Venus in Cancer opposes serious Saturn and pulls us inwards, making us a bit shy and more afraid of rejection than we’d like to admit, more reserved and even formal on this usually picnic-oriented weekend. Seriousness from work or a heart heavy from the world’s woes can cramp our social style. We can reach past our insecurities by connecting to Saturn things, like old friends, talk over work, or reminiscence. It will be important not to test relationships, but to take good care of ourselves so we can stay centered but open. A playfulness returns on Monday, Memorial Day as the Moon enters more outspoken and outgoing Sagittarius and the wild world beckons.

On Tuesday a full Moon in Sagittarius encourages us to make travel plans and think like a global citizen. This Sagittarian restlessness can make post-holiday reentry challenging, make it harder to finish a term paper or knuckle down to our ordinary workload. Take an extra walk or moment in the sunshine midday. Traveling can seem like a great idea, but serious responsibilities still need our attention here now as the Sun quincunx Saturn. Mercury enters Gemini midweek and the conversation picks up. Look for communiqués from people who said they’d get back to was weeks ago.

Mercury in Gemini can leave us feeling a little scattered as our mind roams all over the place, but it can ease communication to get to know new neighbors or say goodbye to old friends as the school year winds up. But if our mind starts buzzing on our worries or concerns, chasing away sleep, let’s look carefully to see if this is just our mental hamsters spin their treadmill, or do we have a real concern. Enjoy the buzz but know when to let go at the end of a long day and practice calming the muscles of the mind.

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Friday, May 25: Meet, greet, and network under the sociable Libra Moon. Notice body language and emotional sensations, with unusual permeability we can pick up more than the spoken word, but this information is easy to miss interpret, so let’s fact-check our impressions. Underneath this friendliness is a willingness to go deep but also an intense need to communicate our opinions as Mercury trines Pluto. We want to investigate and understand. Some uncomfortable information or interaction kicks in midafternoon as the Moon squares Pluto, which can leave us feeling insecure or inadequate for a moment, but we can remember what we do well to regain our equilibrium. The mood is sociable with undertones of shyness tonight.

Jupiter trine Neptune 3:52 AM, Mercury trine Pluto 7:37 AM, Moon square Pluto 3:03 PM.

Saturday, May 26: Watch the competitive energy. As the Moon enters Scorpio, opposes Uranus and squares Mars, our minds sharpen, but life can feel like a strategic chess game. Stay poised and centered, somewhat shielded. Don’t lean in trying to make connection or lean back and shut people out. Learn something new and let it change the world view. It furthers to have something to concentrate upon, something to uncover or discover. The energy relaxes towards evening as Mercury semi-squares Venus, we may feel less guarded, with more enthusiasm and warmth.

Venus opposed Saturn 12:39 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 7:39 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 8:42 AM, Moon square Mars 12:45 PM, Mercury semi-square Venus 6:34 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 10:33 PM.

Sunday, May 27: The level of the collective unconscious rises like a rain-soaked water table and seeps into our dreamscape as the Scorpio Moon conjuncts Jupiter and forms a grand trine with Venus in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces. Magic can happen, so can obsession. Empathy and a craving for intimacy and connection meets with the fear of being overwhelmed. Respect interpersonal signals, there’s a lot going on beneath the surface. It may further to take time alone.

Moon trine Venus 12:55 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 1:47 PM, Moon trine Neptune 12:22 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 11:11 PM.

Monday, May 28: The depths of our psyche undulates on this thoughtful, emotional morning. Pay attention to new relationships and opportunities; trust instincts and follow up those opportunities but don’t project into the future without more information. If we feel mildly awkward around noon time, a few minutes alone can help let go of the need for feedback as the Moon opposes Mercury. An upbeat, positive and restless mood grows and encourages us away from it all as the Moon enter Sagittarius. We need to play, and to get out of our inner experience to find out what’s been going on in the world at large.

Moon opposed Mercury 11:25 AM, Moon enters Sagittarius 4:28 PM, Moon sextile Chiron 8:01 PM.

