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Starcodes horoscopes for Sept 27 – Oct 3, 2013

by Heather Roan Robbins

Agree to disagree. Even though we’re in the friendly month of Libra, the personal planets, Venus, Mars, and soon Mercury, are in fixed signs, signs that tend to dig in their heels under stress, take a stand and hold it. Venus and Mars also form a square this week, making it unusually easy to lock horns.

We’ll be open-minded and friendly but tenacious at best, and when we’re feeling particularly challenged, we may cruise for a fight. Over the week the Sun squares Pluto, opposes Uranus and squares Jupiter and suggests that long standing arguments intensify. This does not bode well for current budget negotiations going on in the federal government. Net week Mercury conjuncts Saturn, which allows us to get past bluster, get more honest, and get down to work or tangible solutions.

Because of this tendency for even our dear ones to be difficult or contrary right now, our self-opinion needs to be independent of what other people think. We can we spark off one another’s difference and find this debate entertaining, appreciate our difference, and so dive into real explorations together rather than resent or tug on each other’s heartstrings for proof we’re loved. Feelings can be so volatile, both the best and worst, that we need to take one step at a time. Do not decide about the future of a relationship this week, only work on the quality of each interaction.

Settle any disputes possible as the weekend begins; work out compromises, even temporary ones, while Mercury is still in friendly Libra. When Mercury enters Scorpio on Sunday we research more and compromise less. Superficial answers simply will not do, we want to get to the core. Our communication style grows less tactful, more succinct. We may tend to worry, obsess or get sullen, but if we go past the worry and look at the root of the matter, we can reconnect with what works and why we’re here.

Friday is squishy and emotional, if a bit prickly. Over the weekend the sociable Leo Moon wants us out and about. Monday through Wednesday a Virgo Moon gets us back to work. We may have to slog through some tough karmic pattern midweek. Some mid-range problem or event may first discourage us, and then bring an ongoing problem to a head, and in the process opens the door for positive change (if we initiate the efforts) as the Sun squares Pluto and opposes Uranus and squares Jupiter. Feel the steady push pull of evolution and resistance work its way out on the personal political and evolutionary levels. Let’s not get distracted by other people’s resistance, we need to step towards that far horizon ourselves.

Friday, Sept 27: Comfort, and comfort foods, help. We get a quick review of all our issues, one of everything as the Cancer Moon squares Uranus opposes Pluto, then conjuncts Jupiter. We’re up, down, cranky, happy, homeless, lazy, busy, one of everything, and maybe even one with everything. Even though we might be tempted by that cozy Cancer Moon to say home and watch a sad movie, we need to stay engaged and stir the pots. We don’t have to settle anything, but let’s make progress. Because so much is up, our friends and family may be activated and send mixed messages. People away from home, like kids away at school, may need a home-cooked meal or other homey support. If we need comfort, we can give it; make another feel at home and we feel safer ourselves.

Saturday, Sept 28: Agree to disagree as Venus and Mars square exactly. Enjoy differences rather than feel endangered or become indignant. The Moon in Cancer brings out our cozy side when we feel accepted, but brings out prickly defenses if we feel judged. Stubbornness is normal, but meanness with be hard to repair. Argue and make up. If there is a lack of direction, don’t push; refill the wells instead. Tonight, people may want to spar protectively or engage in parallel action, like watching a movie together, rather than reveal themselves.

Sunday, Sept 29: We become even more stubborn and thoughtful as Mercury enters Scorpio and the Moon enters Leo. Our efforts may need to intensify even if our spirit wants to run and play. Mixed messages and conflicting feelings complicate the morning, during the afternoon it’s hard to coordinate as we’re each called to go in a different direction. Tonight, don’t get discouraged under a tired spell as the Moon squares Saturn, the answer is there though it may take flexibility.

Monday, Sept 30: We can hide our private feelings with an extroverted display under a Leo Moon. Manage people; encourage with attention where people are moving in a good direction and withhold attention where they’re acting out. Make overtures and ask for feedback in a direct and clean way. Towards the evening we wonder who wrote the script and why as the Leo Moon conjuncts Mars, and remember we are the authors. Avoid blustering arguments with extra grace and diplomacy, and stay off one’s high horse. It’s going to be a long week, so let’s kept the energy flowing where we can.

