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A medium is a type of psychic who can speak to the people we have loved and lost, and in times of grief, they can provide immense comfort and even closure which makes them a valuable resource for anybody who knows what it’s like to have lost somebody they love.

We might be interested in enjoying a medium reading for all of the reasons above, but there are also times when we don’t want to fully commit to a full medium reading, or when we might not have the money or courage to fully invest in a full medium reading.  It’s in these situations that we might benefit from a free medium reading.

So in this article, we’ve set out to find out where you might be able to find a free medium reading, what the terms are and how to make the most out of one.


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Is it Possible To Get A Free Medium Reading?

It might sound too good to be true but it is possible to get a free medium reading, and in some cases, you might even be able to get a free full free medium reading too which is harder to come by.

Free medium readings are usually offered by mediums or the psychic sites that a medium might work on to entice you into trying out their services.  You can also often find free medium readings by networking with people who are learning the craft of mediumship, or through free psychic circles or even  occasionally through mind body spirit events and other types of psychic events.

But there are also some other easier ways too, which we’ve highlighted below.

What Types Of Free Medium Readings Are Available?

  • Taster Readings 

Depending on what type of free medium reading you might find, you’ll either get to enjoy a taster reading which will last for a restricted period.  They don’t often last very long but it’s usually enough to find out if you connect with your chosen medium and to test the water.

  • Full Readings 

It is also possible to get longer free medium readings too (even a full free medium reading isn’t out of the equation), you just have to look out for them and they are harder to find.

  • Introductory Offers 

The most consistent types of free medium readings that are available though are the introductory offers which you can find on most psychic hotline sites for new customers.  They are usually always available.

  • Free Chat, Video and Phone Medium Readings 

It’s possible to get free chat style medium readings, video style free medium readings and also the traditional phone medium readings.  And it’s possible to find free face to face medium readings (although harder to find) the only type of free medium reading that we have not been able to find is a free email reading.

So you see, there are plenty of ways to bag a free medium reading and start to dip your toes in the water to see if you could enjoy a full medium reading from a top psychic (which are the best types of medium readings to have by far).

What is The Catch, Why Do People Give Out Free Medium Readings?

There are usually two reasons why somebody might give out a free medium reading.

  • Promotional Purposes
  • To practice and develop their skills 

Promotional Reasons

Most of the free medium readings that you’ll find are usually free because they are promotional.

There’s always a lot of negativity and misbelief surrounding the notion of psychic ability. Some people believe in it; many don’t.  It’s also difficult to express how good you are as a psychic or medium to other people without demonstrating by reading for them (it’s not like you have a portfolio or examples of your work that you can just share).

Psychics and mediums have to rely on giving out free readings, public and unbiased feedback from their clients and verification processes from third-party sites to demonstrate how good they are.  And the third party sites have to prove their credibility too – the only real way you can do that is by providing free demonstrations. Which is why they usually offer an enticing deal which usually includes free medium readings.

Independant mediums might also give out free promotional readings too so that they can have the opportunity to show you that they are the real deal – it’s a win-win situation!  And this is why you can get a free medium reading.

For Practice Purposes

Another reason why you might have access to a free medium reading is if somebody is developing their skill and they need to find people to read for to develop further.

These types of readings can be useful if you find a naturally good reader and can always be fun. However, the catch here is that caution should always be applied.

There’s a lot of skill involved in providing high-quality professional medium readings. Some of this experience lies in actual mediumship ability but also how the messages are translated, and delivered.  Especially in a way that is empowering and for your highest good.

If your reader gets things wrong because they are still learning and have mistranslated the message, or even tried too hard to push a message to meet your needs they might misadvise you.  This could cause you to change the direction of your life unnecessarily, or even to your detriment.

So if you do enjoy this type of free medium reading, it’s always best to treat them as fun, and keep note and give the reader feedback if anything does come true.  You never know in return for that feedback they might give you another free medium reading to say thank you.

What Can I Expect From A Free Medium Reading

Free Promotional Medium Readings

If you are enjoying a free promotional reading (we’ve got lots of links to those coming up!), then you can expect a professional reading conducted in the same way that paid readings are – with the same high-quality mediums (that you can choose yourself).  You’ll be guided professionally, by an experienced medium who will know how to put your best interests first.

It’s just that to get these offers  you’ll have to register your card details, and you’ll have a limited period for free.  When your time is up, you can choose to continue (hence the need for the card), but you’ll be charged for any additional minutes at the pre-advertised rate (on some sites the prices for the psychics are the same, and on others, they are all different).

Free Practice Medium Readings

Sometimes these free medium readings can be a full-length reading (sometimes even lasting way longer – due to inexperience), so you might need to make an excuse to end the reading!

You probably won’t have access to the high tech facilities and 24/7 service that you will get from most of the promotional free medium readings.  It will typically be over the phone, Skype or something similar.

With the free practice medium readings, you may not get the level of professionalism and psychic prowess that you’d get from a psychic hotline for example, because the person providing the reading is practising on you and that’s the deal you’ve entered into.

