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witchcraft spells woman with orbWitchcraft and spellcasting have become quite the rage lately and there are millions of offers on the web promising you instant results. But how can you separate the real deal from the frauds? Believe it or not, there are lots of places where you get excellent spells cast for you for free, but of course, you need to know where to look. We’re here to banish the mystery and give you a road map for finding the best free spells that really work on the web today.


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September 2020

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What is spellcasting?

crystal wand spellsSpellcasting is an ancient practice that has been used in hundreds of different traditions and religions for centuries. It’s so interesting because a lot of these practices have incredible similarities even though they evolved completely isolated from one another.

Whether you are looking at ancient Voodoo or Hoodoo traditions or the Pagan practices of the old Norse traditions, there are always common themes. Spellcasting is the use of the energies of the universe beyond our typical five senses in order to achieve an effect in the physical world. Whether incorporating the elements of the earth or sending energies into the universe using dance and song, the end result is the same.

What different types of spells are there?

There are spells for absolutely everything! That’s because you can write a spell to achieve any end. A professional spellcaster can write a personalized spell just for you. That’s what is so great about spells and witchcraft – the sky is literally the limit!

Karma spells

Karma spells engage the energy of the universe to bring someone the justice they deserve. Rather than sending someone specific energy via a spell, a karma spell will jump start karma to step in and do the work for you. Has someone been hurting people and mistreating them? A karma spell might bring them some serious bad luck if they really are guilty of such actions. And if you have been working so hard in your life but you just can’t seem to get ahead, a karma cleansing spell may be just what you need. Sometimes negative karma gets attached to us and slows us down. This kind of spell will rid you of negative energies and get the positive energies flowing your way.

Luck Spells

You guessed it! Luck spells bring luck into your life or into the life of the person 4 leaf clover luck spellsyou cast the spell on! This works by using the Laws of Attraction and can bring you anything from career success to lucky streaks at the casino. A professional spellcaster may want to determine if there are any blockages that are preventing your luck from manifesting such as negative thinking patterns. Once those are identified and removed, a luck spell will be very effective!

Revenge spells

Revenge spells are powerful spells that seek to return harm to someone who has harmed you. Whether you were betrayed by a lover or injured in another way, as revenge spell will identify a specific target and send them ill will. Revenge spells can inflict nightmares, hallucinations, general misfortune or even death upon another. They are dark magic spells that are extremely dangerous to cast and should only be attempted by a professional spell caster.

Sex spells

Sex spells will turn up the heat in the bedroom! You can cast a sex spell to couple sex spellsenhance your current relationship or to attract someone new into your life. Sex spells will make you absolutely irresistible to others, but use them with caution! A poorly cast sex spell can end up in an obsession or stalker situation. Make sure you want to connect with the person you are casting it on before and for general sex spells to make you more attractive, be sure you always practice safe sex!

Black magic spells

Black magic spells are dark magic spells that are cast for selfish purposes. White magic seeks to only cast spells that are for the greater good of all involved. You can’t take away anyone else’s free will or do anything that might harm someone. Well, black magic finds this to be way too restricting. After all, most things we do in life are to achieve selfish ends. Black magic is just an extension of this. So, if you want that specific job promotion or want to target someone directly, then black magic should be your practice of choice. But be careful, Black magic can backfire, so never cast these spells on your own.

Black magic money spells

dollar bills money spellsBlack magic money spells use these same dark magical powers to bring money into your life. There are many different kinds of black magic spells, but sometimes they are difficult to find. That’s because when you know what went into a spell, it is easier to break or reverse it. Therefore, many black magic spellcasters keep their black magic spells a secret! But reach out to any professional spellcaster and they will certainly have their own arsenal of black magic money spells.

Latin Spells

Latin spells can be cast to achieve any end. They harness the power of the old ways by using the Latin language to give your spell extra powers. These spells (if they are not fakes) have been handed down for centuries, so they have inherent power in their words. When you use these chants and ancient practices, your spell will be extra powerful! Ask your professional spellcaster about the perfect Latin spell for you!

Vampire Spells

vampire portrait spellsVampires and vampire spells revolve around the magic of blood, specifically human blood. Blood not only carries the DNA of our ancestors, but it also is the carrier of the life force. Vampires consume human blood to support their eternal existence and society has been fascinated with these terrifying creatures for centuries. There are two categories of vampire spells: spells to protect you from vampires and spells to turn you into a vampire. The first is definitely easier than the second, but if you want to achieve eternal youth, powers of hypnosis and mind control, and unparalleled sex appeal, then check out some of our vampire spells here!

