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Do you find psychics, mediums and tarot cards a little bit spooky?  Do you want a spiritual reading but can’t bring yourself to take the plunge?  Or are you are looking for something uplifting to brighten your day? If you answered yes to any of these questions an Angel Reading, or an Angel Card Reading will be the perfect way to enjoy an uplifting spiritual reading, and the good news is, that you can get an angel reading right away!  

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What You Can Expect From Your Angel Reading

Later in this article, you’ll discover information about different types of angel readings and cards, how angel readings work, and the different types of angels you can work with, as well as plenty more hints and tips about the wonder of angels.  

But to help you feel assured that an angel reading or angel card reading is the answer to your concerns, here is what you can expect from your angel reading.  

Your Angel Reading will leave you feeling loved, supported and uplifted without a doubt.

And who doesn’t want to feel loved, encouraged and uplifted?

You will simply talk to your reader and either ask them to give you a general angel reading, or to focus on a specific situation or problem in your life.  The angel reader will then respond accordingly, and depending upon their reading style.

You’ll receive gentle guidance on issues that are either important for you to be aware of, or concerning any problems you have contacted your angel reader about. The guidance will be warm, practical and supportive.  

You won’t receive tough love so you’ll have to be careful not to overlook important issues that you need to address, but that have been delivered to you in a gentle manner.

Angels also won’t predict, they don’t judge, and they don’t interfere unless you ask them too. They are always waiting to help you and consistently shower you with love even if you don’t communicate with them.  

During and after the reading you’ll feel a loving sensation and at the end of the reading you should have some clarity about how to solve a problem, or what to make a priority in your life so that you can be happy.    

To learn more about angels and angel readings, keep on reading, we’ve got the answers to everything you need to know.  

Who is an Angel Reading Suitable For

Because of the gentle and loving nature of an Angel Reading, they are suitable for most people.  However if you like tough talk, and frank discussions then you’d probably like a clairvoyant or tarot reader instead.  

Angel readings can assist with problem-solving, helping you to understand how to help somebody else, they are particularly wonderful for people who are grieving or suffering loss in some way, as well as for helping people who feel lonely, and depressed.  

If you feel like you want an extra dose of love in your life right now, then an angel reading is for you.  

What is an Angel Reading?

An angel reading is a specific type of spiritual reading where a spiritual reader will connect to an angel instead of linking to your energy, your soul (or higher self) or a loved one. When a spiritual reader connects to an angel on your behalf, they will be seeking advice for you which will be given to you via your angel reader, directly from an angel.  

Always Uplifting

The beautiful thing about an angel reading is that they are rarely heavy and almost always loving and uplifting.  This is because all an angel exists to do is to lovingly uplift you.  So if you are looking for an uplifting reading, you can be assured that an Angel Reading, Angel Oracle Card Reading or Angel Tarot Reading will all deliver loving and supportive messages.

Note: Use of the words ‘rarely’ and ‘almost’ are only due to the delivery style and integrity of the angel reader.  Angels always love and uplift you. Which is why it’s important to find reliable readers, so that your angels message is not misrepresented.

The Total Opposite of ‘Spooky’

Angels are Gods/The Universe/Existence’s* grace (*insert your preference) and what magical beings they are too.  Their purpose is to help, love, protect and serve us and they can never do enough for us. So when it comes to angel readings, they are always going to be positive.

It is not possible to have a genuine reading from an Angel that would cause you to feel ‘spooked’.  If you do happen to get that vibe, just hang up and choose a different reader, you are probably just not enjoying the reading style or energy of that particular reader.

Angels help us in the best way that they possibly can whilst at the same time protecting us and this is why (if you are concerned or fearful about having a spiritual reading) an angel reading will be perfect for you.

Different Types Of Angel Readings

There are many different types of angels, all with their unique purpose, which means that the style of your reading will differ depending upon which angel you are working with.  

