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May Message from the Faeries

by Diomira D’Agostino

I hope this message finds you all cheerful and filled with radiant health! Spring is finally here albeit oscillating in nature. I attempted to send this message last week, as I had it all written up and ready to go. I am finally aware why I may have been delayed in sending our message. For it is only now that I am able to share with you this magical piece of heaven that Johnny and I have stumbled upon. It is nestled in the panhandle of Florida in a tiny town called Mexico Beach. The town itself is not noteworthy apart from the white sandy beaches and blue waters, which can be found in many places on the Gulf side of Florida. The jewel of Mexico Beach to which I am referring is called Driftwood Inn. It is a medium sized Inn seated on the water. As I soak in my surroundings I see a menagerie filled with magical gardens that could only have been designed with the help of the faeries. There are literally dozens of bird feeders that attract hundreds of birds. A large dog bigger than me (it is probably in the horse family) roams the premises. Cats stroll around and stretch in the warm sun. The gardens are exquisite and filled with geraniums, roses, petunias, sunflowers, daisies, gladiolas of pinks and reds and blues and purples and oranges. Sprinkled in throughout the gardens are palm trees that rustle in the breeze. There are fountains that bubble up out of nowhere, having been carefully placed in tiny, forgotten corners. The ponds peek out from the center of the flower beds. And as I gaze out ahead, I see the sapphire waves crashing onto the sugar white sand, which is dotted by the myriad flower blossoms that rise up to meet it. I hope you have the opportunity to visit this blessed place. The faeries are everywhere!

Anyway, I believe that is a great segue into the message that I wish to share with you today. It takes place within an experience I had in a meditation some days ago. It is a powerful and timely message and I was in awe of the clarity with which this Devic presence communicated with me. I have written it in the present tense because that is how I experienced it:

The Dimensional Doorways

The chakras, or energy wheels, are an integral part of our energy body. There is much to be said about them, and volumes can be written on their meanings alone. One of their many functions is that of a portal, or dimensional doorway.

As I sit in an evening meditation, I see the heart chakra begin to open. Light is beaming forth, rushing like a torrential downpour, a rushing river. As the energy flows I see a glimpse of a space. The veil is lifted. The space is a land where mountains hover in expansive blue skies, and birds soar. There is a lush green valley, and a river can be seen that runs through it. The heart chakra holds the door open to this land.

Enter the Faery Garden:

I am riding on the back of a giant bumblebee. We swoop through emerald blades of grass and into the Faery Garden. I know it is the Faery Garden because the bee tells me. Only she does not use words, but I understand her. We swirl and buzz toward a sea of brightly colored flowers. They look like multicolored ballerinas pirouetting in the breeze. Bits of sweet fragrance delight my senses. The blossoming flowers are Spring’s warm hello. We make a swan dive for a gorgeous lady slipper the color of a pale pink powder puff. The bumblebee hovers so gracefully over the delicate one, which gives me a chance to alight and Viennese waltz with the flower’s soft and dainty petals. I slide down the giant stem like Jack as he moves down his Beanstalk. I do not stop where the stem meets the ground, but instead continue my descent deep into the Earth. I stop just before reaches through to the earth’s mantle, and rest here. I am nestled in the Great Mother’s warm embrace. I feel a presence – the faeries are here. Have I entered a secret faery mound below the magical garden? I sit for a moment and attune to my environment. Then I hear a voice speak to me:

“Hello Dear One. We are glad you have come. So many seek to change their outer. They do not think to make the journey within – the perfect starting point. I am here with you now to show you how comforting going within can be. You believe you have entered another world by going through the garden and deep into the Earth. Aye you have entered another world indeed – ’tis the world of your own heart; and what a magnificent world it is. This space is connected to every living creature on the beautifully verdant planet you call home. It is also connected to the Cosmos through the Great Central Sun that sits at the center of this galaxy. I want you to feel this union between Earth and Sky, and feel HOME. As you attune to this energy you become receptive to receive light frequencies that are encoded with the vibrational keys for ascension. Your sun is acting like a great satellite both receiving and transmitting these frequencies to you all now. It is good to be present during this process. Surrender and open yourself up to receive. You need only prepare your hearts with love, open wide and BE. Breathe. Allow for the transmission of light codes to activate your light bodies. We are your brothers and sisters and we love you.

