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Do you want to know whether your new love is a soul mate?  Are you experiencing a difficult relationship with somebody close to you who may just be somebody with a soulmate connection to you?  Or are you wondering whether you’ll ever meet your soulmate? You can find out the answers to all of these questions from a soulmate reading and what’s more, we’ve got the lowdown right here on soulmates, soulmate readings and where to find free soulmate readings. All you need to do is sit back, relax and keep on reading.  


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What is a Soulmate Reading?


A soulmate reading is a specific type of psychic or spiritual reading which is often carried out by a psychic who specialises in soulmate connections.  Many times the psychics are already skilled in a variety of mediums to ensure their accuracy and delivery style is successful. 

Some of the skills you can expect to see are;

  • Clairvoyant
  • Clairaudient
  • Clairsentient
  • Angel Cards
  • Tarot
  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Runes

This is not an exclusive list, there are many more different ways that a psychic can read a soulmate connection, but these are the most common skills that you might come across.  

Soulmate connections by their very nature are powerful, sparks will fly when you meet a soulmate, and even though there is always a lot of romance surrounding the notion of a soulmate, the reality is that these types of relationships are often painful and challenging just because you’ve already got a lot of history together – you just can’t remember.  Because the energy of the past (which is unknown to you consciously) is affecting your soulmate relationship.

A soulmate reading will help you to understand the dynamics of your soulmate relationship and will ideally give you some support and guidance about how to clean up the energy so that you have the best chance of making the relationship work, for understanding each other or in moving on with love.  

Who Soulmate Readings Are For?

Soulmate readings are suitable for people who are experiencing a challenging time with a person they relate to in a loving manner.  

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the person should be a romantic partner though because soulmate relationships can be found in all types of relationships; from a Mother and her Daughter, to siblings, work colleagues, friends and lovers.

 If you are experiencing profound difficulties, love or dynamics in a relationship then a soulmate reading will help you to understand what is happening

Some people choose to enjoy a soulmate reading when they are wondering when they will meet their romantic ‘soulmate’, or life partner.  But if you are not sure whether you want to take the plunge on a full soulmate reading there are plenty of free soulmate readings available too.

What are Soulmates

Soulmates are said to be people that we have been connected to in a past life, who are now reincarnated. When you have a soulmate connection, you have met a soul that you already know, and already have history with.  

Which is why, if your soulmate connection isn’t a parent or family member you will feel a deep connection, heightened emotion, curiosity and even infatuation when you meet them.  

This connection can be confusing because there is a popular, romantic myth about soulmates.   The myth assumes that when you have this type of strong bond with a member of the opposite sex, or gender you are attracted to you might consider this connection as being a clear sign that this is the right person for you, and the one you are destined to settle down with.

While it is entirely possible that you might settle down with somebody who you have had a soul mate connection with, the reality of this is scarce.  

Soul mates relationships are often intense, complex, challenging and demanding and when we meet a romantic partner who has a soulmate connection with us, you can be sure that things are not going to be smooth sailing.  

This is because soulmates usually arrive on our journey in life and vice versa for many reasons such as;

  • To clear up karma.
  • To attain closure at a soul level.
  • To teach us something profound and essential.
  • To remind us who we are.
  • To warn us, or correct our pathway.

Each of these reasons and the soul connection combined means that there are some deep and profound experiences heading your way and if you can clear them, attain closure and are both still in a position to be together then you may be able to turn this person into a life partner.  But only when you’ve cleared up everything that is causing you to feel this deep connection in the first place!

Of course, you could try to have a serious relationship with a soulmate, however, you can expect a crazy and rocky road at least for a while until you’ve worked through whatever it is that you need to work through together on a soul level.  Soulmate readings are really useful for helping to understand what on earth is going on in this relationship, and to clear up the energy between you.

Other types of soulmate connections are extraordinarily varied and can be with pretty much anybody, anywhere in the world from a complete stranger to a close family member.  

Here are some examples of some real-life soulmate connections;

A Mother and Daughter, involved in a complex and profoundly protective relationship together (further complicated because they are parent and child in this life).  The Daughter in this life takes on the Motherly role from an emotional perspective and feels compelled to protect the Mother, and the Mother allows this to happen.

This relationship, as you can imagine is unhealthy in many cases, in particular for the daughter.

But after a soulmate reading, the Daughter learns that she was once her Mum’s Mum in a former life, and in that past life her Mum (daughter in that life) was disabled and she (as the Mother) didn’t step up as she was supposed to do, and failed to learn the crucial lessons that her soul was there to learn.  

These lessons are now playing out in this life, through their relationship as Mother and Daughter. And now that the Daughter can understand why, she can accept the situation and make the most out of it not just in this life, but also for her and her Mothers souls.  And because of the nature of the relationship in this life (being Mother and Daughter,) it’s a strong clue that both parties need to work through this situation, and not walk away from it – otherwise, they wouldn’t be bound together as Mother and Daughter.