Tuesday, May 29: Adulthood impinges this morning as the Sun quincunx Saturn under full Sagittarius Moon. We may want to play hooky but have deadlines or responsibilities that weigh in and need attention. Get through those quickly, then get back outside. Run with the impulse to be frank and honest, but don’t be oblivious. Be curious and open-minded but watch for simplistic assumptions. Nervous energy speeds up as does the conversation as Mercury enters its home sign of Gemini this afternoon.

Sun quincunx Saturn 12:36 AM, Moon sextile Mars 1:20 AM, Moon opposed the Sun 8:19 AM.

Wednesday, May 30: Watch the mental hamsters as Mercury semi-sextiles Uranus and sextiles Chiron; our nerves can wind up, our minds can get stuck on a worry, overthinking the past and borrowing trouble from the future while having trouble concentrating on our work. Return to the present and put that mental busyness to good use. Look for and engage in a potentially healing conversation.

Moon square Neptune 12:25 AM, Mercury semi-sextile Uranus to 20 1 AM, Mercury sextile Chiron 3:21 PM.

Thursday, May 31: The Moon enters competent Capricorn and levels out some of the buzz, helps us harness it towards good use. Emotions still run a strong deep undercurrent, people are feeling subtleties but may want to talk about anything but those underground streams. We may need to face an internal demon of our own as the Moon conjunct Saturn, and can micromanage as a way of controlling our concerns. Good changes are afoot though; look for them and participate.

Moon enters Capricorn 3:26 AM, Moon trine Uranus 5:02 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 6:52 PM.

All times are MDT.

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Starcodes horoscopes for May 18 – 24, 2018

by Heather Roan Robbins

Let’s work our gardens. This is a fertile weekend with a waxing Moon and the sun, Mercury, and Uranus all in fecund Taurus. Plant those flowers, plant ideas, cultivate the future all week long.  Also, notice what problems take root this week, what causes spark. Don’t plant seeds of discord, because these will also grow. Do back a movement/cause/politician that could improve our situation, that is a garden we want to cultivate.

We may have less emergencies and more time to grow in the weeks ahead. But the last few months have been loaded with tricky aspects which are still ringing like a bell. We have fires to put out, lava to contain from last week’s tense, even explosive Mars-Uranus square, which is still within a degree on Friday morning and in orb for the next few weeks. Danger sharpens, problems that have been building for weeks are still erupting. But there is also a new and gentler energy beginning. Because we have been and are on alert, when we have a quiet moment, when there is no fire to put out, no emergency on our doorstep, it’s easy to just space out or let our minds perseverate on our concerns or what could go wrong next.

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But any moment of calm is exactly where we need to be proactive. The Mars-Uranus energy can motivate us to get moving, and the softer aspects encourage us to protect, grow, create, fertilize, nourish. Our children may need extra care, they need to be gardened. So may our love life.

Gardening is a wonderful metaphor because it is a co-creation process. You can’t hurry the plants along. You can tend to them, make sure the weeds aren’t getting in the way, make sure the sunlight reaches the plants, put up a deer fence, add nourishing foods increase the resilience through their health, but you can’t poke and prod. We can’t over analyze the relationship or spend all the time dissecting what went wrong and expect life to improve. We need to garden the future.

Sit with the plants and learn. Watch them grow. Water when needed. Remove pests. Surround with protection. Sit and be present to that miracle. Then take that home and do it with beloveds, with the project of the heart.

Jupiter in Scorpio is retrograde back to form an exact trine with Neptune in Pisces, and intuitive, creative, magical aspect. When a faster moving planet enters Cancer, it forms a grand trine with these two and stirs up our potential for new emotional understanding and creative inspiration, a spiritual aha. It also amps up our desire to escape this harsh world and reach into our imagination for a more beautiful place. For most of us, this can be a longing for the art studio, ceremony, a long walk in the woods or a good book. For those on the edge of sanity, this can send their boat sailing out of reality. It can also bring water damage. We may feel flooded by tears or emotions. This weekend the Moon in Cancer forms that grand trine and taps into the heart. In the coming weeks and months, Venus will form this trine, as will the sun, and Mercury.

