Best FREE Spells and Where to Find Them!

woman magic moon free spellsReady to try out some spellcasting but don’t know how to cast a spell for yourself? Well, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! We have professional spellcasters who will cast you the perfect spell absolutely for free.

So, what’s the catch? The good news is that there isn’t one! There are plenty of places for you to get absolutely free spells cast on your behalf! You just need to know where to look so that you can avoid the scams.

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September 2020

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What are Free Magic Spells?

crystal ball free spellsThere are two kinds of free magic spells. Actual spells that you can find on the web yourself, and spells that are cast for you for free by a professional spell caster. The first option is pretty iffy because you never know what you’re getting. Is the spell real? Do you even know how to cast it effectively? The second option is definitely better because if you follow our guidelines you can be sure to find a real live spellcasting professional, but you won’t have to pay anything for your spell to be cast. Sounds great, right? But why would a professional spellcaster cast your spell for free? And are the free spells real spells?

Free magic spells are the same as any other magic spells, it’s just that they are cast for you for free. And the reason that a spellcaster would cast the spell for you for free is simple! The best way to let people know about your services is by letting you try them for free. There are so many online sites these days promising you the moon, so how can a professional spells advisor convince you to try working with them? Just like the department stores hand out free samples, professional spellcasting and psychic services also benefit from letting you try them out at no cost to you.

If you can see for yourself that a spells advisor’s services work wonders, then your spellcaster knows that you are likely to spread the good word about them. They take the risk in the hopes that you will not only come back again but maybe even bring your friends! It’s one of the best PR moves out there because it’s a win-win. Typically the people who are willing to let you try services for free the first time around are so confident in their own services that they are willing to take that risk. That is why it’s a good way to gauge the quality of your professional. A spellcaster who is a fraud will run out of energy “casting” free spells pretty quickly because nobody will come back when their spells don’t work!

Are Free Spells real? Do they work?

Of course! Free spells are the same as any other magic spell, it’s just that you don’t pay for the spellcasting service. Free magic spells are just as powerful as ones that you pay for because the spells themselves are the same. Additionally, the power of the witch casting the spell is also the same. So you can see, a free spell is no different from a spell that you pay for, it’s just that you get to have a little peace of mind before committing to something that you might be unsure about at first.

What kinds of Free Spells are there?

There are millions of free spells out there! Not only can you find spells online and cast them yourself for free (not recommended!), but any spell that you have ever dreamed of can be cast for free if you find the right spellcaster. If you are really interested in getting that perfect spell cast for free, then your best bet is to study up on your spells, so that when you reach out to your spellcasting professional for your free offer, you already know exactly what you want. This will save you both time. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best absolutely free spells online right now so that you can find the perfect one for you.

Free Wiccan Spells

magic forest free spellsWicca has become really popular recently and believe it or not, its actually a pretty new religion! It was developed in the 1950s and incorporates ancient Pagan traditions – that’s why its referred to as a Neo-Pagan religion. There are many free Wiccan spells online that you can learn from. They use the powers of the elements and only incorporate the use of white magic.

White magic spells are much safer than other grey or dark magic spells because they generally don’t create negative repercussions, so long as they are cast correctly. The rule of Wicca is that nobody can be harmed by your spell, even unintentionally. So, as long as this tenet of the Wiccan Rede is followed, Wiccan spells are really safe!

Free Spells for love

There are lots of love spells online, from simple baths with herbs and essential oils to make you more attractive, to candles spells and special gems, there is a litany of free love spells on the web! So where do you find the best ones? The first step is to ask yourself this question: “Are you looking to attract love into your life in general, or do you have your eye on someone specific?” The reason why this is important is that the first option can be safely addressed with white magic love spells or Wiccan love spells (and there are many of those).

