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Psychic Source Review
Based on 11 user ratings
  • Launched: 1999

Psychic Source Review

Psychic Readings Available

  • Phone readings
  • Horoscope readings
  • Tarot readings
  • Dream Interpretation


Pros and Cons

  • Readings for $1 per minute + 3 minutes free for new customers.
  • Fantastic money back guarantee.
  • Good choice of reliable and caring psychics.
  • Variety of different readings to try.
  • The psychics specialities are endorsed by their clients.
  • Donations made to charities every time you spend money with Psychic Source through their kindness initiative
  • All psychics are vetted.
  • Warm and welcoming site, with what seems to be happy and kind psychics.
  • Staff Picks section helps you to select the best psychics and avoid overwhelm.
  • long-standing and reputable company in business for over 29 years
  • No option to text or video chat and they don’t offer email readings.
  • Not as much choice in advisors as some of the other sites.
  • Some psychics' prices are on the expensive side.

Who Is Psychic Source?

Psychic Source is a humble but very inviting and genuine psychic site.  Not only do they offer an industry-leading satisfaction guarantee, but they also have a kindness initiative and donate some of their profits to charity which we kind of love.  In fact, Psychic Source seems to work hard to promote a vibe of kindness and compassion within their community which makes Psychic Source unique.

Psychic Source was founded in 1989, and their experience is clearly demonstrated throughout their website as you will come to see.

They provide a variety of professional and reliable psychics, and most of their psychic services are in the form of a phone call, but you can find some psychics on the Psychic Source website who provide video readings too.  

Keep on reading to find out more, but if you have a burning question, that you need answering now, all you need to do is to get your reading with Psychic Source in 4 easy steps.

4 Steps To Your Expert Psychic Reading With Psychic Source

  1. Visit Psychic Source
  2. Register your details (you’ll need to add accurate information).
  3. Choose your preferred service (public or private question or a full reading or ritual).
  4. Ask your question.

Is Psychic Source Legit?

There is nothing about Psychic Source that seems fake to us.  In our opinion, Psychic Source has done everything within their power to provide you with a legit service and to assure you that you can trust them and their psychics.  

And we could not find anything that contradicts that at all, so … yes! Psychic Source is legit.

How Psychic Source Works

To enjoy a reading with Psychic Source, you can either call using your phone line or connect through their website.  

To connect through the Psychic Source website.

  1. Register your account and add your phone number and payment details.
  2. Browse your favorite psychics and pick out the one you like the look of and who is available.
  3. Click ‘call’ or ‘chat’.
  4. Follow the instructions to connect with the psychics.

It’s that simple.  

To connect through the telephone line.

  1. Browse the psychics on the website and jot down the psychics you would like to have read for you.
  2. Make sure to jot down a few options just in case any become unavailable.  
  3. Also, make a note of the discount code if you are a new customer that can be found on the top right-hand corner of the screen.  
  4. Call the number, also on the right-hand corner of the screen.

Follow the prompts and connect with your psychic.  

Note: You will pay for your reading via your telephone line via this option.

Psychic Source’s Services

Psychic Source offers a number of psychic services on its website.  

You can choose from the following:

However, if you click on each psychic’s profile, you’ll find even more interesting skills that the psychics boast and are available to you.  

When we were looking we found the following disciplines available:

Psychic Sources Customer Service and Promises To You

The Psychics

Psychic Source claim to check, interview and verify the psychics who read for them.  They have a high standard of ethics. They make sure that each psychic is skillful, professional and has the right character to fit in with the ethos of the company and the standards that Psychic Source’s customers expect.

The Psychics’ Profiles

The psychics’ profiles are all streamlined. So it’s easy to see all of their main and important features that will encourage you to consider a them without wasting your time clicking in and out of each profile until you find one that hits the spot.  

Here are some of the features we appreciated.

  • The psychics’ ratings are located right at the top.  

    Perfect for quickly finding out whether you are going to have confidence in that particular psychic.

  • A pre-recorded introductory message from the psychic is also at the top.

    Sometimes hearing the psychic’s voice helps you to determine whether you are going to connect with them.

  • Each psychic has a schedule which is easy to see and in the same place on each profile.

    So you can find out exactly when your favorite psychic is going to be available, and even book a reading in advance.

  • The psychics’ specialty, tools, and reading styles are clearly displayed as an overview.

    For many psychic sites, this is not easy to find if it is even there, but it’s so useful.  If you want a direct and honest reader rather than somebody who is going to offer supportive guidance, looking at the reading style helps you to find somebody like that.  

    If you want a tarot reader, you can check the ‘tools’ section to see if any particular psychic has the skills you desire.

  • Customer endorsements are available on a variety of topics for each psychic (such as love and relationships, money etc.).  

    This is a unique service to Psychic Source and also one we love.  Some psychics will be much stronger in issues related to money and business whereas others would be stronger in relationships.  