But as the weekend begins Mercury trines serious Saturn and encourages us to do something solid with this process. Venus enters Cancer this weekend two turn up the emotional volume, sensitizes us as it sextiles Uranus, but can make us more guarded, and protective of our loved ones. Issues of territoriality, of home and homeland will be more volatile in the weeks ahead.

The Sun enters Gemini on Sunday, the Moon enters Leo, both extroverted signs, and encourages us to take this creativity into our community; get to know the neighbors, attend picnics, yard sales, and arts festivals. The amped up communication can also help us take our inspiration to make the world a better place, talk it up network around it and help make it so.

Early next week the Moon in industrious, nervy Virgo brings out our critical thinking capacity, but can convince us that residing in our heads feels safer than staying in our overflowing hearts. We need to keep them working together.

Friday, May 18: This day can bring seriousness and sanity as mental Mercury trines stabilizing Saturn.  And begin this to and give us tools to handle recent upheavals. Some of those upheavals, like this morning’s shootout in Texas, tension in the Mideast and erupting volcanoes, are not going away though they may have been triggered by last week’s aspects, are not going away. But we have access to both a vision of how it could be different as the Moon trines Neptune and Jupiter, and the skills to him to improve the situation, if we choose to use them.  Spread thoughtful sanity, put steady work into those dreams.  This evening, it furthers to share a good meal and appreciate creative spirits.

Moon sextile Mercury 4:50 AM, Moon opposed Saturn 5:33 AM, Mercury trine Saturn 10:48 AM, Moon semi-square Sun 12:41 PM, Moon trine Neptune 6:20 PM Moon trine Jupiter 7:47 PM.

Saturday, May 19: We could lie around and rest as Venus joins the Moon in domestic Cancer, and this may be just what we need, soul healing is the first priority. Or we could use this opportunity to nurture our souls and relationships, garden our community. Watch the grass grow. Keep expectations low and know that real achievement will be seen in our subtler connections. The Moon shifts to more outgoing Leo tonight, and opposes Mars, and brings out our feistier extrovert. Enjoy but consider avoiding, rather than engaging, belligerent people.

Moon opposed Pluto 2:26 AM, Mars semi-square Neptune 4:49 AM, Venus enters cancer 7:10 AM, Venus sextiles Uranus 11:30 AM, Moon sextile Sun 3:14 PM, Moon enters Leo 5:10 PM, Moon square Uranus 5:33 PM, Moon opposed Mars 7:37 PM, Mars sextile Chiron 11:55 PM.

Sunday, May 20: We can steel set in our ways, intransigent if open-minded, and want a bit of extra attention. Be generous with that, appreciate others and they blossom. Try to push them forward and expect to get nowhere as the Moon squares Mercury midday in fixed signs. Romantic tension can bring up old scars as Venus squares Chiron but can just be a just be skew lines of communication, not an intentional hurt. Stop and accept differences, reconnect in a few hours. As the Sun goes into Gemini tonight, communication improves.

Moon square Mercury 1:30 PM, Venus square Chiron to 20 3 PM, Venus quincunx Mars 8:05 PM, Sun enters Gemini 8:14 PM, Moon square Jupiter 9:29 PM.

Monday, May 21: Shift, change, and make adjustments today as the Sun semi-sextiles Uranus. Later on, as the Moon enters Virgo and squares the sun, our critical thinking sharpens. Let’s not waste it on our beloveds but notice what honestly needs criticism. Write letters to politicians, edit books, reorganize plans; do not stunt creativity with sharp edges, save this for acts of social justice. Refine rather than stop creative process.

Sun semi-sextile Uranus 3:47 AM, Moon enters Virgo 8:02 PM, Moon trine Uranus 8:37 PM, Moon square Sun 9:49 PM.

