FREE Dog Psychic Readings

FREE Dog Psychic Readings

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man and dogDogs are well known as being man’s best friend. So, what do you do when your furry loved one is in a funk, acting out, or lost? Dog psychics, or animal communicators as they are sometimes referred to, can use their powers of telepathy to communicate with your dog to get the answers you need.

Find out what your dog is thinking, what they need and if they are lost, where to find them.

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Dogs as pets throughout history

woman and dogHow did dogs evolve from Ferrell wolves into man’s best friend? It was once believed that the first domesticated wolves came from the Middle East about 15,000 years ago, but new evidence suggests it might have been even earlier.

Scientists believe that wolves that started hanging around human camps to scavenge for scraps left by humans. Over time, those that were predisposed to domestication became attached to the group.

According to Katherine M. Rogers, author of the book “First Friend,” and Professor Emerita from Brooklyn College, women may, in fact, have been the first to domesticate wild wolves. It makes sense because studies show that when dogs and humans gaze into each other’s eyes, the hormone oxytocin is released. Oxytocin is known as the cuddle hormone or the love hormone and is released during physical contact such as hugging, kissing, petting your animal friend, and even nursing for lactating moms.

The healing powers of dogs

service dogAccording to The New York Times, not only are dogs able to help blind people see, help deaf people hear, and help the immobilized move, but they also have other healing effects on humans. Apparently, pet owners make 30% fewer visits to doctors and tend to have lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Additionally, their heart attack risk is also lower than people without pets.

Clearly, there may be other factors at play, but the bottom line here is that having a dog definitely reduces your stress level. Dogs apparently even have the ability to detect cancer in human patients. They’re able to detect it by smelling a person’s breath, and now scientists are trying to figure out if they can help to diagnose ovarian cancer as well. There is even evidence to show that some dogs can detect seizures before they happen, or alert people with diabetes that they are about to go into a hypoglycemic episode. What an amazing list of abilities!

Dogs as protectors

Because dogs are naturally pack animals, they have an instinctive nature to protect others their loved ones. Some dogs are specifically bred to be people protectors or guard dogs. We’ve all seen police and security forces using trained German Shepherds and Rottweilers to help them in their work. Dobermans are another common people protector.

Then there are flock protectors like sheep guard dogs and sheep herding dogs. These dogs are easily trained to protect the sheep from predators and keep them from wandering off. There are watch dogs who are trained to warn their owners of an incoming intruder but don’t necessarily attack like guard dogs do. In any case, the protective instincts of dogs are well-known and well-documented. But what about other kinds of protection?

Are dogs psychic?

There are many incredible things that dogs are able to predict. Dogs can predict earthquakes, major storms, illnesses including cancer, and even when a woman will go into labor. Perhaps there are scientific explanations for these occurrences. Or maybe there is more to the story.

It is clear that dogs have heightened senses. Their sense of smell is better, their hearing is better, and in general, they are simply better at picking up on cues than humans are. But what exactly is extrasensory perception? Isn’t that exactly what we are referring to – the ability to pick up on energies beyond the average five senses that humans employ? Knowing an earthquake is going to happen is foreseeing the future, albeit not very far in the future, but still! How is that different than someone having a dream about something that comes true years later?

Many people believe that science will one day be able to explain clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuitive abilities, and mediumship. There are many things that science has yet to explain. Before the Greeks theorized that the Earth was spherical, scientists believe that the Earth was flat. And their limited scientific abilities proved their theory. However, it did turn out to be wrong.

As science advances, more and more things are explained that were previously misunderstood. Rather than being far-fetched and out of this world, extrasensory perception is actually quite a reasonable concept and is pretty easy to understand. We will just have to wait for science to catch up and prove it. How long do you think it will take?

Tips for improving your psychic connection with your dog

  • Figure out what your psychic type is. Not everybody receives intuitive information in the same way. Some people hear a voice in their head, but others simply feel something. Still, others receive visual images. Take the time to observe yourself. What feels most natural to you? If something feels foreign and strange you can probably start looking somewhere else.
  • Take the time to meditate. It is very important to shut down the voice of the ego. Communicating telepathically is an intuitive skill where the ego needs to learn to take a back seat.
  • Signal to your dog that you’re ready to communicate. You don’t have to look them in the eye, you can simply send them a telepathic message. But be sure to let them know, otherwise they might be surprised and confused.
  • Be patient. Making a telepathic connection can take time. your dog may be resistant at first so don’t push it.

How can a dog psychic help me?

sad dogIf your dog seems upset or not his or herself and you are not able to figure out what’s going on, then look to a dog psychic, but be certain to bring your dog to the vet first in order to rule out any physical ailments. A psychic reading should never replace medical care.