Angels tend to specialize in particular topics such as;

  • A personal guardian angel
  • Protection
  • Healing
  • To promote love
  • Protect and care for animals
  • To bring joy
  • Clarity and good communication
  • To beautify
  • Helping with work, money, ambition and drive
  • To bring harmony
  • Courage

Which means there are plenty of different types of angel readings and angel reading outcomes that you can enjoy.  

If you are worried about an upcoming assessment or meeting, then connecting with an angel who brings courage, harmony and protection will bring you much-needed comfort and advice which is precisely the point of an angel reading.  

Your angel reader will have developed a connection either directly to angels, which they then relay to you.  Or the spiritual reader will tap into the angel’s advice for you by using specific divination tools such;

  • Angel cards
  • Angel tarot cards
  • Oracle Angel cards

Whichever way an angel reader or angel card reader makes contact with the angels on your behalf will be perfect for your reader. Which means that the clarity of your message and connection to the angels will be strong.

Are you tempted?  

If you are still a little bit jittery but curious about having a spiritual reading, an Angel Oracle Card Reading will be the perfect way to comfortably explore the unknown.  But if you want to learn more before you try a reading you can also learn more about angels and  angel cards online and also enjoy a free angel oracle card reading.

The difference between Angel Readings, Angel Oracle Cards and Angel Tarot Cards?

It’s interesting and frequently overlooked how diverse different types of readings can be, most people wouldn’t even realise the opportunities available to them when they book an Angel Card Reading online, or when they book any reading for that matter.  

When it comes to exploring angel readings, it’s well worth trying a few different readers and reading styles out.  You’ll enjoy the process, and you’ll give yourself the best chance of finding that angel tarot card reader that is perfect for you.  

To help you along the way, we’ve got all the details right here for you. Allow us to guide you in the beautiful world of angels.  You can expect a wonderful ride.

Angel Readings

These types of readings are conducted without the use of cards or divination tools.

Instead, the reader will connect to either your angels, their angels or a specific archangel to ask for a message for you which they then relay to you.  

The reader attains a clear channel for the message by working on their connections with the angels, by building upon their relationship with the angels during meditation, sleep, and other practices.  

Angel Oracle Cards/Angel Cards

Oracle Angel cards are also called angel cards.  

These cards serve as a divination tool and usually contain images or a little message on each card.  The creator of the cards has traditionally channeled the angels when creating the cards so that the images, symbols, and messages are perfect for all future readings.

It might seem crazy, we know, but it just works as if by magic, check out some oracle cards and see for yourself!  

An angel oracle card reader will have worked extensively with their particular pack of cards and using similar practices to an angel reader they will have spent time and effort connecting to the cards and angels. Which, in a nutshell, means that you get an accurate and precise translation of the angels messages.  

Angel Tarot Cards

Angel tarot cards combine angel oracle cards with the ancient tradition of tarot reading.  

Tarot reading is an insanely complex series of cards that have multiple meanings depending upon the position of the cards as they are laid out.  The most common form of tarot card are decks such as the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, but a tarot card can have any form of symbols or imagery printed on them, including messages.  

Angel tarot cards usually contain images and symbols of angels hence the term angel tarot cards.  And you’ve probably already guessed that an angel tarot card reader uses angel tarot cards and tarot reading techniques combined to bring you a fabulous reading.  

A Whistle-Stop Tour of Angels

Hopefully, you’ve remembered from an earlier paragraph that angels are divine beings who work to help us to exist lovingly and joyfully by gently prompting and guiding us.  

But they become powerful when we start working with them either through angel readings and angel oracle card readings or by working on our connection with them (or both – which is highly recommended – because, well, why not?).  

Here is a brief lowdown on the different types of angels.  

Guardian Angels

Just in the same way that we have our own personal spirit guide, we also have our own guardian angel too.  This angel works only with the person they are allocated to, and so your angel knows you very well (ahem! Even the things you wouldn’t want them to know).  But they don’t judge, they love unconditionally and help you as much as you will allow them to.

Angel readers, will connect to your guiding angel either directly or through asking their angel to communicate with yours.  You can also have an angel card reading and mentally ask for your guardian angel to deliver the messages for you if that is what angel you’d like to connect with.

