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Starcodes horoscopes for Nov. 3 – 9, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

We want to feel safe, secure, and sensual today as the Moon grows full in earthy Taurus and opposes the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all in intense Scorpio. And we will really notice where we don’t. The mood for this full Moon is stubborn, hungry, determined, possessive, territorial, if also potentially cuddly. We can feel the tension between parts of our self or culture that just want to be comfortable and rest in the moment, or the status quo, even be a couch potato, and the parts of us that operate like hungry ghosts, craving more that we have. Whatever that is.

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But we are also looking for spiritual or emotional comfort as well as physical comfort because Sun and Mars interact with Neptune this week, the planet of intuition, magic, spirituality, liquids, confusion, or escapism (depending on how we play it). We may find a magical place between the worlds to connect with one another in a more heartfelt way or to pursue our spiritual work.  Our imagination ferments and could spill productively into our creative work or into our general problem-solving capacity, or it could distract us by calling us to spend time in our imaginary world, dreaming about our hopes and fears, or our revenge fantasies. Some people will revel in their illusions, or imagine the world as they want it to be and have more trouble than usual telling what is real and what is not, and others will just space out.

Yes, we can also work unusually well with the subtle energies and engage in a deeper intuitive understanding of our surroundings. Prayer can feel substantial. We just must watch an unhelpful form of magical thinking; the lottery will not solve all our problems, and one or two indictments won’t solve all the governmental problems. But there are some interesting substantial changes coming in the weeks ahead as Saturn trines Uranus shakes things up.

With this overactive imagination and increased longing, the grass can look greener on the other side in our love life as well as our material world. As the weekend begins both Venus and Mars are in romantic, relationship oriented, Libra, while Venus opposes restless, easily excited Uranus, which can give us the illusion that a new relationship would be an improvement over the one we have, or that our crush has a crush on us when all they did was return our flashlight. But if we are ready to let go of an old, nonfunctional relationship, this Venus-Uranus opposition can help us shift gears. If we are in a relationship we love, let’s not take it for granted, but instead see each other with appreciative eyes, and enjoy some adventure together.

It might be wise to avoid the difficult people of our life for a few days, former partners or old enemies that want to hold on to illusions about us. Expect to see examples in the news where what people do, and what they say, do not jive together, or examples of a psyche lost in its inner wanderings, but acting out against the world. Or we may run headlong into an illusion we hold about ourselves and need to reassess.

On Sunday, our sense of humor revives along with a fresh sense of honesty, but our focus could go out the window as Mercury enters outspoken Sagittarius just as the Moon enters conversational Gemini. The world gets busy, the collective psyche buzzes. Contemplate a desired journey, whether planning a holiday trip or a need to travel in mind, body, or spirit to a more philosophically spacious place.

In the middle of the week those nasty territorial issues could grumble through the headlines. We can grow more guarded or irritated if events poke at our sense of safety. Dueling defenses are no fun, so think twice before escalating any argument as the Moon enters inward-looking and self-protective Cancer while Venus enters pointed Scorpio, and mental Mercury forms a challenging semi-square to Pluto.

We may need to face some fundamental problem without our earlier illusion or glamour, but this can clear our perspective on Wednesday and Thursday as the Sun sextiles Pluto.  It will be important not to try to push people to do what we want, or see any situation through our personal lens, as they could have an allergic reaction to feeling manipulated and will only dig in their heels. The next few weeks bring a potential for some truly positive change if we stay alert and honest, direct our energy towards our desired outcomes, and trust the wheels of karma to create balance, however long it takes.

Friday, November 3: This musky, hungry, cuddly and possessive day leads up to the full Moon in Taurus at 11:22 PM tonight. The very needs of our embodiment, our hungers and lusts, our desire for privacy or connection, our longings and our need for territory can nudge us into a wrestling match with fate and a desire to have our needs met more directly as Venus opposes Uranus. Or, if we are willing to look further, stir up some deeper questions of spirituality and inspire a need to spend time with that core part of us that is deathless. Evening brings a flash of recklessness as Venus opposes Uranus. A one-night stand or other instant gratification may sound good, but don’t settle for short-term solutions that will cause long-term problems.

Venus sextile Saturn 2:31 AM, Moon enters Taurus 3:46 AM, Moon opposes Jupiter 12:25 PM, the Sun trines Neptune 1:22 PM, Moon sextiles Neptune 10:41 PM, Venus opposes Uranus 10:02 PM, Moon opposes Sun 11:22 PM.

