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Power of Intuition

shalini ashaby Shalini Asha Bhaloo

Some people ask the universe for joy and spiritual evolution while also serving humanity: “Here I Am. Use me. Lead me,” and “Please heal me and guide me so I can be of greater service.”

The universe responds like a GPS. Intuition is the GPS of the soul connected to God or Source. Miracles happen when folks follow the directions of their GPS to claim what they desire. The response comes via guided action steps to their target destination. The key is to believe and follow the intuition instead of the ego’s lies.

Calling on angels brings light, love and healing. Angels’ role is to uplift humanity and to deliver messages of love, peace and harmony from God. Anyone can call upon the angels regardless of their religion or lack thereof.  People don’t need to have qualifications or particular ways to call them for help. Some effective ways to call upon the angels include:  asking God to send them angels, thinking or verbally sharing their troubles “Angels or God, please help me,” visualizing angels or lights surrounding them, their loved ones, or the situation, and using angel oracle cards.

God and the angels don’t intervene in people’s lives without their permission, because of their free will. The only exception is when folks are in danger before it’s their time to pass on, or “die”. Everyone has at least two guardian angels assigned to them at birth. Archangels are larger and powerful beings that have strong healing and teaching powers. They help people to perceive the truths of situations by lifting the veils of illusions from their fear-based perception about the situations. Divine or angelic guidance is “out-of-the blue,” repetitive, direct and loving, and uses “You or We”, not “I” as the ego does. The ego’s voice is abusive, saying to people that they are superior or not good enough.

Four main channels of divine guidance are: clairvoyance – clear seeing, clairaudience – clear hearing, clairsentience – clear feeling and claircognizance – clear knowing.

With clairvoyance or spiritual sight, people see symbols, visions, angels, spirits, auras, orbs or angel lights with their eyes closed or open.  These images are messages from their angels to provide them with guidance, answer a question or to let people know they are with them.  Images, symbols, signs or numbers may repeatedly show up in their lives in dreams, pictures folks see in magazines or in their day to day lives. If people see something three or more times, especially within a short period of time, it is a message. Seeing signs includes finding or seeing feathers, coins or butterflies, especially if they’re in unusual places or circumstances.  Seeing clouds in the shape of angels are another way that angels give them signs that they are with them.

Clairaudience involves hearing the voice of angels. This includes hearing words, phrases, voices, whispering or music either in the heads or externally.  Folks may hear their name being called upon awakening, ringing in their ears or hear beautiful music when there is no external source.

Clairsentience involves gut feelings, emotions, and hunches, sensations such as goose bumps, tingling, and pressure changes in or around the body, feeling pressure or tightness around the head or feeling as if someone touched them on the hair or feeling warm, can be signs of angels’ presence. The sensation may be a sign that a statement is true for them, or of the angels’ presence.  People become aware of warning signs the body sends. This helps in preventing illness, choosing healthy relationships, and avoiding detrimental situations. Clairsentience also occurs when people smell flowers or some other scent when there is no source nearby.

Claircognizance is information that people “just know” to be true, without knowing how they know.   Ideas, insights, inspirations or facts just come to them seemingly “out of the blue”.  These are positive and repetitive.

The following events indicate that folks are listening, trusting and following their intuition:

  • They get “red flags” saying to themselves, “I just know…”, or “I have a feeling…” that something is not right and they avoid trouble before it happens
  • Others complain how the intuitive people are “lucky” and have easy lives
  • They manifest the essence of their desires easily and quickly.
  • They know who is calling before they answer the phone.
  •  They have prophetic dreams.
  • They call someone, only to hear him or her say, “I was just thinking of you.”
  • They know when someone is lying.
  • They on the radio or tune into a station just when a song that gives them guidance is playing.