Tuesday, Oct 1: Interesting cross-currents swill as the Moon shifts to thoughtful problem-solving Virgo. Sharpened critique intensifies political opposition and uncomfortable power wresting as the Sun squares Pluto. We can really dig into the nuts and bolts of a project, but let’s not dig in to one another. We can define the problem easily, but need to look beyond the quick blame to the real issues below. Strong emotions can color our thinking. If we can step beyond our hopes and fears, our intuition may be unusually strong and our imagination can carry the song, but objectivity is an illusion as Mercury trines Neptune. Work on weaving intellect and intuition for a clear answer.

Wednesday, Oct 2: Why does life have to hurt? We may ask that question, with or without an event to trigger the cause, as Venus semi-squares Pluto this morning. Kindness is there, though we may have to reach for it. Our simple kindness (to ourselves as well as others- it is so easy to be hard on ourselves today) and efforts to help one another (intention is more important than results at the moment) can ameliorate this ache and feed our hearts. Isolation is an illusion, but a powerful one, help others and feel connected, help them feel connected.

Thursday, Oct 3: Initiate good changes. We may be confronted with ideas or situations that rock the board as the Sun opposes Uranus. Question any new information, some people may play fast and loose with data and speciously rationalize their opinion. Let’s question even our own logic and keep ourselves honest. Look for surprising reversals and let nervous restlessness flow through without taking it on; work with it instead. Tonight, enjoy the funny, witty, inventive edgy reminiscing over what works and what brought joy as the Moon enters friendly Libra, Connect, but forgive us if we’re a bit distracted, the back of our minds continue to chew on serious work.



Starcodes horoscopes for August 9 – 15, 2013

by Heather Roan Robbins

This week is the height of Leo Season. Hot August days along with Sun and Mercury in generous, expressive Leo call us out to the arts festivals and farmer’s markets to engage the heights of human creativity and out to the gardens and mountains to engage the heights of nature’s creativity.

But through this summer lusciousness we may feel a bit more subdued and thoughtful than usual for August, looking for deeper connections than a quick summer romance and feeling a bit more demanding of the quality of our own work as the two emotional planets, Venus and Mars, work their way through introspective, industrious, and self-protective Virgo and Cancer.

Mars in Cancer from July 14 through August 29 brings out our caring but touchy side as it helps us share and appreciate tenderness. It encourages us to stick closer to home this summer and tend our domestic work, whether we define that as home or home country.

But Mars can also leave us feeling as prickly as porcupine if we feel criticized or feel our defenses triggered. Giving and receiving constructive criticism, even gentle teasing, may take unusual diplomacy. Our defensive quills can spike up at the least provocation, we’ll see this pattern occur between countries as much as between family members. Once the spikes are up, it will take time, safety and privacy to get them down again.

If we’ve set off another’s quills, making a simple apology (do not wait for one it may be a long time coming, no matter what they feel), and a bit of time will do wonders, whereas trying to prove our point will not. De-escalate the situation and it will stay manageable. And hope the global governments will do the same.

As the weekend begins under a lovely but edgy Moon-Venus conjunction in Virgo, our attitude will be a deciding factor. If we choose to focus on what could’ve been done better, the world feels gritty, sandy, and off. But if we look to the growing crops, the ripening heart inside us foible-filled humans, we see the beauty and can help it grow.

The Libra Moon brings us back to the sociable gatherings of summer and puts a shine on artistic endeavors over the weekend. Early in the week the mood is stormy and stubborn, it encourages us to dig in our heels to resist one another or to dig in and really get some work done. Just keep on track with a broader blueprint and don’t get lost in the details. Thursday, look for a shift in foreign policy on the big stags, and feel a lust to wander or let the mind meander.

Friday, Aug 9: We’re up, we’re down; happy but unsatisfied, running hot, cold, and nervy today as the Moon conjuncts Venus in Virgo. Drop beneath the surface static and tune into the creative, productive vibe underneath, a place where our craftsmanship can flow with our reactive ideas. Rein in the critical edge under stress and the tendency to be hard on oneself; instead, bring attention to what we’ve all done right. Tonight the Moon-Venus conjuncts beautifully in the night sky; let it in and count blessings.