Saturday, November 4: A post full Moon crash can leave us a little slow this morning, we may need to refill the wells and find what’s beautiful, like grace, balance, and civil liberties. It may be hard to talk about strong emotions we feel in the moment as the Moon trines Pluto and opposes Mercury, but we can talk about our more long-range hopes and fears. Physical comfort feels like a necessity. Nourish, replenish, sense. Break delicious bread together.

Moon trine Pluto 7:48 AM.

Sunday, November 5: The mood revs up, nerves gear up, conversation improves, though our energy can begin to scatter as the Moon enters talkative Gemini while Mercury enters farseeing, restless and resilient Sagittarius. We want news from faraway places and to think about journeys. Tell stories and philosophize. Questions of truth become important: we could be sure we’re telling the truth but wonder if the others are.

Moon opposed Mercury 2:28 AM, Moon enters Gemini 3:25 AM, Mercury enters Sagittarius 12:18 PM, Moon trine Mars 5:52 PM, Moon square Neptune 9:56 PM.

Monday, November 6Gossip flies, we may feel both communicative and curious but more curious about other people’s lives than ourselves. Use an unusual willingness to connect and investigate to make cold calls or new contacts, to catch up on team efforts and investigate possible field trips or future projects. Our attention wanders during the daytime and becomes more focused after dinner, when innovative ideas can begin to find form. Paperwork errands further tonight, pay bills and follow up on emails or talk over tough details as the Moon opposes Saturn.

Moon opposed Saturn 7:57 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 8:54 PM.

Tuesday, November 7: Some worry or concern that we have forgotten something, mislaid it or miscommunicated can weigh on us this morning, or questions of mortality can make fun of our petty concerns as Mercury challenges Pluto while Venus enters Scorpio and the Moon enters sensitive Cancer. We want to go home and notice a new strength of emotions. Our digestion may be picky. Expect real rage where we feel unsafe. Be deep together.

Mercury semi-square Pluto 1:26 AM, Moon trine Venus 3:39 AM, Moon enters cancer 3:44 AM, Venus enters Scorpio 4:38 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 1:47 PM, Moon square Mars 8:39 PM, Moon trine Neptune 10:36 PM.

Wednesday, November 8: Although we may want to just stay home and curl up with a good book with the Cancer moon. It is not time to hide with Mercury in Sagittarius, which keeps our mind busy and makes news travel fast. And if we don’t keep busy in a good way, our minds can wind up and worry unnecessarily or restlessly daydream how about how to get out here. Find a balance between the homing instinct and the need to explore. Reach out through the Internet, buy tickets, investigate, learn something online. Early morning heaviness can lead to a change in routine tonight as the Moon first opposes Pluto and then squares Uranus.

Moon trine Sun 6:33 AM, Moon opposes Pluto 8:06 AM, Moon square Uranus 10:14 PM.

Thursday, November 9: Can we sit between the worlds? Some mortal question or world event asks us to look below the surface and tap into what matters. We can be obsessive about some specific chore because staying busy can give this nervous energy something constructive to do. But it may be hard to see around the corner as Mars quincunx Neptune, we may not be exactly sure of what we want in the short term or may have to defer what we want to make room for some emotionally and spiritually complex situation.

Sun sextile Pluto 5:12 AM, Moon enters Leo 5:29 AM, Moon square Venus 10:14 AM, Moon trine Mercury 3:36 PM, Moon square Jupiter 4:46 PM, Mars quincunx Neptune 5:10 PM.

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Starcodes horoscopes for June 30 – July 6, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

