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four leaf clover luck spellsWho doesn’t want a little more good luck in their life? Luck spells are more than just a rabbit’s foot or a four-leaf clover. Luck spells actually work. So, if you need some extra good fortune in your life, whether it’s for money, success, career or love, luck spells have you covered.

There are many different kinds of luck spells to choose from, but they all have one thing in common. Luck spells work through the law of attraction and will pull fortune into your life. Are you ready?


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September 2020

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What is a luck spell?

Luck spells work by using the power of attraction. There may be blockages that are preventing your luck from manifesting or perhaps your energies simply haven’t been targeted correctly, but either way, luck spells work to restore synchronicity.

Synchronicity is when things just flow. Like when perfect timings, wonderful “coincidences” and general good fortune come your way. And believe it or not, this is the natural state of things! When we are walking on our life path correctly, things work out well. When we meet resistance, it means that there is a lesson for us to learn.

What different types of luck spells are there?

There are many, many luck spells out there! They can be cast using herbs and crystals. There are white magic luck spells, Wiccan luck spells and black magic luck spells too. The Voodoo religion also has a lot of luck spells in its arsenal!

Fairy with white horse white magic luck spellsWhite magic luck spells

White magic luck spells focus on attracting positivity into your life. They won’t guarantee you that specific job or promotion, but they can definitely bring you new and lucky opportunities. White magic spells will not infringe upon another’s free will or causing another harm, even unintentionally. That means that if you cast a spell to receive a specific promotion, you may be taking it from someone more deserving than you. This could set off a chain reaction of negative events for that person. However, you could cast a white magic luck spell to bring you a lucky opportunity and then wait for it to manifest!

wiccan spell book luck spellsWiccan luck spells

Wicca is a religion that uses white magic in its practice. Wiccans use the powers of the elements and incorporate the phases of the moon into spellcasting.

For attracting luck into your life, Wiccan luck spells will be cast on the waxing or full moon for the most powerful effect. There are specific herbs and crystals associated with good fortune. Wiccan luck spells will use these forces to help you.

Black magic luck spells

dark candles black magic luck spellsBlack magic luck spells will be very specific. You want to win the lottery or get a specific promotion? Look for a black magic luck spell. Black magic luck spells are not worried about selfish actions, because isn’t that the point of spellcasting? Getting what you want? Black magic spell casters will consider any possible repercussions from the spell and take appropriate measures to counteract them. So, go for what you want!

Who can cast a luck spell?

Well, anyone can cast a luck spell, but will it work? White magic spells are typically the easiest and safest to cast, but if you are not an experienced spellcaster it is likely that the spell won’t be very effective. Professional spellcasters have years of experience with a multitude of spellcasting techniques at their disposal. Add in the power of crystals, herbs, moon magick and divination, and you are ready for success. When you work with a professional psychic advisor, they can use tarot or fortune telling to foresee any complications, so that you can cast your spell worry-free!

Do luck spells actually work?

Luck spells are energetically pretty simple because the law of attraction is pretty straight forward. However, if you have blockages you may need to address those first before the luck spell will manifest in your life. Do you have negative thought patterns that are attracting negative energies into your life? A luck spell can be cast with affirmations to help you keep the energy moving in the right direction. And if you have another kind of negative energy attached to you, you may want to cast a cleansing or banishing spell first in order to make room for the luck spell to manifest.

  • Read the spellcaster bios to find the perfect match
  • Check out the customer satisfaction reviews for the highest-rated professionals
  • Look for money back guarantees and first-time special offers!

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Love Psychic Nathalye for sex spells at kasamba luck spellsOn Kasamba, Love Psychic Nathalye can cast luck spells, revenge spells, lust spells, and reverse spells. With over 5,000 reviews she maintains a 5-star rating. Nathalye is a 7th generation spellcaster who can bring back your ex-lover or make them regret that they ever hurt you!

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Best Psychic Readings Kasamba luck spellsBest Psychic Readings is also from Kasamba and is a master spellcaster. He offers all kinds of spells including the luck spells you need. With over 24,500 reviews and ratings, he still has 5 stars. He’s been offering psychic readings and spellcasting services since 2004!  Give him a call and find out which spells are best for you! Choose from luck spells, love spells, attractions spells and all kinds of real sex magic spells. He’s a little more on the pricey side at $23.99 per minute, but if you take advantage of Kasamba’s “first three minutes for free” offer, you will save a bundle

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Yvonne Spellcast at Keen sex spellsOur other amazing partner site is Keen. Their spellcaster Yvonne Spellcast has the ability to respond to urgent love cases, so if you need some luck in your love life, definitely give her a call! She has over 14,000 reviews, a 5-star rating and only bills at $2.22 per minute, so why wait? Keen even offers the first 3 minutes for free, so get your luck spell cast now!

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How to cast your own luck spell (we don’t recommend this!)

