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Psychic World Review
Based on 2 user ratings

Psychic World Review

Psychic Readings Available

  • Wide Variety Of Psychic Advisors
  • 50% off your first reading
  • Screening process for Psychics
  • Very transparent site
  • Psychic chat


Pros and Cons

  • 50% off your first reading.
  • Loyalty bonuses.
  • Easy to connect with a psychic.
  • Fixed Prices
  • Verified psychics
  • Very interactive website
  • Dated website
  • No Satisfaction Guarantee

Who Are Psychic World Psychics?

Just by digging around into Psychic World Psychics’ history we discovered a few credentials that have set them up to be a potentially great psychic provider.

So, what did we find?  Well, The American Association of Professional Psychics are the former owners of this site, and the new owners make it a priority to hold up the professional standards and codes of ethics that their predecessors created.

They claim to provide ‘reliable psychic chat’ and do so in the form of text chat, video chat and voice chat. They don’t provide telephone readings but you can connect with a psychic via Psychic World’s platform. Email chat is also available although text chat appears to be their strongest service.

Below you’ll find more information about Psychic World Psychics operates and more details of their services, but if you want to connect with a psychic right now, you can do so right here.

4 Steps To Your Expert Reading With Kasamba

  1. Visit Kasamba
  2. Register your details (you’ll need to add accurate information).
  3. Choose your preferred service (public or private question or a full reading or ritual).
  4. Ask your question.

Are the Psychic World Psychics Legit?

Psychic World Psychics is a legit company who pays attention to what their customers need and operate with integrity and care.  They screen their psychics and ensure that their profiles are professional and not misleading. Amongst other things, this means there are no fake photos or stock images allowed and, of course, for extra reassurance, you get the standard review feature to help understand whether the psychic you are planning to connect with is up to the job. 

How Psychic World Works

It’s incredibly easy to connect with Psychic World Psychics, and the same can be said for paying for your readings. It’s simple. All you do is create an account and add funds where prompted.

Then you simply choose a psychic that you like the look of and click ‘lets chat’ and away you go.  

The prices are fair, usually ranging from £2 to £5. Furthermore, they are clearly displayed so that you don’t have to click in and out of profiles to find the psychic you want to connect with at the right price for you.

Psychic World also has fun and informational features on their site. Check out their blog or enjoy a free tarot card reading courtesy of Psychic World.

What Is Text Chat?

Text chat is where you interact with a live psychic via Psychic World’s messenger facility.

What Is Voice Chat?

Click the video icon if you see it beside a psychic’s profile and you’ll be able to interact with your psychic using the speakers on your computer.  

Note: This facility is only available on desktop computers. 

What is Video Chat?

Video chat works in the same way as voice chat but it connects you with your psychic via your webcam.

What is Email Chat?

Some psychics will provide an email reading. So, to book one, just click the mail icon and follow the prompts. Then, sit back and wait.  Your chosen psychic will send you an email reading usually within a pre-disclosed turn around time.  

Psychic World’s Services

The range of readings, tarot readings and otherwise that are available from Psychic World is huge.  And their psychics are multi-talented. So it’s straightforward to find a psychic reader to suit your tastes.

Here are some examples of services advertised by Psychic World.

But you can also find topics such as:  

And in addition to all of these options, you can also find services such as;

  • Guided Meditation
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Crystal Ball Readers
  • Energy Readings 

There’s a considerable amount of choice when it comes to reading types and styles available from Psychic World. However, we couldn’t find a search bar.  Which means that to find these psychics or styles you either need to use Psychic World’s categorization, which is not so easy to find, or at least it requires a little thought before clicking and then you’d need to click in and out of the psychics’ profiles.

Psychic World’s Customer Service and Promises To You

Sometimes it’s the subtle features of a psychic site, or lack thereof, that make all the difference when it comes to understanding their customer service or attention to bringing you a fantastic experience from all aspects.   

Here’s how Psychic World held up:

The Platform


It is effortless to connect with a psychic on Psychic World’s website; in fact, it’s one of the most accessible facilities that we’ve seen.  Which we really appreciate but the site can be a little clunky here and there making the navigation slightly frustrating.

That said, everything you need, except for a search function, is there on the site.  

Which leads us to the next point.


All of the general information you need to find about Psychic World, how it works and even to answer some common questions are readily available on Psychic World’s website.  In some cases, the information you might search for may not be where you think it might be at first, but it is all there. Although it would be nice if Psychic World shared more information about who they are as a company and what their history is.  