    Each customer who has a reading from this particular psychic can score the psychics. This means that you can get an overall idea about whether your chosen psychic is likely to be strong in the topics you need help with.

  • The psychics write up follows all of the vital information.
    Which means you can scan and then if the psychic ticks all the boxes THEN you can take time to read their profile and detailed reviews.  

    This layout saves you bags of time which is perfect in our opinion.

  • Reviews are also further down the page.

    Ready for you to read when you’ve settled on a psychic you like the sound of.

The Psychics’ Prices

Prices range from $5 to $9 per minute.  Which is reasonable, but there are less expensive offers out there although you can sometimes pick up readings for $1 per minute, for example; if they have an offer, or if Psychic Source is promoting a new psychic reader.  

The Platform

Psychic Source’s platform is secure and very easy to navigate.  A lot of care has been taken to ensure that everything is easy to find and that you can find everything you will need in the order that you need it. Even if you didn’t know you needed it that way!

The Customer Service

The Customer Service at Psychic Source is very easy to connect with, and they also provide a live chat facility if you need an answer to a problem quickly.  

Their FAQs contain answers to most of the common queries. Also, when you click on the customer service page, which is easy to find from the homepage, you can find pretty much anything you need to know about Psychic Source.  

So in other words … they’ve got you!

The Satisfaction Guarantee

Psychic Source’s satisfaction guarantee is clear and easy to claim. You make your claim no later than one day after the reading, and you’ll receive up to twenty minutes free credit on your account. Psychic Source does, however, reserve the right to discretion when they are considering refunds.

This is what you need to be aware of:

  • If you want to lower the risk, only spend a maximum of 20 minutes when you try a new advisor.
  • You’ll only be able to redeem your refund by having another psychic reading; you don’t have the money credited to your account.
  • You must claim within one day of having the reading. 

What We Love About Psychic Source

  • The introductory prices and promotional prices for $0.99 per minute prices.
  • Their readers are consistent, professional, and kind.
  • It’s easy to connect via phone and sometimes video call.
  • Site navigation has been well considered and works extremely well.
  • Each psychic’s profile is consistently laid out in the same format making it easy to review them.
  • The ‘staff picks’ help you to select a psychic reading if you are feeling a little bit overwhelmed with the choice.  

What We Think Psychic Source Could Improve.

We don’t think that there is much more Psychic Source could do. Aside from perhaps providing a loyalty scheme or reduced prices occasionally to make them more affordable for everyone.

Our Favourite Psychics From Psychic Source

Psychic SourcePsychic Annaleigh (X9812)

It’s important for Annaleigh that she is there to guide you rather than judging you.  This way you can relax knowing that you can really get stuck into sorting out your life without any concerns about what Annaleigh thinks!

Annaleigh has over 25 years of experience in reading for all kinds of clients and focuses well on love and relationships. Or, she will help you find clarity where there is none.  

You can expect Annaleigh to be direct but compassionate and willing to help you with any situation you find yourself in.

Psychic Arthur (X8237)

Psychic SourceArthurs warm energy radiates from his profile, making him an easy choice for us.  He’s one of our favorites. Especially because he acknowledges that it’s ok to feel embarrassed about some topics sometimes and reassures his customers that they shouldn’t be concerned because he’s seen it all.

Arthur has an uncanny ability to quickly get to the route of your problems or the heart of a situation.

He is a caring, and talented empath with a huge variety of experience and spiritual know-how and has experience with working with high profile clients as well as everyday folk like you and me.   

Psychic Barbara (X7866)

Psychic SourceYou could consider Psychic Barbara to be a love guru. She knows what she’s doing when it comes to relationships, and she’s an energy healer too. This means that not only is Barbara equipped to help you with all of your dating questions and concerns but she can also heal blockages that might be preventing you from attaining the successful and happy relationship that you desire.

Barbara also claims that she can hone in on what somebody is thinking for feeling about you.  We feel that’s a bold claim, but her five-star rating tells us that she’s not exaggerating.


Psychic Kimberle

Psychic SourceKimberle has over 28 years of experience in all aspects of psychic ability, including mediumship.  The fabulous thing about Kimberly is that she heals remotely as soon as you connect on the phone. This means energy will shift as you speak and that is quite a skill!

Kimberle claims to connect with your spirit guides and gives you sincere advice about whatever situation is occurring in your life.

Our Conclusion

Psychic Source is a stand out psychic provider. Their ethics, service, and customer support really is some of the best in the industry.  Psychic Source has done everything that they can to make sure that you have no issues whatsoever with their website or their psychics.

We cannot recommend Psychic Source highly enough, and if you need some support and guidance in your life, they will be the place to go.  It’s a huge thumbs up from us. You can find the link to connect with them right below.

Here are our recommended sites:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Kasamba – Get three minutes free!  

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

May 2021

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  • Mobile Friendly
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If you decide to check out Psychic Source, don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the experience in the comments below.

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