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Purple Garden Review
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Purple Garden Review

Psychic Readings Available

  • Clean and Easy To Use Interface
  • Live Psychic Chat or Video Call
  • Wide Variety Of Psychics
  • Online Psychic Mobile App


Pros and Cons

  • Video readings
  • Psychic Chat
  • Clean and easy to use interface
  • Reputable company
  • Informative profiles
  • A wide variety of readers
  • A wide range of reading types
  • No free readings
  • Need to access a different site to live chat
  • The site prefers video communication rather than text.

Who Is Purple Garden Psychics?

Purple Garden is a mobile phone application for Android or iOS who provide live psychic video readings or psychic chat.  They also have a sister site – Purple Ocean Which is more fast-paced and offers taster psychic video readings and standard readings that provide brief answers to one or two questions at a time.  

Browsing the psychics, adding funds and viewing legit reviews is simple to do on the Purple Garden app, and you can access a psychic anytime you want to.  At 4 am, 4 pm, or even in-between meetings or school runs. And our first impression of Purple Garden is that it is easy to use and a great way to explore psychics or enjoy a convenient reading.

But does Purple Garden stand up to its appearances?  Keep on reading to find out. But, in the meantime if you have a question, that you need answering now, all you need to do to get your reading with Purple Garden is detailed below:

4 Steps To Your Expert Reading With Purple Garden

  1. Download the Purple Garden Application.
  2. Register your details.
  3. Select your favorite psychic. (check out ‘staff picks’ if you are unsure)
  4. Click ‘Live chat’ or ‘Live video call’’
  5. Add funds to your account (and start talking to your psychic).

Is Purple Garden Psychics Legit?

Yes, we think so, they deliver the services they claim to offer, their terms and conditions are as you’d expect them to be, they screen their psychics and do their best to assure a great browsing experience for you.

We’ve explained in more detail all of the facts and featured which you can discover by reading below.

How Does Purple Garden Work?

We’ve briefly outlined earlier on in this review that Purple Garden is a psychic provider but that they provide video and psychic chat only direct from your phone.

How To Connect With A Psychic On Purple Garden

To enjoy a reading from a psychic on the Purple Garden app. all you need to do is the following:

  1. Download the app using this link right here.
  2. Register your email to use the app.  
  3. Browse the psychics (you can see clearly the psychic’s prices, availability and what options they provide for readings).  Select one of these and connect with your preferred psychic.
  4. To find out more about each psychic simply click on their profiles to learn more. Video readings are usually more expensive than chat readings.

What Are Purple Garden’s Services

Purple Garden offers a variety of services that are, of course, psychic-based.  We’ve highlighted some of the most important aspects of Purple Garden’s Services for you here.

Mobile Based Psychic Services

Providing you with convenient and easy access to a psychic when you need one. It’s like a psychic in your pocket.  

The Journey’s Feature

Purple Garden offers a unique feature or service, which allows you to share your own journey. It is essentially providing you with a platform to tell others about your experience with a psychic, what your situation was and how you were helped along with the outcomes and anything else you feel is important. This is so that you may help others.

You can also browse other people’s ‘journeys’ which allows you to learn from the advice that others have been given.  Or learn more about the types of questions and interactions you can have with a psychic.

The ‘Journeys’ feature focuses on many of ‘life’s challenges’ and topics available for you to explore such as:

To access the ‘journeys’ feature, click on the main menu and you’ll immediately spot it.

What Types Of Readings Does Purple Garden Psychics Offer?

Purple Garden Psychics offers a good variety of different reading types, which are clearly demonstrated in their app. Just select ‘categories’ from the main menu to find them.  Of course, these categories are just how Purple Garden have categorized and prioritized the types of readings they want to showcase. If you dig around on the psychic readers’ profiles though you’ll probably find many of their psychics are experienced in many other forms of readings too.

Here are the categories of readings that Purple Garden Psychics promote:

Tarot Readings

An underrated but highly accurate divination technique that can really get to the heart of matters – if you pick a good tarot reader!

Psychic Consultations & Readings

Finding the experienced and highly rated psychic readers will help you to find a great psychic reader who has a firm grasp on translating their visions for you. Purple Garden make this easy for you by highlighting their top rated readers.

Relationship Coaching

If you need help with your relationship from a Love psychic, then this type of reading will be right up your alley.  The psychics you find here will specialize in all matters of the heart.  

Palm readings

Not all psychic sites provide palm readings, but they are available on Purple Garden.  Just search for ‘palm readings’ in the search bar at the top of the app to find the readers who can read your palm.  

Astrology and Horoscopes

There is a plethora of psychics who provide a variety of different types of astrology or horoscope readings on Purple Garden. They are fun, surprisingly insightful, and uncannily accurate. Astrology and horoscopes are reading types that are well worth checking out.

