FREE Cat Psychic Readings Online

FREE Cat Psychic Readings Online

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catThe elusive and mystical cat has been adored and pursued by humans for thousands of years. Cats live on their own terms. They give affection when they want to and they take their solitude when they need it. But cats can also be very loyal and close to humans. They are even believed to be spiritual protectors with healing powers. Are you wondering what your cat is thinking? Lots of people want to find out, and thanks to cat psychics, you can!

There are lots of things you can discover by working with a pet psychic or cat psychic. Whether for something serious like locating your missing cat, or something more subtle like trying to figure out the reason for their odd behavior, cat psychics can give you great insight.

Want to know what your Cat is REALLY thinking?

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November 2018

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Cats throughout history

In ancient Egypt, cats were revered and worshipped. Over 4,000 years ago, the ancient peoples of Egypt domesticated cats as pets and as hunting animals. Cats were useful because they kept the home free of rodents, and were also successful hunting partners for fish and birds along the Nile river. In ancient Egypt it was illegal to kill, abuse or sell cats, however, a black-market developed none-the-less and cats gradually spread across the world.

Cats in Medieval times

catIn medieval Europe, cats were so prolific that people eventually became terrified of them. So much so, that Europeans engaged in a cat purge around the time of the bubonic plague. Cats were associated with witchcraft, and sadly, women who cared for the millions of stray, homeless cats, were often accused and persecuted. They wound up suffering the same fate as the cats – being shunned and ostracized.

The sad irony is that the purge of the cats only assured the survival of the plague-bearing rodent, the rat. Had the peoples of Medieval Europe kept the cats around, the bubonic plague probably would not have become so terribly widespread.

Cats in Pagan times

In Celtic and Nordic Pagan religions cats were considered to be the guardians of the Netherworld. As such, cats were the link between humans and the spiritual world. They were considered to be lucky and they were believed to be guides. Today many people still consider the cat to be mystical and attuned to something that we cannot see. It is not a coincidence that the cat is still the favorite animal for practitioners of witchcraft. And as a spirit guide, the cat is an insightful partner.

The healing powers of cats

kittenDid you know that the frequency of a cat’s purr is exactly 26 Hertz? This is the exact same frequency that scientists use to promote tissue generation in vibrational therapy. High-intensity pressure and strength exercises promote strong bones and muscles, and in the same way, vibrational therapy can have the same healing powers. Could it be that a cat’s purr can actually heal you?

The magic of cats has even more wonderful benefits for you. Petting a cat and feeling their purring can calm you and lower your stress levels. It can even decrease the symptoms of dyspnea, which is a difficulty in breathing that affects both cats and humans. Hearing a cat’s purr even lowers your blood pressure!

And did you know that cat owners have a 40% lower risk of having a heart attack? Who knew that petting your familiar would reduce your risk of getting heart disease? And cat purrs are also said to help to heal infections, induce muscle growth, provide pain relief, repair damaged tissues and all kinds of other wonderful things. Read more about the healing powers of cats at Medium!

The magic of the purr

So why do cats even purr? It turns out that cats don’t only purr when they’re happy, they also purr when they’re scared, injured, or even dying. The belief is that cats purr in order to induce healing in their own bodies. What a wonderful gift that they share with you! With all of these wonderful things your pet is doing for you, don’t you want to be sure that he or she is happy?

Cats as spiritual protectors

cat yawningWe all know that cats have super-heightened senses. Their sense of sight is keen, as they are able to see in the daytime and in the night. Their sense of hearing is razor sharp, as they can hear a mouse scratching a field away. Their reflexes are instant, and they are sensitive to the touch. Seeing as extra-sensory perception is merely a heightened extension of the normal five senses we are all born with, it is not a stretch to recognize that cats would also be attuned to the metaphysical.

Cats are known to be spiritual protectors. They can sense spirits, especially evil ones, and their own energies are protective. It is well known that we do not choose our cats, but that they choose us. They come into our lives as spiritual guides, and sometimes even as familiars. When a cat is your familiar, it will magnify your magical abilities. So, they’re not only soft and cuddly but powerful too!

Are cats psychic?

Absolutely, and most people are psychic too, even if they don’t realize it. We are all born with the ability to develop our extrasensory perception skills. As we experience the five senses in our world: sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste, we are all simultaneously born with intuition and the ability to pick up on energies around us. Some people clearly have a very heightened sense set of senses, but even for those of us for whom it doesn’t come naturally, it can be improved upon. And just as humans have the ability to communicate beyond the five senses, so do animals!

