The Most Powerful Vampire Spells

red eye vampire spellsVampires and magic go way, way back and people have been using vampire spells for ages to both ward off vampires and turn themselves into vampires. The vampire fascination is both because of the allure of the vampire’s own abilities, as well as a fear of their strength and overwhelming powers. So, whether you are trying to harness that powers of the vampire, or protect yourself from their evil, read on to see what can vampire spells do for you!


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What is a vampire spell?

garlic vampire protection spellsWe have all heard of the ropes of garlic and crucifixes next to the bed, but where did all of this come from? Modern interpretations of the vampire date the origin of this magical creature back to the 1500s. At this time the black plague, also known as the Black Death, was spreading across Europe and there were many reported sightings of people rising from the dead. Corpses were exhumed and discovered with blood on their mouths. Whether this was due to natural decomposition or true cases of the undead roaming the earth, the vampire was born.

Vampires have amazing powers of hypnosis and can compel any mortal to do what they want. They are irresistible. They also have super-human strength and speed. Vampires are immortal and feed off of human blood to maintain their vitality. Their own blood can heal any human wound and can bring a mortal back from death. Vampire spells either protect against these powers or bestow these powers onto a human. However, the way in which these spells work is very different.

What different types of vampire spells are there?

There are two main categories of vampire spells. The first is to ward off various kinds of vampires, whether psychic vampires or the real deal. The second category contains all spells that are meant to turn you into a vampire. These thus give you the immortality and the other superpowers commonly exhibited by vampires. The second group is definitely black magic spells, so read up on those to make sure you know what you are getting into!

holy water chalice vampire spellsSpells to ward off vampires

The best rituals for warding off vampires are Christian-based ones. The vampire is the undead returning to the land of the living to feed off the blood of humans. Because this is an incarnation of the Devil, religious-based texts and tools will protect you.

This includes reading scripture from the Bible, holding or hanging crucifixes, sprinkling holy water around the house or collecting consecrated ground such as dirt from a church site. Common herbs that will protect you from vampires are, of course, garlic. Agrimony, blessed thistle, and Hawthorne, however, will also protect you. Mirrors are also very useful in detecting vampires. Since the vampire has no soul, they have no reflection in the mirror. This way you will always know if there is an impostor.

Spells to ward of psychic vampires

There is another kind of vampire that won’t literally drink your blood, but that can be just as lethal. Psychic vampires drain you of joy, hope, spirit, and will. They feed on you just like a traditional vampire, but they drain you metaphorically. Have you ever met those people who are negative all the time? They surround themselves with positive happy people because they have no joy of their own? That’s the spiritual vampire. So, how can you tell if you are the victim of a spiritual vampire?

Warning signs of a psychic vampire

There are several critical warning signs that you are in the company of a spiritual vampire. Is there someone in your life that you are really attracted to, but every time you leave their presence you feel exhausted? They may criticize you in front of others because putting you down makes them feel powerful. Or perhaps they extol your virtues in front of others and then attack your character behind closed doors. Psychic vampires have a deep-seated need to control everything and everyone around them.

When psychic vampires feel that they do not have you totally under their control, they react with rage and violence in order to scare you back into submission. They are typically arrogant and rude and will project all of their feelings onto others. Whether its guilt or shame, they use these negative emotions and character attacks to gaslight and control you. In this case, cast a vampire banishing spell upon them and cast a healing spell upon yourself until you return to balance.

Psychic vampire banishing spellwoman vampire spells

Here is a spell to rid yourself of psychic attacks and the word off psychic vampires from Everything Under the Moon.
What you will need:

  • 2 white candles
  • Sea salt in warm water in a cauldron or bowl
  • Incense (frankincense or myrrh are good)
  • Your favorite oil

Place the candles at the back of the altar; one on the right to represent the God and one on the left for the Goddess. Place the salt water in the center and the incense at the front.
Anoint each item with the oil and say:

I ward off negativity in my home, work and everyday life.
No evil or negativity shall enter here.

