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Starcodes horoscopes for December 23 – 29, 2016

By Heather Roan Robbins

Silent night, holy night; the currents run deep this weekend, but all can be well if we can feel the quiet inside and out.  Find a way to share hearts without words; through actions, shared experience, and presence, even more than presents. We all need a moment of solitude to process feelings under this weekend’s Scorpio moon, but paradoxically can easily feel isolated. It helps all involved to fold into our dinner table someone who might otherwise feel lost or alone.

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Otherwise, the weight of the world as it stands can lean in on us and make it hard to share joy, we can be prone to misunderstandings, last-minute snafus, and strange willful tugs of war with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn. Kids may not want to kiss strange relatives, and everyone resists being pushed into obligations. Twitter-wars flare. Crankiness abounds, but it can come out defensively or passive aggressively with Mars in Pisces, near the south node.  So, don’t go there. Instead, speak with the heart and keep the agenda and schedule light.  Consciously look for what is valuable in one another. When in doubt, return to spirit and source, and act from compassion to oneself and others equally. Find the holy silence, then return to the fray.

If people push and pull, feel their concerns and fears underneath and cut them some slack, but know when to pleasantly walk away and take a moment alone. If the harsh underbelly of human kind peaks through, instead of retaliating along the same lines, stand like it deeply rooted pine tree, shine like a star. Meanwhile, pad any schedule with room to find lost items, locate the instructions and fix broken things.

Because we could be feeling so moody, it will help to find a moment to honor the flow of history under our personal bridge: all the holidays past and people we miss. Mercury takes our mind backwards as it retrogrades in Capricorn, and the Moon in Scorpio Fridaythrough Sunday brings us to the deep waters.

Christmas day, towards the evening, the Moon enters Sagittarius and we come out of our shell, making this the easiest time for the big family shindig. A desire to speak up can bring out outrageously frank comments and no one will hold back on their political opinions. Mars and Venus in Pisces can leave us feeling unusually sensitive and think skinned, so we still need to keep a light touch with beloveds, but can relax into a new level of honesty.

And remember, because Mercury is retrograde, if someone’s comment feels unusually wonderful or makes us flinch, let’s ask for clarification; it’s way too easy to perceive through our own filters and totally misunderstand what they meant. If we confirm fax and ask about motives, we can save ourselves a host of problems.

Through New Year’s Day it will be helpful to suspend the ordinary pace of life and let ourselves off the hook.  it has been a pretty relentlessly eventful and extrovertedly involved autumn. We have a lot of work to do in the coming year. But for now, the flow of energy has turned inwards and it’s time to reconnect with ourselves and strengthen our bonds with beloveds, avoid analyzing relationships for the moment and find a way to make it safe to be sensitive with one another.

Friday, Dec 23: Single minded focus can help us overcome obstacles and keep on track, but let’s not be more brusque than necessary. We may need to sit with our moods and honor the past, or just hold ourselves gently, but let’s not get lost there; Solstice season asks us to reconnect with our roots, soul, and dear ones. Midday is productive, though with occasional pragmatic snags, a thoughtful tiredness drifts in about dinnertime, though an important point can be made tonight. A dreaminess calls for seasonal escapism and a moment of tenderness as Mercury sextiles Neptune through the weekend.

Moon enters Scorpio 7:32 AM, Moon sextile Sun 12:24 PM, Moon trines Mars 2:25 PM.

Saturday, Dec 24:  This could be a day for Christmas miracles as Saturn trines Uranus. Something fundamental can change in our world or in our soul’s understanding, but in what direction it changes, will be up to us. On the surface, we may be more absorbed in our memories and not as cheerful and outgoing, cranky if poked, but thoughtful and contemplative this Christmas Eve.

Moon trine Neptune 2:56 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 8:57 AM, Saturn trine Uranus 5:28 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 5:24 PM.

