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You are Woman, You are Divine

You Are Woman, You Are Divine: The Modern Woman’s Journey Back to The Goddess by Renee Starr

You are Woman, You are Divine is beautiful and radiates peaceful support for the Divinity in all of us. What is unique about this book, is the fact that it was written specifically for today’s woman. While ancient principles are thoroughly discussed, woman in today’s world need a different set of tools to apply them properly. Author Renee Starr provides eloquent examples and clear instructions on rituals, meditations, and affirmations that will reopen your connection to the Sacred. The text is divided into three parts: Return, Restore, and Remember.

In part 1, we are introduced to the history of the Divine Feminine. Looking back on the earliest of ancient depictions, the woman was portrayed as a divine incarnation and was regarded as the purest embodiment of the mystery of creation. When discussing today’s world and the emergence of the Divine Feminine, Starr powerfully states, “The world is out of balance today. This is because women are out of balance—and women have a profound effect on the equilibrium of life.” What a way to open Chapter One! If we are to return to our sacred selves as women, we must first remember what that means and abandon all of the ideals that have steered us away from that space. By reinstating our feminine power, we are thus resetting the fragile energetic balance of today’s world.

Part 2 provides an in depth look at what it means to restore your Divinity, along with an introduction to the 7 Goddesses: Lilith, Yemaya, White Tara, Radha, Kassandra, White Buffalo Calf Woman, and Eve. Each Goddess is honored in her own chapter. Within each chapter you will find the mythology behind the Goddess, as well as the crystals, herbs, oils, and sacred rituals that allow her to manifest within you.

Goddess Lilith is known, and by some feared, for her power and unapologetic sexuality. Lilith teaches that our feminine essence is sacred in and of itself: the way we smell, speak, walk, dress, interact with others, etc. Lilith can be called upon to reawaken the intensely sensual, erotic, and enchanting part of us that has laid dormant for much too long.

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Goddess Yemaya is best recognized as the Mother of Creativity. Yemaya is said to dwell within the most infinite, creative place of your feminine being. She teaches women how to abandon their fears and flow through their passion and inspiration with acceptance. Yemaya encourages you to liberate yourself from all expectation and just breathe deeply into the journey itself.

Goddess White Tara is the goddess of stillness, peacefulness and compassion. She teaches the immense value of slowing down and being still in each and every moment. Release all perceptions of time and expectation, and just BE in your heart, feeling each moment as it occurs. This is probably one of the toughest concepts for today’s woman to master because we live in a society that thrives on real-time, fast-paced interactions and decisions. Today, women have very little opportunity to just do nothing. I feel that the majority of you will find tremendous peace in aligning with the Goddess White Tara. This chapter offers some wonderful meditations for stilling the mind and body.

Goddess Radha is called upon to restore passion and Divine love. She teaches of the Dance of Love to help women achieve the deep, all-encompassing passionate interaction that we all crave from our relationships. Starr states that in order for a woman to feel truly desired, she needs to feel celebrated, adored, cherished and (most importantly) she needs to know that she is the object of her lover’s deepest passion. Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

Goddess Kassandra is best known as the goddess of intuition and letting your inner voice be heard. She is famous for foretelling and warning of the Trojan War. Starr writes, “Your intuition is a source of great strength and power.” Whether you hold a belief on the metaphysical or not, there is no denying women’s intuition. This in itself is an indication of how naturally women are able to connect with their inner voice. It is a strength that is uniquely feminine and Kassandra can help you be diligent about embracing and encouraging it.

Goddess White Buffalo Calf Woman is the goddess of wisdom. She helps women know the truth of their own hearts and their own minds. She teaches that embracing your feminine power, means not being afraid to share your wisdom with those around you. It is our duty as women, to share our innate knowledge with the world.

Goddess Eve is the Mother of Life and the goddess of awakening. According to Starr, Eve’s most heartfelt message to women is to “awaken first yourself and then awaken others.” I think we all have a deep understanding of what this means. Even for those not on a spiritual path, we are taught from childhood that we must first love ourselves before we can let anyone else love us. The rituals and meditations in Eve’s chapter will help you to awaken to your exquisiteness and accept yourself with compassion.

Last but not least, we have Part 3: Remembering. This chapter is very much about taking what you’ve learned and applying it in a way that honors your needs and desires. While just about everything in our society has changed, what makes us women has not; we still contain our innate wisdom and natural ability to nurture; we still carry the spark of life within our wombs; we still desire passionate, divine love and inspirational interaction with our partners. Remembering these facts becomes an integral part of bringing the Goddess energy into everyday life.

