The Most Powerful Karma Spells

Ah, karma. It can be so bittersweet. When karma is on your side, it can make your life amazing! By the same token, karma can give others that have harmed you what they deserve. If only we could control it, right? Well, guess what? With a karma spell, you can.

Karma spells invoke the power of the universe to balance the scales of justice. Think of it a little bit like jump-starting karma into action. Has someone gotten away with something bad? Maybe they need a return bad karma spell! Or maybe you need to get away from some negativity that has been following you. That can be accomplished with a karma and aura cleansing spell. So, don’t wait around – take life into your own hands and engage the power of the universe with a karma spell!


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What is a karma spell?

Karma spells use the power of witchcraft and spell casting to tap into the energetic powers of karma. Your spellcasting is going to be much more effective when you use the powers of the universe to help you achieve your goals. There are both positive and negative karma spells. You can attract positive karma into your life or send some bad karma to someone who deserves it. The only caveat is that the universe will decide whether they deserve it or not. But if you’re acting in good faith and the world has dealt you a bum deal, then karma spells will be great for you. And it’s a great way to balance the scales without running the risk of revenge spell bounceback.

What different types of karma spells are there?

There are many different kinds of karma spells, but you can put them into two basic groups. One kind of karma spell will cleanse our any negative karma that may be attached to you or your aura. Whether this bad karma is from poor choices we have made or from past life karma that has followed us into this world, there are karma spells out there that can set you free.

The other group of karma spells invokes the karmic energy around you. Whether you want to send someone (or yourself) some good luck or some justice, these kinds of karma spells will tap into the power of the universe to do your work for you.

Black magic karma spellforest nightmare black magic karma spell

Black magic is a practice that uses the power of spellcasting to achieve selfish ends, regardless of how it affects others. At times this can include spells that intend to harm another person, whether for revenge or simply for selfish reasons. These kinds of spells are cast upon you by someone who wishes you bad luck and misfortune or worse.

These black magic karma spells are similar to curses or hexes but use the inherent karmic energy of the universe so that your target attracts negativity into their life. But if a professional spellcaster knows how black magic and karma spells work, then they can also reverse them, so don’t worry if you think you have been targeted!

Karma cleansing spellriver waterfall karma cleansing spell

Do you seem to fall into patterns or have the same problems repeating themselves in your life over and over? Did you know that bad karma can follow you across lifetimes? How unfair is that?

The truth is that according to the laws of karma and reincarnation, our souls choose the life that we want to come into in order to learn the lessons that they need to learn. That means you may be working out bad karma from lifetimes ago in your current life! A karma spell can help you separate the karmic patterns from the past so that you can release the negative cycles and old soul contracts that no longer serve you.

Who can cast a karma spell?

As with all witchcraft and spellcasting, anyone can cast a karma spell, but that doesn’t mean it will work! Spells are only as effective as the witch casting them and without experience and training, your spells are not likely to accomplish much. In fact, if you don’t know what you’re doing, your spells can even backfire. There are basic best practices that every professional knows to follow in order to avoid unintended consequences.

Do spells karma spells actually work?

Karma is a powerful energy force and because karma “knows” things that we don’t, the results of karma spells can often be surprising. Perhaps someone has betrayed you and you want to use a karma spell to get back at them. If what they have done to you and others behind your back is even worse than you ever imagined, then they better watch out. Karma keeps a record and it won’t be working out well for them in the future.

How do I choose a spellcaster to grant my karma wishes?

When you’re choosing a professional karma spellcaster, be sure to work with someone who also knows divination such as tarot readings or fortune telling, or has another specific method for foreseeing possible outcomes. A psychic advisor can help you with that. Karma is powerful and when it moves into full swing, the consequences could also affect you in an unexpected way. Here’s how to find someone you know you can trust:

Tips for choosing the BEST karma spellcaster!

  • Go through a reputable website
  • Read the customer satisfaction reviews and ratings
  • Stick with a website that guarantees their services
  • Browse your spellcaster’s bio and make sure they have the skills you are looking for

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How to cast your own karma spell (not recommended)

Here are a couple of karma chants you can use in your spellcasting, but these are for educational purposes only! We do not recommend trying these at home. A professional spellcaster will know the exact spell that will benefit you the most, but it can be helpful for you to learn about karma spells so that you can better communicate what you desire. The following are some examples of chants used in a standard karma spell.