Sunday, December 25: The Scorpio Moon keeps the deeper undertones swirling; don’t crowd one another. Expect a bouquet of feelings to pass through as the day wears on. Venus forms some lovely aspects that helps us through this morning as it trines Jupiter, sextiles Uranus and Saturn, and helps us see that love and connective energy can be healing. It furthers to widen our circle and include stragglers. When in doubt, pull out the art supplies or engage creativity in some form. Evening relaxes, strange relatives, ugly sweaters and offbeat friends will be more fun as the Moon heads into Sagittarius tonight.

Moon square Venus 12:21 AM, Venus trine Jupiter 6:22 AM, Venus sextile Uranus 9:35 AM, Venus sextiles Saturn 11:32 AM, Moon enters Sagittarius 8:18 PM.

Monday, December 26: Changes in the air, it furthers to move and stretch today, work off some of those Christmas cookies as the Moon in active Sagittarius squares Mars, just be aware of a competitive undertone. Sibling rivalry will be alive and well, but can be constructed. Keep an eye on sibling rivalry in world events and balance this with family work. Afternoon calls for a nap or a moment of escape as the Moon squares Neptune and a chance to dream in good ways tonight as the Mercury sextiles Neptune.

Moon square Mars 7:16 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 11:35 AM, Moon square Neptune 3:40 PM, Mercury sextile Neptune 9:18 PM.

Tuesday, December 27: We may hit the ground running, get back to work as the Sun sextiles Mars this morning. A new sense of responsibility and organization kicks in this afternoon as the Moon sextiles Jupiter and approaches Saturn. Do gentle groundwork for next year’s dreams, but know that all plans made now will probably need to be adjusted after January 8, when Mercury turns direct.

Sun sextile Mars 1:07 AM, Moon trine Uranus 1:30 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 1:45 PM, Moon conjunct Saturn to 10 PM, Moon sextile Venus 6:44 PM.

Wednesday, December 28: Think carefully, it’s time for us to look over the decisions we made for the last year and take stock of which ones grew corn, or were productive, and which ones we don’t need to do again. It’s a day of reckoning of consequences and letting those consequences inform our future decisions. People are thoughtful, grim at moments, potentially conniving because it is a strategic day, but with self-responsibility this can help us grow in wisdom. The Moon enters Capricorn this morning and conjunct the Sun tonightas Mercury sextiles active Mars.

Moon enters Capricorn 8:11 AM, Sun conjunct Mercury 11:47 AM, Mercury sextiles Mars 4:05 PM, Moon conjunct Mercury 9:45 PM, Moon sextiles Mars 10:48 PM, Moon conjunct Sun 11:53 PM.

Thursday, December 29: Uranus turns direct after a long retrograde and we can see expect the unexpected. It may be tempting to start new plans and new schemes today, and it is a good day to repair the past, but we need to wait until the second week in January to really launch the next chapter. Moods dip tonight as the Moon conjuncts Pluto around dinner time, be kind to one another’s soul and don’t believe discouraging thoughts. We can bond easily by sharing our deepest feelings.

Uranus turns direct 2:27 AM, Moon sextiles Neptune 3:11 AM, Moon conjuncts Pluto 5:11 PM.

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Starcodes horoscopes for December 16 – 22, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

This is the darkest week of the year, we need to shine for one another and bring light to this dark times. Winter solstice on December 21 at 3:44 AM MST marks the turning point, when the Sun stands still for three days before it begins its journey northward, soon lengthening our days even as the winds stay cool.

This time can also mark a dark or concerning moment as thoughtful Mercury approaches mysterious Pluto, stands stills and retrogrades (by quirk of our orbits it appears to back up) for three weeks starting December 19, just a few hours before the electoral college meets. We may begin to feel more vulnerable and sensitive, easily overwhelmed and in our heart, as Mars joins Venus in sensitive, reactive Pisces that same day.

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Now mercury retrograde can bring about sudden floods of information or a reversal of decisions, a throwback, but whether that is a throwback to a few months ago, or to challenging decades past, is not predictable. This year is full of wildcards as. Our culture stretched so far, though maybe not far enough, between 2008 and 2015 while Uranus formed a transformative square to Pluto. Though conditions are still unsettled, the societal rubber band urges to snap back into the old position before this great stretch. It’s our job to not give up in the face of this snapback, but hold the changes we love from that great square and guide our culture in its evolution.