Most people have experienced animals, and in particular, cats, behaving strangely before natural disasters. It is pretty common for cats to act out before a major storm or earthquake. Then once the natural disaster has passed, their behavior returns to normal. Whether they are able to sense pressure changes in the air or feel the seismic movements of the earth long before they arrive, cats are definitely very attuned.

I know that every time I come home from work, all three of my kitties are waiting for me at the front door. We have anywhere from six to eight people in the house at a time, so it’s not just the jingling of keys that gets them running. Cats pick up on human energy. They’re very sensitive, and this sensitivity extends to the spiritual realm.

Tips for improving your psychic connection with your cat

Want to improve your psychic connection with your cat? Give these tips a try!

  • Remain calm while you try to communicate with your cat
  • Send a very simple and clear message
  • Don’t reject any thought or feeling you have during the communication
  • Welcome any image or idea that comes to you even if it seems silly
  • Trust your intuition
  • Try sending your cat a mental picture of their favorite food and imagine them enjoying it
  • If you feel a strange physical or mental sensation, stay with it. You may be experiencing your cat’s feelings in your own body
  • Don’t give up if it doesn’t work the first time. Sometimes it takes a while to develop a channel of communication
  • Be sure you don’t make it too long. 10 to 15 minutes is enough
  • say thank you when you’re done

How can a cat psychic help me?

Has your cat’s behavior changed a lot recently? Have you taken her to the vet but everything seems fine? When we try to communicate with our cats but we just can’t seem to get to the bottom of what’s going on, a cat psychic or cat communicator cannot only understand what they are feeling but can also give you advice as to how to improve the situation. They can help you to get your kitty back to his or her normal self!

Common cat problems

catHas there been a change in your home recently? Have you moved to a new house? You may need to talk to your cat about how they feel in their new home. Especially if you have an indoor/outdoor cat. They may be missing their friends or their old haunts. Even if you can’t do anything about the change, it would be very helpful to communicate to your cats that you understand what they’re missing and why they’re upset! If they know that you care and that you’re committed to helping them fulfill these needs in your new home, it can make all of the difference in the world!

Or maybe you have brought home another pet? Cats can have all kinds of mixed feelings about that. Or perhaps a new baby is the addition to the family. Cats experience emotions, as do humans, although they are definitely cat emotions! If your cat is feeling displaced, neglected, or confused about the new member in the family, it can be very helpful to have a cat psychic offer words of reassurance to your pet. they may also be able to gather insights into what kind of things will make your pet feel more safe, secure, and comfortable.

Missing pets

Perhaps your cat is missing? Did your cat leave or was she taken by someone? A pet psychic can help you figure out whether your cat is happy and doing well, or whether your cat is in trouble. Sometimes cats simply decide to move on. Who knows what spiritual messages they are receiving. But other times, a cat might be lost, or afraid to return home for some reason. A cat psychic can help you figure out what’s going on.

Finding a great cat psychic

If you need help communicating with your cat, we have some great cat psychics to recommend to you. It can be hard to find a reliable pet psychic because there are probably a million online options out there! And if you don’t have a friend that can recommend somebody they trust, then its very hard to know where to start. Doing a Google search you’ll probably wind up with thousands of offers for free readings and best services. Which ones are scams and which ones are legitimate?

We are happy to help you out by sorting out the frauds from the true psychics. Our partner sites vet all of their animal communicators, and every one of them is reviewed and rated. You can visit their sites and do a simple search using filters to narrow down the available cat psychics. Then go ahead and check out their bios. Who do you resonate with?

Our partner sites also offer really great deals for new customers, so if you’re leery of trying something new, you can give it a shot practically risk-free. For example, our partner site, Keen, offers the first ten minutes of your reading for only $1.99! You can stop after ten minutes and not spend a penny more. If you want to continue or schedule a full session, that is your choice!

At Kasamba it’s even more flexible. You can try out as many psychic advisors as you want for free for the first 3 minutes. That’s really nice because even if someone is a great psychic, it doesn’t guarantee that they resonate with us. It’s really nice to have that flexibility!

At Oranum you can take the time to watch your preferred psychics live on their live stream without booking anything at all! Do you like how they talk to animals? Do they have the right kind of demeanor and energy? AskNow logoYou can see all of this live before making a decision. AskNow also has great deals like $1 per minute. Wow! That can really go a long way!

So, if you’re ready to figure out what cranky kitty is up to, or if you need to send a message to your missing loved one, check out our recommendation and comment back below. We would love to hear all about your experience!

Pros of cat psychics

  • Help you figure out what’s wrong with your cat
  • Locate your missing cat
  • Communicate your feelings to your cat

Cons of cat psychics

  • Be sure to work with a professional cat psychic
  • Follow best practices to avoid scams and frauds

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