A good karma spell chantlotus flower good karma spells

May Good Karma come to me
and all good deeds I’ve done return to me x 3
May the blessings and the love abound
Filling my life and soul all around


Free from negativity karma spell

May karma finally set me free
From this negativity
Release me my debts
From the past to this day
Let it be enough
No more shall I pay


Return negativity karma spell

I call upon karma to right the wrongs
To deliver Justice where it belongs
May the evil ways be returned times three
If karma deems so it shall be

Tips on casting karma spells (NOT recommended!)

  • Keep your intentions pure
  • Study possible consequences using divination if need be
  • Cast your good karma attraction spells on the waxing or full moon
  • Cast your bad karma banishing spells on the waning or new moon

Can karma spells backfire?

The bad news is that karma spells can definitely backfire! If you have been engaged in some dishonest or disingenuous behavior, then invoking karma might have a negative effect on you. Remember that if something bad happens to someone and you were involved, you will be karmically linked to that person. It’s always best to work with a spellcasting professional to make sure you have all of the proper protections in place before working with such powerful energy.

Why choose a karma spell?

Some people look to karma spells instead of revenge spells because they are safer than straight up revenge spells. Why is that, you ask? Well, let’s take a quick look at some of the basic principles of spellcasting and the difference between black and white magic.

A lot of witches and professional spellcasters believe in what is called The Law of Threefold Return. This law states that whatever you send into the universe will come back to you threefold. That is where the principal tenet of Wicca comes from. Wicca is a neopagan religion that teaches it’s followers that so long as you harm no one, you can do as you will. This is a hotly debated moral guide, but it gives you a general idea of the limits of white magic. If death is a natural part of life, how can one truly live by this moral code?

About Black Magic

Black magic is a practice, not a religion, that does not feel the need to live by this ethical code. Witches who practice black magic recognize that the world is full of dark and light, good and bad, and the scales of justice must be constantly adjusted. Where spellcasting can help in this capacity, it should be used.

About Grey Magic

This naturally leads us to what some people refer to as grey magic. What if someone truly evil is harming others and the only way to stop them is by harming them or restricting their free will? What about situations where the law fails everyone and evildoers are running free without consequence? In this situation, do the ends justify the means?

So Where Do Karma Spells Come in?

This is where karma spells come in. Karma spells provide a degree of separation from making this decision between black and white. Because a karma spell invokes the power of karma to do its will, the ultimate decision remains with karma, not with the spellcaster. If a person has truly engaged in terrible behavior, karma will punish them. However, if karma is invoked and the person is truly innocent, the spellcaster may receive karma instead – if the spell was cast in bad faith.

Pros of karma spells

  • Can bring you the justice you deserve
  • Safer than revenge spells
  • Can bring you good luck, good fortune, and happiness
  • Will release you from negative past life karma

Cons of karma spells

  • Powerful energy can backfire
  • Consequences are often surprising because karma knows more than we do
  • Results can be more devastating than you intended if the target is deserving

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a professional spellcaster cast a revenge spell over the phone, chat or email?
A professional spellcaster can cast a karma spell for you from anywhere. They do not need to be in your physical presence. Because spellcasters work beyond the physical world, they can cast your spell from anywhere. They simply need basic information from you, which you can give them via phone, chat or email at your convenience.
How long does it take for the spell to work?
A karma spell will begin working instantly, but if the overall objective is complex, you will witness it growing in strength and manifesting over time. If, for example, you have cast a spell to bring karmic fortune into your life via a career change or other such thing, it may take some time for that dream job to manifest in your life.
How long will the effects of the spell last?
The effects of a karma spell are permanent. They will reflect exactly the amount of negativity or positivity the person has sent into the universe. Once the karmic debt has been paid, life should balance out.
Can a karma spell be broken if I don’t want it in my life anymore?
The answer is “maybe.” Once karma has been set in motion, it may have to play itself out because the situation is now in the hands of karma. With other kinds of spells, like revenge spells, you can always break them if you know what went into casting it to begin with. But with karma spells, we have placed the situation in the hands of the universe, so it may be difficult to retract. However, if you regret your decision to dispense justice, you may invoke karma to send positive energy toward the situation to help counterbalance things.
I’m not sure which kind of karma spell to cast. How do I choose?
Your professional spellcaster will be able to help you find the perfect spell for your situation. In fact, advanced witches can even write their own spells, which means they can write a brand new spell specifically for you. When spells are fine-tuned and specific, they are at their most powerful. Discuss your goals and needs with your spellcaster and they will help you find the perfect karma spell.

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