Angels give clues one step at a time similar to a treasure hunt.  The message may be to call a certain person, read a certain book, go to a certain place, etc.  The trick is to trust and follow it even though it may not make sense at the time. Whatever the form, intuition is a friend. It’s best to act on it before the ego interferes. People who follow their intuition live in the moment with no expectations. It feels good to feel fresh each morning, eager to see, feel or “just know” what to do next. It feels like having an invisible giant loving wise friend and beings of light and love inside guarding, guiding and protecting people all the time. This beats the loud cries and lies of the ego. This is so fun and simple that the ego can’t stand it!

About the author

Shalini Asha Bhaloo is a published author of the Wonder of Life. She is a Certified Angel Intuitive who gives Angel readings. She is a USUI/ Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner and a Registered Yoga Teacher. She is a senior technical engineer in the corporate world for more than 26 years and is following her intuition to ease into the above modalities full time. Her website is http://shalini-asha-janaki- bhaloo.com. Shalini lives in Pickering, Ontario, Canada.


The School of Guidance

caroline mccutcheonby Caroline McCutcheon

I walked towards the nearest door after noticing a sign above it which said: ‘Becoming a Junior Guide.’  I opened the door and stepped inside.  Here I found a group of students sitting around a teacher dressed in white.  He invited me to join the class, and as I sat down he said, ‘We are talking about becoming a junior guide.’

I settled down to listen, as this subject was new to me.  A large screen came down which covered one wall of the small room, and scenes were projected onto the screen, for the class to see and comment on.

A young man appeared on the screen. We were told his name was Joseph.  He was about thirty years old, with a pleasant face.  We saw him walking hurriedly through a city.  As he was crossing a busy street he looked up at the sky as it started to rain.

At that moment he was hit by a vehicle whose driver had not seen Joseph walking across the street looking up.  Joseph’s body was killed instantly.  We saw Joseph’s guides and angels encouraging his spirit to leave with them.  After a few moments of hesitation and bewilderment, Joseph’s spirit accepted the help that was offered, and he was lifted up away from his body and the scene of the accident, upwards to the spiritual realms.

We were shown Joseph’s spirit, which looked like his physical form but was more ethereal.  We saw him at rest in a pleasant white building that looked like a spiritual hospital.  Here light streamed through rose windows, there was sunlight and colour and beautiful music.  Joseph was asleep, and all around him angelic influences were helping him release the stress and trauma of the accident, so that when he woke up he would feel refreshed and at ease.

We then saw Joseph leaving the hospital and being taken to the life review room, where he was shown scenes from his last life, and encouraged to examine them in depth in order to discover what he had really learned.  By now Joseph was comfortable existing as a sprit, free from the limitations of the Earth plane.

We then zoomed in on the conversation Joseph was having with his guides regarding his last life.  ‘I left too soon,’ he was saying.  ‘I was only thirty.  There was so much still to do.  I had only been married a year.  My wife is expecting a child.  Now the two people whom I love most have been left without my presence, my love and my financial support.’

The guide who was standing beside Joseph said,

‘This was your plan Joseph, you left at the right time.  You agreed with Emily before incarnation that you would die a year after your marriage.  This was so that she could have the experience of raising a child alone, and learning how to survive in difficult circumstances without a partner.  This was a choice she made, because she needed to learn certain lessons about independence and responsibility.  You chose to die early because you knew from previous lives that it was very easy for you to lose your way in middle age.  This was the time when in former lives you had turned to addiction in order to console yourself, once the enthusiastic dreams of youth had faded.  So, you incarnated on condition that you would die young.  And we, your guides, agreed to this condition.’

‘No, no,’ said Joseph.  ‘I would have had Emily and our child with me; I would have found meaning and purpose in life through them.  I don’t agree that this was my decision, my plan.’

Joseph was now led into another room, which had a dome like ceiling separated into many segments like an orange.  He was shown a series of his past lives, on different segments of the dome.

As he was shown each past life, we witnessed him growing in understanding, as he remembered his lifetimes.  It was as if every past life memory was waking up a part of his soul, so that the Joseph whom we saw after the review of his many past lives was a different individual: wiser, deeper and more illumined.  He had reclaimed so much of his soul memory that he now existed as an integrated totality, rather than being a single part of a larger whole.

