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women sex spells eroticOkay, you’ve landed on this page because you are ready to spice up your love life! Well, we’re going to tell you how to get the great sex you deserve using the best sex spells out there.

Are you in a relationship and you want it to be more passionate? Or maybe you are just looking for someone to hook up with? Either way, a sex spell is the perfect solution because it can be tailor-made just for you and your unique situation.


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September 2020

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What is a sex spell?

Feminine art naked woman sex spellsSex magic spells are attraction spells that work to make you irresistible to others. Whether you’re in a relationship and you want to spice up your sex life, or you are looking for someone to connect with, sex spells can turn up the heat. And sex spellcasters know just how to do that.

Spellcasters are able to use the laws of attraction to pull what or who you want into your life. So, if you have your eye on someone special, try casting a sex spell to draw them into your life. There are as many sex spells as the day is long, and they can work in very different ways. From Hoodoo sex spells to Wiccan sex spells, we’ve got you covered.

What different types of sex spells are there?

Sex spells work a lot like love spells, and there are many different kinds of sex spells out there. There are white magic and Wiccan sex spells, and black magic sex spells that use things like poppets and Voodoo dolls to get that special someone into your life. Depending on what you need, your professional spellcaster will find you the perfect recipe.

Wiccan sex spells

woman desire white magic sex spellsIf you’re a little nervous to try to compel someone to have sex with you, but you do want to catch their eye, then white magic or a Wiccan sex spell is the spell for you. These kinds of sex spells will raise your vibrations to make you irresistible to others. Rather than forcing someone to connect with you, the spell will work to make you super attractive to everyone. Then you can choose who you want to be with! These spells are not dangerous and you don’t have to worry about any backfiring or unintended consequences from the spell, but be sure to be safe!

Full moon sex spells

woman in red full moon sex spellsFull moon sex spells use the power of the moon to make you irresistible to others. Did you know your body is made up of over 60% water? And what happens to the water of our oceans when the moon pulls upon them? That’s right, the tides. Well, if the moon can pull on the oceans, it will certainly affect the water in your body as well. That’s why the power of the full moon is so intense. It literally manifests all around you. So, full moon sex spells harness this power and use it to make you sexually vibrant.

Voodoo sex spells

shaver with beard hair sex spells voodooVoodoo sex spells are on the dark magic side because they will target a specific person. This is a no-no in white magic spellcasting, but not everyone believes that we should avoid affecting others. People argue that if you can wear sexy clothes and perfume to lure someone in, why not a magic spell? It’s just another tool in the toolbox, and we are silly not to use whatever we can to our advantage! Voodoo sex spells will use personal belongings from the target and anything else that can connect you to the one you desire. Because of this, Voodoo sex spells are really powerful! But be sure that you want what you are asking for because nobody wants to wind up with a stalker situation!

Who can cast a sex spell?

Sex spells are more complicated than other spells like luck spells or karma spells because they directly involve the actions and choices of another person. So, if you want sex spells that really work, you’d better work with a professional. They can use their powers of divination to foresee any possible negative repercussions before you cast the spell, and they can also remove any blockages that might be preventing your sexual energy from shining its fullest.

Do spells sex spells actually work?

Of course, sex spells work, that’s why people have been casting them for forever! The practice of Hoodoo is ancient and has been luring lovers to their beds for ages. There is a rich history around the sex spell, and their use is widespread and global across many, many different witchcraft traditions. But as we always remind you, a spell can only be as strong as the witch who is casting it, so choose your spellcaster carefully!

Tips for choosing the BEST sex spellcaster!

  • Read the spellcaster bios to find the perfect match
  • Check out the customer satisfaction reviews for the highest-rated professionals
  • Look for money back guarantees and first-time special offers!

Top 3 sex spellcasters!

Best Psychic Readings KasambaBest Psychic Readings from Kasamba, is a master spellcaster. He offers all kinds of spells including the sex spells you need. With over 24,500 reviews and ratings, he still has 5 stars. He’s been offering psychic readings and spellcasting services since 2004!  Give him a call and find out which spells are best for you! Choose from passion spells, love spells, attractions spells and all kinds of real sex magic spells.

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How to cast your own sex spell (not advised)

There are lots of simple ways you can up your sexual energy using magic. Try a bath with essential oils and herbs for attraction or specialty essential oil blends for perfumes. But when it comes to complicated sex spells that target certain individuals or for really powerful energy, you need to have a professional cast the spell for you. Not only do you run the risk of unintended consequences when casting these kinds of spells (what if this attraction turns to obsession and suddenly you can’t get rid of the person?), but it could also be that the spell just falls flat. Whenever you are influencing the actions of another person, the work needs to be really powerful and precise. And that takes a lot of experience and training.

Tips on casting sex spells

  • Think things through before you start!
  • Always read the spellcaster bios to find the perfect professional
  • Check out the customer satisfaction reviews for added security
  • Look for money back guarantees and special offers!

Can sex spells backfire?