Tuesday, May 22: Don’t go off half-cocked today, it’s easy to wind out about a complaint and then realize we’ve made a mistake. We tend to see old problems projected on the present. Our intuition opens as the mood improves this afternoon as Mercury sextiles Neptune. Utilize a chameleonlike quality, find a mindset it would be lovely to absorb, and focus on that. People need to process tonight, let the conversation roam far and wide.

Moon sextile Venus 1:47 AM, Moon trine Saturn, 10:19 AM, Sun semi-sextile Chiron 12:48 PM, Mercury sextile Neptune 8:13 PM, Mercury opposed Jupiter 11:53 PM.

Wednesday, May 23: Overnight confusion clears this morning, we can manifest easily and accomplish concrete steps forward as the Virgo Moon forms a grand trine with Mercury and Pluto this afternoon. Introspection and analysis further. And from that let action happen, as the sun trine’s Mars and craves clear action and clean territory. Just watch psychic boundaries; do not be invasive, knock before entering another’s mind.

Moon opposed Neptune 12:29 AM, Mercury semi-squares Chiron 12:40 AM, Moon sextiles Jupiter 12:59 AM, Moon trines Mercury 1:10 AM, Moon trines Pluto 8:54 AM, Sun trine Mars 8:39 PM

Thursday, May 24: What’s fair? It’s all about social justice and interpersonal balance as the Moon enters egalitarian Libra and forms a trine with Mars and the Sun. Injustice will really tick us off. What are going to do about making the workload feel fair at home and work, how we are going to contribute to fairness in the world at large? This moon wants to know. We feel loved, and our heart opens, when we feel someone is on our side and cares about our happiness.

Moon enters Libra 12:51 AM, Moon opposes Chiron 3:52 AM, Moon trine’s Mars 6:19 AM, Moon trine Sun 6:48 AM, Moon squares Venus 12:02 PM, and Moon squares Mars 3:28 PM.

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Starcodes horoscopes for May 11 – 17, 2018

by Heather Roan Robbins

This week will go easier we can find good use for impatience. With the inevitability of volcanic lava, we can feel changes coming. Maybe not fast enough for us for some in some places, and to quickly and others, but this week can mark a turnaround as Mercury conjuncts Uranus at the last degree of Aries and they both enter Taurus together, and volatile Mars squares electrifying Uranus.

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And, like watching the volcano slowly and inexorably eat up homes and create new land in Hawaii, we may get a humbling reminder that we’re not in control of everything in our life. Recent Pluto transits make clear that sometimes we just have to let go, drop a plan that’s not working, or be willing to realistically reorganize, rather than keep trying to finagle it into shape.

The weekend begins with the Moon in antsy Aries while mental Mercury forming a square to impatient Mars. We need to put safety first any time we brush with conflict, in transportation, or handling mechanical gear. We can be a little twitchy, fast on the trigger. And no matter how much we’ve done, we probably feel like were running behind and potentially overwhelmed by the amount that needs to be done, that is dealing with the work pile on our desk or making changes for social justice in our community. Really, our burden is no worse than it was a week ago, but now we’re more aware of what’s needed and what’s possible.

But let’s not take this impatience out on one another, instead put it to good use. Finish projects that have been dragging on too long, that have been working on for month; we are so ready to be done, but it’s important not to drop the ball or make mistakes at the last minute just because were impatient. But this impatience can move us out of an inertia or depression and move on.

Mother’s Day begins the shift. On Sunday, Mother’s Day, let’s take time to honor the Mother, our own mothers if we can, but if, through problems of time, space, or trust, we can’t, let’s honor the Mother earth itself. Mother’s Day is the Taurus holiday for a reason, Taurus exudes the original stabilizing and nourishing earth mother energy.

Tuesday brings a new Moon in Taurus, the most fertile day of the year, which makes May 15 and 16t great days to plant seeds and important ideas. Changes that erupt early next week can provide fertile ground for both as Uranus enters earthy Taurus on Tuesday for most of the next eight years. Uranus, which takes 84 years to go around the zodiac, enters Taurus on Tuesday, and though it retrogrades back into Aries later this summer for a few months. Last time Uranus was in Taurus 1934-1941, the New Deal turned the American economy and culture around, and the power structures of Europe changed. Over the next eight years we will be pushed to evolve our relationship to the world of matter: our bodies, our money, our resources, and our relationship to the earth. Tectonic plates will shift, both literally and metaphorically.