Through the various past lives Joseph was shown how in middle age he had frequently lost his way, and at the end of this review he remembered his original plan for the lifetime just lived. Then his guide asked him:

‘Do you remember what else you agreed with Emily before incarnation?  You agreed that after your early death you would continue to support her and her child from the spiritual realm.  You planned to be one of her guides.  She willingly accepted this arrangement.’

‘But I don’t know what to do!’ Joseph protested.  ‘I am not ready to guide anyone!’

‘Not yet.  But this will be one of your tasks eventually in this realm, when you have completely recovered from the experience of transition, and fully integrated this last life with all your past life learning.

‘You will be meeting with the rest of Emily’s guides, and they will help you work out how best you can help her.  She is missing you very much at the moment, so we suggest that you begin your guiding work with visits to her while she is asleep, in the dream state.  Then her spirit will be able to hear you. You will be able to give her words of comfort and reassurance, tell her that all is as it should be, and encourage her to find the strength and perseverance to go on alone, for this is what she incarnated to do.’

The screen faded and I found myself once more back in the small room with the students and their teacher.  The teacher began to speak,

‘When you become a junior guide you have limited responsibilities.  You are under the supervision of a more mature, experienced guide who will oversee your work and be available to answer questions.  Junior guides usually start by guiding a member of their family, someone they were close to on earth.  This is because the person left behind will be comforted by having a loved one in their life, even if their conscious mind is unaware of this;  it is also because the junior guide knows this person, so it is a less daunting prospect for them.’

The room had become very quiet.  Then the teacher began:

‘You are all here today because it is time in your development for each of you to become a junior guide, if you so choose.  You were shown this story so that you understand that you do not have to be perfect to be a junior guide, as you can see that Joseph is not an advanced soul.  But you do need to be open to instruction and supervision.  Are there any questions?’

‘Yes,’ said one of the students.  ‘I did not get on with any of my family members.  Do I have to guide one of them?’  The teacher smiled, and the class tittered.

‘Well, there is no compulsion.  We will never force you to do anything, and you could always choose to guide another person you have known.   But let’s put it this way, some guiding input from you would help your birth family advance, it would have a positive effect on their lives. So far they have been impervious to other guidance.  Because of their familiarity with you it will be easier for you to get through to them.  So the real question is – do you want to help your former family members evolve spiritually, or not?’

The student sighed, and we wondered if he would accept the challenge.  Another student asked:

‘What if I mess it up?  What if they get more lost because of me?’

‘For the initial period you will be following another guide, so that you learn the ropes.  You will always work as one of a team of guides and your involvement will be overseen by a senior guide, who has detailed understanding of your task and its problems.  They will be able to see if you are on the wrong track in your perception, and talk to you before you have had a chance to put your thoughts into actions.  Don’t worry, you will be well supervised.

‘And bear in mind that the role of a guide, whether junior or senior, is to encourage, assist and advise through your benign influence.  But that does not mean that you will succeed in changing people’s minds or changing their life course if they are determined to go in a certain direction.  All you can do is be a helpful, loving influence.  So it is best to have realistic goals and not expect your human charges to change overnight because of your presence.’

The teacher stood up and I understood the lesson was over.  The other students all went out by a different door, where older guides met them and took them away to discuss their future work as junior guides.  I was left alone with the teacher.

‘Do guides get discouraged when humans don’t listen to them?’ I asked.

‘It depends on their level of experience.  An experienced guide knows that their energy is really what helps the human, not something they say.  Most humans cannot hear their guides anyway, although they are aware of them when asleep.  A junior guide is less likely to realize that their energy level is the key to helping the human change.  Being a guide will help the less experienced spirit to elevate their level of vibration, to change their energy so that they one day understand this.  Then they are ready to be a senior guide.’

I thanked the teacher for the class, and walked back through the wooden door into the square outside.