They might also mis-deliver the messages or even provide inaccurate messages or accidentally say something that could be insensitive, so it’s important to be prepared for that and to understand that this is because they are learning.

Who is A Free Medium Reading For

If you have lost somebody close to you and would like to connect with them or seek closure and answers of some kind, then any professional medium reading will suit you.  Ideally, it’s best to seek out an experienced professional especially if it’s answers or closure that you are looking for because it will be a profound and important reading which probably needs to be delivered professionally.

Even though the professional readings are somewhat limited in free minutes, there are many sites which offer excellent discounted deals for paid readings (after you’ve used your free minutes) for first-time customers – we’ve listed some below.

If you are curious, not seeking closure and are just experimenting, and enjoy having psychic readings, then the free practice readings might be fun for you.

Where to Find Free Medium Readings

Facebook Groups

A great free resource for free practice medium readings  is a Facebook group dedicated to the topics of psychic ability and mediumship.  This is a place where you’ll meet other like-minded people and even find free medium readings from people who are learning or practice your own skills.

Professional Sites That Provide Free Medium Readings With Top Psychics

The following sites, all offer free introductory offers on medium readings (or any other kind of psychic reading that they offer on their site)  these are the sites where you’ll have to register your details and any time spent over your free minutes will be chargeable but these are the best places to get the best quality reading from expert psychics.

Note:These offers are for new registrations to the sites.  

  • Oranum– 10 Minutes Free Chat
  • Life Reader– 4 Minutes Free Chat  + 50% off your first paid reading.
  • Kasamba– 3 Minutes Free Chat

You can also get the following deals which are not free but still an excellent deal.

Keen– 10 Minutes Phone or chat for $1.99

Psychic Source– Phone or Chat for as little as $1 per minute (up to 90% discount).


Oranum is an interesting site because it is like a psychic chat room and  is one of the most well known and professional free psychic chat rooms available.  They don’t provide phone readings, instead focus on creating a ‘world class’ chat room environment which involves text chat or video chat.

You can enjoy, group chat with your favourite psychic, either in general or through their fan pages, and you have the facility to speak privately with your favourite psychic.

You can also video chat and watch your favourite psychic in action without chatting, which you can do via video or through the chat facility.

At the time of writing Oranum is offering $9.99 worth of free chat and a full paid psychic chat reading costs $27.  

How To Prepare For A Free Medium Reading

Once you’ve found the site that you’d like to use to enjoy your free reading, you simply register your details, including your card details when prompted and then your free minutes will be applied.  On some sites such as Keen you’ll have to pay the $1.99 into your Keen account before proceeding, but as soon as you have done that you click ‘call’ (and follow the instructions) or chat and start chatting immediately using your keyboard.

Preparing Mentally

The best readings always occur when a client remains open-minded and takes time to calm themselves and clear their own minds while focusing on whatever it is they want to achieve from their reading, whether that be a question they want to ask or a person they want to connect to.  You have more power over your medium readings than you probably realise and without this effort, the medium could have difficulty in connecting with you.

Preparing Physically

It’s also important that you remain in a quiet room during the reading, any noise, or distraction will lower and influence the connection.  The same can occur if you try to have a reading if you are intoxicated in any way.

Interacting With Your Medium

When you are talking with your chosen medium, try to remain quiet and listen to what the medium is saying unless they prompt you.  When they go quiet they are usually connecting or listening to ‘spirit’, and because the information is not theirs, it can leave their minds in a heartbeat never to be recalled again, so if you talk too much you will distract them and might miss out on important pieces of information that were there for you.

Wear Waterproof Mascara

Finally, remember that free medium readings and paid medium readings alike will be connecting to people who you love and who you have lost.  Expect to feel emotional and make sure that you have some tissues handy (and for this reason, it’s probably wise not to book a reading just before an important trip out).

Where To Find the Best Free Medium Readings

Here are our picks:

Click the links and follow the instructions to chat to your favourite psychic now

Kasamba– Get three minutes free chat!  

Oranum – $9.99 worth of free chat.

Psychic Source– Low cost chat!

Keen– 10 minutes chat for $1.99

Life Reader– 4 minutes of free chat plus 50% off your first full reading.


Here are the Pros and Cons Of Getting A Free Medium Reading


  • Great opportunity to test out mediums before fully committing.
  • There are plenty of free medium readings around from some of the best psychics.
  • If you are unsure how you feel about having a medium reading a free medium reading which is time limited might be a great way to dip your toes in.
  • Medium readings in general are extremely heart warming, comforting and a great opportunity to achieve closure and answers if they are needed. 


  • Sometimes the free minutes are not enough and you might want more as a result.
  • The deals are often limited to one deal per person, unless there are promotional events.
  • It’s hard to find free full readings without spending a lot of time trying to find them.
  • Free readings from inexperienced mediums or unproven independant mediums can be incorrect and sometimes insensitive due to a lack of experience.  

Are you ready to take the plunge and try out your first reading?

Are you ready to take the plunge and try out your first Medium reading? psychic for your first reading?

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