We don’t recommend playing around with magic if you have no training, but if you want to learn about spellcasting, it’s great to look at some spells so that you can begin to learn how they work. White magic and Wiccan spells are the safest places to start. The Wiccan religion observes The Law of Threefold Return as well as the central tenet of the Wiccan Rede, which states “An ye shall harm none.” These are going to be the safest spells for a novice spellcaster because you are pretty well insulated from any spellcasting backlash. If your luck spell doesn’t affect anyone else’s free will and doesn’t send any negativity out into the universe you can take some comfort in the fact that the unintended consequences are likely to be minor.

Tips on casting luck spells

  • Observe and clear any negative thought patterns
  • Support your work with positive affirmations
  • Use crystals, herbs and the phases of the moon to support your spell
  • Focus your spell on something simple and clear, especially if you are a beginner

Can luck spells backfire?

Any spell can backfire if not cast properly. Your intentions may be good, but because of your lack of training, you may have overlooked how the spell can create a domino effect for others. And if you don’t prepare yourself for these possibilities beforehand through methods like divination, you might be caught off guard. That’s why it’s best to work with a professional psychic advisor if you want your luck spell to have its most potent effect with the least fallout.

Wiccan good luck spellgolden candles wiccan luck spell

This Wiccan good luck spell will give your luck an extra push. Use it to boost your luck on anything that you were trying to accomplish in your life. Find it here.

What you will need:

  • Frankincense
  • Three orange or gold candles
  • One pen
  • A piece of paper

When to cast this spell: Cast this spell during the waxing or full moon, when there is an abundance of manifesting energy.


  • Cast  your circle
  • Chant the following:

God and goddess spirits and guides, thank you for all that I have. I ask you now for [insert what you want]. Aid me as I work to achieve this. Please bring it to me when the time is right. So mote it be

  • Visualize your life with this fully in place
  • Envision yourself filled with good luck, success, and achievement
  • As you meditate allow a symbol to appear in your mind’s eye
  • Draw the symbol on to the piece of paper
  • Place the image within the triangle of candles
  • Light each candle and chant:
  • Fire, ignite my dream for the highest good

As you meditate on the candle, try to visualize all of the good luck in the world coming your way. Feel gratitude for what you have and gratitude for what you will receive. When you are finished, take the paper and bury it in the earth while chanting:

Seal my dream for the highest good

You may get lucky in surprising ways so be on the lookout!

How to make your luck spell powerful

The secret to any powerful spell is refining your intention. When our intentions are willy nilly or all over the place, then it goes without saying that it will be difficult to manifest. Think about an average garden hose. When you turn it on the water simply pours out. But if you put your thumb over the opening and restrict the space for the water to flow out, the water pressure is suddenly increased and you can shoot that stream of water across the yard.

Well, the same basic principle applies to your intentions. If you refine your aim and define exactly what you are trying to achieve, then the manifestation energy behind your spell will be way more powerful! That means details are important! The more you think things through, visualize how you want them to manifest with great detail, the more success you will have in your luck spellcasting!

Another way to make your luck spell more powerful is through preparation! Be sure to introspect and determine what blockages you might have. A tarot reading can help you discover what factors in your life might be contributing to your lack of luck without you even realizing it. So, if you take some time to remove those blockages, replace them with positive affirmations, and refine your intention, you will pave the way for your luck spell to be the most powerful it can be!

Pros of luck spells

  • Will bring you all kinds of prosperity from money, to opportunities.
  • Clear away bad luck streaks
  • Add a lucky boost to your special occasions
  • Safe and easy to cast

Cons of luck spells

  • Blockages need to be removed for luck spells to work well
  • Won’t be powerful if you don’t have experience with spellcasting

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a professional spellcaster cast a luck spell over the phone, chat or email?
Yes, of course! A spellcaster doesn’t need to be in your physical presence to cast a spell for you. They only need to communicate with you beforehand in order to learn about the situation, the goal of the spell and any other persons that may be involved. Typically, a spellcaster will ask you some basic information, such as your birth date and full name, and then they can cast the puck spell for you at any time.
How long does it take for a luck spell to work?

Luck spells will work instantly! As we mentioned before, if there are blockages that need to be removed, you may need to undergo a banishing or cleansing first. However, once your intention is set, and the blockages are removed, your spell will take effect instantly.

How long will the effects of a luck spell last?
This depends on the type of luck spell that you cast! Spells are typically permanent, but if you are creating a charm or casting a spell for a specific purpose, the spell may need refreshing after a while. There is always new energy that can begin to cloud your energies, so even if your luck spell is working, if you have attracted a bunch of new negativity through negative thinking or poor choices, then you will have to change the behavior and refresh the spell.
Can a luck spell be broken if I don’t want it in my life anymore?

Who wants to get rid of luck in their life? Well, maybe you cast the spell on someone else and you think they don’t deserve it, or maybe you want to see if you can make it on your own? Yes, a spell can typically be reversed. However, we cannot go back in time, so undoing a spell won’t take away the benefits that have already been bestowed!

I’m not sure which kind of luck spell to cast. How do I choose?

Your best bet is to talk to a professional spellcaster because they have a repository of spells for you! And what’s more, they have experience casting them and know their effectiveness! Tell your specialist about the nature of your situation and what you are trying to achieve, and they will find the perfect spell for you!

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September 2020

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