So as Venus and Mars in sensitive Pisces leave us in a rather sentimental and emotional squishy state, Mercury retrograde brings us back to our memories of the past. At this time of the year many of us go back and see old friends and family, visit conundrums from the past and may be triggered into our old emotional patterns. Memories linger of those who are no longer with us. It’s a wonderful time to savor the past but let’s not get stuck there; bring forward the best, and remember the progress we’ve made.

We may see some pragmatic snafus arise this Christmas season as Mercury is retrograde in practical, earthy Capricorn. Have extra batteries and parts for things we need to assemble, figure out alternate routes or forms of transportation when tires burst or parts fail. Keep the first aid kit stocked for banged knees and minor scrapes. And be prepared to improvise around missing ingredients on old family recipes.

The Moon enters Leo on Friday and lingers festively throughout the weekend. Sun day we grow more thoughtful and pragmatic, but also can wind out in some worry or concern and get cranky with one another, and this could intensify unless we take good care of our one another as the Moon enters Virgo and opposes Mars on Sun day.

Monday, all bets are off as Mercury stations and the Moon opposes Neptune. We’ll need a lot of room for emotional processing but may have important information by the as the Moon trines Mercury and Pluto. Winter solstice if we can take some quiet time on Tuesdayand Wednesday as the Sun stands still, remember our history, reconnect with their roots and remember how long we have survived and what tools we have to move forward.

Friday, December 16: People are feeling the stress of the season as well as the stress of this turning point in history as Mercury approaches Pluto. It will help to have a project to focus upon, a healthy obsession around something we can actually affect. There is a sociability, but almost a fervency to it, as if we have to hurry up and celebrate as the Moon enters Leo this morning. Let’s see our interactions not just as an obligation, but as a real opportunity to nurture one another souls.

Moon enters Leo 7:14 AM.

Saturday, December 17: This day is an interesting mix of festive holiday sociability with a Leo Moon, competence through technical snafus as we scurry around, all over an underlying stream of nagging anxieties as thoughtful Mercury in Capricorn approaches Pluto. Afternoon can bring some real delights as the Leo Moon trines Saturn Uranus and the Sun; look for those delights and let them feed the soul.

Moon opposed Venus 2:22 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 4:50 p.m., Moon trine Saturn 5:23 PM, Moon trine Uranus 6:56 PM.

Sunday, December 18: An edgy vibe can stir our worries and bring out our cranky or impatient edges as the Moon opposes Mars and enters Virgo this morning. Old physical pains can tweak and ache. It furthers to do healing work, dive into something with lots of details, whether unfinished work or ornament creation and avoid giving one another well-meaning advice, which will only be heard as criticism.

Moon trine Sun 6:26 AM, Moon opposed Mars 10:55 AM, Moon enters Virgo 11:51 AM.

Monday, December 19: We get dealt wildcards, anything could happen. Or nothing. Mercury stations as Mars enters Pisces and the Moon opposes Neptune, so we really will have trouble seeing through the virtual fog or blizzard. Meditation furthers, let life be an exercise in patience and mutual support. We can catch our breath this evening and have intense discussion as the Moon trines Mercury and Pluto.

Mars enters Pisces 3:22 AM, Mercury retrogrades for 50 5 AM. Moon opposed Neptune 5:23 AM. Moon trine Mercury 3:58 PM, Moon trine Pluto 6:14 PM.

Tuesday, December 20: This morning we can feel tired or have to deal with large logistical decisions or hurdles, but we can get a surprising amount accomplished nonetheless as the Moon squares the Sun and Saturn. The evening and our hearts soften if we can have a moment of quiet peace tonight as the Moon enters more sociable egalitarian Libra.

Moon square Saturn 1:19 AM, Moon square Sun 7:55 PM, Moon enters Libra 8:39 PM.

Wednesday, December 21: The Sun enters Capricorn and winter officially begins at 4:48 AM [Mountain Standard Time], and it’s time to return to our roots; our personal cultural roots, the roots of our soul, our work, our strength. Any moment of quiet furthers, any moment of gentle sharing furthers. Bustling around crazy may be tempting, but potentially counterproductive. Shhh.