Saturday, Aug 10: Don’t ask us to be practical, on this rather idyllic, spacey summer day. People are careful or guarded with deep feelings, but generally open and amiable, idealistic and impractical as Mercury challenges Neptune under a sociable Libra Moon. People negotiate fairly when others seem to be honest, but unfairness and unnecessary ugliness or harshness will set out our quills. Alcohol may flow too freely in public situations, watch the driving. Enjoy a magical evening, but watch misunderstandings or problems created by alcohol, water, zealotry or wishful thinking as Mercury quincunx Neptune.

Sunday, Aug 11: We mean well. Probably. On the surface people want to get along and not rock the boat, but watch their chin. Morning flows smoothly, though our energy may be lower than our enthusiasm. Midday on a deeper level of will and stubbornness seeps up and asks us to hold our ground, though we may take a stance on the strangest things. Look for the real issues way below the words as Mars sesqui-squares Neptune. Deal evenly with competitive actions, hidden motives, transportation delays, minor technical difficulties, Tackle serious issues or firm up plans tonight as Mercury squares Saturn.

Monday, Aug 12: Get on it. This impatient morning is good for getting to the bottom of a problem as long as we’re working alone. Intuition is strong underneath our emotional bias, but sarcastic comments, impatience and a critical edge make interpersonal work challenging under a Scorpio Moon. Notice approach–avoidance feeling about being seen and come here-go away messages in love; they are honest. Hang in there and get less personal work done for the moment.

Tuesday, Aug 13: Tough dreams or early morning concerns let us know what we’re worried about as the Moon conjuncts Saturn and Mercury quincunx Pluto. We wonder if there is enough to go around. It is easy to be suspicious, but not all covert actions are wrong; some are just working internally and not ready to talk. Some responsibilities may be breathing down our neck; do not avoid waiting deadlines; let everyone know what’s going on. Uncertainty makes people worry, and worry makes people mad. Evening softens; we know what we feel in our deeper recesses.

Wednesday, Aug 14: An energized Moon-Mars trine propels us this morning, but we choose the direction. After a gratuitously stubborn streak this morning, midday requires we shake off a mood, however inconvenient, and communicate about ongoing plans with an eye to the future as Mercury squares the Moon’s nodes. Pay attention to unexpected meetings. The mood expands and we put on our travelling shoes or think of faraway places and ideas as the Moon enters Sagittarius and Mercury trines Uranus. It’s a night to consider possibilities or meet strangers. Look for a shift in foreign policy.

Thursday, Aug 15: Explore possibilities. We begin to shift gears out of the summer and peer into the active autumn ahead. Open minds and get a fresh perspective as thoughtful Mercury, emotional Moon, and catalyst Uranus form a grand trine. Treat problems lightly but with radical honesty. Eccentricity is appreciated. Look ahead at coming possibilities and notice exchanges that change minds. Just expect a short attention span; this isn’t time to pursue in depth, but is time open options.



Starcodes horoscopes for May 24 – 30, 2013

by Heather Roan Robbins

On Memorial Day weekend we remember the fallen as we prepare for the future, an interesting symbol for the beginning of summer wedding season.

This weekend brings some lovely articulate and flirtatious aspects in the foreground with a deepening boom of change in the background. Luckily the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter all in nervy, articulate Gemini act as social lubricant to help us be graceful through wedding and graduations season and coordinate during emergencies. Together they help us adapt quickly to changing circumstances and think fast on our feet. We have to add depth and empathy, and may need to search for calm in the quiet pools of our soul. Our minds can buzz, and it may be hard to sleep unless we get out of our head and get physically tired. And our concentration may have the life-span of a fruit fly.

Tonight and for the next few nights, look for a lovely, unusual triple Venus-Mercury-Jupiter conjunction visible just after sunset in the west just as the Full Moon rises in the east. Let the bubbling expansive warmth open the heart. Find the words and let them flow. This line-up really increases the need to connect, a wonderful aspect for any gathering, (in person or on the internet, it is occurring in ever so Verbal Gemini) but can be painful if we find ourselves isolated. We may yearn for people we can really communicate with, and invites us to notice and break any patterns that leave us isolated. We may not see clearly where we’re going, but can write poetry about it along the way.

