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painting venus and anchises william blake richmond latin spellsLatin spells harness the energies of the ancient Gods and Goddesses. They are as powerful as they are old and they are filled with the magic of our ancestors. There are Latin spells for all categories of spellcasting, from sex spells to luck spells, to revenge spells and other black magic spells. So, what makes Latin spells different than other spells?

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What is a Latin spell?

Latin spells are cast using the ancient tongue. These spells have old latin chiseled on stone latin spellsbeen passed down for generations and carry the power of all of the witches who have cast them. In Ancient Rome, witchcraft was very common and widespread, although the practice of black magic was punishable by death. Witchcraft was taken very seriously. Spells were often written on tablets and sold to those in need.

What different types of Latin spells are there?

As with other kinds of spells, you can use the power of the ancient tongue for any kind of spell. In Ancient Rome, spells were sold to bring you wealth, marriage, to win a court case or to heal someone from illness. Just as spells are cast for almost any need today, so was it back in Ancient Rome! Here are a few ancient Latin spells – but don’t try these on your own. If you are not an experienced witch, you can set unintended consequences in motion without even realizing what you’ve done! Check out Love Magic Works for more information!

Latin spells for love

painting Latin love spells Pompeii casa del centenarioIn every corner of the world, there are spells for love. Every human being needs closeness and affection, no matter what they might say! That’s why love spells are some of the most common and of course they were practiced back in the Greco-Roman times. Take a look at these spells for learning purposes, but remember that any time you are using spellcasting to impact the free will of another person (such as compelling them to fall in love with you) you have crossed over into the world of dark magic or black magic.

Black magic is not necessarily as evil as many people might believe. Rather, it is practiced for selfish purposes without regard for the affected’s desire for the spell or said outcome. This doesn’t mean you are necessarily harming the other person, however, white magic forbids this, so it is important you understand the difference. White magic practitioners believe in the Law of Threefold Return, so if this energy were to come back to you threefold, how would you feel about it? Would you like being compelled to love someone without your consent? Professional spellcasters can help you navigate this tricky territory.

Here is a Latin spell to compel someone to fall in love with you. You will be united into one. Be sure that’s what you want before casting the spell – you don’t want to be stuck with someone that makes you crazy in the end!

“I nunc amit me te amare simul, me ex caritate quoque sicerit”

Here is another Latin spell for love. This one is designed to bring a couple together. So if you want your friend and her beaux to come together once and for all, try this spell on them!

“Cors tuum urna magicus,
aeternus canum fidellis,
lapis et caro per semper,
nanquam intervalum,
Laqueus! Laqueus!”

Last but not least, here is a spell to bring back your ex. These spells work differently than a simple love spell because there is already a connection between the two of you, and some of the energies may be resistant. A spell to bring back your ex needs to be more refined and targeted.

“Imperare et ferire, inter vernire res,
eius manus lux perpetua, potere cors mea semper”

Now you have the Latin love spells you need at your disposal, so call up a spellcasting professional to make sure your spell is cast with the most power and effectiveness!

Latin spells for protection

Protection spells are probably the next most common kind of spell. People have been seeking protection from the evil eye, negative spirits bound to earth, demonic possessions and all kinds of terrible forces for as long as history can remember. There are ancient shamanic practices to ward off evil spirits and yes, of course, there are also Latin spells for protection. Here is a protection spell that you should cast on the waning or dark moon. At this time, the banishing forces are at their most powerful and the power of the elements will aid any spellcasting.

“Qui affecto protego, mixtisque iubas serpentibus et posteris meis stirpiqu”

Latin spells for healing

Ancient Greco Roman Health manuscript healing Latin SpellsHealing spells should be cast on the waxing or full moon. At this time, the elements support new growth and the blossoming of positive energies. Try this healing spell for minor injuries or general health, but remember – always see your doctor if you are in need of medical attention. Healing spells are meant to support traditional medical practices, not replace them.

“Tui gratia lovis gratia sit cure”

Who can cast a Latin spell?

Latin spells are harder to cast than most because the pronunciation of the language is very than in English. If you have experience with foreign languages then you can follow these simple rules. However, it is probably best to work with a professional spellcaster who knows exactly what the chants mean and how they are likely to manifest.

General pronunciation rules:

  • The letter E will be pronounced “EH” as in the word “fell”.
  • C is always a hard c (pronounced like the letter K), such as “cat”.
  • I is always short, pronounced like “ih” such as “bit or sit”.
  • G is always a hard consonant, such as in the word “gum” or “gate”.