Mars squares Uranus on Wednesday, an exciting, accident-prone, volatile but determined and motivating aspect that brings the energy of a combustion engine to us. Both Mars and Uranus will switch from volatile Cardinal signs into steadier and more determined fixed signs hours before this square, which can help us channel the heat of this aspect and put it to good use. But this aspect can bring up anger management issues, and make us really fed up with any situation it’s just not working. Let’s not throw a relationship or situation out that just needs a little work and patience.

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Friday, May 11: we can wake up calm but deeply opinionated. Feistiness and energy returns wherever we are emotionally engaged as the Moon enters Aries this morning. This day could call for strong leadership abilities, help us know when to be assertive, and able to apply ourselves the job at hand. let’s remember our personal superpowers, but also add in the compromise necessary to create cooperation. Take an opportunity to stretch the soul muscles this afternoon and don’t give into a passing wave of romantic or interpersonal doubts. Notice a hunger for meaningful discussion around dinner time as the Sun trines Pluto, but if emotions start to take us off the rails tonight as Venus quincunx Pluto, postpone the conversation, get out of the head and take care of hearts.

Moon sextile Mars 3:02 AM, Moon enters Aries 6:40 AM, Sun trine Pluto 5:10 PM, Moon square Saturn 10:34 PM, Venus quincunx Pluto 11:04 PM.

Saturday, May 12: Don’t bug people before their coffee; timing is unique, so let people find their own rhythm and don’t nag as Mercury squares Mars.  We can put this pushiness to good use this afternoon or may need to wander and listen to our own souls as our inner child needs spontaneity, grows willful, and wants to act out. The mood softens, grows more agreeable this evening as the Moon forms a pleasant sextile to Venus; camaraderie feels more delicious than conflict.

Mercury square Mars 7:30 AM, Moon square Pluto 8:53 PM, Moon sextile Venus 11:01 PM.

Sunday, May 13: Spontaneous moments further, so expect the unexpected through the morning, and avoid a sort of a certain grimness in trying to create an event or wanting things to be a certain way. Some people will feel the urge to speak up and share unexpected news. The energy smooths out after lunch as the Moon conjunct Uranus and enters Taurus. We can explore new terrain and appreciate our creature comforts. Consider celebrating Mother’s Day and family gatherings after noon, or let the morning be about the unique individuality of each family member and wait until after lunch to focus in on family appreciation.

Mercury conjunct Uranus 4:50 AM, Mercury enters Taurus 6:40 AM, Moon square Mars 10:31 AM, Moon conjunct’s Uranus 12:04 PM Moon enters Taurus 12:15 PM, Moon conjuncts Mercury 12:56 PM.

Monday, May 14: Some confusion can keep us slow off the mark this morning as Mercury semi-squares Neptune. We may feel fuzzyheaded, or a bit vulnerable.  What changes can we gently invoke to help each other become more comfortable and feel safer in our work situation. We want to see a practical, tangible step in a good direction.

Mercury semi-square Neptune 12:28 AM, Mercury semi-sextile Chiron 2:51 AM, Moon square Saturn 2:58 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 3:43 PM, Moon opposed Jupiter 6:07 PM.

Tuesday, May 15: The next two days can bring fundamental shifts, but we can do it with reasonable grace and safety if we pay attention, and don’t let the tension build up. Like Pelé spilling over in Hawaii, we can change our landscape without exploding, though it may be uncomfortable and inconvenient for others. Uranus enters Taurus, Mars enters Aquarius and they square in the morning.

Moon squares Pluto 12:05 AM, Moon conjunct the Sun 5:47 AM, Uranus enters Taurus 9:16 AM, Moon trine Mars 2:29 PM, Moon enters Gemini 2:43 PM, Mars enters Aquarius 10:54 PM.

