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dark ritual woman black magic spellsJust mention the word black magic and lots of people will run for the hills. Black magic is feared. Black magic has been reviled. But why does it persevere? Because it is powerful. Black magic has been practiced for centuries and its powers are well known. So, how can black magic help you? Is it really that dangerous?



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January 2022

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What is a black magic spell?

Witchcraft and spellcasting is not a religion, so there are no moral rules. It is a practice and each witch decides for him or herself what her personal boundaries are. To boil it down to its simplest form, white magic always aims for the higher good without taking away anyone else’s free will. Black magic, on the other hand, doesn’t shy away from influencing and controlling others and can be used for selfish reasons. For instance, casting a powerful love spell or sex spell could be infringing on that person’s free will. White magic would not allow a witch to force someone into a relationship with another. But black magic sees no problem with this. It’s just another tool in the toolbox.

What different types of black magic spells are there?

You can use black magic to achieve any end. From love to career, to revenge, there is a black magic spell for any kind of goal. Black magic is a technique or style of witchcraft. The rules and methods are different, but can be applied to achieve anything!

black magic spells fire angel womanBlack magic love spells

Black magic love spells are the most powerful love spells out there. They will work directly with powerful intention. Whereas white magic love spells need to generally attract love into your life without mentioning a specific individual, black magic love spells are specific. You can use a photo, personal item or body part such as hair to make your spell more powerful.

dark angel revenge spells black magicBlack magic revenge spells

Black magic revenge spells are some of the most widely used black magic spells because of their intensity. From curses to hexes, black magic spells for revenge can cause nightmares, physical illness, hallucinations, and even death. Black magic spells are incredibly powerful and can even follow a person across lifetimes because of the power of karma.

Black magic reversal spells

incense cleansing banish black magic spells

Worried that someone cast a black magic spell on you? Well thankfully, there are black magic reversal spells as well. Only a serious professional will be able to undo the power of a black magic spell because it takes one to know one. In order to break a curse or hex, a spellcaster needs to figure out what went into the spell in order to reverse it. That’s why only witches well versed in black magic will be able to help free you from the grip of this kind of dark magic.

Who can cast a black magic spell?

Black magic spells take a lot of training and knowledge to work properly. Anyone can try to cast a spell on someone out of anger or vengeance, but the outcome is likely to be something quite different than you intended! That is because when you use emotion in your spellcasting, you can actually attach yourself to the spell, so while the spell is acting on your intended target, it is acting on you as well. Professional spellcasters know how to disconnect emotionally, set up protections and even diversions.

Do black magic spells actually work?

Black magic spells have been around for ages. The practice of Hoodoo, for example, incorporates ancient African shamanic traditions that have been around forever! They are still incredibly popular and used widely today because of their effectiveness. But remember, a spell is only as effective as the witch casting the spell.

How do I choose a black magic spellcaster to grant my wishes?

If you’re intent on working with black magic, then be sure to find a very experienced spellcaster. There are several professional spellcasting services that we can recommend. They screen all of their professionals and their bios clearly list all of their skills. Additionally, customer satisfaction reviews are easily accessible and you can rest assured with a money back guarantee. These are all important because black magic is so powerful – you don’t want someone inexperienced trying to cast black magic spells on your behalf!

  • Work with a trusted partner site
  • Read the bios and check their skills
  • Always check the customer satisfaction ratings and reviews

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How to cast your own black magic (not recommended)

Even if you plan to use a professional, it’s always good to inform yourself about the practice. The more you know about black magic spellcasting, the better you can direct your professional. We do not recommend trying these spells at home, but for educational purposes, check out the spells below.

Dreams of Darkness Spell

woman dreams smoke black magicThis black magic spell will plague your target with nightmares and agitated sleep.

You will need:

  • One large clear glass
  • Pure water (rainwater is best)
  • One black candle
  • Black Ink

Timing: Try to cast the spell on the dark or waning moon for best effect. Nighttime will be the best time to cast this spell. Be sure you have privacy and will not be interrupted.


  • Light the candle and fill the glass with water
  • Place the glass in front of the candle
  • Focus intently on the image of the flame through the glass of water
  • Drop three drops of the ink into the glass

Then say the following:

Darkness falls and darkness flows

Wonder what a dreamer knows?

Fear and pain and things that scare,

Magick brings [person’s name] a nightmare.

  • Put one drop of ink on your left index finger and repeat the chant
  • Touch your inked finger to the water and repeat the chant for a third time
  • Let the water rest overnight

Be sure to dispose of the dark water far away from your home

A spell to place a Jinx on someone

black cat magic spells jinxSimilar to a bad luck spell, this spell will cause minor irritations and misfortune to befall someone. It is best used to mess up a specific event for someone, like a competition, job interview or first date.