This book offers guidance from point A to point B of your awakening. Within these pages you will find your past, present, and future in terms of your evolution as a woman. You will receive the tools necessary to reconnect to the lost feminine energy within you, gain insight through thoughtful journaling opportunities, and learn to build a sisterhood of goddess support around you. Any woman who is feeling disconnected from the Divine feminine will find You Are Woman, You Are Divine extremely valuable.

About the Reviewer:

Courtney Lindemann is a freelance editor of fiction and non-fiction novels. Books have been her passion since childhood and having the opportunity to read for a living is both a dream come true and a tremendous blessing. Please visit her site http://www.courtneyedits.com







New book honors American women who embody Great Goddesses archetypes

divine feminineOn October 4, 2015 a book-signing and reception were held at herchurch ANEW art gallery in San Francisco in celebration of the new book, American Goddess by Photographer Tamara Trejo. In addition to the signing, the gallery is concurrently running an exhibit of many of the images from the book.

American Goddess is a beautiful hardcover art photography book depicting the diverse aspects of spirituality found within the hearts and practices of contemporary American women. Through her photography endeavors and studies of goddess mythology, Trejo realized that the women of America have the blended ancestry of women from all over the earth and have become unique modern day goddesses. “Born in the great melting pot, we are the American Goddess. We are a mixed breed, a tribe of all cultures. Our DNA holds the memory of many matriarchal societies that functioned from the heart”, says Trejo. With this realization, she was inspired to create this collection of work and feels that the book is a testament to the evolutionary Goddess.

The book ultimately pays homage to the Divine Feminine within all women and throughout the pages are lush photos of woman from varying backgrounds, shot in stunning, often surreal, landscapes and environments. The project brought Trejo to many impressive locations around America that would serve as backdrops of natural beauty and were a vital component in actualizing the book’s concept. Her research lead her to cross paths with several woman who serve as role models in the healing arts and ultimately became the models for the images.

One such woman was Anahata Ananda whose image appears on the cover of American Goddess, and was shot on location at Cathedral Rock in Sedona, AZ. Anahata owns and operates Shamangelic Healing Center of Sedona, AZ and is a practicing shamanic healer. It was during her research for subjects, Trejo discovered that Anahata’s healing practice included Goddess Retreats, Shamanic Wisdom teachings, along with a wide variety of spiritually oriented services and courses. An added draw was Ananda’s practice being located in the famously spiritual red rock country of Sedona. It was a perfect fit and the photoshoot took place in February, resulting in the cover photo plus another image that was used in the American Shamans section of the book. As Ms.Trejo explained, “I chose Anahata’s silhouetted image for the cover because it possesses the spirit of the New World Goddess rising… In her silhouette women can recognize their own Goddess essence.”

The release of American Goddess is very timely with the myriad issues being tackled by modern American women. Current events and news is active with more women in powerful leadership positions, dialogues of equality in the workplace, and the fluid redefining of women’s roles, responsibilities, gender expectations, and more. The book will be inspiring to girls and women of all ages and walks of life and a great additional to a personal library. It can be purchased directly from Tamara Trejo’s website.

Tamara Trejo is an American portrait photographer with her studio located in Half Moon Bay, CA. The studio is open to the public Tuesdays through Fridays from 10am to 4pm. You can see portfolios of her work on her website: http://www.coastsidephotography.com

Anahata Ananda’s Shamangelic Healing Center is based in Sedona, Arizona. It is nestled beneath Sedona’s famous Thunder Mountain, with 360 degrees of breathtaking views, and within walking distance to a medicine wheel and healing vortexes, making it the perfect setting for healing and expansion. Clients seeking Spiritual awakening, transformational healing services, conscious relationship counseling, sacred land journeys or training courses may choose from a wide range of options that can be tailored for the ultimate personal experience.

For detailed descriptions and a calendar of the upcoming retreats, workshops, courses, and transformational healing and spiritual awakening services offered by Anahata Ananda, visit http://www.shamangelichealing.com


The Book of Goddesses and The Mythic Art of Kris Waldherr

Celebrations of the Divine Feminine

by Diane Saarinen

Late in October, I learned that there would be a Goddess art exhibit opening that would be held on October 28 at the New York Open Center with artist Kris Waldherr.  I immediately made plans to attend, particularly after reading the following from the artist’s statement: “I believe that the stories of the goddesses and other divine women featured in this exhibition transcend religion, race or background.  They express the commonalities of women throughout history and around the globe.  Most importantly, they reveal the strengths, beauties and powers that all women possess — and our innate connection to the Divine Feminine.”