Tonight’s Full Sagittarius Moon will be barely grazed by earth’s shadow at 10: 24 pm MDT. This penumbral eclipse makes us want to dance, but it also triggers a pruning of outmoded philosophies and relationships and begins new ones. Events tap dance on any place where our actions are at odds with our spiritual path or philosophies; we are called to walk our talk, and either change what we do or admit we’re being hypocritical and need to change what we say. Some truth may pop out (possibly from us) and shock us, but the truth will set us free. But we can be tactful and run if we hear anyone start a sentence “Frankly…”.  Most of us will enjoy the buzz, but those who have planets near 4 degrees of mutable sings (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Virgo) can feel a sudden, surprising shift.

Neptune squares this Full Moon and gives it a lovely lyrical, escapist quality. But watch out for water damage, floods, alcohol and drug abuse, feeling foggy, or a flooded feeling in the soul. Ride the waves of feelings and sift out the crazy streak. This weekend can be a wildly flirtatious time, great for making new connections, but let’s not think we can see them clearly at the moment. Fantasy softens the edges.

Our Sun is really active right now. A few X class (big) solar flares exploded last week and a few large M class (medium) flares are predicted to wash by us this weekend. Solar flares project high energy particles that are filtered by the outer layers of our atmosphere; they rattle the Earth’s magnetic field, activate the ionosphere, jiggle the radio waves and grace us with aurora borealis. They also seem to activate and agitate earthlings. (Check out www.carolmoore.net/articles/sunspot-cycle.html  for some interesting observations on the correlation between sun-spots and historical cycles).

Winds whirl. People become restless, discontent, act out and search for new answers. They no longer tolerate things that may have bothered them before, but they didn’t have the energy to tackle. Solar flares energize all the major aspects and turns up the volume on history.

People get easily excited, restless. Events precipitate quickly. It’s easy to get anxious with such voltage running around, but helps to know that it’s not just us, the world is buzzing, and we can choose how we respond. Some people may experience breakdowns that are break-throughs as they see all too clearly, and let go of, patterns that no longer work, but this can clear the ground for a healthier garden in the future.

But in the meantime, Saturday will be a beautifully sociable, restless day. People tend to be frank, funny, and forgiving. Nature calls to us to come out and celebrate our interconnectedness with the web of life. Sunday and Monday bring a busier, more fractious edge; it will help to have practical chores to accomplish or people to help. Be careful with the hammer near fingers or other danger to the fingers. Bring the ambient communicative genius to bear at work midweek and get busy instead of get worried.

All this week, reach out and connect for love and profit, it is time to network.

Friday, May 24: We may run in ten directions this morning as the Moon opposes Mars, excited or impatient about the work in progress, but with trouble staying on track. A competent, uncomfortable mood will take patience; make it practical and correct small systematic misunderstandings. The mood lightens and builds traction midafternoon as the Moon enters Sagittarius and dances later as sociable Venus and Mercury conjunct in Gemini and the Moon waxes full, culminating at 9:24 pm MDT. Most of us respond to the Full Moon with energized humor or impatience, but who have a direct hit on their chart can hit a turning point. It’s a perfect evening for a compassionate, creative fundraiser. We may not see clearly where we’re going, but can write poetry about it along the way. Look for an opportunity for beautiful endings and beginnings, and chance to dance the night away.

Saturday, May 25: Our attention wanders this dreamy morning as the Moon trines Uranus, we may feel uncertain of the future, but appreciate fresh winds and good changes in the works. Prioritize; avoid information overload and choose what to take in. Midday, work around other’s anxious nerves and don’t let it be catching. Play out the dance that’s already in motion. Tonight, the mood intensifies and gets edgy. Some people strategize oddly, so question motives if they get strange while Mars sequi-squares Pluto. Late tonight, talk over the deep workings of the soul, but be cautious around sharp objects and difficult people. It helps to move the body. Think carefully before any extreme decisions, we can get more surgical than necessary.