The Deva of Ladyslipper

*I would invite you to try this meditation of the Faery Garden. Ladyslipper has much more to share with us. She wishes to impart her wisdom as well as her medicine. See if you can hear her words. Or perhaps you gravitate to another flower…

I would love to hear the messages they share with you. Feel free to post them on my Faery Light Facebook page for all to enjoy. You could also email them to me and I can share them in next month’s faery message. The messages from the plant devas are very timely indeed and they have much to give.

In love and faery light,

Diomira and the Faeries


February Message from the Faeries

by Diomira D’Agostino

This month marks the one year anniversary of our Faery Messages, and so it is a sort of homecoming. I want to thank you for being open and willing to receive. These messages have been a blessing to many including me. Oftentimes I, too, have something to learn from the message the faeries share with us. Even if it is some subject matter I think I already know, I realize there are always deeper levels to understand. So again my gratitude goes out to all of you for being willing to open your hearts and allow for an exploration of co-creative partnership with Nature.

The message that they share this month is very interesting. Several years ago I learned a beautiful healing technique called Rebirthing or Sacred Breathwork. It is only now after hearing their message that I see that even this beautiful modality is in alignment with Faery Light, and what we do here. I am again inspired in seeing another way in which everything is really connected, and working together for good.

Breathing with the Faeries

During the month of February romantic images tend to well up from deep within, and one tends to relish matters of the heart. Regardless of how commercial Valentine’s Day is, we can all agree that any amount of time dedicated to contemplation of the heart can’t be all bad. Last February was our first faery message and the faeries spoke about the heart being the ultimate ‘tween place because it is where spirit and matter merge into oneness. The heart is the home of heaven on earth, as it is the meeting place of the lower and upper chakras.

The faeries explain that the heart is an important focus and so this month we shall be reminded of that through working with the breath. The breath and the heart are one. The breath connects the inner to the outer. The focus should always begin within, but we cannot forget the outer. If we were only meant to interact with the inner planes of light we would not have embodied after all. We are meant to integrate the two, and revel in oneness. When we create we should start within the heart instead of reaching outside of ourselves. This is why a God that only exists outside of us feels incomplete. We must start to come into relationship with the God within, and only then can we truly know ourselves. The faeries know this at the core of their being. They walk in this interconnected way – knowing that every aspect of themselves is connected to everything else.

The Breath is living energy that moves through all life. Through the breath we can connect our inner and outer worlds. Through the breath we can move into our hearts. The breath is manifold. It acts in many ways. It is a purification process whereby we may cleanse and clear all that no longer serves us. In this way we may create space for the light to enter in and fill us. Light activates the heart. The breath connects the inner and the outer, but it also connects us one to the other. It connects us to all of creation, for all of creation is BREATHING. We need only to breathe together. Even nonphysical beings and advanced beings breathe. They may not have need of breathing oxygen, but they breathe life force or pranic energy. The faeries breathe, and they would like us to breathe with them.

Breathwork Meditation:

Close your eyes. Begin to breathe rhythmically. Bring your attention to your heart. As you inhale see or feel the breath moving into your heart like a stream of light. As you exhale, see a stream of love-light moving out to share with the world. Continue with this process for several breaths. Your heart is breathing, and connecting you with the universe. Notice as you breathe out, the exhaled light becomes more and more concentrated until it enshrouds you like a mist. As the mist subsides you see you are in a sacred oak grove. Around you there appear to be a group of beings seated in a circle, of which you are a part. These are the faeries of this sacred grove, and they have welcomed you. Take your attention back to your heart, and to the breath that it breathes. Notice that through this breath you are connected heart to heart to each and every faery here. What’s more is that you realize you are connected to every living thing within this grove through the breath – the trees, the grass, the flowers, the rocks. With intention feel yourself breathing in harmony with the faeries. Feel yourself breathing in harmony with the trees. You are all breathing, one breath, one heart. Living light. With love and gratitude the grove begins to fade. Feel yourself coming back to your space back in the chair or on the floor, wherever you began.