The evening was off to an auspicious start when it was revealed that the taxi I hailed to arrive at the gallery was driven by none other than New York’s own infamous matchmaking cabbie.  What luck!  What fun!  However, as I was not in the need for matchmaking services, I simply sat back and listened to tales of successful matches made.  But I digress…

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As the Goddess gallery show also served as the Open Center’s Halloween party, I noticed many guests dressed in costume among the attractively framed and matted glorious goddess representations.  I spied a tall, willowy blonde clad in evening gown and organza shawl who markedly resembled some of the figures in the artwork and realized this must be the artist — and writer — Kris Waldherr herself.  (Waldherr is very much a writer; this showing of her art also doubled as a book release party for the Tenth Anniversary Edition of her wildly popular text, The Book of Goddesses).  Waldherr also has the interesting family history of having a maternal grandmother who was the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, and was rumored to have been born with the second sight.  And in her spare time, she plays cello in the Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra!

I started by asking Kris a few questions:

NAJ:  How does it feel to be surrounded by your many works of art up here tonight?

KW:  I’m glad to share my art with people outside the context of a book, so the paintings can be seen as they were originally created.  As an artist who works in publishing, I’ve learned to accept that my paintings aren’t going to look the same when they’re printed — there’s always some details which are lost, some colors which don’t reproduce exactly.  I’ve also enjoyed organizing the show — so much so that I want to share it outside of New York City.  Right now, I’m working on having the show travel to other galleries around the country.

NAJ:  And what it feel like to have the tenth year anniversary edition of The Book of Goddesses out?

KW:  My two main emotions are amazement that it’s been ten years since the first edition was published — where has the time gone? — and pleasure at having The Book of Goddesses back in print, and in such a deluxe version.  Abrams (the publisher) really did such a gorgeous job printing it.  I especially love the gold ink on the cover, and gold Isis insignia on the binding.  It’s much more of a book that the original edition, both in terms of expanded content and because of the beauty of the production.

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I drank in the beautiful art at the show, all of which can be seen in the catalogue, Celebration of the Divine Feminine: The Mythic Art of Kris Waldherr.  “Mythic art” sums this up aptly; if you are enchanted by myth, particularly where strong female characters — who may be mortal, and who may be divine — are at the center, the art will speak to you.  Recurring themes include the myth Danae, daughter of a Roman king named Acrisius, who was foretold that one of Danae’s offspring would kill him, and the tale of Persephone, the daughter of Demeter who was kidnapped by the god of the underworld, Hades.

Some of the images in the artwork are also seen in Waldherr’s Lover’s Path Tarot.  But the prolific Waldherr taxes my abilities of a reviewer to include my thoughts on this deck in this article.  Hint — suffice it to say that I consult this deck regularly, and the link I provide gains you access to an online oracle featuring this deck.

Now to The Book of Goddesses.  This gift book features 100 goddesses, all depicted in art and in words.  The book is broken up into the fabulous feminine deities that oversee love, motherhood, creativity, strength and transformations.  Those looking for a dose of inspiration need look no farther than the pages of this text.  Already a classic, it has been improved on with the additional goddesses and the fine-tuning of the presentation of the graphics.  Truly, it seems all cultures are represented and I even came across a Finnish house goddess I had never heard of — Haltia — as well as another Scandinavian goddess, this time a birth deity, who sorta bore my last name: Sar-Akka (note — akka means “hag” in Finnish).

All in all, a completely delightful evening was had in the company of a charming woman, with the souvenirs of two decidedly lovely books.

The Book of Goddesses:
A Celebration of the Divine Feminine
by Kris Waldherr
Harry N. Abrams, Inc. 2006
162 pp., $22.50

A Celebration of the Divine Feminine:
The Mythic Art of Kris Waldherr

by Kris Waldherr
Art and Words Editions, 2006
75 pp., $25 (available only at kriswaldherr.com)


Femme: Women Healing the World – The We and the Us Not the I and the Me

by Rev. Dr. Karen Tate

In ever-increasing numbers women and men are seeking spirituality beyond traditional religious institutions and more and more their new normal includes the deities, ideals and archetypes of the Sacred Feminine. They have a desire to get beyond the patriarchal dogma of the Abrahamic religions that so often perpetuates sexism, homophobia and the domination of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. Women, in particular, are hearing and heeding their calling, stepping forth to take on their mantle of leadership as rabbis, ministers, priestesses, Nuns on the Bus and Womanpriests. They are exercising their spiritual authority in circles at their kitchen tables, in their living rooms and classrooms, in brick and mortar churches and temples, in political arenas and groves. They are flexing their spiritual wings and allowing themselves to be guided by their intuition, innate female wisdom and inner-knowing. They encourage their congregations to know and feel the essence of Goddess and understand what that new knowledge might mean for themselves personally and the world. They refuse to go back to a time when men have dominion over women’s bodies and tell them to put an aspirin between their knees as a form of birth control!