Who can cast spells?

Anyone can try to cast magic spells, but they probably won’t be effective! That’s because spellcasting is an ancient practice that requires training and practice. It is much, much more than just chanting a few words over a candle. A spellcaster actually has to learn how to hone their intention, and then send it into the universe with incredible force and will. Not to mention the vast array of negative consequences and unintended effects that a spell can have. Professional spellcasters know how to prevent these from manifesting, how to cast spells of protection and even diversion in the most dangerous cases.

Do spells actually work?

Yes, spells actually work. That is why witchcraft and spellcasting as a practice have not faded away. In fact, the practice has endured in spite of horrific persecution and attempts to eradicate the ways of old. Spells have been cast for generations upon generations, and have been passed down through families and through trusted partners.

How do I choose a spellcaster to grant my wishes?

  • Work with a trusted partner site
  • Read the bio of your spellcaster and check their skills to make sure they are a good fit!
  • Always check the customer satisfaction ratings and reviews

Our Top 3 Online Spellcasters!

Best Psychic Readings Kasamba spell castingBest Psychic Readings from Kasamba, is a master spellcaster. He offers all kinds of spells including the black magic spells, black magic revenge spells, sex spells and anything else you need. With over 24,500 reviews and ratings, he still has 5 stars. He’s been offering psychic readings and spellcasting services since 2004! Give him a call and find out which spells are best for you! He’s a little more on the pricey side at $23.99 per minute, but if you take advantage of Kasamba’s “first three minutes for free” offer, you will save a bundle!

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Love Psychic Nathalye for sex spells at kasamba spell castingAlso on Kasamba, Love Psychic Nathalye can cast black magic spells, lust spells, and reverse spells. With over 5,000 reviews she maintains a 5-star rating. Nathalye is a 7th generation spellcaster who can bring back your ex-lover or make them regret that they ever hurt you!

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Yvonne Spellcast at Keen sex spells spell castingOur other amazing partner site is Keen. Their spellcaster Yvonne Spellcast has the ability to respond to urgent love cases, so if you need a sex spell right now, definitely give her a call! She has over 14,000 reviews, a 5-star rating and only bills at $2.22 per minute, so why wait? Keen even offers the first 3 minutes for free so get your sex spell cast now!

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Can spells backfire?

Yes, spells can definitely backfire. That’s why it’s really important to work with someone who really knows what they are doing! Spells that are poorly cast have a nasty way of finding their way back to you. So, always use divination like tarot and fortune telling to sort out any possible negative outcomes. A psychic advisor can help you with that. And always use a professional spellcaster to

When to use spellcasting

Spellcasting can be used at any time, but people usually discover it when all other methods in the mundane world seem to fail them. Let’s say the court system is broken and has completely left you out to dry. This is a great time to use spellcasting to make the wheels of justice move in your favor. Or perhaps you want to catch the eye of someone special, but it seems you are invisible to them. In this case, a love spell or a sex spell can make them finally notice you! Spells are powerful and can be written to serve your exact intention. Talk to a professional today to learn more!

Pros of casting spells

  • Could help you where nothing else will
  • Can be written to suit your exact needs
  • Can be cast without others knowing anything
  • Will achieve their intended purpose without leaving any evidence behind

Cons of casting spells

  • Can be very dangerous to perform
  • There are lots of possible unintended consequences
  • Always use methods of magical protection in case of backlash

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a professional spellcaster cast a spell over the phone, chat or email?
Yes, of course, they can! A witch can cast a spell from anywhere and for anyone. The only thing they need to know is some basic information about you and your situation. With more complicated black magic spells, a spellcaster may request a personal item or more detailed information, but you don’t need to be in the room with them when they cast the spell.
How long does it take for a spell to work?
Spells take effect immediately! Some spells take a while to manifest completely, but the effects begin as soon as the energies are sent into the universe.
How long will the effects of a spell last?
Spells are permanent, but depending on what the spell was intending to achieve, if it was something specific, then consider the spell finished once you have received what you intended. For other spells, they last forever, unless broken.
Can a spell be broken if I don’t want it in my life anymore?
Yes, so long your professional spell caster knows or can figure out what went into your spell, any spell can be broken or reversed. But some spells are extremely powerful, such as black magic spells, and these will only be broken by a powerful witch.
I’m not sure which kind of spell to cast. How do I choose?
Speak to your spellcaster! They know all of the spells and will be able to help you find the perfect one for you. They may even be able to write a special spell specifically for you!

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September 2020

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