It definitely takes some practice to get these Latin spells right! Here are some words that you can learn and familiarize yourself with! However, we don’t recommend invoking the ancient Gods and Goddesses if you don’t know what you are doing. They may not be pleased and the result you get may not be what you wanted at all!

Common Latin words and phrases

  • Fortuna, Prosperitas et Abundantia Habeo Omnia.
  • Fortuna =Luck
  • Prosperitas= Prosperity
  • Abundantia= Abundance
  • Habeo omnia= I have everything
  • Pecunia venit ad me
  • Pecunia [peh-KOO-nee-ah]= Money
  • venit [VEH-neet] = comes / is coming
  • ad me [Ad MEH]= to me

Other words in Latin

  • omni=all
  • maximus = basically means to attack, or cause a disruption
  • luminoct = ignite or enact
  • thundoris = storm
  • bentidoct = empower
  • dorise = empower yourself
  • emperoct = restore
  • omoptio = purify
  • reparo = self-repair
  • un = undo effect
  • empyrus = fiery
  • commonio = common, person, body

Latin elemental words

  • taura = earth
  • pyro = fire
  • hydro = water
  • cyro = ice
  • aero = air
  • thundora = air / thunder

Do spells Latin spells actually work?

Of course, they do! Just imagine how long these spells have survived! Anything that can be kept in use for that long must definitely have a strong pull on people. If these spells didn’t work, they would certainly have been thrown onto the ash heap of history.

Can Latin spells backfire?

Yes. Any spell can backfire. If you were injured you wouldn’t perform surgery on yourself or on a friend unless you were trained in medicine. Well, witchcraft and spellcasting are the same. Spellcasting is not a game, it is a serious practice that requires years of training and experience, and much like in medicine, dabbling around when you don’t know what you are doing can cause more damage than good. That’s why it is important to always work with a professional, both in order to make sure the spells actually work, and also to make sure you don’t create any problems for yourself and others.

Tips for choosing the best Latin spellcaster

  • Always use a reputable website!
  • Feel free to interview your spellcaster before committing.
  • Be sure to read the spellcaster bios to make sure they have the right skills for you.
  • Read customer satisfaction reviews – you can find out a lot!

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Tips on casting Latin spells

  • Practice the pronunciation before you start
  • Be sure you study the translation so that you know exactly what you are invoking
  • Speak with a professional spellcaster especially if you are attempting dark magic

Pros of latin spells

  • Very powerful magic that carries the collective power of generations of witches
  • Invoke the ancient Gods and Goddesses to help you manifest your desire
  • Can find Latin spells for almost any purpose

Cons of latin spells

  • Difficult to pronounce and understand
  • Not spells for the beginner witch
  • If the Gods or Goddesses are displeased you may not receive the result you were hoping for

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a professional spellcaster cast a Latin spell over the phone, chat or email?

Yes! A spell can be cast from anywhere and the same rule applies to Latin spells. Your professional spellcaster will need to communicate with you, but this can be done using any kind of platform. Once your spells advisor has the information about your current situation and what your intentions are with the spellcasting, they will be able to choose or write the perfect spell for you and cast it from anywhere at any time.

How long does it take for the Latin spell to work?

Spells begin to work as soon as they are cast. However, for the full effect to become apparent, you might have to wait a while. For example, if you cast a love spell, you may not notice the spell being activated until you see the person you have targeted. Or for a healing spell, you may need a few days or weeks to feel the full effects.

How long will the effects of the Latin spell last?

Spells last until they are broken. Once the desired effect has been achieved, a spell will continue working to hold the effect in place.

Can a Latin spell be broken if I don’t want it in my life anymore?

Yes, if you know what went into the spell. If it was your own spell that you would like to break, then your spellcaster should be able to break it. If it is a spell that someone else cast, you will need someone with great spellcasting powers, but also some investigative prowess. In order to break a spell, you must figure out how to reverse it, and in order to do that, you need to know what to reverse. It takes a little bit of investigation, but it can be done in most cases.

I’m not sure which kind of Latin spell to cast. How do I choose?

Talk to your spells advisor! They have a whole list of spells and can even write a spell specifically for you. When you tell them about your situation and what your desired outcome is, they will be able to help you choose the perfect spell to get you what you need.

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