You don’t need to worry about your privacy – your guardian angel won’t suddenly start gossiping about your toe picking habit with your angel card reader!  We assure you.


If you think of Archangels as the leaders of angels, then you sort of have the gist. Archangels are very powerful, and when you start to interact with them the results can be instant.  Especially if you are asking in a clear, calm manner, and you are making requests with integrity.  

For example;  A client who was struggling to come to terms with a painful relationship break-up had just learned about angels from a spiritual reader. The angel oracle card reader had advised her client to spend some time trying to connect with angels to help her adjust.  

The client was broken hearted but knew that she needed to move on.  She wasn’t sure if she believed in angels, but she humoured her spiritual reader, and as she planned to go for a run, she mentally called the following out to her angels;

‘Angels, if you really exist, please help me to stop feeling so sad about my relationship being over, and please help me to feel neutral about it.  Protect me from feeling angry towards my ex-partner and help me move on’ then she added ‘if you are real then make the sadness go away by the end of this run’.  

She went off on a run, and when she returned it was a while before she remembered her request – but then later in the day suddenly realised that she didn’t feel sad anymore and she felt neutral toward her ex partner.  She felt ok and ready to move on with her life.  And what’s more that sadness, in that situation never came back!  #truestory.

If you are asking an angel to cast some revenge on your ex partner – it’s not going to happen.  But nothing will happen to you for asking either – angels don’t judge, remember!

In the same vein, if you are not clear about what you want and keep randomly asking for different things that might counter the original request, you won’t see a result, and in some cases, you just won’t notice a result.  

There are many archangels, but some of the most popular archangels are;

Archangel Michael – He protects, makes sure your journeys are safe, guides you on your trip, helps you find parking spaces (yes really!), and also cuts ties and clears energy.  

With all of those abilities, we can see why he’s the most popular Archangel, don’t you agree?

Archangel Raphael – He heals everything, and when you combine the cleansing properties of Michael with the healing properties of Raphael, you have a powerful combination.  I have personally cured sciatica, migraines and an infected tooth repeatedly from working with Archangel Michael and Raphael.

Archangel Chamuel – He’s the bringer of love and harmony.  If you need some loving vibes, call on Archangel Chamuel and ask him to help you  – but remember that you need to be specific.

This is just an example of three of the favoured archangels but there are plenty more.  

We recommend speaking to an angel reader, or to read a book on angels if you want to develop your knowledge further.  

Where To Find the Best Readers Angel Readers Online

There are plenty of fantastic Angel Readers, Angel Tarot Readers and Angel Oracle Card Readers online. Below you’ll find some links to some of their main hangouts!

On some sites you’ll have a dedicated section full of angel readers (Keen is an example of such a site) but on other sites you might just need to skim the readers profiles to find out what they specialise in, and if it’s angels, you can be sure that they’ll point that out for you.  

Here are our picks:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

  • Kasamba- Get three minutes free!  
  • Oranum – No offers but a wide variety of different types of angel readings.
  • Psychic Source- Low priced readings right now!
  • Keen- 10 minutes for $1.99


The Pros and Cons of Getting an Angel Reading Today


  • Get gentle guidance on any situation right now.
  • You’ll feel more supported than you can ever imagine.
  • Gives you control over your life
  • Plenty of choice of readers and reading styles to suit your tastes
  • Professional readers provide high-quality responsible readings
  • A loving, gentle and uplifting experience for sure.


  • You won’t receive tough love, so you’ll need to pay attention to the subtle messages and keep yourself in check, you’ll know what you need to do.
  • The message cannot be controlled.
  • You may not always like the delivery style of your chosen reader.
  • You do need to discern and seek out reputable readers to avoid impersonation and con artists
  • Your spiritual readers are human, and they rely on the messages, they cannot control anything either.
  • You’ll always only hear what you can handle, and what you ask for.

Are you ready to hang out with some Angels by trying out your first reading? 

October 2020

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