Psychic World does provide the information you need and beyond that will ensure that you can enjoy a reading, and do so quickly.  It also has adequate terms and conditions and a sense of consistency throughout the site. So this tells us that they are legitimate and doing a decent job of giving you a good user experience.

But we would like to see more clarity in a few specific areas such as:

  • How Psychic World responds if you have a poor reading. You’ll find this information buried in the FAQs section.
  • The exact process that you need to follow if you have a poor reading.  
  • The process that Psychic World will go through to help you if you have a poor reading. 

The Psychics

You can see that the psychics who work for Psychic World are good, just by their reviews. Most of the reviews are high, and we scrolled through all of them to double check. It was consistent (with a few exceptions). Finally, reviews can only be left for a psychic if you’ve had a reading with them which makes the review system fair and the psychics seeming to be authentic and skilled.

The Psychic Verification Process

While we didn’t go through Psychic Words application process we can see that they explain to prospective psychics that they will be tested, background checked and verified as part of Psychic Worlds verification process.  But Psychic World doesn’t explain to their customers how they verify their psychics.

The Satisfaction Guarantee

Psychic World does not offer a satisfaction guarantee, but they do have a refund policy detailed and probably legally required in their terms and conditions.  That said, many psychic providers claim to have a satisfaction guarantee, when in fact it’s really just a legally required refund policy. We appreciate that Psychic World is not trying to appear to be giving a better service that reaches beyond the basic requirements like others do.

Here’s what you need to know about Psychic World’s refund policy:

  • If you are unhappy with your reading in any way, contact Psychic World through the ‘contact form’ or by sending an email to; complaint@psychicworld.com.
  • You’ll need to describe your issue in detail and in writing.  
  • Psychic World does say that they will respond to your complaint as soon as possible. They don’t, however, offer a response time.
  • All refund decisions are at the sole discretion of Psychic World.
  • Psychic World does not accept any liability for the selection of psychics, communication with psychics or fee arrangements, which means that their refund policy will depend on their ‘goodwill’ decisions.
  • Psychic World doesn’t require you to report your complaint within a specific period of time as other sites do. However, they may have an undisclosed deadline. So to make sure that your complaint remains valid it’s best to report it as soon as possible to the customer service department.

The Introductory Offer

Psychic World offers a number of introductory offers for their first-time customers.

Here are the current promotions (at the time of writing).

  • Buy $ 10 and receive $10 worth of credits (no bonus)
  • Buy $ 20 + 2,99 dollars bonus and get $22,99 dollars worth of credits
  • Invest $ 50 + 9,99 dollars bonus and get $59,99 dollars worth of credits
  • Invest $ 100 + 24,99 dollars bonus and get $124,99 dollars worth of credits

The Pricing Structure

Each psychic sets their own prices and although they are all reasonable fees, there are no crazy prices on Psychic World. So this tells us that maybe Psychic World sets a cap on the range of prices that their psychics charge (although this theory is not proven).

To enjoy a reading with a psychic, you’ll need to purchase credit, to your account (making it easy to set your budget). How quickly you use up those credits though will depend on what fees the psychic you’ve chosen to connect with charges.

If you find that you are running out of minutes and still want to continue talking, you’ll be able to top up again during your reading too.

The Customer Service

Customer service is easy to contact (via the contact form) on the website, and there are plenty of FAQs that should answer your questions.

What We Love About Psychic World

  • The introductory offers.
  • Extremely fair pricing.
  • Psychic World has made it very simple to get to a psychic quickly.  
  • The Psychics are experienced and highly rated. 

What We Think Psychic World Could Improve.

  • The navigation.
  • Add a search function.
  • Layout the refund policy clearly for customers. 

Our Conclusion

We like Psychic World Psychics. The site is reasonably easy to navigate, the psychics are highly rated and multi-skilled, and there is plenty of information on the site about spiritual matters to keep you interested.  

We believe the Psychic World is indeed legit. They are a psychic provider who appears to be doing their best to support their customers and provide them with the information that they seek about how they can move their life forward with the comfort and guidance they seek.

We believe you will enjoy your time spent on this site. So, if you decide to have a chat to a psychic, you’ll leave with some answers and insight that will help you to move forward in your life.

To check enjoy a reading from Psychic World, click here.

But if you want to find a psychic site who verifies their psychics, and that we rave about, then here is a list of our recommended psychics hotlines.  Great customer service guaranteed!

Here are our recommended sites:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Kasamba– Get three minutes free!  

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

September 2020

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If you decide to check out Psychic World, don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the experience in the comments below.

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