There will be fireworks this weekend, and hopefully some of these pyrotechnics will glorify the sky. though we may see sparks here on the ground as well as Mars opposes Pluto over the weekend. While this can give us lovely July 4 shows and fierce family games in the backyard, we can also expect profound debate.
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We can see Moon and Jupiter dance together in sociable, egalitarian Libra in the evening sky on Friday and Saturday. Libra encourages us to be fair and friendly, but also shines a strategic spotlight on what is unfair and unjust, and as they square both Mars and Pluto, they intensify the debate about what is the right use of power and force, what is freedom, and what right do we have to boss other people or countries around. All assumption can be questioned under this revolutionary Mars-Pluto opposition.
On a personal level, we can feel driven, as if we should be doing something, but what that is may be ineffable or unformed. Mars opposed Pluto can act like a combustion engine, driving us with an inner friction. It can help us accomplish, as Mars always feels better in action. It can also bring an accident-prone quality, but that’s just as likely to strike when our hammock flips over mid-nap as while we’re handling heavy machinery. As matter of fact, it’s often safer to get busy than to try and sit still, so we might as well get on with it all.
The trick will be to pay attention. Don’t take explosives or explosive situations lightly, keep in mind clear goals and use this driving energy to get someplace productive. Proceed with eyes wide open and let life be a meditation of attention, and move forward with heart.
The more dangerous aspects are cleared by Monday, but a Scorpio Moon brings both fresh magic and fresh irritation. We may need some time alone, away from other people’s expectations and moving at our own rhythm and pace as that Scorpio Moon forms a creative and imaginative grand trine with the Sun in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces.
On July 4, Venus enters Gemini while Mercury squares Uranus and wants to continue that ongoing debate. Many people will agree that we need to change, but will debate which direction. But the evening grows more spacious, humorous, and with hopefully only the best of explosions as the Moon enters nature loving, freedom seeking Sagittarius. We won’t want to come inside.
A new chapter begins on Wednesday as Mercury enters expansive Leo, and though it can be harder to empathize, we can get a better perspective and see the bigger picture. By the end of the week look for hints of the work of the next chapter.
Friday, June 30: The good mood of the friendly Libra Moon can leave us impatient to handle last-minute logistics, but those detail really need our attention before the holiday weekend commences. Deal with all seriousness in the morning, and release people from obligations this afternoon as their attention wander anyway. Generosity is lovely, but don’t overspend and overdue as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter overnight. After dinner notice a sense of release, a need for freedom as the holiday weekend begins.
Moon enters Libra 1:01 AM, Moon squares the Sun 6:51 PM.
Saturday, July 1: Engage an early morning enthusiasm as the Moon-Jupiter conjunction echoes. Midday a series of tricky aspects can expose our deeper challenges as the Moon squares Mars and Mercury throughout the afternoon. Work with those differing opinions; it’s a good day to contest a decision, so choose responses carefully. Pay attention and be present to surroundings to the shifts and moods, and use this dynamic energy to cover a lot of ground. Hold hands and play it safe.
Chiron turns retrograde 1:09 AM, Moon conjuncts Jupiter 3:31 AM, Moon squares Mars 11:03 AM, Moon squares Pluto 12:05 PM, Moon squares Mercury 8:15 PM.
Sunday, July 2: A friendly Libra Moon helps soften the combustion engine energy of Mars opposed Pluto this morning. But this nigh explosive energy intensifies as the Moon enters Scorpio around lunch. Like the combustions which drive a car, when contained and directed this energy can drive us forward, so it will help us to have clear goals and a place to go. Consider avoiding explosives subjects or dealing with impossible people; play it safe, sound, and well directed. Give irritable people plenty of room, but confront all real wrongdoing directly. Time alone furthers, just choose carefully where the imagination digs in.
 6:02 AM, Moon opposes Uranus 7:16 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 10:59 AM.
Monday, July 3: A more magical day dawns as the Scorpio Moon forms a grand trine with the Sun and Neptune, all in intuitive, imaginative water signs. It furthers to drift and dream, to share rest and renew, refill in the hammock. Watch for those that are easily ungrounded though, and check in on those that can get lost in their interior worlds. Being near water furthers. Connect by being “Two solitudes touching” to quote the poet Rilke.
Moon trines the Sun 10:45 AM, Moon trines Neptune 3:15 PM.
Tuesday, July 4: The conversation engages as Venus enters sociable Gemini. Restlessness helps us get out and to the parade, it is easier to talk tangentially to strangers or to process with our most intimates, but we may not want to open up to casual friends. Talk, but don’t poke, respect privacy signs. Watch around an unexpected and abrupt conversation at dinner time as Mercury squares Uranus, our minds change our plans change, and maybe our circumstances change. Playfulness furthers tonight; engage a chance to meet new people about the time of fireworks, as the Moon enters Sagittarius.
Moon trine Mars 1:57 AM, Venus enters Gemini 6:11 PM, Mercury squares Uranus 6:51 PM, Moon trine Mercury 7:34 PM, Moon enters Sagittarius 11:07 PM, Moon opposes Venus 11:37 PM.
Wednesday, July 5Engage a playful adaptability, and stay aware. It’s easy to assume we know how another feels or what they’ll do, but we don’t. Under a Sagittarius Moon and as Mercury enters Leo, a new extraversion infuses us, a fresh awareness of the world beyond our doors, though it brings with a tendency to be self-involved, to know our own position well, but we’ll need to stretch ourselves to empathize with those of another. We may be able to read our want to go, and what our gut says. Explore possibilities but check again in a few days before committing time or money to a new project, and imagination outstretches realism.
Mercury trine Chiron 3:32 AM, Mercury enters Leo 6:19 PM, Sun trine Neptune 6:45 PM, Sun squares Jupiter 8:43 PM, Moon squares Neptune 3:46 AM, Moon conjuncts Saturn 9:33 PM.
Thursday, July 6: A slow morning may be perfect for communing with the natural world but not particularly efficient otherwise as the Moon squares Neptune, Awkward truths leak out midday, get the whole story before reacting. Fresh seriousness helps us buckle down and decide this afternoon as the Moon conjunct Saturn.
Moon square Neptune 3:46 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 9:33 PM.