Sun enters Capricorn 4:48 AM.

Thursday, December 22: We’re making lists and checking them twice, looking carefully for who is naughty and nice; we can be both observant and judgment this morning as the Moon squares Mercury and Pluto. Check facts before reposting. It is easy to feel insufficient for our tasks, but let’s remember, we are enough. The mood grows more generous with a tendency to overspend and overdue this afternoon as the Moon conjuncts Libra.

Moon square Mercury 1:04 AM, Moon square Pluto 5:35 AM, Moon trine Venus 6:23 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 12:30 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 12:58 PM, Moon opposed Uranus 1:31 PM.

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Starcodes horoscopes for November 4 – 10, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

This is a week to reorganize.  After this confounded election we’ll be able to see what’s really important to our life and get on with our work in this magical time after the election and before the holidays kick in.  Those colorful distractions dissipate momentarily and the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio now give us focus. It’s not that we forget the past, some of us will still want to brew on retribution, but now Mercury forms a healing trine to Chiron and asks us, even begs us, to take our old wounds and use them and use the understanding and compassion we garnered to improve our present situation.

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On Friday and early Saturday the Moon approaches Pluto in Capricorn and can bring up recent discouragement or nudge us to worry if we’re enough or doing enough. Election fervor can press on us with a fear for the future. But laced through this motivating discouragement is a new spark.

We may even feel moments of hope for the future as Venus in Sagittarius forms an exciting trine to Uranus this weekend.  This trine brings an exciting sense of possibility, and makes us discontent with what is ugly, unfair, or dishonest. It can also make us be concerned that anything hidden is wrong; we may distrust secrecy just as Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio makes us prone privacy, which is a paradox. But in general this aspects speaks of changes instigated by women, our hearts, our arts, and the Anima in the culture.

This restlessness, this desire to leave what is okay and search for something better, can get us in trouble romantically but it can also help us believe that we need to be part of the solution, it’s not just up to other people. With the creative curiosity of the Venus-Uranus, we may want to try on a new look, rearrange the furniture, paint with a new medium, or try on a new diplomatic approach and a different role for women in the culture.

That Moon in Capricorn through Saturday brings us back to our personal work and keeps us industrious. Mars spends the last few days in Capricorn for the cycle over the weekend, so let’s use that Capricornian project-management focus to take care of personal business. But also leave room for a breath of serendipity.

The Sun sextiles Pluto on Monday and asks to both tend our long-term goals and get a better picture as to what’s been going on around the world. Mars enters Aquarius on Tuesday to return our attention towards the community, to what our family, tribe or team needs, balance with a resurgence of our personal feelings as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces.

Friday, November 4: Stay focused and on target this morning; even though it may feel like there’s too much to do, strike while the iron is hot. In the desire to stay on track, watch out for controlling behavior, particularly in the early afternoon; only tell people what to do if there’s a clear chain of command as people are manipulation resistant. The drive begins to collapse by the end of the workday on Friday, we need human connection to remind us who else we are besides our work tonight.

All times MDT: Moon sextile Neptune 3:34 PM, Moon square Jupiter 8:55 PM, Moon sextile Sun 11:17 PM.

Saturday, November 5: Some emotional swings today as the Moon conjuncts Pluto and intensifies our hopes and fears. It can bring some emotional situation to a head as Venus trines Uranus and asks us to open our heart and seek the beauty way, seek healthy balance and new emotional and creative possibilities. To support a relationship, work together first, then take the beloved off to explore new territory.

Venus trine Uranus 12:23 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 3:25 AM, Moon se tile Mercury 11:06 AM, Moon square Uranus 3:48 PM.

Sunday, November 6: Kick back, reconnect, build community as the Moon enters communal Aquarius. We may have a strange approach-avoidance conflict around relationships, love people in the abstract but not be so certain of the persons near-by. Put the burden down and look at the world from a collaborative perspective. Rethink the approach.

Standard time begins, all times MST. Moon conjunct Mars 2:56 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 6:55 AM.