Often the shared message of these like-minded women and men is one of female empowerment, equality, social justice and environmental responsibility, sometimes referred to as eco-feminist spirituality. The liturgy may contain social, cultural and political messages of liberation thealogy using Goddess mythology, archetypes and metaphors as benchmarks and templates for a more just, peaceful and sustainable future. Gone altogether or tempered is the message of the strict authoritarian Father whose mythology gives license for a male-dominated society with women in a subordinate role. Nothing less than peace, partnership, justice, equality and care for the planet are at the heart of this Sacred Feminine wisdom. Gone are the greed is good or survival of the fittest mentalities. As more and more people find themselves “the other” and with little hope of achieving the American Dream, they are willing to rethink the status quo and vision another future and a government that serves more than the 1%.

In answer to this collective call to restore and re-write our values and find a new social and spiritual path women and men are blazing a trail using their pink handled machetes to find their way. Within religious groups it might manifest in progressive churches using gender neutral names for God in prayer and song. Others include liturgy embracing the Divine Mother in equal partnership alongside the Father. Altars might not be dominated only by male images. Still others give themselves permission to conduct women-only services and exhibit only female images of deity at their gatherings. Congregants worship together in circles rather than in hierarchical configurations with a male intermediary between them and deity. In fact, these groups and gatherings might be leaderless, egalitarian or organizers might share leadership.

To push these new values forward in society Goddess advocates recognize the need to stand in solidarity with pro-worker, pro-women, pro-science, pro-immigrant, pro-peace, and pro-environmental groups who feel the weight of rich, white, male privilege on their neck. It means partnering with secular people, particularly the millenials, who feel the most disenfranchised with the current state of the economy, their crushing student loan debt and their hopelessness about the future. It means legislating real family values, restoring worker stability, shoring up the depleted social safety net and investing in people and jobs.

Social justice and uplifting the common good are key and those values are not only prevalent in ideals of the Sacred Feminine but their importance is punctuated in a newly released documentary that addresses the issues of patriarchy, women’s rights, and our desperate need for partnership. Femme: Women Healing the World is a brave film that starts at the beginning, unafraid to talk about pre-patriarchal times, when women and Goddess were revered and people were more concerned about the We and the Us instead of the current climate of greed and selfishness, aka, the I and the Me. Femme is unafraid to examine the relationship between religion and the oppression of women and the economic disparity that is the result of our following a patriarchal or male-dominated agenda.

With Red States and Republicans around the country taking away women’s freedom and dignity in mandating they be penetrated with state sanctioned vaginal probes and limiting access to birth control in the year 2013, never has such a film been more needed. With women doing 80% of the work with only 20% of the assets, never has a film been more important. With so many hungry children, women retiring in poverty and austerity measures being thrust upon the poor and middle class, disproportionately affecting women and their kids, information in this film is vital to help shift consciousness toward a more equitable and sustainable future. With Republicans about to destroy the full faith and credibility of the United States with needless manufactured crises, it’s time to step up and demand a return to balance, sanity and majority rule. With the daily assaults on our finite resources and Mother Earth, it is time to awaken and this film is a wake-up call!

The Dalai Lamma said it would be Western women who would save the world. Certainly it can be women across the globe, stepping up, taking on their mantle of leadership, demanding they no longer be diminished and oppressed under male authority, and with that, a tipping point toward love, balance, peace and an inter-connection among us all. Nothing less is acceptable. Nothing less will save humankind and the planet. Femme features American women Jean Houston, Marianne Williamson, Celeste Yarnall, Riane Eisler, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Sharon Stone, Gloria Steinem, Barbara Marx Hubbard, myself, and numerous other women across the globe speaking out on how we might change the world along-side our beloved men. Most importantly, it offers real solutions for a sustainable world and should be required viewing in religious, corporate and educational settings the world over. If we can vision it, we can manifest it, and manifesting a new world is our moral imperative for the majority of us on this planet.

About Femme: Women Healing the World

Click here to watch: http://ykr.be/4ik59m1n6
You can download the video or stream it for only $4.99
Or DVD copies of Femme will be available in early 2014
For more information about the movie, go to


About Rev. Dr. Karen Tate
Author of Walking An Ancient Path: Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth, Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations and the soon to be released Goddess Calling: Inspirational Messages and Meditations of Sacred Feminine Liberation Thealogy and Voices of the Sacred Feminine: Conversations to ReShape Our World. Karen is a speaker, social justice activist, sacred tour leader, workshop presenter and host of the long running radio show, Voices of the Sacred Feminine Radio. She can be reached at www.karentate.com or on Facebook and Twitter and can be seen in the documentary, Femme: Women Healing the World. She resides in Venice, CA with Roy, her husband of thirty years who she describes as the wind beneath her wings.