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Starcodes horoscopes for April 28 – May 4, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

We have a few weeks of sparks ahead, so let’s see if we can help compassionate, creative ideas catch fire but soothe inflammations elsewhere. Venus re-enters direct, fiery Aries, where it was February 4-april 3rdand cranks the heat up on our emotional responses. Issues that excited or inflamed us in February will heat up again. We’ll tend to care passionately, one way or the other, about anything that catches our heart.

Causes that stir our blood we want to do something about right now. Aries loves a good revolution. But we may be only able to see a few feet ahead of ourselves and need to take everything one step at a time. With Venus in Aries we have extra emotional fuel, but our thinking now can erratic and myopic, which is a tough combination, because Mercury has retrograded back into Aries and combusts spontaneous Uranus. We can get hot under the collar quickly, but may not have either facts or the objectivity. Our histamine levels can feel elevated from seasonal allergies and personal irritations.

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But all this blooming, spark energy has an upside. Spring fever can ignite our interests in a passing fancy or fire new relationship. Parties and performance scan catch fire quickly, spontaneous moments of creative moments combust nicely. We care. we honestly do, and passionately if not with sensitivity.

As the weekend begins we buzz with excitement and last -minute changes under a versatile Gemini moon. We move more into our hearts and our gardens on Saturday, but can get a bit touchy or defensive under a cozy if guarded Cancer Moon. It’s a wonderful time to start seedlings or nurture love. Old emotional patterns can pinch us, but also loosen and fall away if we make fresh choices.

Bring nature inside with a May basket on Monday morning, and prepare to plant a new crop of opportunities. The Moon adds both more panache and more fuel to the fire midweek, reducing our patience just as Mercury slows down to turn direct on Wednesday. Delays, snags, last minute revisions can challenge our work, but fertilize the potential ahead.

Wednesday and Thursday mark a turning point, green lights begin to flash, though we have work to clean up first. Decisions get made quickly. Recently surfaced problems get either resolved, or defined over the next two weeks as Mercury conjuncts Uranus for the third time in a month.  It can get messy as the blockades shift, we can expect the unexpected.

Friday, April 28: We’re good at multi-tasking under a versatile Gemini moon, which is fortunate, because so many different things need tending and last-minute adjustments need to be juggled.  It is easy to get impatient, but let’s stay cool and focus on the task at hand, or we can expect to redo it all. Irritation and minor snafus increase midday, but the mood grows more convivial this evening as the Moon trines Jupiter. Though it may be hard to rest, and conversation can linger into the wee hours.

Moon conjunct Mars 3:15 AM, Venus enters Aries 7:13 AM, Mercury conjunct Uranus 8:49 AM, Moon square Neptune 5:21 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 8:36 PM.

Saturday, April 29: On this versatile, talkative day with so many things happening, keep a good steady pace and don’t over schedule, as clutch Venus increases when we’re rushed. Intense negotiations could further, so keep the lines of communication open. Positive changes in the works midday as the Moon sextiles mercury and Uranus. We may grow weary and need more introspective or intimate time tonight as the Moon enters Cancer. Defensiveness is a sign that one is over-extended, back off and trytomorrow.