Monday, November 7: Poignancy or loneliness as well as an awareness of the deeper issues in life lingers as the Sun sextiles Pluto today, and nudges us to make the most out of ourselves. We may feel a loneliness for particular people and ways of emotional intimacy, but not really want to get too close to the people around us at the moment.

Sun sextile Pluto 1:24 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 6:38 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 11:28 AM.

Tuesday, November 8: Make calls and outreach this morning while people are still feeling sociable, we grow more sensitive, raw and emotional as the Moon enters Pisces midday and may be touchy and therefore needing extra insulation this afternoon. Whatever the outcome of the election- feelings run really high.

Moon square Mercury 2:57 AM, Moon sextile Venus 6:54 AM, Moon enters Pisces 2:45 PM, Mars enters Aquarius 10:51 PM.

Wednesday, November 9: It may be more comfortable to reach out to distant friends or strangers and take a break from family and intimate in intimates. We just need a break, something new. But it’s easy to take other person people’s restlessness as a personal rejection, as we both and that really isn’t the point. Expect mixed messages within and without and in explore that the ambiguity and the need to balance both intimacy and freedom, relationship and politics.

Moon conjuncts Neptune 7:14 AM, Moon conjuncts Saturn 5:49 PM, Moon sextiles Pluto 5:57 PM, Moon sextile Sun 10:51 PM.

Thursday, November 10: A sensitive morning, we can use detailed work to help us shift through extraneous free-floating emotions. The mood grows more socially awkward and antsy this afternoon as the Moon squares Venus and enters Aries, and we can perceive a shift in the course of fate. Tonight, new ideas percolate but old tempers boil quickly.

Moon trine Mercury 2:16 PM, Moon square Venus 4:16 p.m., Moon enters Aries 6:44 PM, Moon sextile Mars 9:06 PM.

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Starcodes horoscopes for October 28 – November 3, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

When they go shallow, let’s go deep; deeper than our shallow irritations, deeper than our resentment or otherness. It’s Scorpio season with the Sun and Mercury in serious Scorpio, asking us to dive beneath the waves and look for our answers underneath the rocks and in the depths of the soul.

This potentially eventful week begins with a little luck, a few tests, and potentially a need to count on history, old friends, and familiar solutions to handle those tests. Through the weekend a difficult Mars-Uranus square brings out our edgy, rebellious, impulsive sides, sudden moves or contrary comments that don’t quite work, though this energy is softened by a supportive, serious Venus-Saturn conjunction that helps us rely on time-tested resources.

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Friday morning the Moon makes lovely aspects to Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn and helps us find our luck, idealism, and optimism in a tricky week. And we will need it. This ambitious and irritating Mars-Uranus square brings out our rebellious and Machiavellian sides. Headlines show abrupt grabs for power or fierce attempts to set healthy boundaries. Let’s hold the frontlines of Sacred Stones Camp in ND, Mosul, Iraq, trouble marriages, and all other battle grounds in our heart and attention this weekend.

This square can also precipitate mechanical difficulties and ingenuity, machines can develop poltergeists, but we have the wherewithal to cope with them. But let’s give ourselves a five-minute lead time on our impulses and think through consequences before jumping in or spouting off. And keep a fire extinguisher near-by.

Through this we can feel the support of friends and the healing power of animals in the natural world. The Venus-Saturn conjunction can both strengthen and test our relationships. Work or responsibilities can get in the way of one’s normal romantic flow, but can also give us opportunities to bond together and grow our trust. And as Venus and Sarah conjunct Sagittarius, which encourages our connection to the natural world. We can hold those sharp comments and walk the dog together or rake leaves and let the temper spike pass. And animals may come in to commune or support us in the process.

Do not step on toes this weekend because you will not like the results. When faced with anger, rudeness, strange grabs for power, assault, attacks, which become more likely under the Mars-Uranus square, we can reach for honesty, stability, old alliances and trust that the news he and compassion can see us through.

The new Moon in Scorpio on Sunday and through the day of the dead make this a powerful time for ceremony and remembrance. It also brings a mischievous love of mystery and a willingness to face our fears through Halloween, which could be a good and scary one.

