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New Book Reveals Path of Spiritual Warrior to Enlightenment

The Buddha was a Spiritual Warrior, as was the Christ, Moses Muhammad, Krisna, Lao Tzu and all the great spiritual reformers––they all belonged to the Spiritual Warrior School.

One of the world’s best known teachers and bestselling authors, Imre Vallyon writes for a vast audience of readers and students around the globe.

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His newest book, Way Of The Spiritual Warrior: The Timeless Path To Enlightenment, focuses on multidimensional development of personality, Soul, and spirit/divinity through self-assessment, understanding of the warrior path and techniques, and study of sacred language and planetary transformation.

Universal Spiritual Teachings and Right Knowledge are the hallmarks of Vallyon’s life’s work. Typical of his many detailed, instructive books, The Way of the Spiritual Warrior is a deep resource to be dipped into over weeks, months and even a lifetime, with captivating chapters such as:

  • The Warrior and Health
  • The Warrior Controls Negative Emotions
  • From Separated Consciousness to Unity Consciousness
  • The Threefold Training of the Spiritual Warrior
  • The Spiritual Warrior Sees God Inside Himself
  • The Warrior and the Feminine Power
  • The Way of the Warrior is Action
  • The Warrior Transmits the Energy of the Spiritual Kingdom

As the embodiment of and the communicator of wisdom science, in The Way of the Spiritual Warrior, Vallyon leads his students and readers to the tremendous gift of the universal energy field of life force, a phenomenal resource that transforms their lives with total intelligence, consciousness, bliss and personal power.

He said, “Once you understand that this tremendous power is inside and all around you––everywhere in Universal Space, between the stars and between the atoms––then you will understand what is actually available to you in terms of your own evolution, your own growth, and you own power of becoming more.”

About the Author

Imre Vallyon teaches wisdom science through his books, recorded teachings, and his popular workshops and retreats. He is the founder of the Foundation for Higher Learning, an international spiritual school based in Europe, North America and Australasia. Born in Budapest, Hungary, the author lives in New Zealand and has for decades traveled throughout the world as a teacher and lecturer.

Vallyon  is  t he  author  of  these  and  other  titles:

  • The 4-volume series, Heavens and Hells of the Mind, winner of the Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Book Award for “books that encompass a wide range of beliefs, demonstrate higher consciousness, expanded awareness and enli ghtenment as primary objectives.”
  • Also the winner of the gold medal in the 2009 Living Now Awards.
  • The Journey Within, a compilation of the author’s popular ebook Spiritual Path series.
  • The New Heaven and the New Earth
  • The New Planetary Reality: The Coming Avatara and The Nine Paths To Enlightenment
  • Planetary Transformation: A Personal Guide To Embracing Planetary Change
  • The Warrior Code: 365 Aphorisms of the Spiritual Warrior

Way Of The Spiritual Warrior: The Timeless Path To Enlightenment


New Guide to Enlightenment from Meditation and Self-realization Expert

According to a study in The Journal of Positive Psychology, happiness and the pursuit of meaning are two of the most widely held goals by which people measure success and find motivation. For many, achieving material success still leaves them yearning for meaning in life.

Dedicated to teaching others how to live meaningfully, Dr. Erhard Vogel shares his expertise in guiding readers onto a successful path of fulfillment in his new book, “The Four Gates.”

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Derived from a spontaneous talk given by Vogel at the Nataraja Yoga Ashram, this book includes detailed points of knowledge that guide readers on the path to fulfillment by living according to one’s true identity and thereby being freed from the self-imposed limitations that curtail human lives.

Vogel reveals secret teachings in a way that will reverberate within readers, guide them to live in harmony and achieve fulfillment in Self-realization. An entertaining and compelling saga, the book is carefully constructed to allow the reader to work through direct experience with a master teacher in a straightforward and practical approach to enlightenment.

“This is a story that the reader will find fascinating—but more than that, the reader will identify with the main character and experience his own evolution toward fulfillment,” Vogel said.

For more information, visit http://www.yogameditationnataraja.com.

The Four Gates: A Saga of the Human Being on the Path from the Pit of Despair to the Realm of Fulfillment, from Confusion to Clarity, Culminating in the Deepest Realization
By Erhard Vogel
ISBN: 978-1-49177-308-6
Available in softcover and e-book
Available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iUniverse

About the author 
Dr. Erhard Vogel is the founder of Nataraja Yoga Ashram, a not-for-profit community service organization where he teaches time tested wisdom and pragmatic methods. He has been teaching Self-realization and meditation for more than 45 years and has the rare distinction of having taught among Himalayan sages during the last three decades. Vogel lived in the Middle East, India and China, observing the ways people of different cultures seek fulfillment. This is his third full-length publication.