However, a dog psychic can assist your veterinarian if they are having trouble diagnosing your dog. Once you have ruled out physical ailments, you can start looking at emotional and spiritual possibilities. Especially if you’ve tried our tips on communicating with your dog but you just can’t seem to get a clear answer. A dog psychic will help you figure out what’s going on.

Common dog problems

There a lots of common dog problems that a pet psychic can help you address with your pet. Here are a few:

  • Why does my dog keep barking?
  • How would my dog feel about bringing a new pet into the home?
  • Why is my dog acting out?
  • How does my dog feel about moving apartments or houses?
  • How is my dog handling an illness or pain? Is there anything I can do to make them more comfortable?
  • Does my dog feel at home with me?
  • Is there anything my dog would like to tell me?
  • Where is my missing dog

Missing dogs

When our dogs go missing it can be devastating. We wonder if they’ve been stolen or if they’re lost and afraid. We worry about their health and their well-being. We wonder if they’re ever going to come home.

There are pet psychics or animal communicators who specialize in locating missing pets. By tuning into your dog’s energy field and striking up a conversation telepathically, a dog psychic can locate your pet by analyzing a series of clues.

Your dog may be able to send a visual image of their surroundings which will allow the psychic to help you find them by process of elimination. Let’s say the image is a body of water. How many lakes do you have in your neighborhood, or how many streams or beaches? Through the process of elimination, you can narrow down where to search for your missing dog.

Let’s say your dog sends a visual image of somebody’s face. Now you know that either someone has found your pet and is taking care of them or perhaps they were stolen by the person. If the accompanying feeling is one of comfort, then you know they at the very least, temporarily okay. Either way, you have some clues to help you find your pet.

Finding a great dog psychic

So, where do you go to find the best dog psychic? The best strategy for finding accurate and legitimate dog psychics or animal communicators is the same as finding psychics for people. Just like when you’re looking for a new doctor, it’s a great idea to start out by asking friends and family for recommendations.

If your friends and family don’t make a habit of working with psychics, you can check in your local New Age store. New Age stores have a lot more going on than just selling crystals, pretty journals, and tarot cards. New Age stores typically also offer services such as reiki and aura cleansing, group classes on psychic abilities and as well as things like private tarot readings.

If they themselves do not have an in-house psychic, they can certainly recommend someone to you. And even if the person they recommend does not specialize in animal communicating, they can certainly find you someone who does. Word of mouth referrals are a really great way to find someone that you can trust.

Another really important factor in choosing a dog psychic is making sure that your do psychic is reviewed and rated. If you’re looking at their website, check for legitimate customer reviews and ratings. Is the website simply full of ads with all sorts of promises for absolutely free services? If so, go look somewhere else.

The best dog psychics

The websites we like to recommend most are Keen, Kasamba, AskNow, and Oranum. This is because they all have a proven track record of excellent services, money back guarantees, clearly posted customer service satisfaction reviews and ratings, biographies of their psychics, as well as convenient filters to help you sort out the best psychics with the specific abilities you are looking for.

Additionally, they all offer some really great deals for new customers. This is important because anyone who understands how psychic services work, knows that forming a personal connection with your psychic is crucial for the success of your work together. It isn’t just about qualifications, work experience and success rates. You must energetically connect with your psychic in order for the service to work its best. Therefore, it is really important to be able to try out your psychic before committing to a lot of work together.

Keen has a great introductory offer of the first 10 minutes for $1.99. That is a great amount of time to speak with your chosen psychic about your situation and begin receiving answers to your questions. If you are finding that the reading is spot on, you can simply continue your reading and begin being billed at the new rate.

Kasamba offers the first three minutes for free forever when trying out a new psychic. That means you can literally try out as many psychics as you want! Now, nobody wants to shop psychics forever, but it is a really great way to try out a few options with no risk before making your decision.

AskNow logoAsk Now has rates as los as $1 per minute! That is also a great of way of trying out a few different dog psychics without needing to worry about your bank account. Only talk for as long as you want and stop the conversation any time.

Oranum has a great live stream where you can watch your psychic at work without ever signing up for anything. You’ll also get $9.99 worth of free Oranum credits for your first session.


Pros of dog psychics

  • Help you find a missing pet
  • Modify bad behaviors
  • Find the source of mystery illnesses when vets cant
  • Communicate your feelings
  • Learn what your dog is thinking
  • Ease your dog’s transition

Cons of dog psychics

  • Never substitute for medical care
  • Be careful to avoid scams

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