A man makes a new friend; the friend is riddled with complications in his life and often doesn’t help himself.  His friend, over the years, even though he knows his friend needs to step up and stop behaving in the way he is cannot walk away.  He is always there for him, despite the implications that it has on his marriage and other vital relationships. After a soulmate reading, he learns that this man was his brother in a former life.  Now that he understands the connection, he can now decide whether to let the man go (which is a profound lesson for both parties) or to carry on as he is and risk ruining his life to support this man.

In this scenario, the lessons here may well be that the man who is helping his friend needs to stop enabling him and walk away and enjoy the life he has created for himself without guilt.  

Perhaps the brothers in the past prevented each other from being independent of each other.  

When the friend stops supporting the man, maybe it will be the shock he needs to step up and sort himself out.  In walking away the energy and dynamics are likely to be resolved. And both parties will become free from the unhealthy dynamic.  Lessons about setting boundaries, not being a martyr and standing for what is right as well as lessons in independence, self-discipline and self-respect are showing here.  

Perhaps these friends will move on and never contact each other again once the energy is cleared, but there is no doubt that they will both have a place in each other’s hearts for eternity.

These examples serve to explain the complex and challenging, yet profound nature of soulmate relationships and as you can see, also demonstrate how a soulmate reading can help to clear up the dynamics for the betterment of both parties.  

If you are not ready for a full soulmate reading there are free soulmate readings available that can help you start to shine the light on your situation.

How to enjoy a healthy relationship with a soulmate

If you think you are involved in a soulmate relationship, and you are struggling to understand what you can do to resolve the dynamics between you, then a soulmate reading will help you.  

Through a soulmate reading, you will learn what you need to do so that can start to turn a potentially difficult relationship into a healthy one. But be warned, it will be challenging to your psyche.  That’s the beauty of a soulmate relationship! 

Ideally, to really enjoy a healthy relationship with a soulmate you will need to clear up the energy from the past so that you can start from a new fresh platform, which could mean loving and letting go – unless the relationship is one that is difficult to move away from (such as with parents, children or close family members).  

Managing your expectations about soulmates will always serve you well when dealing with a soulmate relationship as well as seeking guidance from an expert.  

What You Can Expect From Your Soulmate Reading

A soulmate reading should help you to understand what on earth has just hit you (if you’ve just met a soulmate) you’ll also start to understand what is going on and how to start to make headway towards a better situation.  

You may hear frank discussions about things that you might need to do that you will find challenging.  After all, these are soul mates here to teach you lessons, and they show you some of the hardest lessons.  

In the case of the man mentioned above, walking away from his friend was the last thing he wanted to do.  It probably broke his heart to have to do so, but at the same time, he will feel exhilarated at having found the strength to do what he knew in his psyche he needed to do and it’s this clarity that you can expect from a soulmate reading.

You’ll leave your soulmate reading, feeling clearer about the situation, and hopefully with some steps and strategies that you can take to move forward.  Don’t forget the spiritual readers, who are conducting your soulmate reading are connecting to higher guides and beings, who can see the bigger picture and the purpose of the connection you are experiencing.  

Where To Find Free Soulmate Readings

  • Kasamba are offering three minutes free and at the time of writing are also offering 50% of the remaining minutes if you choose to stay.  This is an excellent idea because you can access and trial a professional soulmate reader, rather than using something that is automated online.
  • Keen also offer three minutes free and then ten minutes for $1.99
  • Free Soulmate reading online.  Requires you to enter your name, date of birth and email to reveal the cards but the reading is free.

Where To Find the Best Soulmate Readers Online

There are plenty of soulmate readers online, all you’ll need to do is find one that you can relate to and who’s reading style you like.  

Here are our picks:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

  • Kasamba– Get three minutes free!
  • Oranum – No offers but a wide variety of different types of spiritual readings. Psychic Source- Low priced readings right now!
  • Keen – 10 minutes for $1.99

Still Sitting On The Fence About A Soulmate Reading?  

Here are the Pros and Cons Of Getting A Soulmate Reading Today


  • Get clarity on any situation right now.
  • Better than therapy!
  • Helps you to put your relationship into perspective.
  • Prevents you from wasting time on the wrong people.
  • Plenty of choice of readers and reading styles to suit your tastes
  • Professional readers provide high-quality responsible readings
  • A reading will never be intimidating


  • You won’t always hear what you want to hear.
  • You cannot control the message.  
  • If you are not meant to hear something you won’t and vice versa
  • You may not always like the delivery style of your chosen reader.
  • You do need to discern and seek out reputable readers to avoid impersonation and con artists
  • You’ll always get what you can handle, but you might not feel as though you are ready to hear it (even though if it’s given to you-you will be prepared).

Are you ready to take find out who your soulmate is?

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