Learn Enlightenment from Living Tao Online Course

A study in energy becomes a mastery of one’s own life. This is the message Grand Master Manwol, leader of SunTao of Korea, delivers in her lecture series “Grand Master Manwol: Enlightenment as a Daily Practice.”

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Now, the introduction of the new Tao Living lecture series course allows online participants to enjoy the lectures at their own pace. Pre-orders for the course include 10% off from March 5 to 11. It will be available for download and streaming on March 12, 2015.

Grand Master Manwol’s lectures include deeply considered questions about life, the origins of being, the soul’s purpose and many more topics of concern to contemporary society. With lectures on topics such as life, love, relationships, money, parenting and many other areas of life from the serious to the lighthearted, she delivers practical guidance with profound wisdom and deep insight.

Grand Master Manwol is noted for her own sincere and loving energy. Her students say that she transmits vibrations of blessings and light to them during every lecture.

“I have a feeling that I am just waking up. I have been asleep all my life. Connecting with my body as if for the first time,” said Liz P. from Australia after listening to Manwol’s lecture on love.

Online students can enjoy the full lecture series with the course. It includes 12 lectures (approx. 6 hours duration), downloadable video, mp3, transcript and unlimited streaming. It is available for pre-order until March 11 for a 10% discount and will launch on March 12th, 2015. Both English-dubbed and English-subtitled videos are available.

About Grand Master Manwol:
Grand Master Manwol is a spiritual teacher and founder of the Sun Tao temple in Yeongdeong, Korea. Finding her own enlightenment in 1999, she provides spiritual lectures around the world, based on the ChunBuKyung, an ancient code that unravels the original nature, interrelationship and oneness of the universe, human beings and the Earth. In recognition of her spiritual teachings, Manwol was invited to attend the U.N. Millennium World Peace Conference of Religious and Spiritual Leaders in August 2000 and the Asian Religious Peace Conference (ACRP) in June 2002.

About ChangeYourEnergy.com:
ChangeYourEnergy.com is a wellness lifestyle resource based on energy philosophy and the teachings of Ilchi Lee, a meditation and brain education leader. Changeyourenergy.com offers accessible, around the clock guidance, inspiration and practical online training to enable people to realize and activate their full human potential. The site offers lifestyle tips, health and wellness articles, exclusive seminars and personal development coaching.




The strange way an ordinary man gained enlightenment

Once upon a time, Jim Starr, author of “Jersey Yogi: The Unintentional Enlightenment of an Uptight Man,” pictured his future much the same as his past: an average lifestyle as an average NJ man in a cookie-cutter suburban neighborhood.

That’s why, several years later, he was amazed to find himself standing stark naked in a massage seminar, shaken out of a comfortable existence and involved in a world of New Age healing, spirituality and ashrams. In spite of himself, he was on a path.

“I was an apprehensive, cynical and pragmatic guy from New Jersey who thought all the New Age bullshit just wasn’t for me, but a debilitating back injury and associated emotional suffering triggered within me an improbable series of coincidences that shook me out of my ordinary world,” says Starr, a computer programmer and hospice volunteer.

Like so many men from his hometown of Matawan, N.J., Starr was doing his best within the confines of tradition – working for a living, paying bills, raising a family and looking forward to the weekend barbeque with friends. But his devastating sports injury would eventually transport him to exotic places, both in terms of location and mentality. He would be lead to his life-changing guru, Swami Muktananda, to the holy Ganges River in India, and, ultimately, to the Himalayan mountains and a spectacular near death experience.

“At one point in the mountains of India, I found myself with my friend, Don, barely able to comprehend the danger we were facing. But it was then I found an immutable, spiritual source within that remains with me to this day.”

“My book’s title, ‘Jersey Yogi: The Unintentional Enlightenment of an Uptight Man,’ is ultimately my own. Being Jersey Yogi reminds me of my journey – who I am. I am the guy who emerged, and I want others to know that they can, too.”

About Jim Starr

Jim Starr is an author, philosopher, certified Rolfer and avid student of the human condition. Currently residing in Colorado, he is also a computer programmer, hospice volunteer and amateur musician. A true native of New Jersey, Starr plays plenty of handball and has won the Colorado state championship in his age division numerous times. He has lived the story of the Jersey Yogi: The Unintentional Enlightenment of an Uptight Man.