Moon sextile Mercury 11:28 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 12:12 PM, Moon opposed Saturn 3:28 PM, Moon enters Cancer 7:47 PM, Moon squares Venus 8:59 PM.

Sunday, April 30: Old family patterns or early security issues can haunt the edges of the day. Honor the past but stay present in the moment, and consider the future before spouting off. A chance to not revert to old defenses can leave us feeling peeled and vulnerable, but also free of old constraints as Saturn squares Chiron. Rest furthers.

Moon sextile Sun 1:19 PM, Saturn square Chiron to 20 4 PM, Moon trine Neptune 6:26 PM, Moon square Jupiter 9:22 PM.

Monday, May 1: Surprise someone with a May basket and bring the sunshine in. We could all use a pick-me-up this morning, a remembrance that new life reruns each spring, as we deal with ambient anxiety and saber rattling while the Cancer Moon squares Mercury and Uranus. Slow and easy does it, because so many changes are afoot, but we haven’t quite reached the starting gate. The Moon enters Leo to night to add a touch of ego drama and hyperbole. But those overblown feelings are probably real at their core.

Moon opposed Pluto 3:59 AM, Moon square Mercury 2:34 PM, Moon square Uranus 2:22 PM, Moon trine Chiron 5:38 PM, Moon enters Leo 10:11 PM.

Tuesday, May 2: Don’t make things sound worse than they are just to get sympathy, or to get distance from the situation, just feel it. It is easy to be judgmental, but that only make sues harder on ourselves in the long run. to push will lead frustration. And exhaustion. we can hold still with grace, contemplate the moment, appreciate, and prepare.

Moon trine Venus 1:22 AM, Sun sesqui-quadrate Saturn 5:18 AM, Sun semi-square Chiron 8:56 AM, Moon sextiles Mars 11:46 AM, Moon square Sun 8:46 PM.

Wednesday, May 3: Breathe through the morning; the more meditative approach, the better. The potential for positive changes kick in after noon as Mercury turns direct and the Moon trines Uranus. Just don’t drive faster than the angels can fly; stay centered and the knots begin to unknot. Unexpected plans, problems people have brooded over, become apparent over the next few days.

Moon sextile Jupiter 12:58 AM, Mercury turns direct 10:32 AM, Moon trine Mercury 5:17 PM, Sun sextiles Neptune 6:50 PM, Moon trine Uranus 7:40 PM, Moon trine Saturn 10:35 PM.

Thursday, May 4: Get to work! Do it with safety in mind as Mercury semi-squares Mars; keep the pressure steady rather than shoot the rapids, but use this industrious, efficient, time to get the word out and the next steps in play. Worry is a sign that we need to get busy, but don’t believe its litany. Be kind to one another through an edgy spell tonight as the Moon squares Mars; we can’t solve all the problems at once.

Moon enters Virgo 3:46 AM, Mercury semi squares Mars 6:09 PM, Moon square Mars 9:14 PM.

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Starcodes horoscopes for August 12 – 18, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

This week’s mood can be generally upbeat and enthusiastic as mental Mercury conjunct expansive Jupiter in Virgo. We can shift gears and find positive changes doing something we hadn’t done before, or haven’t done for a long while as the Sun trines change-master Uranus, an aspect which can act like a cosmic clutch.

Along with an interesting summer week, work projects begin to shift and move forward, though we could wrestle over who’s in charge or who had authority as Saturn turns direct after a long retrograde cycle. Think back to work, structure, or plans, that were beginning to build momentum in March, ones that were delayed when Saturn retrograded aroundMarch 26, and begin to stir the embers of those fires.

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But in an undercurrent waiting underneath this pleasant, potentially busy week, we can feel hurt by the actions of another person, politician, or event that happens to tap dance on an old psychic scar as Jupiter opposes the asteroid Chiron. Whether we run into a difficult relative, someone who reminds us of one, or hit a familiar challenging situation, we may be forced out of our comfort zone and required to grow in ways that we’d not choose otherwise.

If we feel so triggered, it’s important to remember that we’re not back among those old memories, we’re right here in the present moment. If we can face the situation kindly and courageously, we can reset that pattern, and reclaim a breath of personal power.