Through the breath, you can connect to all of life. Through the heart we are all One.

Upcoming Events and more…

Storytelling Evening
Saturday, March 16th – evening (7ish)

I will be hosting a wonderful evening of Storytelling with Mary Thompson at my home. She has been performing since 1994, and has been featured at Celtic festivals, schools, private gatherings, and even business conventions throughout the country. She has 2 children’s books that will be out in May of this year.

This is what the evening will hold:

“For St. Patrick’s Day, I would like to tell tales of Enchantment. How the faeries came to be, the story of a bad little faery who had to grow up, my personal encounter with an Elvin Lord, some tales from King Arthur, and perhaps a little bit of nonsense involving a rooster mixed in for good measure.” — M. Thompson

It is going to be wonderful fun. I will announce further details a little closer, but it will be an evening thing. Please RSVP to me and let me know you are interested as space is limited. 404-789-4823

Please bring some snacks to share. I will provide an endless cup of tea. ;-)

Mary will have magical faery dwellings/houses with her that she has handcrafted herself for sale after storytelling.

Upcoming Workshop

TBA – looking like early April. Please let me know if you are interested.

Healings by appointment Mondays and Thursdays:

Faery Light, Breathwork, Inner Light, Reiki.

Call me to schedule: 404-789-4823

*Please share this Message from the Faeries with anyone you feel may enjoy! you can forward using forward button or simply share on your Facebook Page!


Atlanta, GA Faery Workshop Announced

The Faery workshop “Calling All Humans: An Invitation From the Faeries” is to presented by Diomira Rose and the Faeries on Saturday, July 28, 2012 from 10am to 4pm.

The venue for this upcoming workshop has changed to Strawberry Fields: A Dana Gallery at the below address:

12655 Birmingham Highway
Alpharetta, GA 30004

This change was inspired by none other than the faeries, as it connected to the most magical and enchanting piece of land teeming with faery energy – a superb backdrop and ideal playground for several of our workshop activities. There is even a labyrinth, which I am told is representative of the structure and design of the workshop! I will further explain as we walk this spiraled journey on the 28th.

What is the Faery Workshop About?

The faery workshop was originated almost 4 years ago after countless hours of meditation, inspiration and learning. It was Spirit-guided and channeled from the Faeries by Diomira, having made it very clear that the Time was upon us – whatever that meant. Eventually an understanding was reached and this is what they explained: “The Time of the Great Shift is Now. It is of the utmost importance that humanity begin to remember their connection to the Earth. We [The Faeries] wish to facilitate this bridge of reconnection with Gaia. It is in remembering our connection to the Earth, and all her creatures, that the divine awakening within Humanity can occur, and thus a seamless process of Ascension.”

Because the their mastery of form, and adept understanding of the universal codes that are embedded within the very fabric of nature, the faeries have much wisdom relating to making a dimensional shift. They wish to share their wisdom with us at this time. For our great benefit they have brought forth several tools for this wisdom to manifest. The Faery Light Healing is one of these such tools. The workshop is another.