However, if you are trying to win over someone’s heart, you are going to need stronger magic. Any spell that manipulates the will of another person by compelling them to fall in love with you, falls into the category of grey or black magic. There are even more specific love spells like sex spells. All of these spells are powerful, but also dangerous. Although you can find “recipes” for these spells online, they require years of training and experience to actually work. Plus, they can backfire if not cast properly. So, if you need the power of dark magic, you will need to work with a professional.

Free Spell removal

man magic free spellsWhat if you aren’t looking to cast a spell, but you actually want to get rid of one? If you are experiencing symptoms of a curse or a hex, you will definitely need the help of a professional spellcaster! Curses and hexes are black magic spells and they are notoriously difficult to remove.

Typically, black magic practitioners keep their spells secret, so that they can’t be undone. Once you know what went into a spell, you can reverse it if you know what you are doing. A professional can use all kinds of clues like who your enemies might be, where they live, what kinds of spellcasting services they may have access to, and how your symptoms present, in order to deduce what kind of spell has been placed upon you. Then, with this information, they can begin reversing the spell. But black magic spells are serious, so you will need to work with a powerful witch to remove them.

Who can cast Free Spells?

Well, any practicing witch can cast a spell for you for FREE! But your best bet is to work with one of our spellcasting professionals at a reputable spellcasting site! Normally these professionals charge for their services, but these sites always offer special deals for new customers. Some offer the first 3 minutes for free and others offer you free credits to use however you wish.

Tips on choosing the best online Free Spellcaster

  • Always work with a reputable online site
  • Check your spellcaster’s bio to make sure they are a good fit
  • Read customer satisfaction reviews
  • Look for money back guarantees – this means the site stands behind its services

How to cast your own Free Spell – step by step tutorial

Getting Started

  1. Always define your intention first: It is very important to make sure that your intention is refined and clear, otherwise, your spell will be less effective and might even end up resulting in unintended consequences.
  2. Always follow spellcasting best practices. They tried and true!
  3. Get Permission! If you plan to cast a spell that involves another person, be sure to get permission from them first!
  4. During spell casting, state your intention clearly for best results
  5. Consider casting a series of spells if your end goal is complicated. You can break in into parts and cast separate spells for each part.
  6. Choose the best timing for your spellcasting! Consider the phases of the moon as well as the astrological forces that may be in your favor or causing resistance.
  • Sunday – for personal achievements
  • Monday – for fertility, pregnancy and feminine moon (moonday) magic
  • Tuesday – for strength and courage
  • Wednesday – for Mercury, the planet of communication
  • Thursday – for prosperity and abundance and healing
  • Friday – for love magick
  • Saturday – for cleansing and banishing

Casting the Spell

  1. Collect all of the materials you will need for your spell! You always want to be prepared and have things close at hand before you begin with your spellcasting.
  2. Raise, direct and release the energy during your spellcasting. First, you will focus your intention, then you will raise that energy with dancing, singing, chanting or visualization. Once you have raised it, you need to send it out into the universe! And once you have done that, release let it go!
  3. Ground yourself after all of this spellcasting to make sure the energy returns to the earth from which it came. You need to return to your grounded state so that you don’t remain in a heightened state of magical energy! Try a barefoot walk in the grass or sand.

Tips on casting Free Magic Spells

  • Beginners should only try white magic spells
  • Don’t involve others in your spellcasting without their permission
  • Remember not to affect anyone else’s free will with your spellcasting or you may have negativity come your way
  • Make sure you have all of your materials on hand before you start
  • Make sure your intention is very clear
  • Memorize your spell before you start, if you can

Can a Free Spell backfire?

Yes, unfortunately, spells can always backfire. White magic and Wiccan spells are the safest ones to cast, but even those can have unintended consequences if they aren’t cast properly! You might accidentally think of someone during your spell if you aren’t properly focused, which could bring them into your spell. But if you work with a spellcasting professional your spell won’t backfire. That’s why its the safest bet, especially if you are new to the world of witchcraft, magic, and spellcasting!

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September 2020

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