Friday and Saturday the Moon travels through cheerful, restless Sagittarius, keeping the mood upbeat and restless even as our deeper work is activated. Our romantic life and artistic career is complicated as creative Venus first forms a challenging square to serious Saturn on Saturday, then opposes confusing Neptune on Sunday. Our natural flow of affection could feel tested; chores can cramp our love life or visiting relatives can get in the way of our creative endeavors. And we may need to act upon our sense of compassion.

It can be hard to see what’s happening clearly during this time as Venus opposes Neptune, so it will help to keep lines of communication wide open with beloveds, check in with one another and make sure they are doing okay under whatever the circumstances. One good thing about this Saturn-Venus aspect is that old friendships and healthy relationship skills help us pull through. And when we prove we’re there for one another, it grows our trust. If our imagination feels temporarily cramped, practicing the skills of our craft opens up the creative process.

A Capricorn Moon on Sunday and Monday can bring determination, but if we don’t have a place to put our determination, it can also bring depression. Find purpose. Wasting time will be hard, so make any moment useful.

Midweek is wildly sociable under a full Moon in community-oriented Aquarius, one of the great gathering times of year. Wednesday night the Sun trines Uranus and helps us switch gears and get excited. Venus trines Pluto, deepens our feelings and helps us know what we want. Though we may feel extra emotional as the Moon heads into Pisces on Thursday. Look for clues as to why we might feel optimistic toward the weekend.

Friday, Aug 12: Serious, fair, and pointed conversation helps start a process or a journey as an upbeat, restless Sagittarius Moon conjuncts Mars and Saturn. The mood slows down midday, we may feel unusually tender and need to process our life or memories.Tonight, low-key wandering soothes the soul. We’ll need companions to be supportive and low maintenance.

Moon square Mercury 3:57 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 6:51 AM, Moon square Neptune9:38 AM, Jupiter opposed Chiron 5:59 PM, Moon square Mercury 10:59 PM

Saturday, August 13: Just go ahead and deal with those responsibilities and have is good time with one another in the process as Venus squares Saturn. Questions about what something fundamental to us, to our sense of personal authority or history, murmur in the background of an otherwise upbeat day. Rely on good relationship skills; do the right thing and affection returns.

Saturn stations and turns direct 3:49 AM, Moon trine Sun 5:05 AM, Venus squares Saturn8:30 AM, Moon trine Uranus 11:27 AM, Moon square Jupiter 11:36 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 10:11 PM.

Sunday, August 14: A lazy streak can breed misunderstandings. Our brains and heart may need to slip out of gear and putter in neutral as Venus opposes Neptune, but an industrious Capricorn Moon nags us to work, or at least prompts us come up with great suggestion for other people to do. Let the imagination wander; sketch out ideas about the future, but keep it simple in present time.

Venus opposed Neptune 11:03 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 7:13 PM, Moon trine Venus8:06 PM.

Monday, August 15: Morning can leave us feeling grim or painfully aware of our failings as a Moon-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn whispers to us about all the work that needs to be done. We’ll feel younger, if argumentative, by noontime. Just keep working, as progress helps good spirits return tonight.

Moon conjunct Pluto 3:04 AM, Moon trine Mercury 12:59 PM, Moon square Uranus 7:42 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 8:44 PM.

Tuesday, August 16: What change can we make today? The Sun trines change-inducing Uranus as the Moon enters forward-thinking Aquarius. Brainstorm and explore possibilities this morning. Even the dogs will want to take a different route. Afternoon brings more industrious competence.

Moon enters Aquarius 5:52 AM, Sun trines Uranus 2:23 PM, Moon sextile Mars 4:49 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 11:21 PM.

Wednesday, August 17: It’s a great day to meet, celebrate, or show off; community flourishes when we all express our potential. Competition isn’t the point. Gather for a cause, pursue the heart’s calling as Venus trines Pluto. Tonight’s full Moon in community-oriented Aquarius is one of the best moments to gather all year.

Venus trine Pluto 8:17 PM.

Thursday, August 18: Our minds cook, our thoughts gather early this morning, though the middle of the day may lose steam and decisiveness. It may be hard to do ordinary boring things, we want to be part of larger events and stronger dramatic arc. Sentimentality, sensitivity and free-floating emotions swirl as the Moon enters Piscestonight.

Moon sextile Uranus 12:50 AM, Moon opposed the Sun 3:26 AM, Moon enters Pisces10:34 AM, Moon square Mars 10:53 PM.

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