The above is an excerpt from Universal Lessons: A Journey Through the Afterlife

About the author

You can read another two chapters from the book on Caroline’s website: www.carolinemccutcheon.com

Universal Lessons’ is available for sale as both a paperback and kindle book at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B013GZORD6

Caroline McCutcheon is a healer, counselor, and writer who lives in rural Portugal.  Through her healing work she developed the gift of mediumship, and she has written this book with the assistance of healing guides in spirit.


Are Angels Real? Commune with the Divine

By Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis

All seekers of truth yearn for the mystical experience. In search of this experience of eternity we travel down many roads. The artist searches for this mystical union in the ecstasy of creation, the scientist in the throes of a new discovery, the lover in the rapture of the beloved, the parent in the tenderness of the child. In the midst of your search, the very divine presence you seek is already with you. It is in you, surrounds you—it loves, guides, and inspires you.

In this remarkable journey, you do not walk alone. Working with you in every facet of your life is your indispensable partner to success—the spiritual hierarchy. Many think of the hierarchy in terms of angels and archangels. As extraordinary as these Holy Ones are, they are part of a larger network of celestial beings known as the spiritual hierarchy.

Whether on a grand scale or in moments of intimate inspiration, you have always had a special connection to the divine. You are not meant to walk blindly through life without understanding. God has given you the tools to operate with full awareness and spiritual knowing, but you have to build this awareness through the way you live your life.

Today, with the material scientific perspective, some look at the subject of the spiritual hierarchy as outdated myths or folktales. To them, angels and archangels are not relevant or a worthy subject for the modern mind. Yet this is the furthest thing from the truth. As we better understand the physical world we live in, it becomes even more essential to understand the spiritual roots that support and sustain our physical life.

The spiritual hierarchy is the administrator of God’s divine plan. They are responsible for carrying out the various duties of creation. This holy order ranges from advanced souls in the human kingdom to glorious angels, archangels, and planetary leaders. These Holy Ones have been on the spiritual path for a long time, many for eons, and have evolved enormously. They work to uplift humanity and form the evolutionary link connecting us to God.

These exalted beings work on different levels of unfoldment, which is why it’s called a hierarchy, yet all work in perfect harmony with one another. Together, they form the evolutionary chain that links all life from the simplest amoeba to the most radiant archangel.

The spiritual hierarchy IS your pathway to God. They are the means through which you achieve your life’s purpose and reach your highest spiritual potential. You can’t get there without them.

Let it be said that seeing celestial beings is by no means a prerequisite to working with them. These divine ones are intimately aware of you. In many ways, they know you better than you know yourself. They know your purpose, your strengths and weaknesses, and what you are capable of. They are doing all they can to get closer to you and help you fulfill your purpose. As you learn to work in greater harmony with the divine ones, your life becomes more beautiful and fulfilling. And such a relationship eventually leads to the great mystical union.

One of the most essential ways you will work with the Holy Ones is by calling on Divine Light. The Holy Ones are responsible for sending spiritual energy to humanity. Each of us has an auric field. Your aura is the individual expression of the universal life force. Every day, you build up or diminish the power of your aura through the way you live your life. And each day, the Holy Ones bless you with Divine Light.

Through meditation, you can call on the light directly and this brings you closer to the Holy Ones. So by including the Holy Ones in your light meditation, you can greatly enhance your aura and connection to the celestial beings. Working with spiritual energy and the hierarchy is one of most beautiful ways of communing with the divine.

© 2014 Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis. Martin and Moraitis are co-founders of Spiritual Arts Institute. With over 40 years of clairvoyant experience, they have taught thousands to better themselves by working with the aura and spiritual energy. Their award-winning books include Karma and Reincarnation, The Healing Power of Your Aura, and the international bestseller Change Your Aura, Change Your Life. Their newest book Communing with the Divine: A Clairvoyant’s Guide to Angels, Archangels, and the Spiritual Hierarchy is published by Tarcher/Penguin. www.spiritualarts.org.


A Loving Message From The Angels Serenity

By Charlene Brown

Sweet Children,

We, the angels named Serenity, are here at this time in your history to speak to you about the changes that are occurring upon your planet. But our message is somewhat different than the other information you are receiving at this time.