Sunday, May 26: We can act like fractious overtired kids, our feelings may be unsettled and nervous systems overextended. Most of us could use a day of rest, preferably near water, but may resist it as Moon enters determined Capricorn, and the Sun squares Neptune, Mercury sesqui-squares Saturn and Mars semi-squares Uranus. We may feel impatient with the past; while it is tempting to disrespect traditions or the advice of elders, which means we’ll learn the hard way. Travelling may be challenging, so track all the pieces carefully, and allow extra time to be safe.

Monday, May 27: We want to work on our life, not our other people’s schemes and schedules on this chores and projects-oriented day. The Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus, and give us an urge to change our circumstances; make the project small enough to accomplish and get busy, just watch the fingers. Mercury conjuncts Jupiter and offers us pragmatic hope. Afternoon lightens and lets us socialize but may bring a competitive streak to the picnic games. Engage good conversations tonight.

Tuesday, May 28: Jump back in the saddle and make important work connections, strengthen social and professional contacts this morning while social Venus, mental Mercury, and expansive Jupiter conjunct in communicative Gemini under a pragmatic Capricorn Moon. Interpersonal contracts are up for a positive review. Practical words of support are appreciated. Beauty, form, and function want to work together. Pull back the urge to control beloveds and just share the love.

Wednesday, May 29: Worry may haunt dreams overnight as the Moon squares serious Saturn, but those clouds can clear with the morning mist. Overtures are appreciated; we itch to connect with our tribes as the Aquarius Moon trines the Sun and sextiles curious Uranus. Let’s take stock of ourselves and form our own assessments so as to be aware of, but not to overly concern about, outside opinions. Evening calls for successful meetings with a purpose.

Thursday, May 30: Though our minds can run in circles, the Aquarius Moon trines Venus and Jupiter and brings a generous, success-prone morning. Midday we may wrestle with frustrations, but instead of getting twitchy, we can use them as a chance to practice collaboration. It helps to release expectations and listen to the whispers of fate. Make clear points later in the afternoon as the Moon trines mental Mercury, watch a growly phase over dinner as the Moon squares argumentative Mars, and be kind to tender feelings tonight as the Moon enters Pisces.



Starcodes horoscopes for May 3 – 9, 2013

By Heather Roan Robbins

To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.
-Mohandas K. Gandhi

Let life be a garden, prepare and cultivate the soil, and clear away the deadwood this week as the Moon wanes. Next Thursday evening brings an earthy Taurus New Moon-solar eclipse (visible on the other side of the world) and the following week is the most fertile time all year to plant, whether we plant seeds of love, work or petunias.

Gardening is not all buds and flowers, and neither is our life these days. Predatory flora and fauna needs a firm hand. Sometimes our favorite crop fails. Compost happens. But life-force burgeons, and if we can work with our garden towards the health of the whole ecosystem and not just the health of one plant, we will be rewarded. Run with that metaphor this week with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in fertile, primal Taurus.

As the weekend begins, the mood is strong and stubborn, earthy, hungry, thoughtful, a little possessive, friendly but not flexible. No one wants to be rushed, but momentum can carry us along. We’ll tend to take things seriously as mental Mercury opposes somber Saturn, whether the weight is work pressure or a looming deadline, tough news, or awe at birdsong or blooming lilac.

This week the news may still read like an action-movie script as energized, active Mars continues to run close to the Sun, (from early April through end of May, peaking two weeks ago). These two together in earthy Taurus won’t faze us much under ordinary circumstances, but add energy and endurance when we tap into our passions. They heighten our entrepreneurial qualities, our athleticism, and our defenses. Together they also leave a pool of psychic and literal fuel lying around, so when an event starts to spark, it intensifies quickly.

Sun and Mars conjunct in Taurus does make us stubborn. Kids and politicians can go along in a nice, steady, productive way until something hits them wrong, and then will dig in their heels. Once the heels are in and the back is up, no amount of pushing or prodding with move that mule. So avoid direct power struggles and redirect or distract them instead. But this stubbornness does have its uses; it can also give us the durability gravitas to handle a major challenge if one comes along.

Over the weekend the mood is sensitive and easily triggered under a Pisces Moon, we may find ourselves both imaginative as Mercury sextiles Neptune, and concerned, as Mercury opposes Saturn; let’s just not worry over something we imagine. Early next week the mood is willful, rebellious and competent, if we can just not push our weight around unproductively as the Moon enters forthright Aries.