Oracle Guidance

Oracle cards are gentler and more subtle than tarot cards and are especially good if you are looking for some hope, light-hearted and gentle guidance and support or even help if you are grieving the loss of a person, pet, or relationship.

Angel Insights

You can connect with angels using the Purple Garden app – once again just search for angel readers or angel card readers in the search bar to find the psychics who can help you with this unique and very reassuring type of reading.

Dream Analysis

Dream analysis is one thing: psychic dream analysis is another.  There’s a lot to learn from your dreams, and a lot of support and guidance you can achieve by having your dreams read by a psychic. Now it’s something you can easily do on the Purple Garden App!

What Is Purple Garden’s Customer Service and Promises To You?

A Convenient Service

Purple Garden aims to make their services convenient to use and easy to access; from providing clear navigation to highlighting their top psychics for your convenience. They’ve left no stone unturned.  And below we’ve outlined some of the features and also include how we feel about them.

Clean and Easy Interface

Purple Garden’s application is straightforward to use; it’s smooth and clean.  So no time will be wasted in figuring out how to use the app. Meaning that you get more time to chat!

Purple Garden has taken time to think about how their app is used and has provided everything you need to help you choose a great psychic and enjoy a fantastic reading.

Simple Payment Facility

To pay, you top up the funds in your application.  The monies are taken from your Apple or Android accounts – there is no option to add your credit card.  Which can be a disappointment for some people.

Clear Prices

The prices are clearly displayed on each psychics profile.  Which is good to see, however, some psychics can be pricey, and there are more affordable options out there either on the Purple Garden app or elsewhere.

The Psychics

As you’d expect the choice of psychics and variety of skills available is large, most psychics have clear photos so you can get a feel for them – there are no stock images (at least that we could find).  The stats, psychics reviews, comments and profile details are all structured and easy to access. The key features on the psychic’s profiles are all laid out clearly, so you don’t have to take time browsing through lots of text.  

Purple Garden Screen’s Their Psychics

Purple Garden claim that they screen their psychics.  Prospective psychics have to apply and pass a test reading before they are selected.  If the psychic fails to provide an accurate reading they don’t read for Purple Garden. This means that Purple Garden psychics are accurate and reliable.  

This type of verification process is what we’d expect to see from a reputable psychic site.

The Guarantee

Purple Garden don’t promote a satisfaction guarantee or should we say they don’t offer one as a marketing ploy.  But of course, they have a refund policy which is a legal requirement.

Here’s what you need to know about Purple Garden’s refund guarantee:

  • You must email Purple Garden’s support team within three days of the reading in question.  
  • You must include detailed information about the reading in question such as; the date, time and readers details along with a reason why they want a refund.  
  • Purple Garden will use their discretion when it comes to deciding what refunds are valid or not.
  • Refunds can be full or partial.
  • Purple Garden reserve the right to use their discretion when it comes to deciding whether to refund back to your bank account or your Purple Garden account.  
  • It’s unclear how long it will take Purple Garden to make a decision.

We don’t believe this to be a strong guarantee – but you can reduce your risks by having a short reading first that way if you are unsatisfied you won’t lose too much money.

The Costs

Each psychic set’s their own price, at the time of looking we witnessed a range of prices from £2.99 – £7.99.  We also noted that video readings were more pricey than chat readings.

The Service Overall

We like the service that Purple Garden seems to be offering to their customers.  They seem to be doing everything they can to make it easy to access a psychic, reduce the risks involved in finding a good psychic and in making the experience fun and interactive for you.  

We couldn’t find any examples of people who were consistently unhappy with the service, and there were no scam reports that we could find.  So we are happy that they are doing a great job and trying to provide a reputable, legitimate, service.

What We Love About Purple Garden

  • The navigation.
  • The Journey features
  • Psychic profile layout.
  • Choice of psychics.
  • The search function searches for skills and psychics.
  • Ease of use and convenience of the app. 

What We Think Purple Garden Psychics Could Improve

  • More clarity on the refund policy and how they screen the psychics.
  • Loyalty discounts would be great.
  • The facility to talk on voice call rather than just chat and video (many people are camera shy or might want to access this app in public where it might be difficult to have a video call. 

Our Conclusion

We like the Purple Garden App; they are doing everything they say they are doing and providing a great modern psychic service. One that really stands out against traditional psychic providers.  Some of their readings are a little pricey though, and you can get better introductory deals or loyalty discounts elsewhere, but you don’t get as much convenience. It’s swings and roundabouts.

To enjoy a reading from Purple Garden, click here.

But if you want to find a more traditional psychic site who verifies their psychics, and that we rave about then here is a list of our recommended psychics hotlines.  Great customer service guaranteed!

Here are our recommended sites:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Kasamba– Get three minutes free!  

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

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Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!
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If you decide to check out Purple Garden, don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the experience in the comments below.  

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