Our message is to alert you to the fact that this does not mean that changes have occurred in the sense you need to begin seeing things differently about your spiritual growth. No, surprisingly this “new” time in your history actually means that it is time for you to become more comfortable with who you really are, and begin to realize that these changes that have occurred do not mean there has been a “mixing up,” and people need to see their physical and spiritual worlds differently than before. But instead, that it has now become easier to achieve what all people on Earth are required to achieve, and that is to live as who they really are… their spiritual selves… while living in human form.

We are here to say yes, things have changed… and mercifully so…in the sense that because of the evolvement of your Earth… a natural occurrence that is on-going and never-ending because change and growth are always in place… does not mean the rules have changed for you, and that you must now discover how to live in this “new world” in order to do what your were meant to.

Sweet children, we are here to tell you that the path you are on has always been the same path, for God’s divine laws, or the universal spiritual truths, are the same as they always were, and that will always be the case.

See these “changes” that are being talked about as only evidence of the wonderful evolvement of your planet, and thus the people upon it. This can easily and simply be explained as, that while on this path you are all on as humans, in your school called Earth, you will have an easier time learning your lessons because the curriculum has been made easier. But not because of its content, but because the atmosphere, or learning environment is more accommodating to learning than in the past.

So because of the natural occurring growth of your planet, your growth has become more easily attained than in the past. See these “changes” that are such a dominant topic in spiritual circles today as no more than a gift, a helping hand, an accommodation to the learning that all must do while on Earth.

For Earth is a school and you are all students, and that is a basic divine truth that has always been the case, and always will be. So you are all here to learn lessons, some that you choose, and some that are required. But those that you personally choose for yourself are all related to the specific reason you are all here, and that is to learn how to love as God requires you to do. Everything revolves around love and how to achieve, or learn, the lesson of becoming the loving being as God defines it.

This kind of love is described as soul love for that is real, lasting love, and is what binds God’s children together as the spiritual brothers and sisters they really are, but lose perspective of when on Earth saddled with human ego.

We, Serenity’s messages are one of love and encouragement. And that will always be the case. Your world is a wonderful place and provides you with everything needed to live life as the exceptional beings you are. For your world has been created to complement you who are powerful, eternal spiritual beings with all the tools within you to create a beautiful life, and help others along their way within the environment of your Earth.

To live as your spiritual selves while on Earth is the “trick,” the challenge facing all people when they enter Earth from heaven on this particular journey. But the goal is always the same, and the goal posts never change no matter what particular time one is living on earth.

For God’s divine laws remain steadfastly the same no matter what else may change. And the divine law to love is the main requirement that all people must learn while in the human body, as the human ego plays out in their life.

And this is accomplished by “remembering” who they really are…spiritual beings who live forever… and tame the physical aspects of themselves by realizing that all that is finite, that that disappears upon physical death, is the trappings of the physical world and disappears, and is not what is taken into heaven when the Earth journey is completed. Thus, is what must be seen as physical, not lasting, and therefore not part of our infinite or spiritual selves.

And the human ego is one of the most destructive elements of the physical being, and something that is left behind upon death. Yet, it is the part of people that keeps them from living life as their spiritual selves while on Earth. So the lesson to be learned is how to live one’s life as a physical being, devoid of the ego. Thus, free to live as one’s spiritual self.

The way to get rid of one’s ego is to love. Love your neighbor as yourself. And don’t forget yourself! And how to get into that loving state is to be a positive person. See the world through rose colored glasses! Smile, laugh, sing, hug, and embrace your wonderful world knowing all is well! Commit yourself to making sure all others understand what you do. And in that way, you will have contributed love to your world, and left it a better place than when you arrived.

All is well sweet children, all is well!

We love you.

About the author:
After the devastating loss of a baby grandson, Charlene Brown asked heaven to use any means possible to communicate to her that the baby was safe and happy with the angels. The unexpected result of that request was the discovery that she could communicate with angels through automatic writing. Over time, they explained that she was speaking to a particular group of angels named Serenity, who are here at this time to teach love.