The workshop helps us to clear emotional debris, while reintroducing us to the subtle, yet powerful energies of nature. Once the emotional debris is stirring, and our hearts are gently being guided open under the direction of the divinely-guided Nature Kingdom, we undergo an energetic clearing and attunement that prepares us to meet and bond with our Faery Counterpart. A Faery Counterpart is a faery that has stood forth in order to work with us as individuals to assist us in the remembrance of our connection to Mother Earth. We not only activate our relationship with our Faery Counterpart, but learn how to work with them in a myriad of ways. The Faery Counterpart is unlike a faery guide or friend you may have. The bond between our Faery Counterpart and us is an intimate connection unlike anything else I have experienced in that they complement us with an energetic configuration that fits perfectly.

This workshop is designed to give you tools to assist you as you move forward in your Christed Evolution on planet Earth. It will help you to remember your connection to the Earth, and/or allow you to deepen your relationship to her.

I request that participants bring the following: a journal/pad of paper, pen, wear comfortable clothing and whatever preparation you require personally for spending an hour outside, a lunch, as the break is not really long enough to leave.

All other materials are provided such as crystal and certificate (agreement)

Investment: $150

Registration is between 9:30 and 10am. Cash and check are preferred. Cards are accepted with Square. Please email me ahead of time to let me know you plan to attend, as space is limited and preparation needs to be made for accurate number of participants. All parking in the rear of the building please. Feel free to contact me with any questions at reply email address or phone: 404-789-4823.

*Please note, there are no prerequisites for this workshop. Workshop is meditation intensive, in that there are about 5 guided meditations (this includes the healings), so one must be prepared to sit through these with a little focus. The imagery makes these easy to follow and so no prior meditation practice or skills are required – only imagination, as that is the gateway into the heart. If you feel in your heart you want to come, this is probably right for you. Let your heart determine your course of action, not your mind. And so begins your initial homework. :)

Check your heart. See if you are guided to join the Faeries and me in this mystical workshop.

With Love and Faery Light,
Diomira Rose and the Faeries


July Message from the Faeries

By Diomira Rose D’Agostino

Happy July! I love July. Although I have been reluctant to walk outside without an ice suit lately. It’s HOT!! Water is such a refreshing treat these days. Cool water, that it. Over this past weekend Johnny and I were guided to this amazing “diamond in the rough” called Sea Creek Falls. It lies hidden in the forest with very few visitors. This place was so healing for me. I felt completely rejuvenated after a long hot day. Its waters were icy cold, a delicious relief for hot and tired skin. The mist from the waterfalls cools the air allowing you to sit on the rocks and indulge in the vibrant energy nature has to offer in this enchanting haven. This place is truly a treat for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle. Beware: the beauty of this place is enrapturing!

This month will end our Co-creation series! As I was sitting on a moss-carpeted log, which rested slightly above the rushing cascades I was able to connect very deeply with the land. The tales the faeries told me will have to be saved for another time, but I will share something that they showed me. Over these last few months we have really been learning about designing and implementing an energetic garden of sorts. Although sometimes challenging, it is always rewarding in the end. We stand back and admire our beautiful co-creation. We must always remember to toil with joy in our hearts, and gladness in our souls. They reminded me of an excerpt from my book, which is not yet complete. In this excerpt I talk about my childhood memory of my mother’s garden. I would like to share it with you:

“So where did this belief in faeries come from? The easy answer to this is that it just was an inner knowing. I just knew. What helped nurture this belief along was my mother. To say the woman had a green thumb is a great understatement. She has a natural ability to grow anything. She could probably grow a coral reef in a desert if she tried. Her gardens have always resembled faery playgrounds. Everything appears wild and grown out. In her garden in Chicago, roses grew on the fence and marigolds popped out of nowhere. A lilac bush here, a hibiscus tree there. Nothing was out of place, and yet nothing looked landscaped by human hands. It couldn’t have been better planned if the Earth were left to her own devices. It was as if they had a daily powwow, Mother Earth and my mom, whereby they drew up their plans to create the most beautiful, wild and natural garden setting that ever was. This was the opposite of an English garden. There were no manicured lawns or patterns of similar flowers. This was no “blue bells and cocker shells nicely in a row” garden. This was a free-flowing masterpiece, a divine garden where faeries and angels played. She co-created with nature every day and she didn’t even consciously know it. I believe it was one of those creations that you never really know how magnificent it really is, or how the hell you’ve managed it. Of course, on some very deep level she knew. She also knew about the faeries. She knew they existed and she told me so.”

