These Six Healing Services Can Surprising Be Enjoyed Remotely

These Six Healing Services Can Surprising Be Enjoyed Remotely

It’s not just psychic readings that you can enjoy from the comfort of your couch, you can also find plenty of online and remote healers who can work with your energy or send you healing vibes, and you don’t have to leave the house!   And if you are lucky enough, you can often find healers who also offer psychic or tarot reading services at the same time which gives you way more value for your money!


Reiki is a form of hands-on healing originating from Japan.  It reduces stress, clears blockages in your energy and psyche and can help you move into the right energy to attract your goals in life.  Reiki healers can send such energy remotely, and it will have just the same effect as it would if the Reiki healer was physically in your presence.  

Crystal Healing

Did you know that you only have to visualise a crystal to start to receive its beneficial properties?  Sounds incredible right? But it’s true. Which is why it’s entirely possible for you to enjoy a crystal healing virtually and have your cards read at the same time!

Energy Healing

Energy healing works in a similar way as Reiki but there are some energy healers who only need to make a connection with you, and they start to shift your energy, clearing away the blockages, and replacing the stuck energy with new vibrant energy.  Try it; sometimes you can even feel it happening as you are talking with your online healer.

Aura Healing

Most people realise that we can read each other’s aura’s – it’s how we figure them out.  But sometimes we can carry a blockage that might cause us to have negative interactions or might manifest in illness.  Keep your aura clear by booking an online aura healing. Trust us; you’re going to love it!

Angel Healing

Angel healers, also don’t have to be in your presence to assist you with healing.  They can call on and interact with angels for you no matter where you are which makes this type of healing perfect for conducting virtually.

Shamanic Healing

Shaman’s use spells, meditation and journeying to connect with your energy and assist you with healing, and they don’t need to be physically in your presence to do so.  The beauty of Shamanic healing is that there are no limitations to what they can heal.

To find a healer online, all you need to do is search the psychic sites such as those listed in the chart on this page, using the search term ‘healing’.  Or if you prefer a specific type of healing search for the name of the healing such as those described above.  

Then you just connect with your chosen healer in the same way you would a psychic and tell them that you are calling for some healing.  

Et voila! You will now be remotely healed, and you didn’t even need to change out of your pyjamas

Have you tried remote or virtual healing?  How was your experience, please let us know in the comments below.


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