Wednesday, May 16: This could be an accident prone and potentially revolutionary morning as Mars squares Uranus this morning. Keep eyes open and be aware of the lay of the land. This energy may just move into crankiness or impatience, and the non-introspective can create a mess in relationships by blaming the other person for a certain existential discomfort. Define healthy sustainable progress and take a step in that direction.

Mars squares Uranus 1:03 AM, Moon semi-squares Pluto 3:25 PM, Moon square Neptune 5:16 PM.

Thursday, May 17: Encourage any sweetness, appreciate appreciation, gratitude, it’s all good as the Moon conjuncts Venus in Gemini and enters nurturing and sensitive Cancer midday. People obsess on their safety concerns and have worries going on that need respect. Let’s offer what reassurance and security we can because it will lower the tension and make our interactions more productive.

Moon conjunct Venus 12:17 PM, Moon enters Cancer 3:47 PM, Moon sextiles Uranus 3:59 PM.

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Starcodes horoscopes for May 4 – 10, 2018

by Heather Roan Robbins

Let’s enjoy the generally cozy comfort and pleasant social context of the Sun in Taurus combined with the easy-breezy casual conversation stimulated by the present Venus in Gemini. Underneath this surface comfort stirs a move to make big changes, both the desire to change things that desperately need changing, and change a few things just because. Mercury squares depressing Pluto on Monday, then sidles up to conjunct Uranus while Mars approaches a square to Uranus, the planet that acts as cosmic clutch and allows us to change gears, the following week. Let’s not waste this opportunity.

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Though the rhythm of these aspects can be uncomfortable: through early next week, the Plutonian aspects make us aware of what we have to let go of, where we feel stuck, what’s not working, and then the Uranian aspects kick in in the weeks ahead and instigate exciting if potentially uncomfortable, changes in response to our Plutonian feelings as Mercury approaches Uranus and Mars squares Uranus. We can see this pattern working out in Hawaii as the volcano eats up a corner of the island, we may not have something so drastic to wrestle with, but still have our own personal conundrum.

We may have to let go of a plan that’s not working or see what needs to be pruned in order to create room for new growth. Although we may need to look at dire possibilities square in the face and be realistic. Maybe we need to notice where we’re throwing good money after bad and stop it so we can use our energy more fruitfully. it will be important not to believe our darkest thoughts. We just have to get past the illusion that we’re stuck, and really explore our options.  Don’t give up but do get realistic; there’s a fine line between the two. Weigh all the options and keep the lines of communication open and ingenuity in place to invent a new approach.

And the concerns we are dealing with are not brand-new, about two months ago Mercury almost completed this square to Pluto but then retrograded, postponing the resolution. Issues that came up in mid-March but were not resolved then- now need to be taken to completion, decisions need to be made so that we can make adjustments and move on to something new.

Mercury is still in Aries throughout the week and can make us a little twitchy; while it helps us react fast, it also imparts a tendency to jump to conclusions or irritate quickly. This Mercury also exacerbates spring allergies, everything about our breathing and nervous system just inflames easily. Let’s be careful, get those power tools out and into action this weekend, but put safety first.

On Monday, Mercury perfects it square to Pluto and brings our mind to our trouble spots. Some old ghosts can bring up familiar depressing thoughts, but we don’t have to follow that depression cascade. Venus also squares Neptune on Monday and enhances our sense of aesthetics and imagination but can bring out and unrealistic streak or cause us to imagine our best and worst- case scenarios, particularly around relationships or creative projects. It can also bring up problems around too much or too little water, so stay hydrated and watch the flow of all liquids.

There are some intriguing changes coming over the next few weeks as those Uranus aspects kick in. Some of the tension that builds up towards the end of the week is not about the people around us, though it’s easy to read it there. Let go of unnecessary anxieties and look for what really needs to be changed.