Picture a white light around you and as it increases to full intensity, picture it surrounding your home and workplace. Now chant the following:

Psychic vampires in the night
Psychic vampires who destroy my life
Destroy no more of what I achieve
Destroy no more of what I receive
Negativity is not welcome
Evil is not welcome
In me, around me or the people I love.

Repeat this 3 times, then allow the incense and candles to burn themselves out.

Who can cast a vampire spell?

Any time you are under attack by a vampire, whether spiritual or physical, you are dealing with very powerful, dark energies. If you have serious reason to believe that you have been targeted, do not attempt to protect yourself alone. Although anyone can try to cast vampire spells, the chances of success are slim unless you are a trained witch. Although it is true that some of us are simply born with the gift of spellcasting powers, evil entities will fight back, and it takes experience and skill sets to defeat them.

If you are looking to cast spells to transform yourself into a vampire, you also must speak with a spellcasting professional. Vampires are renowned for their powers of hypnosis, incredible strength and speed, and also their immortality. Additionally, vampires exhibit irresistible sex appeal. Who wouldn’t want all of that?

However, transfiguration spells require incredible power and witches powerful enough to cast them are few and far between. Even if you attempt a transfiguration spell yourself, it is not likely that it will work, and you may even experience some unintended negative consequences. Never try to cast these spells on your own and always reach out to a professional vampire spells caster. Speak to your spells advisor about methods of foreseeing negative consequences. Some popular methods are tarot and fortune telling. Then you can take action to protect yourself.

Can vampire spells backfire?

If you are using vampire spells for protection the concern is not that the spell will backfire, but rather than the spell will not protect you, leaving you at risk for further attack. What’s more, negative energies fight back when they know they are being threatened. Once they realize you are trying to expel them, they ramp up their efforts to terrorize you. Don’t let that happen to you!

How should I go about choosing a spellcaster to grant my vampire spell?

  • Make sure you are working with an experienced professional spellcaster.
  • Only work with reputable sites.
  • Ask your spellcaster about their experience with vampires – vampires are dangerous.
  • Ask your spellcaster if they have experience and success with transfiguration.

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Pros of vampire spells

  • They can protect you from physical and psychological attacks.
  • They can banish a psychic vampire from your life for good.
  • Will create an aura of protection around you preventing further attempts.
  • Successful transfiguration spells will give you incredible powers of hypnosis, speed, and immortality.

Cons of vampire spells

  • Very risky to cast vampire protection spells on your own in case they don’t work!
  • Vampires are incredibly powerful and will respond negatively to attempts at banishment.
  • Transfiguration spells require immense amounts of power and experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a professional spellcaster cast a vampire spell over the phone, chat or email?
Yes, of course! A spellcaster can cast a spell from you from anywhere at any time. They may ask you to procure particular items for yourself when casting vampire protection spells and have you place them around your home for protection. However, spellcasting can happen from anywhere. They will need to speak to you over the phone or by email or chat in order to get information about your situation. For transfiguration vampire spells, the instructions may be more involved, but they do not need to be in your physical presence to cast the spell.
How long does it take for a vampire spell to work?
All spells begin to work immediately the moment they are cast. However, for powerful spells like transfiguration spells, the effects are likely to take a while to manifest.

How long will the effects of the vampire spell last?

For vampire protection spells, the effects are permanent but you may want to refresh them from time to time. Just in case the vampire is attempting new methods. Vampire transfiguration spells are permanent. Once you have made the transformation into one of the undead, there is no turning back.

Can a vampire spell be broken if I don’t want it in my life anymore?
Vampire protection spells can definitely be broken, but why would you want to break them? For transfiguration spells, the transformation is permanent. If you are able to break the spell, then you never truly became a vampire in the first place. You were likely tricked by an illusion spell.
I’m not sure which kind of vampire spell to cast. How do I choose?
Always speak to your professional spells advisor when dealing with dark magic. They will be able to help you find the perfect vampire spell. Furthermore, they will be able to set up any needed protections as well.

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September 2020

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