FREE Pet Psychic Readings Online

FREE Pet Psychic Readings Online

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sad dogIs your pet acting strangely and you wish you knew what was wrong? Have you taken them to the vet already but everything seems to be fine? Animals have complex emotions just like humans do. The problem is we have difficulty communicating with them sometimes. A pet psychic or animal communicator can get to the bottom of your pet’s bad mood, discomfort, or a general feeling of uneasiness.

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November 2018

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What is a pet psychic or pet communicator?

A pet psychic works the same way as any other psychic. By tuning in to the energy fields around your pet, they are able to read the vibrations and energies affecting them. Whether your pet psychic is clairvoyant, intuitive, works with divination, or is a psychic medium, the skillset works the same way on animals as it does on humans. Although your pet cannot share its concerns verbally, a true psychic can pick up on the emotions and energies surrounding your loved furry one.

How can a pet psychic help my pet?

angry cat

There are lots of ways in which pet psychics can help your pet. Sometimes pets suddenly begin misbehaving. Qwners try everything, but they just can’t seem to get their pet to behave. Just as children act out when they are unhappy about something, pets can feel frustrated because they are unable to effectively communicate something to you. In this case, they may resort to acting out instead. It could be anything from physical discomfort, to being bored or feeling neglected.

Or perhaps your pet simply doesn’t like its new food or misses playing with other animals. Even if you are a great owner, you love your pet very much, and you try to give them everything you can, without language and expression through words, it can sometimes be difficult to know what’s really going on. For the same reason that little children throw temper tantrums when they don’t have the words to express their intense emotions, pets can act out for lack of a better solution.

Does my pet feel at home with me?

One common question that people have for pet psychics is whether or not their pets feel at home with them. Perhaps you just adopted a new pet from a shelter or took in a pet from another family. Sometimes you give that new pet all of your love and support, but they just don’t seem settled. Wouldn’t it be great to know how they feel? Maybe they are really happy, but because of their history, they’re not quite sure how to express it. Or maybe there is a simple solution to making them feel safe? Perhaps they need some words of encouragement in their own language.

Is my pet feeling any discomfort or pain?

Other times we might wonder whether our pet is in pain. If they’re sleeping more than usual or generally cranky, pet owners often get worried that there might be something physically wrong with their pet. You never want to avoid taking your pet to the veterinarian –  always check with them first. But sometimes if your pet is not exhibiting obvious symptoms, there could be something going on that your vet simply didn’t see.

A pet psychic might be able to help your vet by giving them ideas of other places to look for problems. If your pet psychic is able to determine that your pet is having stomach troubles, it could help your vet sort out what the root of the problem might be. Maladies are not always obvious, and without clear communication, it can be very difficult to determine the symptoms!

Is my pet having trouble adjusting to the new baby?

baby feetDo you have a new baby or pet in the home? You would be surprised how much like children pets can be! They experience jealousy, neglect, or feelings of abandonment just like humans do. When there is a new baby in the house, pets can feel replaced. Just like an older sibling might feel like all of the attention is suddenly going to the new baby, pets can also wonder what is going on and if you still love them.

If you know that your pet is having trouble adjusting to a new baby in the home but you just don’t know how to make them feel secure, a pet psychic can communicate your love and support to them. Just hearing the words that you love them and they haven’t been replaced, and that you expect to all be happy together with the new addition to the family, can be a real relief for your furry friend.

How was my pet’s passage to the Other Side?

Another thing that pet owners find pet psychics to be very helpful for is communicating with pets who have passed to the Other Side. For this, you need a psychic medium. People often want to know whether their pet has found comfort on the other side and if their transition was peaceful enough. Because we don’t always know whether our pets understand our words, it is helpful to have someone translate for us. A pet psychic medium can reach out to your pet and gather information about how they feel about the past and about the present as well.

Lost pet psychics

One of the most common problems that people look to a pet psychic for is finding a lost pet. It is heartbreaking when your pet is lost you don’t know where they are. You wonder if they’re hungry, cold, and tired. Did somebody steal them? Or are they scared and can’t find their way home?

Pets can’t pick up the phone and give us a call to let us know where they are, so finding them can be really difficult. We’ve all seen heartbroken owners posting flyers all over town hoping that a good Samaritan will find their pet and give them a call. But the truth is that there are also bad people out there, and sometimes pets are abducted only to be resold.

Pet psychics can help you find your missing pet. By connecting with them energetically, they can pick up on a lot of cues. For example, if your pet is warm and well-fed, and seems happy but perhaps confused, it could be that some other household has brought the pet in and maybe caring for him. Then at least you don’t need to worry about their health while you are looking for them.