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Friday, May 4: Make hay while the Sun shines, get work done while the competent Moon in Capricorn conjuncts serious Saturn and helps us keep our nose to the grind stone. Work concerns can weigh heavily on us, though they are probably not as dire as they seem now. Our sense of humor may be threadbare. This seriousness may be real, with a deadline or urgency pressing, or it may be perceived with just a heaviness and seriousness of mood. This is not an imaginative time, but we can accomplish. Tonight, that seriousness continues; keep social expectations low and let people be tired. That quiet support nurtures.

Moon conjunct Saturn 2:01 PM.

Saturday, May 5: Worry less and do more as Mercury quincunx Jupiter. This is a great day for personal chores, busyness is good therapy. Get the garden in, build the wall, get it done as the Capricorn Moon approaches Pluto and Mars. Some serious family or work conundrum may be coming to a head, maybe not time for the final decision but for an important phase of the conversation. It furthers to have something to do tonight rather than stare at the walls or nudge each other as the energy can become uncomfortable. Process deeply, get busy, or be quiet. Put the mind on to good things before sleep as it can be a restless night.

Moon trine Sun 1:52 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 4:16 AM, Mercury quincunx Jupiter 5:04 PM

Sunday, May 6: It furthers to find a community of like minds, let’s hang with people we like as we absorb easily from our social-emotional circumstances. It may be easier to talk to new people than old friends as Venus semi-squares Uranus. Be good to ongoing relationships but take the opportunity to make new connections. Honor aesthetic differences. Our artistic expression can need discipline and be a little frustrating, but also be good for the soul.

Moon conjunct Mars 12:19 AM, Moon square Uranus 7:48 AM, Sun sextile Neptune 7:56 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 8:48 AM, Venus semi-square Uranus 9:59 AM.

Monday, May 7: The Aquarius Moon helps us work more collegially and collaboratively, which is good because we’ll need all the support we can get. Mercury squares Pluto and decisions clarify that help us move forward, we just have to make sure that were making those decisions honestly and keep the lines of communication open. Notice we may not be particularly realistic, it’s good to be idealistic but keep there is a balance between what we want and what were afraid of and in the middle is probably the truth.

Mercury square Pluto 2:52 AM, Venus square Neptune 3:58 PM, Moon trine Venus 5:24 PM, Moon square Sun 8:08 PM, Moon square Jupiter 10:11 PM.

Tuesday, May 8: Lay a burden down.  It’s time to just drop something that crowds life and make more room as the Sun opposes Jupiter. Our freedom can be nothing left to lose, but don’t throw out things unnecessarily; instead edit, clear, release old grudges, release clutter of the heart as well as of the closet. Finish files and clear the desk. The Moon enters Pisces tonight and the water level of our emotions rises.

Moon sextile Mercury 6:50 AM, son opposed Jupiter 6:38 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 8:28 PM, Moon enters Pisces 9:10 PM.

Wednesday, May 9: Contact any friend who is in a truly tough place.  Even as underlying tension may be building and restlessness growing, our hearts soften today as the Pisces Moon approaches Neptune. It may be important to take time out to daydream, not just to get away from any ongoing problems but to go around the problem and looked at it from a different perspective, to imagine if we really wanted it all to be better what would that look like and hold that while we handle the other pieces. Meanwhile people are tender in the heart even though our tempers are twitchy. That the softness in the heart makes it important that we speak cleanly and kindly and not put this tension between us or it won’t be easily forgiven. Radical acts of kindness and romance further.

Venus quincunx Jupiter 12:36 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 2:22 PM.

Thursday, May 10: Pay attention to this morning’s dreams as the Moon conjuncts Neptune. They may be rather cryptic but can give an archetype to work with. Be gentle with one another and stay focused on real issues. Let people wind their way rather than be direct, this is a nonlinear day. Some social awkwardness midmorning to noon as the Moon squares Venus, but it eases out after lunch. We all need a bucket of patience and kindness, as nothing is simple. Many heart strings are tugged while handling ordinary work

Moon conjunct Neptune 4:27 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 8:25 AM, Moon square Venus 10:44 AM, Moon sextile Sun 11:58 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 2:13 PM.

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