The first tip on casting a sex spell is “think this through before you start!” Does the person you are eyeing have a girlfriend or boyfriend already? Are you about to create major drama? Or maybe they are even married with kids and you don’t know it. And then there is always the possibility that once you get to know them you actually find them really annoying, but now they are obsessed with you! When casting a spell on another person, always think ten steps ahead and really analyze every possible unintended consequence.

Your spellcasting professional can help you do this. Often professional witches also use their powers of divination through tarot or fortune telling, or angel guides to look into the likely outcome of a certain action. It can be really helpful to do that, so you avoid any possibility of the spell backfiring. A psychic advisor can help you with that. Any sex spell can be cast in such a specific way, to make sure you don’t create a domino effect that causes you a headache.

A Wiccan sex spell

Pagan Moon Wiccan sex spellThis spell will attract sexual experiences and sexual abundance into your life. This spell uses earth and wine, so it is best to perform it outside, if possible. If you have nowhere private to perform this sex spell, you can use a pot of earth instead, but you may want to put something down to protect the floor. Take as much time as you need with this spell. The powers of visualization are increased by detail. Remember, do not visualize a specific person other than yourself in this spell casting. Wiccans do not take free will away from others.

What you will need:
  • A garnet crystal or orgonite
  • Rose petals from one red rose
  • Red wine in a chalice
  • A container with soil or an outdoor space

When to cast the spell: The waxing or the full moon, or on a Friday

Spellcasting steps:
  • Cleanse yourself body mind and spirit and center yourself
  • Cast your circle with all the spell ingredients in front of you.
  • Hold the rose petals in your hand, and chant:

“Venus, Goddess of lust and passion, Please bless my circle with your presence.”

  • Visualize the Goddess filling your circle with her passionate and sensual energy.
  • Place the rose petals on the ground before you (or on top of the soil in the container).
  • Now place the garnet crystal on top of the rose petals.
  • Gaze gently at the crystal, while bringing to mind one or more sexual fantasies.
  • Visualize your fantasy with as much detail as you can.
  • Take the chalice with the wine, and ask the Goddess to bring you the sexual experiences you desire.
  • Slowly pour the wine onto the garnet, and let it sink into the earth as an offering for the Goddess.
  • Thank the Goddess for blessing your circle, and bid her farewell, then close the circle.

If you cast this spell inside, be sure to pour out the contents of the container in a beautiful place! Maybe next to some flowers or at the beach. Whatever speaks to you! Put the garnet crystal under your pillow and watch out for intense dreams! This spell is from Wiccan Spells if you’d like to read more.

A Voodoo Lust Spell

erotic wet skin sex spells voodooIf you want something more powerful than a Wiccan spell and you’re ready to take the risks of a dark magic spell, then this Voodoo love spell is what you need! Voodoo spells are some of the most powerful and direct spells around.

What you will need:
  • A red candle
  • Red construction paper
  • Scissors
  • One Plate
  • Two cups of sugar
  • Caraway seeds
  • Dried Dill
How to cast the spell:
  • Cleanse and charge the candle
  • Mix the sugar and herbs
  • Cut out a voodoo doll from the red paper
  • Light your candle while invoking Erzulie
  • Ask for all that you desire
  • Write the name of your lover on the paper 13 times
  • Then write your name across theirs 13 times
  • Place the doll on the plate and cover it with the herb and sugar mixture
  • Intensify the visualization of your desire as you do this
  • Stick the candle in the middle of the sugar mixture on top of the doll
  • Burn the candle for 13 minutes

When you are done, be sure to thank the Goddess and keep all of the remnants from the spell. Repeat this spell every day for 13 days – the repetition is part of what makes it so powerful. Keep the doll in a very safe place until your spell manifests. When you are finished with it, be sure to burn or bury the doll, returning it to nature in some way. You can find this spell at Magic Love Spells.

Pros of sex spells

  • Get hot, passionate sex
  • Attract the one you want
  • Make yourself irresistible

Cons of sex spells

  • Can turn into an obsession if not cast correctly
  • Unintended consequences can be really risky
  • Always practice safe sex!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a professional spellcaster cast a sex spell over the phone, chat or email?

Absolutely. A sex spellcaster only needs your basic personal information, like your name and birthdate, and the basic info of anyone else who will be involved in the spell. Sometimes photographs can be useful, but there is no need to be in the same room. A professional witch can cast your sex spell from anywhere!

How long does it take for a sex spell to work?

Sex spells work instantly so get ready! If you are targeting someone specific it might take a little time to manifest, but you will feel the powers of the spell right away.

How long will the effects of the sex spell last?

The effects of the spell will last until either the goal has been achieved or the spell is broken.

Can a sex spell be broken if I don’t want it in my life anymore?

Typically, yes. If you cast the spell yourself or you use the same spellcaster to cast and break the spell, then you will have more control over the effects. When you know exactly what went into a spell, it is easier to break it.

I’m not sure which kind of sex spell to cast. How do I choose?

Definitely talk to your spellcasting professional! They have a whole range of spells to offer you and you can find professionals who specialize in certain techniques. Some specialize in voodoo others in Wicca. Take some time to check their bios so you can find your perfect match.

Ready to transform your life with a sex spell?

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September 2020

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