On the other hand, if your pet is cold and shivering you might think to look near lakes and streams. Or if your pet psychic picks up on lots of loud noises and your pet is scared and afraid to move from their place, perhaps they have wound up by a freeway with lots of moving traffic and loud noises. A true pet psychic can deduce a lot of information from the clues that they receive through their psychic connection with your pet.

Pet psychic vs. pet medium

As we mentioned before, pet psychics can use a wide range of skills and tools to make contact with your pet. A pet psychic can be clairvoyant or clairaudient, can use tools of divination, or could be a pet psychic medium. What differentiates a pet psychic medium is that a medium specifically communicates with the souls of the departed. Mediums have a special ability to make connections with beings that have crossed to the Other Side. Psychic mediums can also be clairvoyant and can use tools of divination or other psychic gifts, however, mediumship is a specific kind of psychic ability that involves communicating with loved ones who are no longer physically with us.

How does a pet psychic reading work?

horseA pet psychic reading works just like any other psychic reading. The psychic will ask you a few questions about your pet like what kind of animal they are, what their name is, how old they are, and maybe a few other personal questions. Then, using this information, they will connect to your pet’s energetic field using their special skill set.

A pet psychic reading can be done in person, by phone, by email, or by chat. Your pet does not need to be with you during the psychic reading and a pet psychic can work with any type of animal. Whether you’re worried about your bunny, your lizard, or your cat or your dog, a true pet psychic can make a connection with any living being.

Is my pet psychic?

Did you know that your pet is probably psychic as well? Humans have a tendency to favor their rational, logical, and scientific minds. Now, this is a good thing, of course. However, what can happen is that people lose touch with their intuition as well as their subconscious and unconscious messages and needs. Because animals don’t have verbal communication skills the way humans do, they tend to rely much more heavily on their intuitive side skills. This is one of the reasons that pet psychics can be so successful.

In some cases, it’s even easier for a psychic to work with a pet than with a human. This is because animals are receptive to communications on other levels. Whereas humans struggle with doubts, shame, and resistance, animals tend to be very receptive to pet communicators. So, if your furry friend is just not his or herself, try reaching out to a pet psychic or pet communicator. You might be surprised how much their advice helps you.

How to find the best pet psychics

The best practices for finding a great psychic or medium are the same for pets as they are for people. The most important thing is that you find a psychic who you feel that you really connect with. It is important that you find your psychic at a reputable place. The first thing you can do is ask a friend for a reference. Do you know somebody else who has a pet who has sought out the help of a pet psychic? Or maybe you have a friend who has a psychic for themselves? Word of mouth is the best place to start, and if your friend’s psychic doesn’t work with pets, they certainly have colleagues who do, so they can refer you to someone they trust!

The next thing you can do is go to your local New Age store. These stores typically showcase postings from trusted advisers, offer classes with psychics who also work privately on the side, or in some instances the employees themselves are also professional psychics. And if nobody there offers any psychic readings, it is very likely that they know where you can find someone.

If you don’t have a Local New Age store and you also don’t have any references from friends, then you ought to make use of the many professional psychics available online. Now, I know this can seem daunting because there are probably millions of psychic websites out there offering free services or the best services for you and your pet. How on Earth are you supposed to find the best one? How do you choose?

Choosing the best pet psychic

Your best bet is to go with one of our trusted sites. This is because they’ve been around for a very long time. Some businesses pop up and disappear again the next day, and you never know where your money went. But with our trusted partner sites, you can be sure that you will be well taken care of.

All of our partner sites offer multiple platforms for your psychic reading. You can choose to have a pet psychic reading by email, phone, video chat, or SMS chat. And you can schedule it whenever works for you 24/7. Choose from a long list of available psychics with multiple abilities and specializations.  These online psychic sites also have money-back guarantees – that’s how confident they are in their services. All of their psychics are vetted, reviewed, and rated. So, you can take your time looking for your perfect pet psychic never worry about being the victim of a scam.

Our recommended psychic sites

  • AskNow logoKeen offers the first 10 minutes for only $1.99.
  • Kasamba will give you the first 3 minutes for free.
  • Ask Now has great introductory offers and you can filter psychics by area of specialty.
  • Oranum allows you to watch your psychic in action on their live stream, plus new customers get $9.99 worth of Oranum credits your first scheduled reading.

Pros of pet psychics

  • Communicate with your pet
  • Find your lost pet
  • Discover the source of discomfort or unhappiness

Cons of pet psychics

  • Never skip the vet

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