When we create from our hearts in a co-creative partnership with Nature, we allow a space from the most wondrous desire to flourish. May all of your gardens be as wildly beautiful and divinely conceived.

Co-Creation Series: Planting Our Seed

The last step is the easiest and yet least practiced step of all. We always forget about the last step. We have no problem connecting and setting our intention to Co-create. Then we have many desires that arise from deep within the heart that we wish to manifest. After that, though, most of us run off. We are on to the next thing, and only ever so sporadically are we brought back to the glimpse of our dream.

The last step has to do with planting your seed. The images of your desires are seeds, and you must go and plant them in order for them to grow. You wouldn’t buy a packet of seeds and expect them to sprout without planting or caring for them, would you? It is no different with your dreams.

Co-creation Meditation:

Close your eyes. Breathe. Feel the love and support of Mother Earth surrounding you in a nurturing blanket. Ask for the divine celestial energy of Father Sky to pour down over. Feel the blending of these two energies in your heart space. Breathe. Ask that the faeries be with you now. Feel yourself connecting with them, heart to heart. Know that they are here to support you in your manifestation every step of the way. With this feeling of love for All That Is, let us now recall the image that arose last month. This was a desire or dream that came from within the heart space. Breathe. With that image in your heart and mind, close your eyes. Now ask the soil of the ethers to come forth. See these swirling sands of time moving before – you are gazing at pure unformed potential. It is just waiting to be molded into form. See in your mind’s eye what looks like a seed or bulb. Allow it to float in front of you. Take this seed in your hands. Feel the love you have for this seed, for within it is the pure potential of all of creation. With loving conscious intention envision your dream or desire. Sense the joy in your heart that you feel knowing that this dream has already come true. Now send this image of your desire into the seed. Feel the seed receive the image. Now place the seed in the etheric soil and watch it disappear becoming one with it. The soil has received your dream.

Just like a plant or flower cannot live without water and sunlight, a dream cannot live without love and conscious attention. Let us begin to water our dreams with love and light. Begin to send a ray of love from your heart to the soil, knowing that your seed is receiving it. Notice the faeries sending their love to the seed as well. They see the highest and best for you, and everything that they do is in harmony with the Earth.

Now we must release the dream to its highest and best. In doing this, we allow it to take on a life of its own. We must also be open to it shifting to an even greater vision that we could have ever conceived.

Consciously attend to your dream-seed whenever possible, preferably everyday. Send it love and light without conditions or attachments. Bring it to memory often, with a fondness and joy. When you see or think about it, always feel the feelings and emotions as if it were already true. Really feel the joy and happiness that come along with the fulfillment of this dear desire.

Watch It Grow!!!

Love and Faery Light,

Diomira and the Faeries

Upcoming EventsCalling All Humans: An Invitation From the Faeries

Faery Workshop on Remembering our Connection with the Earth through working with the Faeries and Nature Spirits.  Meet with your Faery Counterpart!
Saturday, July 28, 2012 – 10am to 4pm Cost: $150 Pre-registration is required.  Space is limited.
Email me for more details.
1005 Barrington Oaks Place
Roswell, Georgia 30075

Mexico 12-12-2012

December 8th – 15th
Spots are still available!
Journey with the Faeries and me to the Land of the Maya.  We will be going to various sacred sites: Chichen Itza, Tulum, Uxmal and more to connect with the energy and Nature Spirits of the Land.  We will be at Chichen Itza on 12-12-12.  Check your hearts.  See if you are guided to come.
Go to http://bodymindspiritjourneys.com/maya-12-12-12.html to register for this once in a lifetime journey!