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Free angel card readings are fun, reassuring and easy to find when you know where to look.  They are great for quickly finding inspiration to help you answer a question, solve a problem, or to uplift you.  But whilst angel cards are fun, they are more than a game because they are real.  There really is no catch when you enjoy a free angel card reading, however the message that free angel readings bring can be slightly limited by comparison to a full angel reading.   

In this article, we’ll explain more and show you everything you need to know so that you can make the most out of free angel cards.


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What You Can Expect From Your Free Angel Reading

Free angel card readings are commonly found online, and the good news is, they are very easy to do!  The websites offering the free angel reading will usually have a section on their website dedicated to the free angel card reading.  

There is usually clear instructions on each site that hosts the free angel readings, which advise you what steps you need to take on the site.   

An angel card will already be chosen for you on some sites, and on others, will choose a card using your computer’s cursor.

Whichever site you use, when you click on the card ,or access the page that holds the card, there will be a message on the card for you to read.  This is your free angel reading.

You can expect the message to be warm, gentle and uplifting, and for the message to highlight something that is predominant in your energy at the time of the reading.

Who is an Angel Reading Suitable For

A free angel reading, or angel card reading is suitable for anybody. You can pick a card as frequently as you wish. However, there are some moments in life that free angel readings can really support. 

A daily or weekly free angel reading is beneficial for enhancing and focusing your life because you can use the message as a theme for the day, week or even year.  

Free angel card readings are also really useful for those times when you are questioning something, have a dilemma or are considering a course of action that you are unsure about, or that you know isn’t going to help you (for example if you are considering telling a work colleague or partner how frustrating they are).  

Before you take action or make a decision, now that you know that free angel card readings are available to you, you could enjoy a free angel reading and let the message guide your actions for a smoother and sweeter life!  

Finally, but also with caution, if you are feeling lost or lonely a free angel reading will help to uplift you. Although caution must be used so that your interaction with free angel readings doesn’t become obsessive and doesn’t replace real life.  

In this situation, it’s important to limit your free readings and if you are feeling like you need more interaction, consider a full angel card reading from a professional to help move you into a happier place.  

How Free Angel Readings Work

Free angel card readings online, will usually be the images and messages of angel cards taken from a pre-made deck, or purposefully channelled angel messages from an angel reader.  

The images and messages of the cards, are uploaded to the hosts website, and the cards will rotate for selection according to whatever pattern the website host has decided that they will rotate on.  It is possible for a site host to make their website deliver the cards entirely randomly – but that is not likely to be the case for every site.

This means that it is possible to keep clicking through the cards until you navigate the whole pack in one sitting (although we doubt anybody has time for that).  So in some instances, it may appear that the cards are not random and therefore not accurate. But please, think again!

Arguably, it could seem that the cards are not accurate because their ability to rotate is controlled. But this is where the magic happens!  You can’t control synchronicity or shall we say divine intervention?!  Synchronicity will simply ensure that you are clicking on the button at the right time, so that the right card will show up regardless of how the card got onto the site in the first place!  

You see, all types of divination, (and free angel card readings are a form of divination) are based on the esoteric and magical notion that nothing is random and everything that you see, hear and experience is a reflection of your world right now.  Everything happens in it’s divine order.

For example; a tarot reader who works on the tarot reading lines (check out the links below) may only pull out one spread of cards in preparation for a five-hour shift of taking calls from many people all over the world.  Yet every reading that they give will be different.

The spread the tarot reader pulls will be entirely relevant to their own life too!  

The notion that there are messages everywhere for all of us all of the time is pretty much how divination works too, the cards, tea leaves, runes, astrology all help to clarify the messages that you might need to hear.  All you need to do is seek them and listen to them.

So even if you did happen to find a free angel reading where only seven cards were rotated, you would receive the message that is right for you in that moment of time.  Keep on pulling the cards out though, and you’ll probably become confused with the messages, which may reflect a confused state or a tendency toward confusing matters unnecessarily.  

If you keep getting the same card ,well, maybe it’s time that you listened to the message properly – hint hint! If you can’t figure out the message, then it’s worth booking an angel card reading from a professional so that they can help you gain clarity.  

Where to Find Free Angel Card Readings

There are some very simple and dedicated ways to access free angel cards for free angel readings, but there are also some interesting and lesser known ways to attain a free reading – from the pros.

Starting with the common free angel card readings online, you’ll find plenty by simply searching the terms ‘free angel reading’, ‘free angel cards’, or ‘free angel card readings’.

Two of the big names in angel theory is Doreen Virtue and Diana Cooper.  Doreen doesn’t have free card readings, but we’ve found a site that offers them based on Doreen’s cards and Diana Cooper provides free angel card readings, amongst other types of free readings too.  Here are the links:

Doreen Virtue’s Free Angel Cards

Diana Cooper Free Angel Card Reading

Alternative Ways to Find Free Angel Readings

Finding sites dedicated to free angel cards online is not the only way to find a free angel card reading, you can get a free reading straight from the spiritual reader’s mouth, and there are two ways to do so.  

  • Go to the Kasamba site, find an angel reader you like the look of, register and you’ll get your first three minutes free.  Plus at the time of writing they are offering 50% off the rest of your first reading!

    The readers on Keen know that there are potential clients who are trialling them for the first three minutes. So hopefully, they’ve figured out that if they can pack a punch right at the beginning of the reading, then you might stick around.  

    If they do that, then you just got a free angel reading!

  • Go to the Oranum site, and you’ll see that they have the option to enjoy live streaming.You find an angel reader who is live (you’ll know because they will have a little light on their profile which says ‘live’).Hover over the readers profile with your cursor, and you’ll see a button to enter the live streaming mode.From here you can watch and listen to the angel readers reading for others.Here’s the trick;  even though the reader is reading for somebody else, the part of the conversation that you hear, as you listen will hold a message for you too.  Because that’s how synchronicity and divination works.The only issue here is that the reader will be communicating the message to the client in the way that their client can understand, so you’ll have to translate the meaning of the message for you.Or call the reader yourself and get a personalised reading.

Where To Find the Best Angel Readers Online

Now that you understand how free angel card readings work, and how to take advantage of offers that can help you get even more free angel readings.  You might have started to realise that free angel readings and free angel card readings can be limited, and subject to your ability to translate the messages from the angels effectively.  

If you have something that is important for you to figure out, or to get support with, perhaps you keep repeating the same patterns in your life, or you are struggling to find a way out of a situation.  Maybe you know you need to change something, but you can’t figure out a way forward.

These types of cases warrant a full angel reading; so that you can expand on the situation you are concerned with and have a professional translate and deliver the messages for you. So that you don’t get blind-sided by things that you cannot see, or don’t want to know about yourself (and believe us, you are not alone in that experience, we all have blind sides).  

Here are our picks:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

  • Kasamba– Get three minutes free! + 50% off for the rest of your session.
  • Oranum – No offers but a wide variety of different types of angel readings.
  • Psychic Source – Low priced readings right now!
  • Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99


The Pros and Cons of Getting a Free Angel card Reading Today


  • They are FREE!
  • Get gentle guidance on any situation right now.
  • You’ll feel more supported than you can ever imagine.
  • Allows you to sample an angel reading if you have never tried one before.
  • Widely available
  • A loving, gentle and uplifting experience for sure.


  • You’ll have to translate the meaning of the message and its application in your life yourself.
  • You can have too many readings and become confused.
  • You might miss the true meaning of the message.

Are you ready to try out your first free angel reading?  

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