The week ends with depth and ingenuity as the Moon enters upbeat and far-thinking Sagittarius while Mercury forms a positive sextile with Pluto. Legal briefs will be filed; media covers events with more depth. We get a chance to back away from Halloween candy and do something with recent discomfort, we can compost our feelings and let it activate us and fertilize fresh ideas.

Friday, October 28: The morning brings a wave of generosity and optimism, we just need to think through our sudden impulses as Mars squares Uranus tonight, and not all of our impulses will be productive. Take advantage of this optimism and desire for fair and equitable situations under the Libra Moon today. Midafternoon the clouds begin to roll and tempers sharpen. Put impulsive strength to good use later on, enjoy the buzz, but be careful around volatile people, substances, and situations all weekend long.

Moon conjunct Jupiter 4:42 AM, Moon sextile Venus 8:44 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 11:54 AM, Moon square Pluto 2:10 PM, Mars squares Uranus 10:05 PM.

Saturday, October 29: Unsettled aspects overnight can leave us stirred up this morning, uncomfortable and restless, so it furthers to have a good place to put a desire to change our world. Feel the great aspect for rabble rousing and home improvement, just be careful around guns, sharp objects, and electrical tools. Midday the mood is restless, we can feel like a dog that can’t quite settle on the nest, turning but not necessarily going anywhere. The vibe grows more serious tonight as Venus conjunct determined Saturn and the Moon enters deep Scorpio, we want to feel safe and share what’s on our mind.

Moon opposed Uranus 3:46 AM, Moon square Mars 4:09 AM, Venus conjunct Saturn 6:44 PM, Moon enters Scorpio 8 PM.

Sunday, October 30: Today can be deep, heartfelt, imaginative spiritual or lost in the world as thoughtful Mercury trines intuitive, spiritual, escapist Neptune under the Scorpio New Moon. It’s a perfect time to tell ghost stories and talk to our ancestors, a perfect time to get out our art supplies and work on our costumes. Our hopes and fears are closer to the surface than any form of factual reality.

Mercury trine Neptune 6:57 AM, Moon conjunct Sun 11:38 AM, Moon trine Neptune 2:55 PM, Moon conjunct Mercury 4:12 PM. Sun

Monday, October 31: Let this be a true Halloween, we are still hovering in that other fantastical world and experiencing our inner feelings as the Scorpio New Moon makes pleasant aspects to Pluto and Mars. Revenge fantasies can dance where people felt wronged over the weekend, watch out for a backlash. Generally, it’s a very private day, deep feelings run silent, but we can enjoy that Venus in Sagittarius desire to explore and share when we are in our alter ego’s costume.

Moon sextile Pluto 2:48 AM, Moon sextile Mars 8:43 PM.

Tuesday, November 1: Maybe it was the weekend’s shakeup, but the Sun trines Neptune today and helps us imagine different possibilities. Although we may not be back at any heavy work schedule, we felt the restlessness and discontent, imagine how things could manifest outside of the box, and get ready to implement new plans and action. The veil is still thin; we may feel our relatives and spirits near-by.

Sun trine Neptune 2:16 AM, Moon enters Sagittarius 8:43 AM.

Wednesday, November 2: Our imagination builds up speed, our ingenuity kicks into gear, we’re willing to solve problems as Mercury sextiles Pluto. Some interesting revelations over the weekend may have us may show us new light on our family history or cultural history and we may get an understand its ramifications better, figure out how to keep the best and heal the rest.

Moon square Neptune 3:34 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 7:58 AM, Moon enters Saturn 2:09 PM, Mercury sextile Pluto 11:09 PM, Moon conjunct Venus 11:31 PM.

Thursday, November 3: This is an important day for communication. It’s easier to be honest than it has been for a while, and we can get past more delicate feelings to stay solution-focused at work and in our lives. People may be impatient and don’t want to waft around, so get to the point and keep it useful, especially tonight as the Moon heads into Capricorn.

Moon trine Uranus 4:34 AM Moon enters Capricorn 9:05 PM.

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