Clear the ground and prepare the fields, both literally and metaphorically, before Thursday’s New Moon-Solar Eclipse in fertile, fecund Taurus (it will be too late for us to see, but we will feel it). This eclipse may create a sudden shift in the ground beneath us, how we see our family heritage, or how we handle the materials we work with. What is said and done this week and next will have long term consequences.

All week long, take that gardening metaphor seriously; don’t let bad habits grow roots, and do nurture desired crops. Tend boundaries, because even wonderful people and wonderful habits can grow where we do not want them; people can feel invasive and overwhelming, vine-like, even in love and kindness. To carry the metaphor further, we can handle that problem with restraint, and retrain them to grow on the fence, not over the budding petunias.

Friday, May 3: An aimless, serious morning; we need connections and respond well to outreach, but work may just not coalesce. This afternoon we grow more sensitive and imaginative, feelings can be raw and we can get lost in daydreams, fears or wishful thinking as the Moon enters Pisces, conjuncts Neptune and sextiles Mercury. Keep a toehold in the here-and-now. Tonight, our sensitivities need to be celebrated or protected; people get edgy when those sensitivities are sand-papered. Instead, go to an art opening or gathering in the moonlight, touch the soul and find magic.

Saturday, May 4: Make it safe to be sensitive; the morning mood is delicate with durable undertones. We feel it all and have the strength anyway. It’s great for working in the garden or visiting the zoo, though people may want familiarity rather than adventure. Avoid processing recent arguments; feelings are tender and defenses feisty. Let people catch up with themselves and heal, meander, talk over what is worrying them, and contemplate long term plans. Tonight, accept one another without having to agree with opinions as the Moon squares Jupiter.

Sunday, May 5: Let’s stay cool, pace ourselves, and keep the focus on solutions. A thoughtful Mercury-Saturn opposition can set off the hamster wheels of worry of we don’t give it something to healthy to chew upon. Detailed work on some creative project furthers, obsessing on problems does not. Do not give up; there are lessons and gifts in trials we now face. We can work out the details, think through possibilities, or we can head the other direction and blame one another for our problems or restrict in the name of security. Relationships need kind diplomacy and time-sharing so everyone’s needs are considered. Tonight, patience thins as willful enthusiasm increases when the Moon enters forthright Aries.

Monday, May 6: We want to bolt out of the block but can easily get jammed up if we rush; be steady and inspired instead. A willful day full of life-force; put these horses to good use and tackle a worthy challenge. Watch out for people who just want to sling their weight around and affect the world just so they know they’re alive. It is easier to move decisively, just make sure the decision comes from wisdom and not reaction. It is tempting to spend the day fixing other people’s problems, but they will not appreciated it (unless they ask for the help, and even then, it will be important to empower then as we act), and distracts us from the real, more complicated work in our own lives.
Tuesday, May 7: Rebel constructively. The mood is direct, assertive, honest, and willful as all get out; don’t stifle initiative, do attempt loosely collaborative teamwork. Everyone has an opinion under this Aries Moon, a desire to persuade and resistance to being persuaded. Relationships roll with primal undertones: jealousy, territoriality, or manipulations justified as “for their own good”. Notice dramatic, decisive comments, and choose carefully; it will be hard to go back on anything said as Mercury conjuncts Mars and trines Pluto, so make healthy statements.

Wednesday, May 8: Keep it slow and steady; cultivate love, life, and investments and feed the senses. Work around an unusually self-indulgent, even greedy edge, but do take care of the physical world. Seek closure over the next few days for projects or emotional events whose time has come; weed unwanted crops or thoughts to make more space for fresh planting. Avoid directly oppositional moves and reassure people’s deep soul need for security.

Thursday, May 9: Old resentments can sharpen tongues or cause accidents of distraction this morning as the Moon conjuncts Mars. Avoid correcting people about their entrenched habits; trust they have their reasons. Midday a story unfolds that clears up a chapter of the past and precipitates understanding as Mercury aspects the Moon’s nodes; feel the karmic payback, for better or worse, and make careful choices. The mood lightens, conversation widens and grows a funny, flirtatious edge as Venus enters Gemini. Clear the ground, transplant, prepare to plant tomorrow.