You will need:

  • A black marker
  • One piece of white paper
  • A dead leaf

Timing: Again, try to cast this spell at the dark moon if you can, otherwise, nighttime will do.


  • Take the marker and draw a pentagram on the paper
  • Focus your energies on the person you are targeting and the specific “thing” you want to jinx
  • Set the leaf above the top point, and say “I jinx your [whatever], [name]”
  • Visualize the jinx manifesting
  • Move the leaf to the next point (going clockwise), repeat the jinx again as you draw over the
  • pentagram with the marker.
  • Do this for all 5 points, so your leaf ends up back at the top point again.
  • Say it again, then fold up the paper along with the dead leaf in the middle.
  • You can bury or burn the leaf when you want the spell to end

Remember, dark magic can be dangerous, not just to the target of the spell but also to the person casting it. It’s a better idea to consult with a spellcasting professional to do the casting for you and check for possible unintended consequences.

Tips on casting black magic spells

  • Always consult a professional for casting black magic spells
  • Be sure to use divination or other tools to predict possible negative repercussions
  • Be sure to use magical protection in case of backlash

Can black magic spells backfire?

Unfortunately, there are many ways in which black magic spells can backfire. Spells such as hexes and curses return to the sender when broken. This means that if you cast your black magic spell on someone and they find out, they could hire a professional spellcaster to break the spell, which means it will return to you. Unless you have taken the proper precautions to either deflect or protect yourself from this, you could wind up in hot water. Consulting with a psychic advisor can be really helpful because they are able to use tarot or fortune telling to foresee any possible negative outcomes before you begin spellcasting.

When to use black magic

If black magic spells are so risky, why would anyone use them? Well, there are many instances in which black magic spells are not only useful but necessary. Let’s take a deeper look at what black magic is and why we need it.

We all know that the world is made up of light and dark. What goes up also goes down and the expression of yin and yang is all around us. This is the same with energies and magic. One can literally not exist without the other. Now, that doesn’t mean we should run around doing terrible things to people without a care in the world, because the truth is, on some level, what you put out into the world will come back to you.

White magic seeks to only put good energy into the world. If someone has harmed you, for example, you can cast a spell of protection upon yourself so that you do not experience further harm. Additionally, you could try to cast a spell of peace and love upon the person that is harming you in order to encourage them to stop. But what about when these spells don’t work? And what if you are a victim of a black magic spell? They are impossible to break without knowing how black magic works, and often we must delve into black magic in order to effectively reverse a black magic spell.

The most powerful kind of witch is one that well versed in all forms of magic that has effectively set her own moral boundaries and ethical code. This kind of professional spell caster will know immediately when a black magic spell is warranted or even necessary, and they will know how to cast black magic spells in the most effective way.

Pros of black magic spells

  • The most powerful spells around
  • Very direct and specific
  • Long lasting and difficult to break

Cons of black magic spells

  • Dangerous to perform
  • Lots of possible unintended consequences
  • Need methods of magical protection in case of backlash

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a professional spellcaster cast a black magic spell over the phone, chat or email?

Yes. A black magic spells professional only needs to know basic information about the situation, the intended target’s full name and date of birth and some other basic identifying information. Personal items such as photos or articles of clothing can also be very useful.

How long does it take for the spell to work?

Black magic spells work instantly, though the full effects of the spell may take some time to appear visibly. Black magic spell symptoms include fatigue, nightmares, hallucinations, financial ruin, streaks of bad luck and such things. If these symptoms are occurring in another person, it may take a while before you are able to see this manifesting physically.

How long will the effects of the black magic spell last?

This depends on the spell and how it is cast. Some spells can be cast to achieve a particular end, and once this has been achieved, the spell is complete. However, if the spell is meant to be ongoing, it will remain active unless broken by the spellcaster or another witch.

Can a black magic spell be broken if I don’t want it in my life anymore?

Yes. A black magic spell can always be broken by the spell caster and sometimes by other powerful witches. But remember, we cannot go back in time. If your spell has caused someone physical harm or the loss of something specific, the clock cannot run backward, and what is done is done.

I’m not sure which kind of black magic spell to cast. How do I choose?

When working with black magic spells, always consult your professional spell caster. Black magic is powerful and most real black magic spells are not readily available online. True black magic practitioners guard their craft because the knowledge of how the spells are constructed can be used to undo their work.

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January 2022

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