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Power of Intuition

shalini ashaby Shalini Asha Bhaloo

Some people ask the universe for joy and spiritual evolution while also serving humanity: “Here I Am. Use me. Lead me,” and “Please heal me and guide me so I can be of greater service.”

The universe responds like a GPS. Intuition is the GPS of the soul connected to God or Source. Miracles happen when folks follow the directions of their GPS to claim what they desire. The response comes via guided action steps to their target destination. The key is to believe and follow the intuition instead of the ego’s lies.

Calling on angels brings light, love and healing. Angels’ role is to uplift humanity and to deliver messages of love, peace and harmony from God. Anyone can call upon the angels regardless of their religion or lack thereof.  People don’t need to have qualifications or particular ways to call them for help. Some effective ways to call upon the angels include:  asking God to send them angels, thinking or verbally sharing their troubles “Angels or God, please help me,” visualizing angels or lights surrounding them, their loved ones, or the situation, and using angel oracle cards.

God and the angels don’t intervene in people’s lives without their permission, because of their free will. The only exception is when folks are in danger before it’s their time to pass on, or “die”. Everyone has at least two guardian angels assigned to them at birth. Archangels are larger and powerful beings that have strong healing and teaching powers. They help people to perceive the truths of situations by lifting the veils of illusions from their fear-based perception about the situations. Divine or angelic guidance is “out-of-the blue,” repetitive, direct and loving, and uses “You or We”, not “I” as the ego does. The ego’s voice is abusive, saying to people that they are superior or not good enough.

Four main channels of divine guidance are: clairvoyance – clear seeing, clairaudience – clear hearing, clairsentience – clear feeling and claircognizance – clear knowing.

With clairvoyance or spiritual sight, people see symbols, visions, angels, spirits, auras, orbs or angel lights with their eyes closed or open.  These images are messages from their angels to provide them with guidance, answer a question or to let people know they are with them.  Images, symbols, signs or numbers may repeatedly show up in their lives in dreams, pictures folks see in magazines or in their day to day lives. If people see something three or more times, especially within a short period of time, it is a message. Seeing signs includes finding or seeing feathers, coins or butterflies, especially if they’re in unusual places or circumstances.  Seeing clouds in the shape of angels are another way that angels give them signs that they are with them.

Clairaudience involves hearing the voice of angels. This includes hearing words, phrases, voices, whispering or music either in the heads or externally.  Folks may hear their name being called upon awakening, ringing in their ears or hear beautiful music when there is no external source.

Clairsentience involves gut feelings, emotions, and hunches, sensations such as goose bumps, tingling, and pressure changes in or around the body, feeling pressure or tightness around the head or feeling as if someone touched them on the hair or feeling warm, can be signs of angels’ presence. The sensation may be a sign that a statement is true for them, or of the angels’ presence.  People become aware of warning signs the body sends. This helps in preventing illness, choosing healthy relationships, and avoiding detrimental situations. Clairsentience also occurs when people smell flowers or some other scent when there is no source nearby.

Claircognizance is information that people “just know” to be true, without knowing how they know.   Ideas, insights, inspirations or facts just come to them seemingly “out of the blue”.  These are positive and repetitive.

The following events indicate that folks are listening, trusting and following their intuition:

  • They get “red flags” saying to themselves, “I just know…”, or “I have a feeling…” that something is not right and they avoid trouble before it happens
  • Others complain how the intuitive people are “lucky” and have easy lives
  • They manifest the essence of their desires easily and quickly.
  • They know who is calling before they answer the phone.
  •  They have prophetic dreams.
  • They call someone, only to hear him or her say, “I was just thinking of you.”
  • They know when someone is lying.
  • They on the radio or tune into a station just when a song that gives them guidance is playing.

Angels give clues one step at a time similar to a treasure hunt.  The message may be to call a certain person, read a certain book, go to a certain place, etc.  The trick is to trust and follow it even though it may not make sense at the time. Whatever the form, intuition is a friend. It’s best to act on it before the ego interferes. People who follow their intuition live in the moment with no expectations. It feels good to feel fresh each morning, eager to see, feel or “just know” what to do next. It feels like having an invisible giant loving wise friend and beings of light and love inside guarding, guiding and protecting people all the time. This beats the loud cries and lies of the ego. This is so fun and simple that the ego can’t stand it!

About the author

Shalini Asha Bhaloo is a published author of the Wonder of Life. She is a Certified Angel Intuitive who gives Angel readings. She is a USUI/ Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner and a Registered Yoga Teacher. She is a senior technical engineer in the corporate world for more than 26 years and is following her intuition to ease into the above modalities full time. Her website is http://shalini-asha-janaki- bhaloo.com. Shalini lives in Pickering, Ontario, Canada.